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The Gift


Authors note: As you can see, I labeled this as a "Mind Control" Story. Some of you may see it as "Sci-fi" but since there are no aliens, flying saucers, or futuristic cities, etc., I stuck with Mind Control. This story is a bit of a departure from my past efforts and I have no idea as to where it came from. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

I am a 35 year old divorcee'. Frankly, I wasn't any better of a husband than my partner was at being a wife. The marriage lasted 6 years and we both new after about the 4th year that we had made a mistake.

Having been single for the past 5 years has been challenging. I threw myself into my career, had a few unfulfilling relationships and gained about 20 pounds. I suspect this is probably a pretty typical reaction to a failed marriage. As a Regional Vice President of Sales for a tech company, I often travel to a variety of "fun" locations for seminars, trade shows, etc. and this week was no different as I found myself in New Orleans for a few days of, "Technology Expo." Hey, I was up for a little fun and when you are in that frame of mind, New Orleans is a pretty good place to be.

It was about 11 pm and being pretty tanked I wandered off of Bourbon Street. I'm no kid and clearly should have known better but with the drinks and all, I wasn't thinking straight. As I walked about a block off of the main drag, I heard a scream and to my surprise and horror, I saw two dark figures attacking a woman. I yelled something, I don't remember what, and started to advance towards them with my "beer muscles" ready to attack. Well instead of me engaging in a fight that would likely get me at least injured and possibly killed, the attackers seemed to just, "disappear." One minute they were grappling with their intended victim, I shout, and then, they just weren't there anymore.

Probably due to the alcohol, the frantic nature of the event and the darkness of the street around me, I didn't spend as much time processing what I saw. Instead, I was more focused on the fact that the woman was now lying quite still in the street. I was sure that she had been injured in some way and I was more concerned about helping her than I was worried about, "what injured her." Being quite the hero (yeah, right), I went to her and helped her up.

As I got her to her feet, I got a whiff of some sort of exotic smell. Even with the intenseness of the situation, it caused a brief pause in my actions as the smell registered into my mind. It was a scent that was hard to describe but seemed to give me a bit of a, "surge."

Re-focusing on the task at hand. I looked over this woman and immediately noticed that she was a very dark, black woman wearing a bulky dress with some sort of, "figure hiding" garment wrapped around her waist. She also had a scarf of sorts that completely covered the top of her head and hair.

She immediately busied herself by brushing herself off and seemed to completely ignore the fact that the top of her dress had torn and her right tit was literally hanging out for anyone to see. Even in the light, I could see her nipple responding to the night air. Her chocolate skin was very inviting and her nipple looked very suck able.

As that thought flashed through my head, she looked up at me with a bit of a bemused grin. Almost like she knew what I was thinking. I blushed and felt ashamed of myself considering the situation and all.

I started to try and justify the effect she was having on me within my own mind. OK, I know that she was a bit vulnerable but hey, I was drunk and just getting over a massive adrenalin rush to help her and lastly, "I just couldn't help it." None-the-less, I was ashamed that the sight of her bare breast made my dick come to life. It also didn't help matters that as she steadied herself against me, I could feel it push against my arm.

Finally looking up at me, I heard her say in a very thick, Cajun accent, "Thank you. I am owing you much for helpin' me."

The lights were low but when I looked more closely at her face, I could see that she had very sharp and, attractive features. Beautiful cheekbones and a slender chin and throat. Everything about her looked normal and lovely except when I peered into her brown eyes which in a word looked, "ancient." I couldn't help but stare and soon started to feel a little lost and disoriented. I gave my head a little shake to bring myself out of this trance and found a voice to reply to her saying, "Really, no problem are you ok?" and then I started to motion with my hands to let her know that her rather large breast was exposed.

She just grinned with a huge mouthful of teeth and replied, "Now this here black breast wouldn't be scarin' the likes of you now would it?"

Being totally confused by her reaction, I said, "No, ma'am, I guess it wouldn't."

She continued smiling and said, "Now for helping me in my time of need, I'm gonna be givin' you a real special reward."

"I'm sure that won't be necessary."

"Oh yes it would now you jus' come with me." With that she looped my arm with hers and walked me to the end of the block where we came to a door of a small shop. The sign said, "Fortunes, Spells and Such" and we stepped inside. Now this was one weird place. Jar after jar of just odd things, bugs, stuff that looked like hair, and all types of herbs (I think).

"Now you jus' be waitin' her for a moment while I fix up some nice special tea." Then pointing to the corner of the shop, she instructed, "You go and have a seat over there."

I made my way over to a small, modest table in the corner that was surrounded by two rickety chairs. I wasn't real sure that this old chair would even hold me so I carefully lowered myself so as to not break it while I waited for the tea. I looked up and watched her hips sway back and forth as she climbed a short flight of stairs and then disappeared into whatever room she entered. While this woman had an absolute air of strangeness about her, watching her black ass sachet up the stairs, made me even hornier.

A few moments later, she started back down the stairs. I immediately could see that she had changed into a nightshirt that came down to about the middle of her thigh with a scooped neckline. Her feet were bare and I could make out the brown aureoles of her very large black, bra-less breasts that pressed in a proud way against the thin cotton material of the nightshirt. Also, with a little more light, the features of her face were more visible and frankly, I couldn't begin to guess her age. Her face was very pretty and there were no wrinkles to be seen except for some crow's feet near the eyes. However, to look into her eyes was like looking at something, very, very old. There was definitely an "age" to those large brown eyes but her face looked much younger than her gaze. She was about 5'6 and I guess she weighed about 120 lbs. Her hair was still under a hair wrap so I have no idea as to what that looked like. In her hands she had two cups of tea and she extended her hand and offered one of those to me.

As I took the cup from her, she sat in the rickety chair next to me and ran her wrist under my nose and said, "Do you like my scent?"

As I inhaled, I could feel my head start to spin and I knew that was the same scent I had experienced just a few moments ago when I helped her up onto her feet.. "Wow, what is it?"

"Ohhhh now, justa' little somethin' for special people like you."

I leaned forward and took another long smell of this fragrance and it was simply wonderful. In fact, it seemed to make me feel even drunker or perhaps, more lightheaded, than I already was. I gave my head a little shake and looked back to her face and I could tell that she was carefully studying me as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Almost like she knew what I was thinking, her expression changed immediately and her lips opened to release a radiant smile and then I heard her say, "Take a sip of this tea Mitch, I'm sure ya'll like it."

As I took my sip, I realized..... I never told her my name.

I gave her a bewildered look and she continued, "Now, there are a many things I know and names, they justa' come a real easy for me so don't be afraid of this old black lady."

"Well, I'm not afraid (lie) and anyways, you don't look old to me."

She replied, "Sometimes a book be older than it looks" and then she let out a high-pitched little giggle.

With the beers, the tea and whatever that fragrance was, I felt strangely relaxed and at the same time, had to admit that this was getting a little creepy. So to continue to lighten up the subject, I said, "Well, however, old you are, you look great."

At the compliment, my black hostess gave a deep curtsey, which offered me a great peek at her large round breasts as they "plopped" into view down the neck of her nightshirt. Yep, she caught my glance and, instead of scolding me, she just gave me a big, toothy "knowing" grin.

A bit embarrassed, I tried to rescue the situation. "So, what is your name?"

With a bemused grin, she replied, "Now Mitch, what name would you be given to someone such as me?"

I have to admit, she sure knew how to manage a conversation that keeps a fella, shall we say, "off balance."

"I guess I really don't know what your name is."

"Now don't ya' be worrin' 'bout that none 'cause you see, folks round' here tend to call me, Annie but as my special friend you can jus' call me anything your sweet little heart would want."

As I considered my potential responses I took another sip of that wonderful tea and realized that I was completely fucked up and as horny as a horse. Now, I don't mean I just wanted to have sex, I was so "hot" that I would let a camel suck my dick. A surge of sexual energy, desire and sheer lust was racing through me like I had never known. My dick was so hard it hurt and yet I began to sense something else....., someone or something was rubbing my cock!

I quickly peeked under the table and was shocked to see that my pants and shorts were down to my ankles and Annie's hand was jacking me off! Her long black fingers just slid up and down my white shaft. For a moment, I was just mesmerized at the site and her masterful touch but somewhere in the back of my, very confused mind, I was trying to remember how did she (or was it me?) pull my pants down without me realizing it?

As the recognition of what was occurring under the table started to settle into my face, Annie took her queue to again, keep me off balance.

"Now getting back to them names," as her hand continued to stroke my shaft and fondle my balls. "I've been called so many things; a sorcerer, a witch, a whore." Annie stopped to collect her thoughts and took an additional moment to glance down at her hand jacking off my cock. Then with another toothy smile and giggle, she went on to confide, "I reckon that I am, at times, all of those things."

With what must have been a look of total lust and confusion I replied, "What are you?"

"Well darlin', let's just say that I am a good luck piece." She let out a little giggle at the play on words, "A good luck piece, that's kinda funny when ya' be considerin' what we is about to do' now isn't it darlin'."

"Annie, what do you expect that we are going to do?"

"Now, Mitch darlin', you know full well what we gonna do. We gonna suck and we gonna fuck so Annie can thank you for all your bravery. Once we be done, Annie is gonna give you a very special gift. Now I be thinkin' that my perfume and this tea has had its effect on you. Your cock be as hard as a rock and I be thinkin' that you wanna give Annie some of that pecker right about now."

The perfume, the tea, I guess there was no doubt that I had been drugged and frankly, I really didn't care. Annie was right, all I wanted to do was fuck her.... just plain fuck her and when I looked into her face, there was no doubt that is exactly what I was gonna do.

"Annie, I have no idea how you are doing this to me but it feels wonderful."

"Honey, the tea and perfume will let us fuck all night. My darlin' Mitch, you have no idea how good Annie can make you f-e-e-l."

As the word f-e-e-l left her lips, her tongue seemed to reach right out of her head like a snake to the tip of my cock where she gave my pecker-head a loving little lick.

I shook my head at the image to clear my head and to myself questioned, what the hell did I just see but at this point, I was no longer in the rickety chair by the little table, I was laying down naked on a bed with a white comforter and Annie was giving my dick the deep throating of a lifetime!

Her big black lips were riding up and down my hard cock. But was it my cock? Damn, it looked, "bigger." I also noticed that Annie was also naked and had lost her hair wrap. I could see streaks of gray in her hair that defied the youthful look of her face. However, that thought quickly left my mind as my balls started to bubble and then I released a torrent of cum down Annie's throat. It was wonderful and she just kept working my cock with her mouth, not only swallowing everything I was giving her but keeping me just as hard as I was. I continued to watch her mouth envelop my prick and my mind started to confirm that, "yep, my dick sure looks does look bigger."

She reached for the teacup next to the bed and took a little sip and then handed it to me, which I drank all the way down. Annie just giggled and said, "That will make you hard till morning. I guess Annie has got her work cut out for her now doesn't she darlin'?" Then she went on to say, "Now why don't you make Annie feel real good, Ok Mitch, darlin'?"

With that, Annie crawled up my body. First she pushed her tongue between my lips and with her other hand placed my cock in her cunt. "Ohhh, lover that be feeling so good. You ever fuck a dark girl before, Mitch?"

I was a little embarrassed, "No Annie I haven't."

"Well your doin' a fine job of it now darlin'."

And I was. Up and down she went. My hands were on her big black breasts squeezing them and pulling at her nipples. Annie's head was thrown back and I heard noises escape her mouth that sounded more animal than human. It was wild.

I was getting close to filling her up with my cum but Annie pulled herself off of my, "ever growing" cock and climbed up my body where she squatted her black cunt that I was just fucking squarely over my mouth.

I couldn't wait to taste her.

She ground her cunt into my face and I responded by shoving my tongue as far into her canal as I could. As I alternated between tonguing her and chewing on her clit, I heard those same, "animal like" noises leave her mouth. Soon, Annie pushed down so hard onto my face that I could barely breath while she creamed my face with her cunt juice.

I continued to lick her up and then she wheeled around into a "69" and took my cock back into her mouth where she swallowed more of my cum.

Anyway, now that I had cum twice, I was simply astounded that my cock was still at attention.

Annie took her mouth from me and started to continue to work my cock with her hand. I being on the other end continued to use my mouth and fingers on her pussy and now on her ass hole as well.

"So you be wanting some black ass, now would ya darlin'? You just come and get it boy."

Annie got off of the bed and leaned over a small table in her bedroom, which allowed her to poke her ass back into my direction on the bed. She swayed it back and forth to taunt me saying, "Come take my ass Mitch." Then she spread her ass cheeks so I could see her little puckered anus staring back at me.

As I got off the bed and grabbed my tool, I was amazed at its, "transformation." It was simply, "huge"! At least 9 inches in length and a girth that seemed to be closer to the size of my own wrist. I was amazed and had no idea if I was hallucinating or if "somehow" my dick grew a couple of inches. Needless to say, I put any thought of looking for a ruler behind me and I walked up behind Annie and pushed my cock up into her rectum. I was amazed that her sphincter offered literally no resistance to my invading pole.

"Ahhh, lover, that's it, fuck Annie's blackest hole. Emmmm..."

I could hear Annie making sounds, or maybe they were words but I couldn't quite hear and I also didn't understand. Every now and then I would hear her speaking to someone or something..., not real sure what the name was but, well, I think it started with an E and it had a Z in it somewhere and whatever she was calling it, she was asking it to make her, "young again."

Being in a sexual frenzy, I stopped worrying about what she was saying and continued to piston in and out of her black butt. As Annie pushed back to meet my thrusts, I could still hear her repeatedly make her, "young again" requests and they were followed by more animalistic sounds coming from her mouth.

Even as I blasted a load of cum into her bowels, I knew I needed more of her. So as I withdrew my cock, Annie slowly turned and even in my drug induced, stupor, I was astounded to notice that the gray streaks in Annie's hair were now nearly gone! She could see the look of astonishment on my face but just like Annie, she gave me that knowing little grin, and without missing a beat, dropped to her knees and took my, still hard dick into her mouth with relish.

Chapter 2

My eyes opened up and it was 1:30 but instead of being in Annie's bed, I was in my hotel room. Furthermore, it became clear to me that it wasn't 1:30 AM but 1:30 PM! I shot out of bed and looked outside. Sure enough, it was nearly time for me to get to the airport and catch my flight home.

I was thinking, what happened?

Then I remembered, "Annie happened."

Mostly, I could only remember snippets of last night and furthermore, had no idea as to how I got back to my hotel room. I also couldn't help but wonder, "what happened to Annie?" I could seem to recall her riding me on my hotel bed and blasting her womb with more of my sperm. Then I had a brief recollection of our mouths connected into a long, deep kiss and that was it. I must have passed out.

There was another thing I recalled too and I lifted up the sheet of my bed and peered down onto my new dick. Even in its semi-aroused state, I could see that it wasn't the same dick I woke up with yesterday morning. "Yep," I thought, "it's bigger. In fact, a lot bigger."

Glancing around my room I noticed that the message light was on next to my bed. I thought, "Great, first pussy I've had in months and this is probably a call from my boss firing me because he couldn't find me all friggin' day."

So with much consternation, I picked up the phone and got connected to the hotel's automatic phone attendant.

It said, "You have one message in your mailbox."

Then I heard my Annie's, Cajun voice,

"Hello Mitch Darlin'

Thank you for takin' such g-o-o-o-o-d care of me last night. Emmmm, you fucked Annie's holes sooo good! (giggle)

Oh yeah, and thank ya' for protectin' me from them two bad people (chuckle, chuckle)."

Then the call took an even more unexpected turn as she went on to say, "Truth be told, darlin', those wasn't exactly people but when they saw you Mitch, they dared not interfere with you and your potency. You see, that is why you found me. You are a very potent man. Your potency, helps me in ways you wouldn't possibly understand. Those things that attacked me could sense your power and while this won't make any sense to you, they fled out of fear. "

I thought, "huh?," but my internal thoughts stopped when Annie's message continued on.

"I am sure that there be some things about last night that you remember and then, there will be some that you don't. Let me just tell ya' that we fucked all night long and I have your love juice all over and inside of me. You have a wonderful cock and I enjoyed you very much. Judging from the grin on you face, I am sure that I made you feel the same way (giggle).

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