tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Gift - A Tentacle of My Own

The Gift - A Tentacle of My Own


On Rorga, we males accept ourselves as sexual beings without limits. I have had many fun one-nighters with hot Rorgan males. If an offworlder makes a pass at me and I think he is cute...then he is about to get a good look at the inside of my chambers (living quarters and otherwise).

Taclon is a rather cold world - the planet is one of the farthest from our twin suns. Males and females there sport luxurious body hair. Females have gentle hairless facial features; while most males trim their beards, or choose one of many braiding styles to accentuate their masculinity. They are a stocky race, with both genders displaying wonderfully developed bodies...curvy and voluptuous females...and muscular, virile males. A friend has been communicating with a Taclon male; and has offered to introduce me to his cousin. I am looking forward to meeting Tedroth.

Ben and I have been laughing our backsides off about...we have a 'history'.

"Cor! - he's here."

My friend points toward the entrance portal as The Pit suddenly gets very quiet. The portal frames a rather menacing looking being, but I know better. I spring up from my seat and stride up to...

"Tedroth!...my cousin sent me your image...he was right."

Corjix... my pleasure to meet you, Tedroth. We greet in Taclonian fashion (I was ready for it) - a very heartwarming and prolonged full body hug.

"Ah - you know our ways."

A bit...he was right about what, Tedroth?

"Our compatibility!"

For the next cycle, Tedroth, Ben and I drink, snack, and laugh our way into mutual friendship. The bar gets used to us real fast. Tedroth draws quite a bit of attention from some of the regulars...'friendly' competition that I politely deflect. When we get up to leave for my place, hoots and whistles and smiles make a low-key exit impossible.

"Do they like me?"

Yes, we do.

I have never had any issue with cultural or physical differences of my friends and lovers. Variety is truly the spice of life...and Tedroth is one spicy-hot offworlder hunk! He has chosen to trim his facial hair and it flows gently in waves of black color as we walk to my quarters. Are you...do all Taclon males have similar texture to their...

"We call it our locks, Corjix."

Please, it's 'Cor' with you...

"Then it's 'Ted' with you!"

I love his smile. Ted's eyes light up and those massive teeth!...I wish I could attach a visual of Ted here - he is a sturdy, studly, beautifully formed male with large warm eyes, large luscious mouth, and a rather flat, though large breather. His 'locks'? His locks are black, soft, wavy, and not at all as densely packed as I had imagined. Perhaps they have adapted over time to more moderate indoor temperatures. Rather than the expected mat of hair-fur, Taclonians have silky soft locks that are much like the head hair of some young Earth males. I can only imagine those locks flowing everywhere on Tedroth...and caressing my warmed and naked body...

My imagination does me proud. It isn't long before Ted and I are on the way to my sleep platform. As we shed our coverings together, the stark differences of our bodies excites us both and we begin to touch and stroke each other on face, arms, chest...

"I can only enter you, Corjix...Cor...as my physical form will not accept your penetration."

I know what Ted means, now that I see him naked before me. His body is magnificent - a vision of physical perfection. Apparently, the Taclon posterior is quite...massive. Beautifully formed are his rear muscles.

"We enjoy our 'assets', Cor, in many ways...but same-sex penetration with most non-Taclonians is not one of them."

There is no way that my penis could reach your opening, Ted...not even with the mental or physical gymnastics flooding my mind right now!


"Are you disappointed, Cor?"

Are you kidding? You are amazing, Ted - I am the luckiest body to leave The Pit tonight! Oh! Okay - this is one hug I will never forget! Ted has me in his grasp and were we not about to engage in sexual play...I would be duly terrified for my very life. No way could I ever out-wrestle this offworld beauty! His locks are caressing my skin as nothing has ever done before. It feels as if I am being fondled by ten males all at once. Brushes of his hair set my skin on fire and I can not contain my passion. We are getting used to mouth size differences. Ted is doing most of the lip action - although I am enjoying taking his lip - lower one mostly - between mine. His tongue is very, very large and strong. I think this night will be a memorable one.

"You are my first non-Taclon partner, Cor...and your body begs to be licked...may I?"

I stretch out before him and no words are necessary. Using just the tip of his sweet licker, he hurls me into a state of euphoria. I withhold nothing - every inch of me is his tonight. I need to let him know how I feel. Ted...you are taking me on a trip to heaven...are you having fun?

"I have never used my body in this way...to taste you...to feel the smoothness of your skin and the flavor of you...I am overwhelmed!"

Good. Tell me how we can reach heaven togehter.

Ted rears up and slowly parts the locks that have been blocking my view of his genitals. The locks there are the densest on his body. I did feel a large bulge as we rubbed together...but now...to see this...this is not at all what I expected!

"You look shocked - are you?"

My open mouth speaks volumes without a single word.


It...you are beautiful, Ted. I have been with tentacled men before, but yours is the first to be the only genital organ. Help me learn.

"My penicle is every bit as responsive to touch and more as is your Rorgan penis, Cor."

May I?


The texture is silky smooth. Even the protruding fibrils are pleasant to the touch. His...his penicle is resting in a coiled state within the recesses of his crotch. Thick muscular thighs form a natural cave for the penicle at rest. There is a tulip-like head visible in the center of the coil. As I reach to touch this, Ted lurches a bit and his coil-cock begins to spring to life!

"Lay with me."

We stretch out next to each other, face to face. I feel a warm and moist sensation on my genital cilia...his penicle is beginning to caress my body...it slowly coils around my shaft and reaches upward.

"I would like to feel you for a while, Cor."

Yes, please.

The penicle is probably eighteen Earth inches long. It is now thick though still flexible...very much so. I watch as that tulip shaped head starts to open. It has been weaving its way up my torso and is poised near my mouth. Like a flower on a warm day in harvestime, it opens to reveal a stem-like trunk capped by a berry or capsule.

"It is my seed, Cor...may I play with your mouth parts? It will not release until I will it."

I nod. The pod slips between my open lips and I suckle the seed-berry of my lover...of this Taclon male who is blowing my mind tonight. The taste is like honey. Ted has closed his eyes and I know...I just know what he is feeling.

"Oh, Cor...no one...no one has ever...Oh, Cor!"

The flower contracts and I open my throat to take him in. His secretions are silky and sweet - they lubricate his entry into my body and I love it all. I wrap my wet lips around the base of this wondrous penicle and delight as it ever so slowly retracts from me and comes to rest on my belly. Feels good, Ted?


Now what?

"May I join with your penis?"

I just nod.

Slithering along its full length and sliding toward my cockhead, the penicle once again winds gently around my engorged shaft. It seems to reach for the sky but as the head flowers again, it plunges down onto and over my cockhead and I go ballistic! I feel the seed-berry enter my shaft hole and it fills me with an indescribable sensation of warmth, friction, fullness and pleasure. The flower closes around me and the penicle has now completely engulfed my cockhead. Our eyes lock togehter. We seem to be breathing at the same rate. Ted places his hirsute hand over my heart.

"It beats in time with mine! May I fuck you, Cor?"

I start to leak a copious amount of fluid as his penicle releases my cockhead. Ted bends down and laps up my juice hungrily.

"Love this!"


"Lay on top of me."

As I do, his arms surround me and I feel so peaceful and safe. My ambivalve is moist and waiting. Ted tickles the portal there with his flower, its petals swirling at the hole until I fairly scream: Now! Take me now! In its tulip form, the penicle presses to my portal. Jets of warm fluid squirt into me - natural lubrication for what is to come. I tense a bit with the thought of where those eighteen inches of tentacle are headed, but give up my mind to the pleasure we have shared thus far.

"I know of Rorgan physiology, Cor...I will not hurt you."

But your size...

"I will coil within you, my lover, and caress the gland within your body."

The penicle eases past my portal gates and inch after inch of Ted fills my ambivalve to total fullness. His flower attends to my inner gland, and my mind-fuck is complete.

"I know, Cor...you are where life and death make friends...I can keep you here a while longer, but my need is great to...but only if..."

I manage to speak: tell me, Ted.

"My seed berry. I am soon to release it. If I do so within you, Cor, no child will grow there...but something else will take root."


"A tentacle."

Of my own? What will it do?...how big?...can I...

"It will exist solely to pleasure your inner gland, Cor. No one will know it is there, unless you tell them."

The look on his face binds Ted to me in ways I can not explain. He needs this. I need this. Please, Ted...give it to me! Nature has universally decreed that all males everywhere go into spastic gyrations upon orgasm, and Ted is no exception. His bulky muscularity beneath me starts to convulse, and waves of contractions wash over my skin. His mouth consumes mine and that oversize tongue of his plunges into my throat like a Rorgan cock with a mission. We quake together as both of our bodies find release. I spray a massive load onto his silky locks - coating belly and crotch completely. Ted tenses at his moment of release and as he implants his seed, the penicle begins to slither from me.

"No control..."

I understand. We both gasp for air and I am unable to speak, or think, or move. We lay there together and drift into dreamland as one.

Ted had to leave for his home world the next sunrises. We had our fling on the last night of his visit to Rorga. He has invited me to visit with him. I look forward to that time...and to the tell that I will share with you!

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