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The Gift


Beth asked me to have sex with her husband. His fortieth birthday was a week away and Beth thought that fucking an eighteen year old would make him feel better about turning forty. Though her request surprised me, I was not unwilling. To be honest, I liked the idea. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. The more I wanted to do it.

After graduating from high school, I got a job as a salesperson at a woman's clothing store in the mall. Beth was the store manager. She was twice my age but we hit it off from the moment we met. During the next few weeks, we became friends. We ate lunch together two or three times a week. We discussed everything from the new clothes we received at the store to the customers we sold them to. We talked about the guys I dated and the guys Beth dated before she got married. We liked the same food and music as well as clothing. I really liked her, a lot.

Beth was about five feet, eight inches tall. She had long, thick, strawberry blond hair. Her face was pretty but not glamorous. She was a little over weight but far from being fat. Her double D breasts were round and full and heavy. She had wide, rounded hips and a large, firm, sexy ass. Her legs were thick but very well shaped.

I met her husband, Steve, several times when he picked Beth up from work. I liked him, too. He was over six feet tall with short, dark hair, a ruggedly handsome face, and a muscular, athletic build.

So when Beth asked me to sleep with her husband, my first question was, "When?"

"His birthday party is on Saturday night," Beth told me, "So I'd like you to come over Friday. That way we can fuck all night and sleep all day and still be ready for the party

"Does he know about me coming over?" I asked.

"No, I want it to be a surprise," Beth said.

"Will you be there?" I wanted to know.

"If you don't mind," Beth told me, "I'd like to watch." She told me the address and what time to be there.

"What should I wear?" I wanted to know.

"Wear whatever you want," Beth told me, "Just be sure its sexy and comes off easily."

On Friday, I got home from work at a little past six. My mother was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I said hi and headed upstairs before she could get me into a conversation. In my room, I stripped naked then ran across the hall into the bathroom. I showered and dried myself then studied my nude image in the mirror.

I was five-six and weighed one hundred and twenty six pounds. My hair was short and dark, highlighted with blond streaks. I had a pretty face with big, green eyes, a tiny nose and a small mouth with full, pouty lips.

I did have a nice body. My measurements were 34C-25-35. My breasts were very firm and stood straight out. I had rounded hips and a firm, tight ass. My legs were slim and well shaped.

I stepped back into the tub and sat down on the rim. First, I shaved my armpits then my legs and finally my pubic mound. I shaved it clean then rubbed moisturizer over my legs and pussy and also between the cheeks of my ass. As I did, my finger rubbed against my rectum and a thrill of electricity shot through me. I let my finger press into my tight, little hole, sending a bolt of pleasure through my body. I was instantly and totally aroused. I pulled my fingers back to my pussy and, sitting on the rim of the tub, rubbed my clit and plunged the fingers of my other hand in and out of my hot, wet pussy, and tight asshole, until I had an orgasm.

When my mind and body got back to normal, I did my make-up; eyebrow pencil, eye liner and a hint of light green eye shadow. I applied reddish pink lip gloss and a touch of pink blush. I put a line of fragrance around my neck, then a drop behind each ear, between my breasts and down to my belly button, across my pubic mound and in the crease where my thighs and my torso came together. Finished, I went back to my room, still naked.

I put on a white, strapless bra and white panties, followed by a red tank top, that angled over my left shoulder, leaving my right shoulder bare, and a denim, wrap-a-round skirt that ended at the middle of my thighs. I slipped on white ankle socks and white running shoes. I also took a small over night bag with some make up and clothes for the next day.

It was a little past seven when I grabbed my blue cardigan and went downstairs.

I told my mother that I was going out with some girls from work. I told her not to worry if I didn't come home because I was probably going to stay overnight with a girlfriend. I told my mother that a lot. I don't know if she believed me or not but it did not really matter. She just smiled and told me to have a nice time. I smiled back and told her I would.

My car was in the driveway, alongside the house. I opened my door and tossed the cardigan and over night bag in the back seat. Then I raised my skirt and pushed my panties down and off. They too went in the back seat. Sitting down, with my feet on the ground, I removed my shoes and socks, replacing them with red, high heeled sandals I had bought on the way home. I shoved my shoes and socks behind my seat and lifted my feet into the car. Finally, I leaned forward, reached up under the back of my tank top and unhooked my strapless bra.

Wearing just the tank top, denim skirt and high heeled sandals, I started the car, backed out of the driveway and headed for Beth and Steve's house. And I did it without having to answer any of my mother's questions.

The house was a large, L shape ranch made of glass and brick. It was located in the suburb next to where I lived. I turned into the drive, parked and walked to the front door.

Beth opened the door wearing a red, low cut blouse that exposed the top of a black, lace bra and her magnificent cleavage. A white skirt outlined her hips and ass perfectly. On her feet she was wearing white pumps with spiked heels and pointed toes. "You look great!" Beth said, smiling happily. "So do you," I told her.

Steve was sitting on the couch, watching television. He looked genuinely surprised when Beth lead me into the living room. "Hi, Paige," he said, "What are you doing here?" I told him that Beth had invited me. Beth stepped behind me and took the hem of my top in her fingers. "I wanted to give you a special birthday present." she told Steve, slowly lifting the bottom of my tank top. The higher she raised it the wider Steve's eyes became. She held the bottom of my tank top in her hands, gathered just under my breasts. "Shall I continue?" she asked Steve. He shifted his position and said, "Yes! Definitely!" she pulled the cloth up, exposing my breasts to Steve's hungry eyes. "Jesus," I heard him mutter. I raised my arms so that Beth could lift my top completely off. "Is this for real?" Steve asked.

Beth walked to the couch so that she could see me, too. "Of course, baby," Beth said, sitting down next to Steve and putting her arm around his shoulders. "Paige is yours for the night."

"Is that true?" Steve asked me. With both Steve and Beth staring at me, I realized how much I liked being looked at. I moved my hands to my waist, unhooking the fastener. "You can do anything you want," I told Steve, letting the skirt fall to the floor. "and I will do anything you want me to." I stood there, naked except for my high heeled sandals, letting Steve and Beth look at me. My nipples were tingling and my pussy was so wet I could feel the juices trickling down my inner thighs. I felt totally aroused yet completely comfortable. Standing there, naked and excited, I knew this was going to be the happiest, most wonderful experience of my life.

"Happy Birthday, baby." Beth said, kissing Steve passionately, deeply.

"Are you going to take your clothes off, too?" Steve asked. Beth turned to face Steve and moved her hand to the top button of his shirt. "First, I think you should get undressed," she told her husband, "What do you think, Paige?" She began unbuttoning Steve's shirt. "I definitely agree," I said. Wearing just my shoes, I moved to them, dropped to my knees between Steve's legs and opened his jeans.

With his pants unsnapped and unzipped, I pulled his shoes off his feet. When I looked up, I saw that Beth had his shirt off. They were kissing, their tongues playing together as Beth pulled his undershirt up. I tugged his jeans down and pulled them off and away from his feet. Then I reached up for the waistband of his briefs. His cock caused a large bulge in his underwear. When I pulled the shorts down, and his cock popped free, I gasped. It was huge. A line I had once read came into my mind: "As long and thick as a baby's arm."

Beth's hand encircled the thick shaft and slowly stroked it. "Isn't it beautiful?" she asked me. The small of my back tingled with excitement. I could not wait any longer. "It's fantastic," I said, putting my hands on the couch cushion's edge. As Beth stroked the long, thick rod, a drop of pre cum oozed out of Steve's cock. I opened my mouth, moved my head forward and let the tip of the reddish purple crown enter my mouth. Steve groaned as I swirled my tongue around the crown then stretched my lips over the head and gently sucked it in. Beth took her hand away and I slowly filled my mouth with the thick, smooth, rock hard shaft. I loved the way the over-sized member felt in my mouth and I loved the way having it in my mouth made me feel. With my eyes closed, I slid my mouth back and forth on the hard, warm rod. I pulled back and ran my tongue, and my lips, up and down the sides and underside of it's entire length. Then I kissed and licked and sucked his large, heavy sack until every square centimeter of his cock and balls was covered with my saliva.

Steve put his hands on the sides of my face, holding my head in place as he spread his legs, making it easier for his cock to slide into my mouth. He slowly moved his hips up and down and each time he moved his hips upwards, he moved my head downward, sliding and holding his cock deep inside my mouth. "That sure looks like fun," Beth said, "She really likes sucking cock." I took a deep breadth and pushed my head down, with all my strength, letting the crown of Steve's cock slip into my throat, gagging me. "Ooohhh FUCK!!!" Steve groaned, holding my head down, my nose and lips pressed into the thick patch of hair that surrounded the long, thick pole. When I finally pulled away, gasping for breath, a long, thick stream of my saliva stretched out between my mouth and Steve's cock.

"Take it easy, baby," I heard Beth tell him, "We have all night. Let's go in the bedroom and get comfy."

Holding hands, Beth and Steve walked to the bedroom as I followed them. Beth had removed her clothing, except for her red thong and white spikes. I could not take my eyes off the flexing muscles of Beth's big, round ass. When we got to the bedroom, Steve lay down across the bed and, smiling at me, stroked his long, thick member, as though offering it to me. I was happy to get back to what I had been doing.

As I knelt on the edge of the bed, I took Steve's cock in my hand, looked at Beth and told her, "I never did this before. Not with the guy's wife watching."

Beth removed her shoes then smiled as she pushed the thong down. "I'll be joining you in one minute," she said, now completely naked. Her breasts hung without sagging. Her pussy was shaved clean, except for an inch wide landing strip, directly above her slit.

I turned back to Steve, lowered my head and began licking and flicking the cock's crown. I kissed and licked the shaft and balls. Gripping his cock, I rubbed and squeezed the hard, saliva covered rod as I sucked his balls and licked the flesh under his sack..

I felt Beth pull my shoes off my feet. Then I felt her hands on my butt. "God, you have a great ass," she said. She spread my cheeks apart and suddenly her tongue was probing my ass-hole. It felt so good and it was such a surprise that I had an mini-orgasm. I groaned against Steve's cock and my body shuttered as Beth pushed her tongue deeper into my ass. "I really need to be fucked," I said as I moved up to straddle Steve's hips. I lowered my hips and we both groaned as his tool penetrated my hungry, throbbing channel. "All the way," I told him, "Push it all the way in!" Steve pushed his hips upward, as I bore down, sending the full length of hard meat deep into my belly.

Beth got on the bed, next to me. Without warning, her mouth covered the nipple of my left breast. She began sucking and licking, making me gasp and moan as she massaged my other breast. My mind was whirling, lost in an over load of pleasure. Beth's hand moved down my stomach. Her finger slid over my hairless mound, into the top of my slit and onto my clitoris. "Ooohhhh yessssss," I groaned as she rubbed my clit. I rolled my hips, stroking Steve's cock with my tight, wet pussy. Ecstasy flooded over my body. Beth put one arm around my shoulders and continued to play with my clit as she kissed me, long and hard, plunging her tongue deep into my mouth.

When she pulled her head back, she was breathing short, quick breaths. "Get on your knees," Beth directed me, her voice a raspy whisper.

I knelt on the bed with my head and shoulders on the mattress, my ass up. Steve was kneeling behind me slowly fucking my pussy. "Do you like it in the ass?" Beth asked, as Steve gripped my hips. "Yeah, I do," I answered, "I love it in the ass." Looking back between my legs, I saw Steve pull away far enough for Beth to get her head between us. She let a large glob of saliva drip from her mouth, onto my ass-hole. She spread the saliva over my rectum with her tongue then gripped Steve's cock and guided it into my ass.

As Steve's cock pushed into my ass hole, pulled back to the head and pushed in again, Beth lay on her back next to me and worked her head between my legs. She slowly, lovingly licked and sucked my pussy as her husband's cock plowed my ass. My entire body was one, raw nerve. All I felt was warmth and pressure and pleasure.

It might have been a minute or it could have been an hour that Steve's cock was in my ass, his wife's tongue in my pussy. I was floating, flying, somewhere I had never been before. "Oh shit," I heard Steve groan as he shoved the full length of his pole into me, "OH FUCK!!!" The warm cream spurted, again and again, shooting deep into my ass, leaving me gasping and shuddering as orgasm after orgasm spread pleasure and warmth through my entire body.

Steve pulled away but Beth remained next to me. She slid further under me while her hands urged my body onto her's. Her body felt hot, smooth and firm under mine. I lay still, breathing heavily as I rested my cheek on her belly. I could feel her hands spreading my ass cheeks and her tongue licking the flesh below my rectum. I realized that she was licking up Steve's cum as it dribbled out of my ass.

I raised my head and looked down at the thick lips of Beth's sex swollen pussy and the pink, glistening flesh of her inner slit. As I did, I felt Beth's tongue move down to my pussy, slip in and out of my channel, then further down to my clit. Nervously, almost timidly, I lowered my head and with a groan of surrender, for the first time in my life, I tasted another woman's cunt.

The taste, the smell, the feel of Beth's pussy excited me even more. I ran my tongue over the pink, sensitive flesh then sucked her clitoris and labia into my mouth. I licked and sucked on the firm, slippery flesh, making Beth groan and sigh as she fingered my pussy and ass hole.

I worked my arms between her legs, spreading and pushing them back until her hips swiveled upwards, exposing her ass hole. Then I lowered my head and probed her rectum with my tongue, surprised by my willingness, my eagerness, to please her. I wanted to make her cum but I was also enjoying the feel of her pussy, her flesh, on my lips and it's taste on my tongue.

I felt Steve's cock slide into my pussy, fucking slowly as his wife continued to eat me.

"Cum on my face, baby," Beth said.

A moment later, Steve moved faster and deeper inside me then pulled out. He groaned and grunted and I could hear Beth say, "That's it, babe. That's it. Drown me!!"

My own orgasm exploded deep in my belly and as my body flooded with hot pleasure, I passed out.

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