tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 02

The Gift Of Digital Sex Ch. 02


I was running. This was no comfortable after work jog. This was a full-out sprint and I had no idea where I was or where I was going. A sense of impending doom was in the air. From what was another mystery. I only knew that if I didn't run fast enough and far enough that I would die.

I was on a street that I had never seen before. It was dark and there were no other people around. My lungs were aching and I had a pain in my side but I dared not stop. I longed to shout out for help but who would hear me?

Whatever I was running from was getting closer. I told my mind to stay focused but panic began to set in. Panic was good, it actually made me run a little faster. For a while, anyway.

I became aware of the fact that I was clenching a key in my hand. Maybe this would unlock a door to escape through. That is, if whatever was chasing me could be stopped by a door. Oh shit.

My body was sweating from the exertion and suddenly the key fell from my slippery fingers. I heard it hit the pavement with a clinking sound. I came to a halt and turned around and was quickly frozen in place by indecision. Should I go back and get it or just leave it behind?

One part of my brain said to just keep running and fuck the key. Yet another part told me that I needed the key to live. I couldn't make my feet move at all.

Something was getting closer now. The very air itself became more charged and electric. It was hard to breathe. Where was everybody? Why didn't anyone help me? Please somebody, anybody. I closed my eyes and tried to scream at the top of my lungs and then I...

Sat straight up in my bed. I was soaked in sweat and gasping for air. My heart was pounding and the sense of panic was still overwhelming. I moved my head rapidly from side to side to ascertain where the hell I was.

I began to recognize my surroundings. I was in my bedroom sitting in my own bed. Slowly it dawned on me that I had just had another of my nightmares. Oh Christ it had seemed so real. Again. What was that, five nights in a row? Shit!

Each night the sense of impending doom, the feeling that something was closing in on me. Different places, different props but always that key.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that the key was in some way connected to the gift that strange old man had given me. The key was the word bagobagoo but in my dreams the key was a normal metal key that you would use in a lock of some sort. Shit, how were the two connected?

Well, it was too much to think about at four in the morning. I climbed out of bed and headed to the shower. My sweat was real and once again I knew there was no getting back to sleep.

As I showered I began to think about the past two weeks. The so-called-gift the old man had given me worked exactly as he said it would. I was able to have sex with any woman I desired at any time I wanted. And with some practice I had learned that I could manipulate my sex partners in interesting ways.

Whatever this gift was, it seemed to know how to give me exactly what I wanted. For instance I had always liked women who talked dirty during sex and this seemed to be a given during all my parties as I called them. Also if I was in the mood for anal sex the gift seemed to provide that. Or whatever I wanted. It was amazingly perceptive that way.

That first day at work after receiving the gift had been a perfect example. The sex with that girl on the elevator had been great and afterwards I realized that I had been staring at her ass and thinking about fucking it just before I used the key. Was that why she had been so eager for anal sex I wondered? Well, there was one sure way to find out.

Jenny was the boss's daughter and a freshman in college. She also worked part-time at the computer company during the summer. Since she was the boss's daughter every guy who worked there knew there was a strict hands-off policy in effect. That was a real shame since she was blond, cute as hell and had a great body which she kind of showed-off in a sort of nonchalant way. Probably her best feature was her full lips, which made her look sexy as hell. She often wore her hair in pigtails, which, combined with her sexy, pouting looks drove me crazy.

I knew that she often ate lunch alone in our small break room about two o'clock. About five minutes after she went in to eat I walked in and sat down at the opposite end of the table from her. She nodded politely and began to unwrap a tin foil covered container that I noticed had a few chicken wings inside of it.

I stared at her and soon thoughts of those full, lovely lips of hers sliding up and down my cock began to fill my mind. I pictured her tongue darting out and licking my balls and perhaps even sliding down to seek out my ass. My cock was getting hard and I thought to myself that it was time to see if my theory had any merit.

"Say Jenny?" She looked over at me with a puzzled look on her face.


She got a look on her face that seemed to say "whatever'' and continued to open her lunch. For a moment I thought nothing was going to happen. A wave of disappointment swept over me.

"Oh shit! Goddamn it all, my mother forgot the blue cheese dressing again. How the fuck does she think I'm going to eat these wings without dressing?"

Her sudden burst of cursing caught me off guard and I looked at her with what I suppose was an astonished look on my face.

She laughed and said, " well don't just sit there and stare Donnie, go see if there's any dressing in the fucking refrigerator, will you? Jesus."

I walked over and took a quick look in the small refrigerator that the company provided but there was no dressing of any kind, just some odds and ends. I turned around and saw that Jenny had closed the door to the lunchroom, effectively sealing the room off from the rest of the work area.

" Sorry, no dressing in the fridge," I said.

She was staring at my crotch and her tongue darted out and moistened those beautiful lips of hers. I realized that she had noticed my hard-on and slowly a sexy smile appeared on her face.

"Well, let's think Donnie, what do you think we could find in here that's thick, juicy, wet and looks like blue cheese dressing? Why don't we put our heads together? Or at least my head and the head of that cock that's poking through those pants of yours. Umm, come over here Donnie, it's lunch time."

I walked over to where she was sitting and stood in front of her. Her eyes widened and she reached out and gently began rubbing the head of my cock with her fingertips.

"Ohh Donnie, you know my daddy is the boss here right? I know you're going to help a girl in need. Well the boss's little girl needs some nice warm, thick dressing. You will help me out won't you baby?"

One hand cupped my balls while the other slowly pulled down my zipper. Her eager fingers darted inside my pants and slowly stroked my cock, paying particular attention to the swollen head. I moaned softly and Jenny giggled and leaned forward and kissed my cock through my pants.

"My my, he's a big one isn't he? I bet he's got a nice big hot load of dressing for me. Oh yumm, I love playing with it. It's getting so fucking hard. Take it out baby and let me suck it!"

"Anything for the boss's daughter," I moaned. I unhooked my pants and let them drop to the floor. She pulled my under shorts down and her smile widened as her eyes took in the size of my now fully erect cock.

Ever so gently she reached out and grasped it with her left hand and began stroking up and down the length of my shaft. Her right hand reached down to the table and grabbed one of her chicken wings.

"Watch this honey," she purred. She rubbed that wing all over the head of my cock and when she pulled it away I saw that some of my pre cum had coated the top of it. Looking me in the eye she slowly slid that wing between those beautiful, full lips of hers and into her mouth. She closed her eyes and began sliding that wing in and out of her mouth just as if it were a cock. If it was possible, my cock got even harder watching this demonstration.

Finally she slid it out of her mouth and sat it back down on the plate. "That tasted fucking great but now I want some of the real dressing. Donnie, you will be a good boy and feed me lots of hot, fucking cum won't you? I'm so hungry for it baby. Come on, stick your cock in my mouth honey!"

She grasped my cock firmly and leaning slightly forward she slowly gobbled up my cock with those sexy lips of hers. She moaned with obvious pleasure and moved her head from side-to-side which caused those pigtails of hers to flop around. I grabbed them and gently pulled her head even tighter to me causing my cock to slide farther into her mouth.

Her tongue began rotating on my cock while her lips began applying pressure and sliding up and down slowly on the shaft. Her eyes found mine and she winked at me. I knew she liked it just as much as I did.

After a moment she let my cock slide slowly out of her mouth and she looked up at me and said, "I like it when you watch me suck your cock Donnie. I know it makes you even hotter and that means more cum for me. Your balls are filling up honey, I can tell. When they get all good and full just shoot it all right in my mouth. Please honey I want all of that warm, sweet cum juice in my mouth and throat. Feed it to me baby!"

With that she sucked it into her wet, warm mouth once again. I began fucking her face with a back and forth movement and she moaned her approval. One of her hands slid underneath my balls and I felt her finger begin rubbing my asshole. The feeling was electric and I knew at this point she would do anything to coax that cum out of me.

She increased the slurping sounds coming from her mouth knowing instinctively that it made me hotter to hear her slobbering on my cock. Her hand grasped the portion of my cock not in her mouth and began stroking it wildly back and forth. I knew it wouldn't be long now.

"Oh baby, I'm getting close Jenny. I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

"Ummhumm," was all she managed. Her lips stopped pumping back and forth and just held the head of my cock tightly between her lips. This allowed her to start jerking my shaft even faster and tighter with her hand. She knew her lunch was on its way and she was eager to jerk and suck it out as quickly as possible.

She didn't have to wait long. Watching her jerk me off right into her eager mouth was all the stimulus I needed. The first tremors of my climax began climbing up my shaft and I grabbed her pigtails tightly and held on for dear life.

I held back as long as humanly possible but finally with a scream of pleasure the first fountain of hot cum erupted from me and straight into her mouth. She moaned with pleasure and her finger slid right into my asshole. This caused me to jerk forward and the next massive shot must have gone straight down her throat. To her credit she never flinched, rather she eagerly sought every drop I had.

But there was just too much. After several jets of cum shot into her mouth she just couldn't swallow fast enough and the excess rolled out of the sides of her mouth and down across her lips. Her mouth released me momentarily and I could see her swallow a huge load. Then she took me back into her mouth and jerked several more splurts into that wet receptacle.

Oh god, the feeling was out of this world Not just the feeling of my cock exploding into her mouth but the sight of my cum rolling down her lips and chin combined to send me into another world. There is just no way to describe it.

It must have been at least a full minute after that before she was satisfied that she had sucked out every last drop of cum. Slowly she let my cock slide out of those sexy lips of hers for the last time. Kissing the head in gratitude for her wonderful meal she smiled up at me and cooed, "thanks Donnie. That was wonderful!"

Noticing for the first time a long, thick strand of cum hanging from her chin she giggled and wiped it up with two slender fingers and after looking at it lovingly for a second, gobbled it up with those greedy lips.

I left her there licking all my cum off her fingers without even so much as a goodbye or thank you. Why bother, in a minute she wouldn't remember the incident anyway. The important thing was that my theory had been correct. With a little forethought I could set up these parties to play out to whatever fantasy I imagined. All I had to do was picture some sexual act before using the key and the events that followed seemed to imitate it. I could design any scenario and presto, it happened.

During those first two weeks I had been like a child with a new toy. I had relentlessly sought out beautiful women and indulged every fantasy that I had ever had. There was nothing too degraded for me. One woman, two women, even on one occasion four women had serviced my every whim and desire. Every part of my body had been licked, sucked and fucked several times over and as often as not I had returned the favor. It would have been paradise if not for those dreams...

A jolt from the cold water in my shower brought me instantly back to the present. I had been so lost in thought that I had let all the warm water run out. Shit! Shivering, I stepped out and reached for the towel and it was then that I noticed it first. What the fuck?

When I had been a gawky teenager and first became aware of my body I had often thought that the bicep muscle on my right arm was larger than the one on my left arm. Being right-handed I figured that it was because I used that arm more. So what? I started working out a little and as time passed I had stopped worrying about it and eventually forgot about what I had passed off as the neurotic fears of an insecure young boy.

What I was looking at now was no illusion however. My left arm was noticeably smaller than my right one. Not shorter but smaller. It was as if I had not exercised it for two or three months while at the same time using my right arm normally. There was no muscle tone at all.

In a panic I stepped in front of the mirror and held both arms out in front of me. There was no mistake about it. The difference was plainly evident. What the hell could have happened? Suddenly as I stared at my arms in shocked disbelief something happened that I'll remember until the day I die.

I felt a tingling sensation begin in my left arm. It started in my fingertips and worked its way up my forearm past my elbow and straight up to my shoulder. The light tingling became more intense and I could feel a warm throbbing current that seemed to be racing up the length of my arm and then back down to my fingertips. Oh Christ, what was happening to me?

I thought that I was going crazy when I saw movement under my skin right in my bicep area, just a slight movement as if a small mouse was trapped inside there somehow and trying to get out. I had always thought that the idea of someone's hair on the back of their neck standing up was a literary device with no basis in reality but that was exactly what happened to me at that moment.

A second movement, in my tricep area, suddenly became noticeable. I was frozen in place and couldn't take my eyes off of my arm. The two moving lumps moved in unison up and down the length of my arm and it suddenly occurred to me that I must be having another of those weird dreams. This had to be a dream because if it wasn't then somehow during the night I had gone stark raving mad.

Suddenly the pulsing current in my arm became red hot and as I screamed out in pain I felt a popping sensation in my arm that can only be described as feeling like someone had put a cherry bomb inside of me and lit the damn thing. The thought came to me that every bone in my arm must have vaporized and I instinctively threw my right arm over it to protect it.

Tears were running down my face but I realized that the pulsing sensation had ceased and indeed I felt no pain at all.

Slowly I arose from the kneeling position I had fallen to and looked in the mirror. I don't know what I expected to see but sometimes seeing nothing is the strangest sight of all. That's exactly what I thought when I looked at my left arm. No current, no pulsing, no movements, nothing out of the ordinary. My arm was back to its normal size and for all intents and purposes nothing had ever been amiss.

My joy at having my arm back to normal was intense but short lived. What the hell had just happened to me? This had been no dream, this had really happened. But how the hell was that possible?

All that I knew for certain was that I was scared, very scared. Cautiously I ran the fingers of my right hand over the length of my left arm. Everything felt normal and nothing was moving around or anything like that. My breathing was slowly returning to something resembling normal.

I sat down on my bed and tried to think this through. Maybe part of my dream had somehow followed me into my waking reality and I had imagined the image to be real. No, that wasn't right, what had happened to my arm was real, that much I was sure of. Maybe...

Nothing I could think of made any sense. This was beyond anything I had ever heard of. But then wasn't everything that had happened to me since that night I received the so-called gift just a little unusual?

Just a little my ass. Lets face facts, this gift was a truly mind-fucking experience that I had been so busy using that I had failed to fully think through. What the hell was I doing with this power and more basically, why the hell did I have it? It was time that I stopped acting like a child with a new toy and started trying to make some sense out of this whole thing.

But first I had to get my arm checked out. Whatever had happened had perhaps done some physical damage that I wasn't presently aware of but would come back to haunt me later. The best thing was to at least get it looked at.

I called work and said I'd be late and then called my HMO to see about getting an appointment. After pleading intense pain they finally gave me a morning appointment. My regular doctor was unavailable so they hooked me up with a Dr. Madison. What did I care who saw me as long as they checked me out carefully?

Dr. Madison turned out to be one Sara Madison, a very pretty redhead maybe in her early thirties. She seemed very friendly and attentive as I explained that I had awoken with a great deal of pain in my arm. I left out the parts concerning the size difference and the internal movements for obvious reasons.

She had me remove my shirt and her long slender fingers carefully examined the length of my left arm. Her touch was firm and professional but I began to get aroused in spite of myself. At one point a strand of her hair lightly brushed my cheek and I felt my cock stiffen even more. Damn, this wasn't the time or place.

She told me that she didn't feel anything out of the ordinary but that I should get some x-rays done to be sure. So off I went to the Radiology dept with a young nurse named Sandy. Now Sandy was, I'm sure, a very good nurse but she wasn't exactly helping me concentrate on my medical problem. I already had a hard on from dealing with that pretty doctor and Sandy just made it worse.

She was cute as could be and her uniform utterly failed to conceal her young, ripe body. In addition she was a born flirt and enjoyed briefly touching my arm as she led me down endless hallways toward the Radiology department, all the while giggling and gabbing away about who knows what.

The x-rays went smoothly and Sandy escorted me back to Dr. Madison's office to await their arrival. Apparently the doctor was with another patient in the other examining room so Sandy stayed with me busying her self with some housekeeping duties.

As she moved about the office I watched the way her firm body moved under that uniform and once again I became aroused. God she was hot looking.

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