tagNon-EroticThe Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 02

The Gigolo and the Angel Ch. 02


Angel looked at the phone like it was a monster ready to strike. Something was very wrong on the other end of it and she wasn't sure she was ready to know what it was. Slowly she put the device to her ear and spoke, "Hello, this is Angel Havershi." The words were some of the hardest she had ever spoken in her life.

The voice on the other end of the line was soft and caring, "Ms. Havershi, my name is Officer Remi Sampson. I work with the East Edge Police Department." He paused to let her get her bearings, he had always hated doing this by phone but he was needed on other things tonight and couldn't spare the time to drive all the way out to the address that was on the card he had found in James' wallet. Tonight was looking like one for the record book as he had already been on six calls since starting his shift only three hours before.

"I understand, but why are you calling me?" she asked sitting up on the bed and looking out at the inky blackness through her bedroom window.

"There was an accident tonight," he swallowed, "a rather bad one. The man who was injured has your name listed as next of kin on his hospital paperwork."

Angel felt her lungs start to constrict, "Who?" she squeaked out on a rapid breath. The fear in her heart was beginning to cause flashbacks to when her mother told her that her father had passed away. "Who was killed?"

Remi sighed, "No one is dead. I am sorry if it came out that way. I am just calling because your friend, James Oliver is in the hospital after a bad car accident." He knew he was completely screwing up this phone call but lack of sleep and frustration at his superiors was getting the better of him.

Angel let out a sigh of relief, "Thank God. What hospital?" she asked starting to relax a bit.

"He's in East Edge Memorial."

"Thank you." She didn't ask for any more information, alls he wanted was to get off the phone and get down there to see him. She hung up her cell and all but ran out of her room to where her mother was sitting quietly on the couch. "Mom, can you..." her voice cracked.

Her mother stood up, "Don't worry, I'll watch the boy, you just go check on James." The older woman smiled, stepping over and hugging her daughter.

* * *

The hospital was quiet and sterile to Angel's mind. The place had never been one of her favorites, but she knew enough to deal with it. She walked up to the information desk forcing the muscles of her face to smile at the young blonde woman sitting there. "Hello, I am wondering if you can direct me to James Oliver's room?" she asked politely.

The woman's face dropped and her eyes filled with tears. "I am not allowed to send anyone in there. He's in critical condition."

Angel swallowed. "I am his next of kin. Officer Sampson called me and told me that I was needed down here."

"Your name?" the woman asked getting a funny expression on her face.

"Angel." She said her voice barely above a whisper.

"Oh follow me." The lady smiled as she stood up and headed down the hallway toward the back of the hospital. "He will most likely not be awake, but ever the doctor has left orders that you are to be allowed into his room for as long as you want to be there." She passed through the heavy doors leading to ICU. Angel was right on her heels as she turned into the first room on the ward.

Angel's breath caught in her chest at the sight of him laying on the bed. His normally handsome features were pale, there were tubes in both of his arms and for a moment her eyes wondered how badly he was hurt for all of the areas of him that were bandaged. She turned away as the door behind her reopened. "You must be Angel." A masculine voice said from the depths of a blood covered set of hospital scrubs.

"Yes, has he asked for me?" she asked simply turning back and forcing herself to take another step closer to James.

The Doctor cleared his throat. "No, he has been unresponsive since he came in. They said he came around once in the ambulance, but all he said was that he was sorry. They didn't have any idea what he was talking about."

Angel felt the color drain from her face. "Oh James, why?" she said more to herself than to anyone else as she forced her feet to take her to the edge of his bed. She turned to look at the doctor who was now standing at the end of the bed reading over his chart. "Can he hear me?"

"Honesty we don't know. There has been a lot of damage done. He lost a lot of blood before they got him." He told her making a few notes in the chart. "Being next of kin you can stay in here as long as you want, however I would suggest you take a couple of minutes every hour or so to step out and collect yourself."

Angel waved him away as she sat down in the chair next to the bed and reached out for James' hand where it lay on the faint blue of the sheet. "How did you manage to get yourself in this mess?" she asked hating the feel of his cold skin under her fingertips. "You can't die you know. Who will I crash with if you die? Who will help with the munchkin?" she rambled, "Damn it James open your fucking eyes and answer me." She lowered her head to the side of the bed and closed her eyes. For the first time in a long time she really prayed that everything would work out.

Without knowing how she relaxed and drifted off to sleep with her head on the bed next to him; only to be woken a couple of hours later by the feel of a hand brushing lightly across the back of her head. "Krys, babe."

She sat up in the blink of an eye and stared into his eyes, almost instantly getting trapped in their depths. "What happened?" she asked reaching up and carefully touching his face doing her best to avoid the bandages covering most of it.

"I wrecked my car." He said simply, the anger in his voice causing her heart to tighten.

"I heard, but you know I really could care less about your car. That is as long as you get up and walk the hell out of here." She snapped, she wasn't even going to bother to try and keep her own temper under control. She was pissed and even if he had nearly gotten himself killed he needed to know that.

What little color he had in his face drained out at her last words and he turned his face away. "Get out." The words held no heat only pain and something that she couldn't explain.

"James you don't mean that." She could feel the tears starting to run down her face.

"I mean it Angel, get out. I don't want you here and I don't want this." He told her with a flash of something in his eyes.

She took a deep breath, "Fine if you want me to go then I will, but know this you stubborn ass. I will be here if you need me." Spitting out the last words she stood up and stomped out of the room.

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