tagLoving WivesThe Gift

The Gift


Chapter 1

Three years ago my husband Rod was involved in a horrific skiing accident. He lost control and crashed sustaining major injury to his groin area from the tree he hit. Now at only age twenty-eight he no longer has use of his reproductive organs. The damage was repaired as well as it could be but he cannot perform or achieve an erection no matter what stimulation or therapy we have tried.

It's been very difficult for him as you can imagine but also difficult on me. Three years I have stood by him as he recovered hoping everyday that he could once again make love to me. I loved sex with him; we did it at least once a day before the accident, sometimes two or three depending on time. To go from that to nothing is very frustrating. No it's downright killing me! He does other things for me, oral sex and using toys but nothing can make up for his wonderful penis.. I yearn to have a man inside of me again. I dream of it often and sometime because of the lack I dream of more than one man. Masturbation takes the edge off a little but I feel empty and always wanting more.

I've even contemplated cheating or even leaving Rod, but I know how selfish that is and how much I would hurt Rod if I did. I find myself looking at other men, knowing they can and probably would have sex with me easily. Not to brag but I'm quite good looking. Still fairly young at twenty-seven and I maintain a level of fitness that is extremely high.. Rod and I were really into all types of sporting activities from running, cycling, skiing, and many more. When I was twenty-four we made the choice to enhance my breast size so not only am I toned and sexy I have a large chest to go with the rest of the package.

The men I look at admire my assets and when I'm out with Rod I know he sees me looking at them and them at me. I recognize it kills him not to be able to give me what I want anymore and I think he hears me in my dreams call out for cocks and scream in pleasure as I dream of being ravished by men.

The final nail in the coffin came at our latest doctor visit. It wasn't good news. We were trying a new therapy with the use of erectile dysfunction drugs in conjunction with pumps, porn and electro stimulation. The pumps engorged his penis and the hope was once it was removed we could use the electro stimulation to maintain the erection. It didn't work. As soon as the pump was removed his penis would instantly begin to shrink even on the highest setting. Watching the porn with him was torture to me. I found myself getting so wet and wanting the cocks on the screen in all my holes. I was so deprived I even wished for anal sex and what they call double penetration where two men would put their penises in my anus as well as my pussy. These were the type of videos we tried. Rod wanted the try the nastiest and hottest stuff we could find in hope of keeping his erection.

I yearned to be the actress in the films! I wanted those cocks in me I wanted to suck a real live hard member and have it squirt its juice all over my face. That was something toys didn't do and I missed my husband ejaculating in my vagina or on my fake boobs when he felt like it. The porn we watched just made those urges worse. Rod was so frustrated. As soon as I took the pump off him and tried to keep him hard with my hand or mouth no matter what I did it would just shrink and he would sometimes cry and other times he got down right mean and spiteful to me..

As this wasn't working we went in as I said before to the doctor and he told us there was nothing more that could be done. That was the bad news. My husband was forever going to be impotent and there was nothing anyone could do to help us.

A few weeks passed and Rod was so depressed we stopped trying anything all together. The videos when unused, the pump and equipment was put away and I felt even more deprived. When we were trying I felt something there at least. I mean I got to see hard cocks on screen cumming and I did get to suck and touch Rod's for a few seconds before it shrunk down to flaccid. Now I was getting nothing! He even stopped using toys on me and performing oral sex. He was so depressed I didn't know if he would ever recover..

Physically he was healthy again, walking normal and working again it was just in the area of sex that he was lacking. He made good money and I quit my part time job I got while he was recovering so I found myself trying to stay busy with exercise, girlfriends and house chores. We hadn't had any children yet, thinking we had all the time in the world and now that this accident happened children seemed impossible.

One particular day I was out with my girlfriends to lunch and the subject of sex came up like it sometimes does. I couldn't help it and started crying in the middle of the conversation and left all of them stunned and mystified. At home I don't know what came over me but I got out the porn videos we had purchased and a few toys to play with. I lost track of time and was totally naked and fucking myself with two dildos when Rod came home. I froze when he saw me and he didn't take it well. He turned around and walked right back out of the house leaving me naked, embarrassed and unsatisfied.

I fully expected divorce papers to be served the following day and when the door bell rang I got up from the table I was eating breakfast at alone. Rod had not come home the entire night. At the door was a delivery man and he handed me a next day envelope and left. I closed the door, walked back to the table and ripped open the envelope. It wasn't divorce papers but it was from Rod. There was a round trip airline ticket, money, a three day stay at a spa I had never heard of and a letter from Rod. I opened the letter and began to read:


I've made arrangements for you to get what you need. I'm sorry I'm not the one to give it to you anymore but know in some way by me doing this I've had a hand in satisfying you once again. Inside the envelope you will find everything you need to be fulfilled. They are expecting you tomorrow so don't be late.

Yours forever,


I was taken aback to say the least. This was not what I expected at all. I really didn't know what it all meant or comprehend what Rod was talking about. I didn't know a place like I ended up going to existed. I think that's why I got on the plane; I was to naïve to realize what I was getting into.

When Rod said he had taken care of everything he wasn't kidding. I had a first class ticked and a car picked me up from the airport and took me up into the mountains to a spa resort the likes I've never seen before. Everything was paid for and they knew me by name and apparently why I was there, even though I didn't have a clue really. The one thing I did notice was everyone from the driver to the door man, at this spa was young, buff and extremely good looking. Mostly men, I did see a few women that worked there as well.

When I arrived I got a very complimentary welcome from everyone. The men that helped me out of the car and escorted me inside looked very pleased to see me and noticeably relived, if you will, at my appearance. I found out later why that was. I was shown to my room, actually it was enormous and nicer than any home or hotel I've ever been in before. It had a huge bed, hot tub, and every amenity I could think of. The dark-haired blue eyed man that carried my bags and showed me the room came in with me and I told him where to put my luggage. He approached me and stood very close looking down at my face and chest. I could smell his musty manly aroma and I quivered spontaneously as his eyes were on me.

"Is there anything you need before you first session Mrs. Evans?" he asked in a sexy voice.

"Session?" I asked.

"Yes ma'm this is a spa after all. You are scheduled with Ryan, Tom and Daniel in one hour. Your agenda is on the table," he said pointing to a folder across the room.. "Now if there is nothing else I'll leave you."

"Umm well okay, thank you," I said tying to figure out what he was talking about.

I watched his tight ass leave the room and close the door. He had me worked up just by his smell and look. I walked over to my 'agenda' and opened the folder. There it was my first appointment just like he had explained. It was at 3p.m., scheduled for three hours and the names of the gentleman he had said. It also said the name of the room I was to find and a map on the adjacent page showed me how to find it. I was really just thinking it would be some normal spa treatment like a massage, pedicure, or facial with three handsome men. Wow was I in for a shock!

I should have known what I was getting into from what I found around the room in my hour wait. When I was putting my clothes in the dresser draws I found, brand new in the package, adult toys? At first I thought someone had left them here from their last visit and didn't think much of it. Then since I had time to kill I turned on the large flat screen TV and immediately I was staring at hardcore porn I had not ordered. It was just on as soon as I turned the power on. I changed the channel and another porno was playing on every channel I turned too? I thought they were just having technical difficulties and I was getting free porn. The choices on each channel varied from lesbian, interracial, blacks on blonds, threesomes, group, orgies you name it they had it. I got all hot and bothered and my hour quickly went by.

I finally turned the TV off and got ready to go to my first 'spa treatment' the instructions told me to remove my clothing and put the complimentary robe and flip flops to walk to the meeting place. I did so and found myself very wet and aroused from the porn I flipped through. I patted myself dry and headed out the door following the map to the 'Garage' it was called on the paper.. I thought that odd and when I arrived I was surprised to walk into just that. It looked like a mechanics garage but was much cleaner and only a themed room if you will. I was very curious of what kind of treatment I would be getting in a themed room like this when I saw the three handsome men walk around the corner to meet me.

"Ah, Mrs. Evans right on time for your appointment. I'm Ryan, this is Tom and Dan," Ryan a blond wavy-haired gorgeous tall drink of water said.

Tom and Dan where very hot as well Tom had dark short hair and Dan actually shaved his head clean. They were all dressed in mechanics outfits with the first few buttons undone on their shirts so I could see their muscular chests. After the porn I watched I couldn't help but think of them in a sexual way, imagining their penis size and what three men could do to me.

I know what you're thinking. How stupid can she be? Does she really think this place is just a normal spa after the letter from her husband, the hot guys, toys and porn? Wow this chick really is stupid. You're right! I was stupid and I still hadn't grasped the concept of what was about to happen to me until Ryan spoke again.

"It looks like we have you scheduled for a lube job, front and rear alignment followed by a facial. Is that correct Mrs. Evans?" he asked.

The smiles on their faces told me everything; the bulges in their pants solidified the question. I was the one that was going to get those services done to her! The way he said 'facial' was a dead give away!

"Oh my... yes that seems just what I've requested," I stammered finally realizing the gift my husband had arranged was for me to be fucked silly!

"Excellent Mrs. Evans. Please join us in the back. Our tools and expertise are at your disposal.

I walked forward to them and tripped on nothing I was so taken aback. Ryan put his arm around me and I followed the other two around a corner into the so called shop. There was what looked like a dentist chair that could move up and down and tilt any direction. Instead of wrenches, drills, air guns and mechanical tools the tool boxes and trays were full of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and every sex toy you could imagine. I froze as Tom and Dan each picked up a tool and smiled at me. Ryan still had his arm around me and my heart was racing.

"Now Mrs. Evans lets see what we have to work with," Ryan said pulling my robe off my shoulders.

I tensed up instinctively but quickly stopped myself from grabbing the robe and covering up. The lose tie around my waist came undone and he let the robe drop off revealing my naked body beneath. The smiles from the mechanics got bigger and for added effect Tom turned the power on his vibrator, making us all giggle.

"Incredible Mrs. Evans! We must confess we don't see many bodies of your caliber come through here. Normally its older mature lonely woman so I can say for all three of us you are a welcome change," Tom said.

The others nodded and Ryan joined them and picked a tool of his own. I knew now why I had received such a nice welcome when I arrived. I was obviously not the normal cliental they were use too. The bulges in their pants got much bigger and from the look of it I was in for some giant cocks! I didn't know what to do or where to go so I just stood their naked and my nipples hardened as the men admired my breasts and shaved mound.

"Please Mrs. Evans if you would sit on the lift and we will get started with your first service, the lube job," Ryan said.

I slowly walked over and sat my butt down on the leather chair expecting cold but was pleased the seat was warm and heated for my comfort. I laid back and fit very nicely in the comfy chair. The boys surrounded me each with their tools powered on and held like surgeons. They were staying in character and I smiled at them trying not to giggle. I shuttered with pleasure as hands caressed my body starting with my arms and legs. They were gentle, smooth and warm sending waves of delight with each touch.

I couldn't believe Rod had done this for me! He had to know what was going to happen and apparently was fine with three young studs having their way with me. With that thought in my mind I just let it happen and soon found myself having the single most wonderful sexual experience in my life.

Their touch became more sensual and it was only about a minute before they had moved to my breasts. Tom was caressing my left, Dan my right and Ryan was working up my inner thigh and I knew where he was headed. He took his time while the other two cupped and fondled my enhanced boobs, causing my nipples to grow again. Once they were hard the gently pulled and pinched them sending waves of pleasure through my body causing my pussy to flush and moisten. I opened my legs to Ryan as he inched further up my legs. My breath caught as I felt him cup my vagina with his palm and force his hand down on my growing clitoris. His fingers caressed my soft lips and spread them ever so slowly until I felt one digit enter my wet canal and slowly inch inside causing me to arch my back and moan.

Around the same time the chair beneath me began to rise on its own and bring my body up to them so they didn't have to bend over as much. Seconds later I felt warm wet lips engulf my nipples as Tom and Dan began sucking and nibbling on my nubs. Ryan's finger went deeper inside my every increasingly wet vagina, followed by another of his fingers. He bent them towards my clit and rubbed the cavity behind my clitoris inside of me sending a wave of pleasure all through my body. He pressed harder feeling me react and pressed his palm down on my clit at the same time. I moaned loudly and enjoyed the mouths on my breasts and fingers inside.

My legs fell open, bringing my knees up and out. Ryan took advantage and removed his fingers and lifted my legs up and out off the warm chair. Next I felt a vibrating toy slide into my body sending vibrations and thrills into my pussy and beyond. He didn't stop their and put his face down on my pussy and moved the folds with his tongue until he was licking and nibbling my erect clit. Oh my goodness it was intense. His biting, sucking and shoving the toy in and out caused me to moan and legs to shake. My nipples and breast were being bathed and kissed constantly from the other two and this 'lube job' was turning into quite a treat.

But alas I could get this kind of treatment at home. What I really wanted was a hard cock! In my hand, mouth, pussy or dare I say it... my ass! I was starved for cock and without their permission started reaching for them over the side of the chair. I found Tom's legs first and grabbed randomly at his pants until I found what I wanted. His hardened cock was wedged in his pants and felt rather large. He took his mouth off my breast and smiled at me as I pulled and rubbed him through his jeans.

"I think Mrs. Evans is lubed. We should move on to the front alignment boys," he said. Ryan came up for air from my wet pussy and smiled as he saw me grabbing at Tom's cock.

"Looks like it. I guess its time to break out the real tools then boys," Ryan said and stood up straight.

Oh shit I couldn't wait to see them! I hadn't seen a real hard cock for three years besides on screen and my husbands bent and surgically repaired scarred penis that never stayed hard. I was dying to feel a hard, vein ribbed, throbbing cock in my hand or mouth and stared at the three men that had moved together. They began to remove their work shirts.. They were all tan and very ripped, I was freaking out as they unbuckled belts and snaps to drop their pants. Huge cocks stood our in boxers and one pair of briefs and I sat up to get a better look as they pulled them down, reveling hardened shafts and already oozing holes.

They were all endowed well, over average and exceeded my husband's size by an inch in the least and three at the most. Ryan was notably the largest in length and girth followed by Tom and bringing up the rear was Dan but he still had a very nice penis that made my mouth water and my pussy twinge.

"Gimme Gimme," I exclaimed and they all laughed walking towards me.

They lowered the chair so their cocks were at eye level and I grabbed the closest one to me and reveled in the hard throbbing shaft of Dan in my hands. It had been way to long since I had one that stayed hard and I caressed it like a long lost friend. I grabbed for Ryan's as well on my other side and turned my head for Tom's. I had never had three cocks in my life but I had learned from all the porn how best to deal with them. I stroked and fondled the ones in my hands and began sucking the one shoved in my face. He tasted wonderful like remembering a long lost treat you discover again later in life. I took him deep and he thrust forward pressing his member down my throat.

They took turns rotating around the chair until I had sampled each cock in my mouth twice. I was in heaven and loving each hard oozing member. While I stroked and sucked they fondled my breasts and fingered or toyed my pussy with a variety of dildos and vibrating toys. It was incredibly erotic and I don't think I'd ever been so wet. After sucking Ryan's very wide and impressive tool he disappeared before I could start stroking him again and I found out why when my legs were lifted off the seat again and I felt him kneel below me. Oh the sweet bliss as his large cock entered my pussy! It had been way too long since I felt a real, hard, warm, cock enter my body. I moaned very loud as his long wide shaft continued deep inside of me. It went further than any cock before and reached places I didn't know existed inside of me.

I heard him moan and say how tight and wet I was. I guess three years of just toys and not that often had tightened me up. I had a difficult time sucking Dan and stroking Tom with Ryan's large cock thrusting in and out of me. I was on the verge of a huge pent up orgasm in a few minutes and when it hit it was mindboggling. I didn't care who heard me and just let an enormous scream of pleasure out as the wave crashed over me and my climax peaked. It felt so good to cum again with a cock inside of me thrusting fast and strong. Oh how I had missed that!

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