tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 01

The Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 01


Another Saturday night and here I was again; alone, half-drunk and full of self pity. Goddamned bar I was in was about three-quarters full and I didn’t know a soul in the place. Except Mike the bartender of course. Good old Mike kept my glass filled up and pulled out the right amount of money from the stack of soggy bills on the bar in front of me. I didn’t have to do a damn thing except drink and piss and I had done plenty of both and little else.

Lots of hot looking women in here but to them I was invisible. I had tried my luck on one of them, a sweet looking babe two stools down. Long auburn hair, breasts proudly displayed beneath a too-tight t-shirt that left little to the imagination. Long slender legs that seemed to go on forever.

“No thanks” was her curt reply to my offer to buy her a drink. Turning back to her girlfriend on the adjacent stool I could hear them laughing softly together and I had little doubt about the subject of their laughter.

Not that I could blame them. Since Karen and I had split you might say that I was becoming accustomed to looking at life from a slightly different perspective. Where once I had prided myself on my manner of dress and general appearance, now I rarely took the time to wear more than faded jeans and wrinkled t-shirts. I knew a haircut and shave would help the cause but I never seemed to bother. For what?

Best not to get involved with anyone on too personal a basis. You only end up alone and hurt and sitting by yourself in some shit-hole bar feeling sorry for yourself. A couple of more drinks and the pain and loneliness would fade and I could pretend that everyone here was my friend and that I was a guest at this wonderful, noisy party. Even if no one knew I was here. Ironic wasn’t it?

But Christ I had to admit that it would be nice to get laid again. How long had it been now, three months? Four? What the fuck difference did it make? It would take a lot more booze then I had drunk so far to delude myself into thinking that I had a snowballs chance in hell of scoring with any of the women in this place. This might be a pick-up bar for young professionals but none of them wanted to be picked up by me. Like I said before, who could blame them?

I had just finished a drink and nodded to Mike to bring me another when I first noticed the man sitting on the next stool to my right. Christ, I must be drunker than I thought I was because I hadn’t even heard him sit down much less seen him. Trust me I would have noticed and remembered this guy because he was even more out of place here than I was.

He was about sixty or seventy years old, who could tell? He was wearing a checkered derby hat and a yellow bowtie. His cream colored suit was slightly rumpled but still very tasty and dignified. His brown dress shoes were shiny and recently polished and he wore a vest under the suit that matched the color of his shoes exactly. What a vision he was in this trendy pick-up joint.

Oddly enough, however, none of the other patrons stared at him or paid him the least bit of attention. Mike came over and immediately placed a small glass of sherry in front of him and then walked away without being paid for it. Strange.

“Guess you’ve been here before eh grandpop?” Well that was a brilliant thing to say and I immediately wished I could take it back. He turned to me and I had the strangest feeling that I knew him from somewhere. Probably he just looked like someone I had met once or maybe someone on television. Come to think of it he did sort of look like that actor that was on ‘My Favorite Martian’ and ‘Pickett Fences’, what the hell was his name? Ray Walton or something.

He glared at me with a pair of piercing brown eyes and said coolly, “Wrong on both counts sonny. Never been here before and sure as hell am not your ‘grandpop’.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled aloud while thinking to myself what an asshole this guy probably was. Never been here before but Mike knows exactly what drink to bring him. Sure.

“And before you ask Mr. Hallock, you and I have never met before. We do, however, have a piece of business to transact tonight.”

I sat straight up and looked at him. “How do you know my name? Have we met? I think I would have remembered you.”

He pulled a small leather notebook out of his jacket pocket and flipped through the pages. Stopping somewhere in the middle section he began reading aloud, “Don Hallock, age 32. Employed as a computer consultant when he bothers to show up for work at all. Single, recently parted from long time lover named Karen Jantzen. Currently drinking far too much and letting his appearance go all to hell. In danger of losing his job and all prospects for the future. Old friends slipping away as self pity becomes his dominant personality trait. Couldn’t get laid if his life depended on it.” He closed the notebook and stared straight into my eyes. “Does that accurately sum things up Mr. Hallock?”

To be perfectly honest at that moment I was speechless. Somewhere in the back of my brain a headache was starting and I suddenly found myself totally sober.

“Who the fuck are you and where did you get all that information concerning my private life?”

“Who I am and where I got this story of your present sad state of affairs is of little import. The important question should be what might we do about it. The answer to that, Mr. Hallock, is quite a bit actually. At least about your sad love life.”

I was getting a little pissed off by this time. Who the hell was this guy?

“Before you get yourself all worked up Mr. Hallock, let’s put all of our cards so-to-speak on the table. Anyone could find out the basic facts of your life if they wanted to badly enough. As to your current condition, well let’s just say that anyone with twenty-twenty vision could discern the obvious. You’re on a slippery slope, Mr. Hallock, a very slippery slope. I’m here to offer you a rope. A rope that you can use any way you want to pull yourself up again. Sounds simple but in a nutshell that’s it.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that point. This whole conversation was absurd to be sure but there was no denying the truth of what he said. Suddenly I saw myself as he must see me, weak and pathetic. How he got his information seemed less important than the basic truth of it.

“So tell me about this rope of yours. What’s that going to cost me? And why should you offer it to me? I don’t know you from Adam.

A trace of a smile appeared on his face. He leaned in to me and said softly, “Do you believe in magic Mr. Hallock?”

Oh shit this guy was some wacko or hustler. I must be his mark. Great, just what I needed. “Hell no,” I mumbled. I took another pull on my drink. Damn, that headache was getting worse.

“No, of course you don’t,” he said. “But first let’s take care of that headache you’ve developed.” Before I knew what was happening he had reached across to me and placed two fingers gently on my right temple. I felt a sense of pulsing energy for just the briefest of seconds and then, just like that the pain was gone.

My mouth must have dropped open I was so shocked. How the hell did he do that? In fact how did he even know I had a headache?

“Who the hell are you? I don’t know what kind of tricks or what…”

“Listen to me Mr. Hallock,” he interrupted. “I don’t have all evening for this so let’s cut to the chase. I’m going to offer you a gift, a very special gift. I don’t expect that you’ll believe me at first so I’m going to offer you a little demonstration in a few moments but first let me tell you something about this gift. Have you ever wished that you could make love to any woman you wanted to at any time you wanted to? Sex-on-demand so-to-speak. Or perhaps two women at the same time? Whatever. What would you do with such an ability I wonder? I’m prepared to let you find out. In fact why don’t we get to the demonstration right now? Mr. Hallock, pick out any woman in this establishment that you find desirable.”

I’ll never know why I didn’t laugh in his face and walk away right then. Let’s just say that his little trick with the headache had me intrigued. What the hell I thought, let’s humor the old guy.

I looked around the bar carefully and checked out every woman I could see. When all was said and done however I came back to that lady on my left that had shot me down earlier. God, she was beautiful. Like I said before, way out of my league.

“How about this girl sitting next to me? If you could get her to screw me you really would be a magician,” I snorted.

“An excellent choice if I do say so myself. Wait here a moment Mr. Hallock.” Quick as a cat he arose from the stool and walked over to where the young woman I had picked out was still deep in conversation with her friend. He spoke to them only for a moment before they arose and walked out of sight towards the rear of the bar.

Returning to his stool he took a sip of his sherry. Before he could speak I blurted out “well it didn’t take you long to scare them away.”

He smiled ever so slightly and said, “If I were you I’d take a little walk to the men’s room. And don’t be concerned with being interrupted, I promise you’ll have the place to yourselves.”

Was this guy for real? I figured the only way to shut him up was to play his game out to the end and then make him tell me what I wanted to know. Arising from my stool I walked back to the rear of the bar where the restrooms were located. No sign of the two girls anywhere, they must be holed up in the ladies room hoping the old guy would buzz off.

The men’s room in this joint was large, very clean and lit with recessed lighting that gave it a relaxing, mellow atmosphere. Not that you’d want to spend your spare time there but it was nice by barroom standards if you know what I mean. I pushed the door open and walked in feeling kind of foolish since I really didn’t have to go.

“Hi Donny.”

My mouth dropped open in shock. There sitting on the sink was that beautiful girl from the barroom. Her hands were cupping and squeezing her breasts through her t-shirt as she ran her tongue around her lips as if in anticipation of something wonderful. Her legs were spread apart giving easy access to her friend from the bar who was bent down and slowly running her wet tongue up and down her friends inner thighs.

“Donny, we’ve been so lonely in here waiting for you to bring us that big, hard, fucking cock of yours to suck. Haven’t we Susie?”

Her friend raised her head from her friend’s thighs and cooed, “ I just couldn’t wait to suck your cock and your balls Donnie, so I started on her as a warm up. Want to help me eat her pussy? Ohh it’s so juicy some of her cunt juice ran down her leg and I was just having a snack.”

My cock was standing up in my pants despite my shock at the scene in front of me. Oh god, could this really be happening?

“Come over here Donny, I’ve got something for you to suck on.” The girl on the sink pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them so that her hard nipples thrust out in my direction. “ Come on baby, lick my tits!”

I stumbled over to where she sat on the sink. Her breasts were full and beautiful and her nipples were hard. I bent slowly forward, still afraid this was a dream I was going to wake up from any moment. My tongue tentatively flicked out and touched her nipple and she moaned. I slowly let her whole nipple slip into my mouth and I gently sucked on it while my tongue traced its curved shape.

“Oh fuck yes,”she moaned and pulled my head even tighter to her. I increased my suction and she moaned her approval. “Suck it honey, suck it hard!”

Meanwhile her friend Susie began lightly tracing the outline of my hard cock with her fingers right through my pants. Her hand slipped lower and gently cupped my balls while she brought her lips to the head of my still hidden cock and sucked the tip, pants and all, into her mouth. She rolled it around in her mouth as best she could and ever so gently nipped the head with her teeth.

The girl on the sink [God, I didn’t even know what her name was} reached down and somehow managed to slide her shorts off her hips and down her legs. Her nipple never left my mouth. Looking down I could see that she hadn’t been wearing panties. Her pussy looked good enough to eat, all wet and shiny and pink. Susie must have thought the same thing as she slid over to her friend and began running her wet tongue up and down the length of her pussy.

“Ohhh! Eat that cunt you fucking horny little bitch! Eat it! Donny, take that big fucking prick of yours out and let me see you jerk off while Susie licks my pussy! Come on honey, let’s see that cock!”

Regretfully, I let that hard nipple slide slowly out of my mouth and took two steps backward. As I undid my belt and slid my pants and under shorts to the floor, I watched the show Susie was putting on licking that pussy. Her tongue slid up and down her friends wet, pink pussy lips and then would slip inside her, probing deeply and drinking the wonderful pussy juice that was flowing out of her. It was wonderful!

Finally I stood in front of them with my throbbing cock standing straight up. I took it in my hand and slowly began jerking up and down its length.

“Oh that looks so fucking good. We knew you would have a beautiful cock. Get it good and hard so you can ram it down our fucking throats. I’m really in the mood to suck some cock!”

Susie lifted her face from her friends dripping pussy and glanced over at my hard cock about a foot from her face. She smiled and wagged her tongue back and forth in the direction of my cock and I could plainly see a small puddle of pussy juice on her tongue. Not to mention all over her cheeks. She reached out and with one finger scooped up a large string of pre-cum from the tip of my cock and greedily slurped it into her mouth. Looking up at her friend she said “Oh Emily, his cum is wonderful, So sweet and warm.”

So her name was Emily. Mystery solved. Emily slid off the sink and dropped to her knees in front of me. Staring at my cock she said, “Susie grab hold of that fucking monster and feed it to me. I need some cock now!”

Giggling, Susie grabbed my cock and after three of four strokes she brought it slowly to Emily’s lips. “Open wide baby, dinner is served!”

She slowly slid the head of my cock into her friends waiting mouth. Emily swirled her tongue around the head as Susie pushed it slowly deeper and deeper into her mouth.

“Oh Emily, you’re such a hungry little cock sucker aren’t you? That looks so fucking good in your mouth. Suck on it. Let me see you suck his prick!”

Emily began running her mouth slowly up and down the length of my cock, taking as much of it down her throat as she could. One hand held the small section of my cock that she couldn’t fit in while her other hand grabbed my bare butt and pushed me toward her even closer.

Susie slid underneath me and soon I felt her tongue on my balls licking happily. I couldn’t believe it! Two beautiful women sucking on me right here on the men’s room floor! Unbelievable!

Soon Emily increased her speed on my cock. Susie must have been jealous because she pulled my cock out of Emily’s mouth and slurped it into her own.

“Oh you greedy little bitch” Emily laughed as she watched her friend slurping on my cock. Her tongue flicked out and licked the side of Susie’s cheek and I realized that she was licking up some of her own pussy juice that was still there. “Cock and pussy juice, what a nice combination.” she moaned.

“Come on baby, let me fuck you,” I said. I slid my wet cock out of Susie’s eager mouth and walked over to the toilet seat. Closing the lid I sat down, leaned back and holding my cock straight up invited Emily to mount me.

“Oh fuck yes,” she said walking towards me. Turning around so that she was facing away from me she swung one leg over mine and slowly lowered herself towards my cock. I shivered in anticipation and then I felt Susie guide it home into her friend’s wet, velvety pussy.

Slowly my cock inched into that wet, yet slightly tight pussy and the feeling was wonderful! Her pussy felt like a warm, wet glove gripping me tightly. I threw my head back, closed my eyes and just concentrated on how good it felt.

Emily must have agreed because she moaned loudly and said, “Ohhh god, Donnie, your dick feels sooo good inside me. So fucking good!” She slowly began riding up and down on it, getting used to the wonderful sensation and letting her pussy stretch slowly out to accommodate it’s size. Each stroke caused her to moan softly and clench her muscles around it even tighter.

Susie meanwhile had dropped to her knees in order to get a close look at my cock riding in and out of her friend’s pussy. Her eyes were glazed with passion and she leaned forward to try and lick Emily’s clit only to find that my cock was filling Emily so tightly that she couldn’t reach it. She settled on licking the portion of my cock that became available when Emily road upward.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me good!” Emily was riding it faster now and each stroke brought spasms of pleasure to both of us. I reached around her and grabbed her breasts, squeezing and probing with my fingers, caressing her hard nipples.

I felt Susie suddenly pull my cock from her friend’s wet cunt and suck it into her mouth. Slurping on it and running her tongue around its head, she eagerly sought out the wet cunt juice that coated it and licked it up. Then with a final kiss she guided it back into Emily’s pussy.

Emily was riding up and down on my cock faster now as her pussy had accepted its full length. Susie gave up trying to lick my cock as it rammed in and out of Emily and began to suck and lick Emily’s nipples instead.

“Fuck her good Donnie! Fuck her and make her cum!”

My tongue was in Emily’s ear as she fucked me, licking her earlobes, nibbling on them and whispering delightfully nasty things to her.

“Oh Emily, your pussy feels so good on my cock. Fuck it honey! Ride it! Take it way up inside you! Make me cum baby!”

The full length of my dick was ramming all the way up into Emily now as she eagerly sought every inch I could give her. Up and down, in and out, faster and faster. I knew I couldn’t last too much longer. Hell it had been months since my last fuck and truth be told, it had never been this intense in my life. Emily’s moans of delight and Susie’s eager assistance had me right on the edge of a massive eruption.

“Oh baby, I’m going to have to cum soon. Real soon.” I felt that wonderful pressure start to build in my balls and start it’s climb up my shaft. Emily used her muscles to try and coax my cum up and out of my cock while Susie, with a cry of delight, dropped to her knees and squealed, “Oh let me see it cum baby! Shoot it all over me!”

I was moaning loudly now as my climax rapidly approached. Emily wanted me to shoot it all up inside of her but Susie had other ideas. Just as I was about to cum she pulled my cock from Emily’s pussy and began sliding her lips up and down on the bottom side of the head. The feeling was absolutely electric!

I threw my head back and let out a scream as I reached my climax. A massive load of hot cum erupted from me and landed on Emily’s stomach.

“Oh shit, shoot it Donnie baby! Shoot it!”

Another massive shot went straight up into the air and landed right on Susie’s cheek. She giggled and took the head of my cock right into her mouth. Oh lord, what a feeling! I shot maybe two or three large shots right into her mouth and the hot cum ran right out of the sides and down her lips as she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

“Oh shit, don’t waste it,” Emily cried dropping to her knees alongside Susie. Pulling my cock from Susie’s mouth she was quickly rewarded with a large shot right on her nose and eye. Into her mouth it disappeared and I felt the warm suction of her mouth as she sought another load. She didn’t have to wait long as my cock continued to erupt inside her eager mouth. She swallowed greedily as Susie looked on enviously.

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