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The Gift


I stared at the calendar with great anxiety. That time of year had once again arrived. Our anniversary was one week away and my wife let me know it with a big red circle around the date on the calendar in our kitchen.

I must have gone into shock as I was standing there because I no longer heard our children, as they ate breakfast before school, nor did I hear my wife call for me to help with the morning "get the kids dressed" ritual.

I was snapped back into reality by her arms slipping around my waist and her lips softly kissing me on the back of my neck. "Worried?" she asked. "No." I confidently replied. "I've been thinking about the perfect anniversary gift for weeks."

She always knew when I was lying and she called my bluff when she waved a post-it note in front of me. "I guess you won't need this." she said.

"What is that?" I asked knowing that I'd been busted. "It's the address of the store where I registered my anniversary wish list." "I'll give to you, unless you think that your perfect gift would be better."

I didn't need to answer. She slipped the note into my shirt pocket, gave me a little peck on the lips and walked out of the kitchen.

I looked at the note "4504 Emory Lane, be there at 6:00." I slipped the note back into my pocket. "I guess I'll go there after work." I said to myself and headed out the door.

My day was very unproductive. All I could do was wonder to myself "what is this place my wife wants me to go to, and why do I have to be there at six?"

For the rest of the day, that question nagged at me. Finally the end of the day had come and I would at last get to see what this mystery was all about.

I found myself driving through the art district of town and then into a quiet shopping village. I looked at the shops, they all looked like locally owned unique gift shops. I had never been here before and I was beginning to wonder how my wife knew about it. I had thought that I knew about all her favorite stores.

I found 4504 at the end of a street lined with tall live oaks and book stores. "Lisa's" was the name of the store, but the name did not tell me what it was and the store front did little more to reveal it's secret, as it only showed fresh flowers in the windows and paperwhites blooming in windowbox's.

I nervously opened the door. A bell on the door announced my arrival. The room had a soft scent of lilac and classical music was playing in the background.

On display there was women's clothing but not just any kind of clothing. These clothes had a sophisticated, classy look to them.

I was greeted by a beautiful women dressed in a slim form fitting black skirt and the purple silk blouse. The outfit was perfectly accessorized with black stockings and metallic purple and silver high heeled shoes that matched her silver earrings. Her brunette hair was cut short and worn up with soft curls. Her eyes were big and brown. Her lips were full and bright red. Her skin was the shade of ivory and I stood in awe before her.

She was the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

"My I help you?" She asked with a sweet English accent.

I felt my legs becoming weak like I was about to pass out. Somehow I was able to pull myself together. "I have an appointment." I said, sounding a little overwhelmed by the whole scene. I handed her the note that my wife had given me that morning and stood their staring like and boy who had just seen his first Playboy.

"Oh yes." She said. "Your wife had asked us to show you some things that she had picked out." "Follow me and I will take you to the room where we do our little fashion shows." She led me towards the back of the store.

She talked to me as we made our way to the modeling room but I don't remember what she said. I was entranced by her movement. When she walked, her hips swayed side to side drawing my attention to the curve of her perfect round bottom. Her blouse was only buttoned high enough to cover her bra; her cleavage could be clearly seen. She had to have wonderful breasts. No women could have cleavage like that without fantastic breasts.

She opened the door to the modeling room, showed me a chair and had me sit down. She leaned over and said something else to me but I didn't listen. I was too distracted by the awesome view of her spectacular boobs encased in a lacey black bra. I could hear her speaking but all I could concentrate on was those perfectly shaped mounds in front of me.

"Any questions?" she asked.

"No." I replied, struggling to compose myself.

"Good, Lisa will be in shortly to show you what your wife has selected."

I began to feel nervous and excited. I was sitting in a big fancy chair and in front of me was a small stage framed by white curtains. Lights on the ceiling were focused on the stage but in the viewing area it was dark.

"Karen told me your name was Paul." I heard a woman's voice say.

A tall gorgeous blond woman in her mid thirties walked out from behind the curtains and made her way towards me.

She was dressed in a navy blue mid length dress that buttoned down the front. The dress was fit to form and showed off her magnificent bust, toned waistline and curvy hips. Her body tapered into well shaped legs covered in tan stockings. The dress's low neck line put her ample cleavage on clear display. Her wavy blond hair draped over her shoulders outlining her flawless face.

"I'm Lisa." she said with a warm English accent. "Your wife has chosen some wonderful items and she wanted you to see them."

I was a little confused; she had never done anything like this before. I nervously sat in my chair and waited for the show to start. Lisa pulled back the curtain and a familiar looking woman walked out. She had smooth, straight, shoulder length brunette hair just like Karen. She had full breasts, curvy hips and a pudgy little belly just like Karen. But this woman was younger and dressed in a way I had never seen Karen dress.

"This is our classic black strapless evening mini dress." Lisa said. "Its form fitting and designed to enhance the bust while controlling the hips and belly."

I don't know anything about controlling hips and belly's but enhancing the bust; that's something I can appreciate. Enhance is what it did. Her boobs looked like they were about to spill out in front of me. As she turned around and walked off the stage I could see that the dress was just barely covering the tops of her stockings. I had already made my decision if Karen wanted to wear that dress then I wasn't going to stop her.

No sooner then the first model left, another came in. Again, she was almost an exact copy of my wife.

"Our next model is wearing a dress designed for staying in." Lisa led the model right in front of me and had her stop. I could feel my face turning red. Beads of sweat were rolling down my forehead as I realized that this woman was, for the most part, nude.

"This dress is designed to build sexual tension." Lisa said. "It is made from a stretchy lace material." Lisa leaned over and whispered into my ear. "You can see through it." "You can see her breasts and her nipples" Lisa reached out and brushed a nipple with her hand. It instantly became erect.

"Can you feel the tension Paul?" Lisa asked. "Yes." I stuttered.

I was trying to act like I was in control, but I wasn't and Lisa knew it. She could see my nervous movement, my sweating, blushing and though I was trying hard to hide it I was sure that she could see my erection.

Lisa motioned for the next model. As the stretchy lace dress walked away I could see a G string. I had never seen my wife in a G string but as my wife's look-a-like model left I could imagine that she would look damn good in one.

Lisa was standing behind me when she started to describe the next outfit. "This is a two piece camisole and panty set."

Lisa kept talking but I was no longer paying attention. This woman portraying my wife was wearing a lacy top that showed her belly and pushed her boobs out the top. It was held up by thin little straps. Her lacy panty's followed the outline of her leg perfectly. The top of the panties rode low on the hips and allowed for a peak at her neatly trimmed pubic hair. The model turned around to show me her ass. I studied the way that the material clung to the butt checks and gracefully slipped up into her crack.

I sat back and took in the whole sight of this woman. She looked exactly my wife. I stared into her eyes and she stared back into mine. I was no longer embarrassed of my desire or my erection. I begin to lean forward towards this sexy lady in front of me but I was stopped as I felt Lisa's hand on my shoulder.

"We are not yet done Paul." she whispered in my ear and eased me back down into my seat.

Over and over I lusted over copies of my wife as they exhibited their bodies dressed in the sexiest clothes Lisa had to offer.

One would come out in a lacey bra and panty. The next would model a camisole or teddy. There were garter belts and stockings, corsets and bustiers.

I have had erotic dreams about my wife before but nothing like this. I was at a lingerie fashion show and my wife was the only model.

All the while Lisa was narrating the fantasy. I felt like I was being tortured. My wife was being paraded in front of me in incredibly sexy outfits and all I could do was sit there.

My pants were wet from precum and my hands were shaking from the adrenaline that was surging through my body.

I was staring at the curtain waiting for the next model, grasping the arms of the chair and breathing heavy.

Lisa, standing behind me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and whispered in my ear.

"Paul, Karen wants you to love her with passion." she said. "Do you have passion for your wife Paul?" She asked. "Yes I do." I said with a testosterone charged tone. "Paul, Karen wants you to love her with intensity." she said. "Do you have an intense love for your wife Paul?" "Yes!" I repeated sharply. "Very well." Lisa sighed.

Her arms slipped from around me. She was walking towards the curtain as the next model stepped out. They looked at each other; then Lisa looked back at me and smiled as she stepped behind the curtain.

I had not seen this model before. She still looked like my wife but I had seen the other model's several times. She was dressed in a simple form fitting black evening dress. The neck line was low and her breasts heaved out of the top. The smooth material flowed down into the curve of her waist. She had womanly hips and the dressed followed their outline perfectly. Just below the hem of the dress I could see the lacey tops of her black stockings. She had well shaped muscular legs and black open toed high heel shoes.

All the other models strutted into the room like they were on a runway in Paris but not this woman. She strolled into the room, slow and flirty. As she reached the edge of the stage she spun around backwards and flipped her long, dark, shiny hair over her shoulder.

She leaned over pushing her ass out towards me. Her hands reached behind her as she slowly unzipped the dress. As the zipper lowered she exposed parts of her sensuous body.

First her muscular but still feminine back. The skin was smooth and tight. I could see freckles on her shoulders.

The zipper lowered a little more I could see the clasps of her delicate black bra.

A little lower. I could see the milky white skin and the curve of her waist.

Now the zipper was all the way down. I could see her black lacy bikini cut panties. She slipped the dress off her shoulders and let fall to the floor.

The dress gathered around her high heeled shoes. With one graceful step and a flick of her toe she flung the dress at me. The dress landed in my lap. The dress carried the fragrance of my wife's favorite perfume. Lisa had thought of everything.

The model started to dance in front of me. Spinning and turning gracefully. Her long beautiful hair spun with her draping over her shoulders and around her long neck.

She turned her back to me and bent over giving a full view of her shapely, lace covered ass and even a little bit of her pussy lips. Distracted by the movement of her hips before me I had not noticed that she had unclasped her bra.

As she stood up I could see the ivory white skin on her back was uninterrupted and her unfastened bra was dangling by her sides. She slowly turned towards me and leaned over again while rhythmically rotating her shoulders until the straps fell leaving only her hands holding the cups over her fine breasts. As she rose up again her hair fell over her face and her bra fell from her chest exposing her large breasts. She stood straight up and raised her arms over her head. Her breasts were magnificent. The sagged a little, like any real women's, but they still had plenty of firmness. Her nipples were erect and the areolas around them were dark pink.

She continued to dance in front of me. She rubbed her hands across her body. She was squeezing her nipples and massaging her tits inches from my face, then she stepped back so that I could watch as she slid her hands along her sides and down into her panties. Her body began to twitch as her fingers rubbed against her pussy.

Knowing that this woman was pleasuring herself in front of me was a huge turn on and soon I found myself kneading my erection through my pants.

I did not have to do it myself for long however, as she slipped her foot out of one of her heels and placed her nylon covered toes on my cock while she removed her stocking. First the right foot then the left all the while she was rubbing my dick with her toes and her pussy with her fingers.

I know she could feel the wetness of my precum soaked pants with her feet. She must have liked it because she had a huge smile on her face.

The smile on her face was incredibly familiar; but I was enjoying myself way too much to care about it.

Only one piece of clothing was left before this lovely lady would be totally nude. But apparently it was my turn to strip as she began pulling off my shirt. I offered no resistance and found myself in heaven when I felt her breasts brushing against my bare skin.

I felt her urging me out of my seat and I complied with her request.

The women, who looked so much like my wife but acted nothing like her, began to tug at my belt and soon I found my pants on the floor.

Standing there in my old comfy boxers I should have been embarrassed but I was way too horny to worry about what I looked like.

The model walked around me as though she was inspecting me for a moment and the then stopped in front of me. She pulled my body close to hers as she slipped her body down my chest then down to my stomach and then down to my hips; sliding my boxers off as she went.

When her face meet my dick, she did not hesitate a moment. She engulfed it.

She attacked my member with surprising force. She was making slurping sounds as her head bobbed up and down on my stiff penis. Her arms were wrapped around my hips pulling my cock deep into her throat. I had never received such treatment before. This was like, a porn video quality blow job. I could not hold back much longer.

"I'm going to go." I said but to my surprise she went harder and deeper then I thought was possible.

She must have felt me tense up because she pulled back just in time and let me spray my sperm all over her chest.

She rubbed my cum across her skin like it was a luxurious bubble bath.

She had a look of success on her face as she pushed me back into my chair. I wasn't sure what to expect next but I sure wasn't expecting what happened.

After a little more dancing I found the model again bent over in front of me with her chest pushed out and her ass in my face. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her thighs.

As she rubbed her thighs and hips with my hands I took in the aroma of her sexually charged pussy. The pungent but sweet smell filled my mind with desire.

I moved closer and closer until my nose was against her panty covered slit. My hands were led to the waistband of her panties and I began to slip this last obstacle between her pussy and my tongue away.

As her freshly shaven pussy was exposed to me I begin to dine on her womanhood.

With my nose in her asshole and my tongue in her pussy I could hear her moan.

She spread her legs wider giving me full access to her most sensitive places. My tongue began to caress her clit. As I did I could feel her shiver.

My tongue and my fingers continued to work on her pussy. Her hips began push against me. I could feel her body humping my face. She was moving faster and faster as my fingers penetrated deep inside her and my tongue lapped her clit. As her moans became louder I began to feel her warm juices coat my face. Her pussy began to tighten around my fingers as orgasm overtook her.

She collapsed face down on the floor with her ass in the air. She was panting and struggling to recover from an incredible orgasm.

She tried to speak but I could not understand her. I leaned in closer and she repeated herself. "Fuck Me Paul." "Karen!" I said. This women was not just another look-a-like, she was my wife!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing but as she said it again there was no doubting what I was going to do.

My dick was hard again and my wife's beautiful ass and hairless pussy was exposed to me.

"Damn it Paul Fuck Me!" she said again. I didn't hesitate. I drove my dick deep inside her cunt. She screamed as my cock struck her cervix. I grabbed her hips and began savagely pump in and out of her pussy.

She was grunting with each thrust, the sound drove me to fuck her harder, fuck her deeper, fuck her like she has never been fucked before. "Treat me like your slut" She demanded and I did just like I was told.

I reached out and grabbed a handful of her long, black shiny hair. My fingers intertwined with her locks and I pulled her back.

As I pulled her hair she let out a pleasured cry. I pulled her up to me, close enough that I could kiss her neck.

As I laid kisses behind her ears, I groped her chest. Pulling and twisting her nipples all the while driving my dick into her pussy from behind.

I had become an animal all of a sudden. My wife and I had never made love like this, but then again, we weren't making love. We were fucking.

My wife's grunts became deep and rhythmic as she pushed against me driving my dick deeper into her pussy. Over and over she pushed against me and I pushed back driving myself into her.

I could feel her body began to shake and her pussy tighten.

She screamed out loud as she climaxed again. She fell limp to floor, exhausted from the intense activity.

Her breathing was fast and deep. She tried to speak but she couldn't. She had a satisfied look in her eye as she looked up at me, but I was not finished.

I rolled her over on back I moved between her legs. My cock easily slid into her wet pussy.

Exhausted, she just laid there and let me do what ever I pleased with her.

My own climax was my only goal as I increased my tempo. My hands grasped her shoulders. I pulled her body down to meet my upward thrusts. My eyes were focused on hers. I could see lust in her eyes. I'm sure she could see lust in mine as I slammed my cock into her repeatedly.

I was fighting my own exhaustion as I began to feel my climax building.

With what little strength I had left, I drove myself deep and hard into my suddenly slutty wife. With one last thrust I felt a release deep inside me.

I cam harder then I ever had before. My muscles ached and my vision was slightly blurry as I collapsed on top of my wife.

We both were wet with sweat and sexual fluids. Exhausted we could barely speak.

"Happy Anniversary." I was finally able to say.

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