The Gift


It was bitter cold outside and the howling wind sounded like screaming children were pounding upon the walls. The fireplace crackled and roared, yet hardly managed to keep his feet warm against the chill and barren floors. Drifting slowly into the deep recesses of his mind, he was awakened from his trance by a soft rap upon the door.

"Come," his voice echoed and filled the room as a small figure entered slowly. She approached as if floating on air, every step deliberate and soft. Stopping directly in front of him, she quickly dropped to her knees, never lifting her eyes from the floor.

She was a most obedient servant and very rarely disappointed him. Although lately, he had very little interest in using her. Slowly brushing her long soft hair from her face, he softly spoke to her, "You may speak."

Her head rose slowly to meet his intense gaze, and her words trembled as she uttered them, a barely audible hushed whisper. "Master, I mean only to please you, for you are my life." Taking another breath to compose herself, she looked deeply into his eyes, hoping to find some of that passion and strength she had so come to love. "Master, I have a gift for you, I hope this does not displease you."

As soon as the words had left her lips she lowered her head back to the floor and desperately fought to keep the impending shudder from attacking her body. Her pulse assaulted her, rapid and violent inside her, making her breathing short and difficult.

Never before had she dared to be so presumptuous as to think she was worthy of doing anything without being told. In all her years of complete loyalty to him, she had never offered anything on her own. The thought of losing him haunted her, for many would die to have him as their master. She dared not look at him, dared not see that disappointment or anger in his eyes.

He chuckled loudly and slid his hand under her chin, raising her eyes to his, "What is this gift you speak of my child?" Inhaling a deep breath of relief, her burning lungs greedily swallowed the sweet air flowing in, she gazed upon his eyes, relishing the softness she found there. 'My child' was a term of endearment he used when she pleased him and even though her childhood years were long gone, the term pleased her as well, it somehow made her feel whole.

This time she could not keep her composure and her words fell stuttered from her quivering lips. "Master I....I....well, I thought that you have been most distant and....and...solemn lately, and this gift....this gift is only my desire to please you....Master."

He studied her face and found the fear imbedded there most delightful. She was such an innocent creature and near perfect in her obedience to him. Sounding slightly impatient now, he pressed further. "Well...where is this gift then?"

"Master, I have left it upon your bed," she replied, again lowering her head. With this he slid his hand behind her neck and wrapped his fingers tightly in her long golden hair. Pulling her head back harshly he suddenly stopped himself from reprimanding her as he gazed upon her eyes filled with love and fear. Slowly he pulled her closer to him and pulled her to her feet as he rose from his chair. He held her firmly by the hair and pressed his lips to her throat. As she eased her head back into his hand longing for his touch, she suddenly felt sharp searing pain.

Her blood was bitter to him and he released her. She fell to the floor and lay there in a heap as the cold air wisped upon her face by his jacket as he left the room.

His curiosity had peaked by the time he arrived at his door. As he entered the room, his senses were filled with her presence. He directed his eyes to the bed and locked upon the vision of beauty he found there, his gift.

As he approached her, he began to soak in her beauty, she was perfect. She was adorned in the finest black silks, draped over her figure, a shadowy outline of her shape, soft and inviting. She was tightly bound by the wrists and ankles, the shackles making perfect indentations in her delicate pale flesh. She had eyes of fire, piercing and burning; they were filled with hatred and fear, rapidly flashing colors before his very eyes, blues, greens, hues of grey. He was in awe of her beauty, her presence, her every struggle, every gasp for breath against the velvet gag that bound her jaw exposing her full lips.

This perfection lie before him, waiting for him. He moved his eyes upon her body, soaking in every crevice, every curve, every strained movement she made. He watched her eyes widen as he let his jacket slide off his shoulders and drop on the floor. He undressed before her and delighted in the glimmer of fear and amazement he saw as his large manhood was released from its constraints.

Sitting beside her, he carefully began removing her silken covering, revealing her pale perfection inch by inch. Her milky white skin exposed to him, he traced her body with his fingertip, gliding it between her large supple breasts and down her abdomen into the soft folds of her womanhood.

She fought against her binds furiously, ignoring the pain as the steel cut into her skin, struggling, desperately trying to move away from his prying eyes, his probing finger. Her struggle was in vain and left her breathless and still completely immobile. She was at his mercy. And like a child who has exhausted all energy in a fit of tantrum, she struggled for air, fighting to breathe normal between shuddered gasps

Her feverous attempt to escape delighted him and filled him with excitement as he gently caressed her cheek. It had been so long since he felt such arousal, such desire. She had long black hair that fanned across her chest as she jerked her head away from his touch. Running his fingers through it was like gliding through satin fringe, so soft and smooth. Her head jerked to and fro violently as he gathered her hair into his fist and pulled it tight.

Now unable to move her head at all, she merely whimpered as he traced her plump lips with his tongue. Oh, how wonderful she tasted, her lips had been traced in a dark red wine after being gagged and her taste was succulent and sweet. Gripping her by the hair more tightly now, he gently sucked on her bottom lip. He loved the way she tasted in his mouth and could not resist the urge to bite into her tender flesh.

Her blood was sweeter than the wine as her swollen lip fed him the sweet nectar. Her eyes radiated with heat piercing his own, raging with pain and humiliation, swelling with fearful tears.

Quickly he released her lip and glided his tongue up her cheek to taste her delicate drops of fear. Deep and salty was her terror, sweet delights in his mouth.

She smelled divine, of a funeral home filled with flowers, overpowering and alluring, filling the senses. Her essence permeated his lungs as he inhaled her odor. Tracing her pale skin with a manicured finger, he watched as a fine red line danced upon her snowy skin, entrancing him.

Captivated he slowly traced around her protruding breasts, grinning as her skin began to break out in goose bumps. Locking his eyes to hers he began massaging her breasts, plying them between his muscular hands. Her nipples defiantly hardened against their owner's orders, begging for his attention.

With a sly grin he wasted no time, enveloping her breast with his moist mouth. Long ago he had mastered seduction with his tongue and tonight was no exception. Her fear lost the battle to sighs of pleasure as her chest rose to his exploring tongue, sending pulses of delight through her body. She swallowed her breath and bit down hard on her gag, struggling to keep focused on her fear as the ripples of fire seared through her.

With expert manipulation he alternated between each breast, feasting upon her silken flesh and hardened nipples...all the while tracing her shuddering skin with soft caresses.

Her body moved with his touch and rose to his mouth betraying her, terrified, but lusting for more.

Sliding down her slender abdomen covering her with soft open mouth kisses he slid his hands beneath her hips and lowered himself between her legs. Digging his fingers into her soft skin he leaned into her and inhaled her smell once again. She was a virgin, he could tell...and it made his blood hot with desire.

Tracing her thighs with his tongue he watched as her eyes changed before him, her stare becoming flustered and bitter. She was an angel, this beauty chained before him, and probably saving herself for marriage. With visions of innocence lost and dreams shattered filling his head he slid his tongue into the soft folds of her pure untouched vagina.

Every muscle in her body tightened as he tasted her sex for the first time, she bucked and jerked against him, fighting desperately against his probing tongue. Her fighting stopped as abruptly as it had started as she began to feel waves of bliss unlike anything she had ever felt. Coming upon her delicate nub hiding in its hood from him, he circled like a shark about to make its kill.

Swirling his tongue around and around her swelling clit peeking out from its hiding spot, he could feel her arching her body into him. And as he lifted her higher with his hands clenched into her ass he swiftly suckled her clit into his mouth dancing his tongue upon it. Even through the tight gag her ecstatic sighs were audible and she began to tremble in his powerful hands.

He moved his hands slowly across her hips and up her body as his tongue danced faster and with more pressure, intensifying with every tremble of her legs. Just as the throws of her first orgasm began to take her into a previously unknown ecstasy, he pinched her nipples hard between his index fingers and thumbs. She shook violently and filled his mouth with those pure succulent juices only a first orgasm can provide.

Relentlessly he continued to torment her, refusing to let her come down from her powerful bout of pleasure. He moved his tongue down to her soaking wet and inviting opening and thrust it inside her. She thrashed about and trembled and just as she began to catch her breath, he moved upwards like a great wild animal 'playing' with his prey. Sliding his tongue on a sea of juices he let it rest upon her clit, feeling every tendon in her sweet body tighten against him.

Slowly, her breathing began to stabilize and the pulsing against his tongue from her swollen clit slowed. When he was sure his prey was relaxed again he would make his attack, without moving his tongue from its resting place he sucked her clit into his mouth once more, covering it with moist and soft lips. Without warning he began once again his careful ministrations throwing her into climax again and again.

When he finally released her, her body was shaking violently and she convulsed as if having a seizure. Her face was glossed with tears and her wrists stained red from the cuts of her steel shackles. He grabbed the key to her restraints from a shelf above her head and released her wrists.

Still shaking uncontrollably she threw her arms about his neck and gripped him so tight he could hardly breathe. Sobbing into his shoulder he untied her gag and savored her gasping cries.

Grabbing her arms from around his neck, he laced his fingers with hers and pushed her back flat upon the bed with the weight of his body. She could not speak; she just stared into his deep sunken eyes and whimpered, unable to stop the flow of tears.

He touched his lips to hers and gently kissed her, a most delicate and romantic kiss. She sighed into his mouth and opened her lips slightly letting his hot breath soothe the back of her hoarse throat.

His tongue slid inside her small mouth and filled it, tasting her own tongue and swirling it around. She had never felt such passion and lust, her head was foggy, her mind dizzy as she closed her eyes sinking into the pleasure.

He pressed his hands firm into hers, pushing her further into the soft mattress as he sucked her tongue into his mouth. She felt as if he were going to swallow her whole, but could not scream. Just as panic began to heat her body, he thrust his swollen cock deep inside his virgin gift.

He inhaled her scream deep into his abdomen as he sucked her tongue deeper into his mouth, stretching the tender muscles to their limit. He thrust into her so hard he felt her entire body get pushed upwards as he tore into her fragile vagina and slammed against her, ripping into her.

Her screams and wails of pain muffled by his mouth pierced his throat with moans of hot turmoil and sheer terror. He thrust into her with such force that his own knuckles began to turn white just from trying to keep her still. With every forceful thrust of his ever growing manhood her screams dwindled until it seemed she had passed out from the pain.

Not wanting her to miss out on such wonderful delights, he sank his teeth into her soft tongue, awakening her from her slumber with the taste of her own sweet blood. Her mouth filled with the hot liquid as he continued to relentlessly pound into her.

Her pain flowed in large tears, which streamed down her cheeks, mixing in their mouths a salty aphrodisiac just for him. He slowed his pace now and released her swelled tongue, kissing her softly as he thrust into her for the last time, deep and hard, filling her womb with his seed, his life.

He kissed her over and over again tasting her blood and tears, her fear and lust to the sweet sounds of her gurgling and choking. She lie there on her back filled with pain, choking on her own blood, struggling to gasp a final breathe and mesmerized by his eyes, by the love she saw there.

As her chest rose for the last time and her last gurgled cough echoed in the room he kissed her eyelids closed and released her from his grip. He stood up at the foot of the bed and moved his eyes upon his gift.

Studying his masterpiece, he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Spinning around on his heel he caught his slave trying to slink out of the room. Clearing his throat loudly, she froze in place.

He loved the way he could still induce a shiver throughout her body without saying a word. "Come," he commanded in a deep voice. She inched her way over to him on all fours, never daring to look him in the eyes.

She sat before him like a puppy that has had an 'accident', solemn and scared, in perfect obedience. He thrust his hand into her collar pushing his knuckles against her throat and jerked her up off her knees. He held her face close to his and whispered, "Did you enjoy what you witnessed?" She stared at the floor unable to answer, unable to breath with his hand pressed against her windpipe.

As he released her collar, she stumbled and almost fell, but managed to steady herself on her feet. She stared down at the floor awaiting his next move. "Take off your clothes," he commanded. She quickly undressed and stood naked before him, eyes still glued to the floor.

His hand moved between her thighs and parted her lips roughly, he pressed his fingers inside her, they slid with ease in her wetness. "Look at me," he ordered her calmly, while probing deeper inside her with two fingers.

Slowly she lifted her head and held in her moans, she did not want to make him mad. She looked into his eyes, curious as to what she would see there. It was difficult not to throw her head back and moan with pleasure, his hand was orchestrating a barrage of exquisite feelings inside her, but she did not dare make a sound.

He studied her face and knew that she had derived great pleasure in watching him kill the girl, use her and discard her. Her wetness attested to that. He removed his hand from her body and stared at her intensely. In a deep and solemn voice he spoke, "And what if I had not killed that beauty....she is far more beautiful than you, is she not?"

She stared at him and fought desperately to stay strong, to not falter under his words, but the tears began to slowly flow anyway, it was no use. "Yes, she is master," she managed to stammer out.

He continued with increasing volume and anger in his voice, "In fact, perhaps I would have been wiser to discard you and keep this angel for myself." He watched as she began to shiver and the tears started streaming down her face, and continued berating her. "Why should I have thrown away such beauty, such pure and innocent beauty for you, you who do not deserve even my punishment?"

Unable to support her own weight any longer, she fell to the floor, but never let her eyes drift from his, even now, she could not bare the thought of disobeying him. She lay strewn about the floor staring through water shrouded eyes and sobbing at her misfortune. "What do you have to say for yourself?" he screamed at her.

She took a deep breath and with everything she could muster got control of herself and spoke softly but clearly. "Master, if I displease you so, I beg of you to take my life, for I cannot bear to breathe another moment if I have caused you grief. I have only myself to give master, my life is yours." She managed to get it all out without tears or stuttering and now she lowered her head to the ground, prepared to die.

As she lay on the floor her tears began flowing again, she had no more energy to remain strong, she quietly sobbed to herself and wished silently for a quick end. Faintly she could hear the sound of chains being unlocked and she knew that her fate could very well be the same she had just witnessed, that same fate that she had gotten so turned on by just moments before.

As she pondered the irony of her destiny, she felt her masters strong hands gather her up from the floor and carry her to the bed. She was placed gently on the bed next to the sweet girl she had kidnapped for him. She turned her head and looked for a brief moment upon that poor girls pained face before the room went dark.

Her lips were parted by a soft and gentle tongue which swirled her into a deep and passionate kiss. She felt short of breath and weak in his mouth, never before had she felt a kiss so passionate. His skin slid against hers as he moved on top of her. He slowly entered her and as he began making the most gentle and exquisite love she had ever experienced, she heard the faint sound of a tortured body falling to the floor with a thump.

Amongst her passion it seemed miles away and she slid into the depths of ultimate pleasure as her master made love to her like never before. Caressing her cheek as he finally satisfied the one urge he had always ignored, he whispered softly into her ear, "Thank child." For he had finally realized that truly, SHE was 'the gift' in his life.

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