tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Giggle Twins & Stacey

The Giggle Twins & Stacey


My name is Paula, I have a lovely curvy figure. I guess you could say that it is like an hourglass. I'm 5ft 9inches with 40E breasts and legs that go on for miles. My friend Carina, also has an hourglass figure. She's 5ft 7inches with 36D breasts. We have been friends since well forever. Together we are known as the Giggle Twins.

The name was given to us because we both giggle the same way and usually at the wrong times. As we are so popular though most people think it's cute and don't take offence.

We work together as Account Managers and have the highest client satisfaction rating in our company.

We are the bosses favourite and not just for our looks or the amount of business they have brought him. Or for the lengths we go to, to win the business. But also what we do to him and let him do to us. Still that's another story and I don't have his permission to share that with you.

This story is about Stacey and us of course. Stacey joined us recently as the office junior or dogsbody. As all of us who have done the job know the office junior gets all the jobs that no one wants. All the boring stuff. The sandwich run. The tea run. The biscuit run etc. Hence the unofficial title of dogsbody.

Our boss is a pretty good boss. I don't just say that because I'm biased or because he will read this before I am allowed to submit it but also because he is. All of the Account Managers have worked here five years plus and have worked there way up from Dogsbody to where they are.

We are a close-knit team and will do anything for each other. We are also very welcoming to new people. Carina and I like to take them under our wing and to educate them how the boss likes things.

Stacey is eighteen and fresh from college. She is still full of hopes and dreams and yet to be jaded by the pressures of the workplace. Educating her and preparing her for the "real world." Is mine and Carina's latest project. The boss has high hopes for her and some clients that would love her as there contact.

You see my boss likes to ensure client loyalty. Female clients get male Account Managers (unless they prefer a woman) and vice versa. My boss believes in the power of flirting to win business. It works more often then not and has lead to a huge increase in business this year.

Stacey dresses for the office usually in dark trousers, plain white shirt and a black pullover. She wears very little makeup and sensible shoes.

The rest of us ladies in our office tend to wear skirts that stop an inch above our knees and tops that plunge at the neckline showing plenty of cleavage or shirts with the top three buttons undone. So, as you can imagine Stacey sticks out.

It was Friday afternoon. Almost the end of another week. The weekly target had been exceeded for the eighth week in a row and it was time for our project to begin. Carina and I went into the conference room. Carina was wearing a silk shirt, unbuttoned to just above her bra line and a beige mid-length skirt. I was in a wraparound dress that tied up at my left hip and did wonders for my breasts. The male part of the office seemed to suffer from concentration problems every time I passed. I can't imagine why.

We closed all the blinds to ensure privacy.

We called Stacey in to join us.

She came in, notepad at the ready. The consummate professional as always.

"We've been watching you." Carina said looking at Stacey.

"I hope I haven't done anything wrong?" asked a now nervous looking Stacey.

"Quite the opposite. We have been impressed with you." I continued.

"Thank you." Blushed Stacey.

"We want to help you get on." Carina added.

"We want you to be the point of contact for a new contract that were handling." I continued.

Stacey's mouth opened wide but no sound came out. She paused for a moment and then collected her thoughts "I don't know what to say. Why me?"

"Because we think that you have what the client wants and we have confidence that you can deliver."

"Ok." Whispered Stacey.

"We need to be sure though. Do you trust us?" Asked Carina.

"Sure." Said Stacey regaining some of her confidence.

"That's good. I want you to do everything that I say ok?" Carina continued.

"Ok." Said Stacey pen at the ready.

"Put down the notepad you won't need it." Carina instructed.

"Ok." Said a now confused Stacey as she put it on the desk in front of her.

"Now. Take off your pullover."

"I don't understand?" Stammered Stacey.

"Please do as we ask Stacey." I coaxed Stacey seemed unsure and just stood there.

"We just want to see if you are one of us." I said.

Stacey looked around the room and then slowly removed her pullover. Folding it neatly she placed it on the table next to her notepad.

"Ok. Now your socks and shoes." Instructed Carina.

Again Stacey hesitated.

"Please do as we ask." I coaxed looking straight at her.

Stacey sat down and removed them. Pushing them under the table.

"Don't worry Stacey. We won't be disturbed and you won't get into trouble for being here. The boss will appreciate you co-operating with us." I reassured.

"Take off your shirt." Instructed Carina.

"No." said Stacey.

"Stacey. We need you to do this for the team. You are a very important part of this deal and we need to make sure that you can deliver. So please take off your shirt." I explained.

"No." repeated Stacey.

"Stacey. If you don't do this then we will have to tell the boss and he won't be as nice as us about it. He will sack you and he will have you arrested for theft. Then how will you ever find work with a criminal record?"

"But. I've not taken anything." Cried Stacey.

"Don't be so sure." Carina said with menace.

Suddenly, Stacey realised what we meant. She began to unbutton her shirt. My mouth went dry with anticipation. She slipped it off her shoulders and then folded it next to her pullover. Her breasts were clad in a plain white bra.

"Now. The trousers." Instructed Carina.

This time there was no hesitation. Stacey unbuttoned them and slid them down her thighs revealing a plain white thong. She folded the trousers and they joined the shirt and pullover on the desk.

"That's better. Now come closer." Carina said.

As Stacey approached where we were sitting Carina asked her to give us a twirl and so Stacey did. Right then in that moment Stacey would have done anything we asked. I stood up and undid my dress. Taking it off to reveal my own red bra and knickers. I held my dress out to Stacey.

"Put this on." I instructed

Stacey looked at me. Taking in my half naked state. She seemed relieved to be clothed again. The dress suited her. It looked better on me though.

All of a sudden our shy super efficient dogsbody looked like one of us. Ready to charm the contract from the customer.

"You can give my dress back now." I said

Stacey reluctantly slipped it off and passed it back to me. I placed it on the chair next to me. Stacey looked confused until she noticed that Carina was stepping out of her skirt. She handed this to Stacey. Carina then unbuttoned her shirt and passed this over. Carina had on ivory coloured underwear.

Stacey again got dressed. She looked superb in it. Carina looked at me and we nodded.

"In future this is how you should dress for the office. No more pullovers or trousers." Said Carina

"If you do we will make you take them off in front of everybody and you will spend the rest of the day half dressed." I continued.

"Now. Take my clothes off." Said Carina.

Stacey stripped for the third time. Carina collected her clothes and placed them on top of mine. Stacey looked at us both and seemed uncertain.

"We just have a few more things to check. Please sit on the table."

Stacey complied. I stood in front of her and parted her legs so I could get in close to her. I then reached behind her and unclipped her bra. She began to protest but I just put my finger to her lips to let her know to be quiet. I eased her bra off her shoulders and liberated her breasts.

They were nice breasts. Not as good as mine but still a nice pair. Her nipples were out and looked very juicy. I reached down and hooked my fingers into the sides of her thong. She didn't move as I tried to ease it past her hips.

Carina picked up some scissors and began to test them in midair. Stacey got the hint and lifted her bum so that I could finish stripping her. Stacey sat there naked. She tried to cover herself but Carina and I each took a wrist.

We looked at her pussy. It was hairy and in need of a trim. I ran my fingers through the hair and felt some moisture. Stacey was enjoying herself.

I looked at Carina "This will never do." I said

"No. This will all have to go. This boss likes his girls to be clean shaven." Carina said again playing with the scissors in mid air.

"But..."Started Stacey. She didn't finish the sentence. Carina had already stated to cut the hair. When she finished it was much shorter. Not quite the finished article. That would require the use of a razor but a vast improvement none the same.

I bent down and went in close for an inspection. I couldn't help myself. My tongue darted out and tasted Stacey. Her body responded and so I carried on. I then felt another tongue pushing mine out of the way. It was Carina. I withdrew and headed for Stacey's breasts. I soon had one of her juicy nipples in my mouth.

It wasn't long before Stacey was coming. Carina and I carried on. Once Stacey had come a third time Carina cam up for air and removed her underwear sat down on a chair and spread her legs.

"Come here." She told Stacey.

Stacey complied immediately.

"Kneel down."

Again Stacey complied. Carina placed a hand on the back of Stacey's head and guided her toward her bald pussy.

"This is how it should be." Said Carina.

Stacey hesitated. Carina held her head close. Slowly, hesitantly Stacey's tongue came out to taste Carina. She was a bit unsure to begin with but soon got the hang of it and I could tell that Carina would come any second.

The telephone rang. I went to answer it. It was the boss. I picked it up and listened. Put it down and looked at Carina.

"He wants us. Now."

Carina stood up from the chair. I passed her, her skirt and shirt she put them on but left her underwear in a heap on the floor. I put my dress on and we left Stacey sitting naked on the floor.

Stacey is no longer the office junior. We won that contract because of her. But that's another story for another day. In fact we have a few Stacey stories. If you would like them?

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