tagNonHumanThe Girl and the Dragon

The Girl and the Dragon


Jennifer did not believe in dragons. After all, it had been years since anybody in the village even thought about dragons.

Between taking care of the little cottage and the book store, Jennifer's life was full. Jennifer had inherited the store from her father, an errant knight who retired after having been accused of fixing a jousting match. Never proven, but enough to send him out of the League of Jousting Knights and into the brand new business of selling books.

And it was in those books that Jennifer first learned of dragons. Her father told her stories, but then, he told stories about a lot of things before he went to sleep one night and did not wake up.

Jennifer was twenty two years old. Old not to be married in medieval England, but she was happy. Jennifer was about five feet five, with long, blonde hair worn loosely down her back. She had long legs, solid breasts and a beautiful face highlighted by bright, blue eyes. She had a curiosity of life and a burning desire for new experiences. But, not in this little village.

Life was busy. Dull, but busy. Until that night when there was a scratching at the door. Scratching followed by a, well, best described as a whimper...."The cat" thought Jennifer. A second scratching and then another whimper. Finally, Jennifer got up from her bed and cautiously approached the door of the little cottage. Slowly, she opened it. There, stretched out on the stone walkway was what looked like an overgrown crow.

Jennifer looked closely and there, was, well, it had to be – it looked just like the pictures in the books and what her father had described to her. It was, ohmagod, a dragon! Had to be. But smaller. Way smaller. It wasn't breathing fire, it was barely smoking. It was obviously exhausted.

Here was a creature in which she did not believe – but there it was. And it was obviously in trouble. Then, it spoke! Spoke with a rich Scottish Brogue! "Just get me some water, please, and I'll be on my way."

"On your way where?" asked Jennifer. "Far as I'm concerned, you don't even exist!"

"Oh but I do. Are you going to do one of those run to the village things and come back with torches and catapults?" What to do. Here was a creature in which she did not believe, yet, here it was. And one look told her this, well, dragon, was obviously in trouble. Would be in even more, Jennifer thought, if the cat showed up. Or maybe, the next thought flashed through her mind, it was all a hoax. A pretty lively, snorting hoax. Nope, she thought. No hoax.

But then, it spoke! Actually spoke! Spoke with a rich Scottish brogue. "If you'll pardon me miss, if I could just get a bit of water, I'll be on my way."

"On your way?" Jennifer exclaimed incredulously, "on your way where? As far as I'm concerned, you don't even exist!"

The dragon sighed and a large puff of smoke escaped from his nostrils and hung in the air above the doorway. "Oh dear miss, but I obviously do. And now you see me and you know. Are you going to do one of those run into the village things and come back with an angry mob armed with torches and catapults?"

"Ah, we have no catapults," said Jennifer, her voice much softer now. "But from whence did you come? And why on earth have you landed here on our doorstep of all places?"

"Long story," sighed the dragon. "Now how about that water and maybe a roll or two? Then I'll be on my way."

"Water and a roll? What about that fire breathing and flying off with damsels and all of that my sister and the town people tell of?"

Again came the sigh and puff of smoke, smaller this time. "No more, I'm afraid. Besides, I'm a vegetarian. Got thrown out of the Dragon Guild for that."

Jennifer thought of her father and sighed. She went into the house, found some rolls left from dinner and the cat's water dish and fed the dragon. He munched reflectively, sighing and emitting the little puffs of smoke from time to time until he had eaten and drunk it all.

He looked up appreciatively. Jennifer looked into his eyes for the first time. They were a brilliant green and had no evil intent in them. "I thank you, m'am, for your kindness," he said in that deep brogue. "And now, if you will step back a bit, I will be on my way."

He started to flap a bit as Jennifer stepped back. Slowly he seemed to regain his strength, did some earnest flapping and finally rose from the doorstep, looked back and Jennifer believed, actually winked one of those brilliant green eyes. He rose in ever increasingly wider circles and finally disappeared into the night.

Jennifer stood in the doorway for a long time, staring into space. The cat came out of the darkness, sniffed at the burned spot on the doorstep. Arched its back just once and went back into the house with Jennifer.

The next day, in the store, Jennifer had a totally different take on the tales in the books on the shelves and those of her father. All because of those fleeting moments on her doorstep. Or perhaps it was just a dream. But the burnt spot on her doorstep was no dream.

As she blew out the candle next to her bed that night and put her arm around the cat, she could not get the glint in the brilliant green eye of the dragon out of her mid. She fell asleep hearing the rich Scotch brogue and seeing the figure circle into the sky. Soon she dreamed of the whimpering sound and the scratching. She dreamed until she realized her eyes were open, the scratching was real and the cat was gong crazy by the front door.

There he was again. This time not flat, but rather sitting properly with his wings folded, about five feet from the front door. Jennifer was surprised, the cat not happy. But having surveyed the size and look of the dragon, decided that discretion was the better part of valor and scampered into the woods.

"Still hungry?" Asked Jennifer. "Or do you want to try the carrying off damsels trick this time?"

"Don't be funny," said the dragon, without a wisp of smoke. "You were very kind last night and I wanted to thank you again. Jennifer thought for a moment or two. "You know, until last night I didn't even believe in you or your kind. Matter of fact I wasn't too sure you weren't just a dream. But, here you are and I am definitely not asleep."

"Thank you again for your kindness." He moved his head to the side and stared at Jennifer. "May I come to visit you again?"

Jennifer was shocked to find a warm glow coming over her. A dragon for a friend? Something she didn't even believe in two days ago? "Why, yes, yes of course!" She quickly answered. "But could you make it a bit earlier? This interrupted sleep makes me positively groggy during the day."

"I am so sorry m'am! And, do you have a name?"

"Why, yes!" Shocked to find herself really flattered and feeling more of that warm glow, right to the pit of her stomach. "I'm Jennifer. And, do..do they give dragons names?"

For the first time, Jennifer experienced a dragon laugh. It was deep, throaty and accompanied by a belch of smoke and a few sparks that quickly dissipated. "No, Jennifer, no names. We are all, I'm afraid just dragons."

With that, the wings spread, the flapping was stronger this time. Up went the dragon and as he started to climb he again turned towards Jennifer and this time she was sure he actually winked one of those incredible green eyes at her. In a moment, he was gone.

After that it became a regular thing. Jennifer would come home from the store as the sun set. She would have dinner, feed the cat and then take a cup of tea to a little stool by the front door and watch night fall. Soon there would be a flapping and wooshing of wings, a dark form would appear over the house and the dragon would settle down that respectful five feet away.

Jennifer and the dragon would discuss the places the dragon had visited, what it was like living in his world with some real fire breathers and true dragon villains. Jennifer always got that warm glow when the dragon spoke in that deep voice of his. She would tell him of her life, of her fascination with far off places. And so, pleasant evenings passed and Jennifer's life was fuller than before.

One evening as the sun had set and there was a pleasant breeze, she and the dragon sat fairly close to each other, talking about far off places and how dull her life was. Jennifer kept pausing and seemed distracted.

"Jennifer," he said in that brogue that brought a flush to her cheeks. "What is the matter – you seem so, so far away tonight"

"It's just that, well I don't know where this relationship of ours is going." Jennifer had dressed carefully for this evening. She wore a blouse with a sweeping neckline and a bodice that lifted her breasts above the neckline so that the cleavage showed clearly. Her long statuesque legs were easy to see under a skirt with two large slits down the sides so that when she moved or crossed her legs her thighs were clearly visible, even in the moon light.

"Well," the dragon looked at this magnificent creature just five feet away from him, "where would you like to see it go?"

Jennifer took a deep breath and her breasts rose, straining against the bodice. She looked at the dragon, her deep blue eyes reflecting a strange light. "I don't know why," she said, her voice becoming extremely husky, "but this past few weeks I find an attraction to you that is well, not normal. I mean for a girl and a dragon."

The dragon moved a bit closer. "What, my dear, is normal for a girl and a dragon?"

"I, I don't know. You are the first dragon I have eve been close to – the first dragon I have seen outside of books."

"And what," the dragon was now a foot from Jennifer, looking directly at her with those green eyes, "did you see in the books that stirred you up, because you are clearly stirred up tonight."

"Well, for one thing, I saw in some of the pictures that you, well, that you have – that you are like a human in some ways." She was breathing hard now and felt a dampness between her legs. She was wearing nothing under the slit skirt.

The dragon grinned, being careful not to show his teeth. "We are indeed endowed with certain aspects of humans and animals of other kinds. Would you care to see?"

Jennifer caught her breath. She and Dirk Stinson had been to the woods together. He had stroked her breasts and kissed her upright nipples, but she had never let him touch her below the waist. She had on an occasion or two touched his cock beneath his breeches, causing him to moan, but it had stopped there. She was breathing harder now and overcome with curiosity and passion. "May I?" she whispered.

The dragon leaned back and spread his wings a bit. He thrust his stomach forward. It was, surprisingly, smooth and skin like. As he did his cock sprung from under his tail. It was red and easily seven inches long as it hung, half hard between his legs.

Jennifer could not take her eyes off his member. She looked, breath coming now in short gasps. The dragon's voice dropped almost to a whisper. "Would you like to touch it?"

Jennifer did not answer, just kept her eyes on the throbbing dragon cock in front of her eyes. She slid off the stool, on to her knees in front of the dragon. Slowly, tentatively, she reached out with one of her soft hands. Her finger tips touched the side of the dragon cock. It was warm to her touch and as she closed her fingers around it, it began to swell in her hand. It had a head on it like a human cock and she could feel the throbbing within it. She could not take her eyes off it. As a younger girl she had played "I'll show mine and you show yours" so she knew what a cock looked like, but she had never held one, not even a human one.

Now the dragon began to breathe hard, but no smoke came from his nostrils. Very quietly, he said, his face now close to Jennifer's ear, "stroke it if you will, Jennie".

Almost without realizing it, her hand began slowly to move back and forth on the shaft of the dragon's cock, feeling it jump a little under her touch. She stared at it, fascinated at it and her hand around it. She slid from her knees to a half lying position in front of the dragon. She was less than six inches from him. She smelled a musky odor coming from him, but that only excited her more.

The dragon unfolded one wing and gently pushed at the slit in her skirt. It moved easily aside and his wing gently stroked her leg. She continued to stroke the dragon cock and slowly, her legs moved apart. There was a membrane in the wing that was almost like a hand. It moved up her leg and reached the dampness just below her vagina.

Jennifer had never felt like this. Blood was rushing to her head, sweat began to form between her breasts. She felt the soft, silky movement just below her thighs. She spread her legs even more and with her free hand she moved her skirt aside so that she was completely exposed.

The dragon's green eyes were half closed. He seemed to be leaning back on his legs, the webbed feet rocking slowly. Jennifer took her hand from his shaft and looked up at him. His eyes opened fully, looking down at this blonde beauty lying in front of him.

"What do you want to do, Jennifer?" he asked in the softest voice she had ever heard coming from him.

She looked up at the dragon. She could not see the flat planes of his face or the large teeth now hidden behind his thin lips. She could not feel the difference between the two of them. She felt very strongly the stroking just below her vagina. She looked up around the tumescent cock and felt a desire that never had filled her body before.

"I..I don't know," she said, her breath coming in short gasps. "I never felt like this before."

"Lie back," said the dragon, still in that soft voice. "Do nothing. Close our eyes and if anything hurts or bothers you, tell me and I will stop immediately. Jennifer hesitated just a second or two and then, with a sigh, lay on her back in the moonlight and closed her eyes.

She had the sensation that she was floating. She felt the silky stroking on her leg becoming longer, moving from her knee up to her vagina, but not quite touching it. She felt as if her bodice were strangling her. Then she felt the first tentative stroking of the outside of her vagina's lips. She did not think of it as a wing or a hand or anything but a sensation such as she had never felt before.

The stroking became faster and moved around the lips, now fully saturated. She felt the dragon moving but kept her eyes closed. In a moment she felt his breath upon her legs, at about her knees. Slowly it moved up a few inches and stopped. The stroking stopped as well. The she felt it. The flicker of a tongue touching the inside of those bursting lips of her vagina. It flicked again and she shuddered, trying to move away. Not from fear or lack of enjoyment, it was just almost too much to bear. She felt the tongue reach inside her, move to the top of the lips and find that one spot that had driven her mad the few times she had masturbated.

She squirmed and felt the dragon's body just above her. His whisper came to her. "Take off your bodice". She reached behind her and by arching her back she managed to undue the strings that held her top tight. She pulled it from her and her breasts felt the cool air.

She opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into the dragon' green eyes. "Jennie, Jennie" he said softly. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Do I frighten you now?"

Jennifer tried to catch her breath. The dragon was astride her, but his wings and feet kept his weight off her. "Frighten me? No, dragon! You have never frightened me. Right now I'm having a problem remembering that you are a dragon."

"Jennifer," he continued. "Is this the first time any creature has touched you like this?"

Jennifer looked in his eyes. "I have never been touched like this. Never exposed like this. And yet, I am not nervous, not afraid."

"Thank you, Jennie" the dragon said. "Now close your eyes again."

She closed her eyes and felt his breath on her bare skin. The tongue, remarkably soft tongue flicked over her sides, up to her breasts and caressed her nipples which became immediately upright. She began to pant. Her legs moved under her almost uncontrollably. She felt the dragon above her, but just a few inches above her. She reached down and found his cock once more and began to stroke it again. His breath came faster. The licking increased in speed. He flicked at her clitoris, flicked again as waves of passion flowed over her. She felt a rushing in her head, a jerking in her legs. She was shuddering with an orgasm that lifted her up as if she was floating in the air. She held his throbbing cock even tighter. She moaned and then she screamed as the orgasm burst upon her. She let go of his cock and grabbed at the grass on both sides of her. Then he stopped. She looked up. He was above her, his green eyes closed now, his cock throbbing. Just leaning there.

Without a thought she reached under her once more and pulled off her skirt. She was naked under the moon and under the dragon. He moved back a bit and rocked on his webbed feet. He looked at this magnificent naked creature, under the moonlight on the cool grass.

He had been with human girls before. Those who would climb into the caves out of sheer curiosity and want to have sex with a dragon as a thrill. For some, it was a deadly experience. Not from him, but from others who had no sensitivity. But this, this was different. He looked at her and then she opened her eyes and looked at him. And she smiled.

She slithered around so that she was lying on her stomach, those magnificent breasts under her, her two buttock cheeks sweet and round in the moonlight. She reached up and grabbed his cock again, now half soft.

She looked up at him, her blonde hair falling over her face. She smiled what he had to conclude was a wicked smile. She took his cock once more firmly in her hand, slid up under him so that she was sitting now directly in front of him, almost against his body. Slowly she moved her head up until her lips touched the end of his cock. He rocked back on his feet. His eyes opened wide.

Slowly her lips closed around the top of his shaft. The head disappeared in her mouth. For Jennifer it was an incredible feeling. Her mouth filled with this large, throbbing cock. As if by instinct, she slowly drew her head back and forth, her lips closed firmly on the dock. The dragon leaned farther and farther back. She increased the tempo of her head movement. She slathered her tongue around the top of the shaft. She took her mouth from it for a moment and licked the under side of it. She could see that smooth stomach of his moving swiftly in and out as he breathed harder and harder.

Once again she took the full cock in her mouth, fully engaged in this exciting feeling. She heard a groan from the dragon, his cock swelled within her mouth and a warm liquid shot into her mouth and filled it, dripping out of her lips and down her chest onto her breasts. She stopped sucking, continued to hold on to his cock and looked up.

His eyes were still closed, his mouth open just a little and he was breathing slower and slower. She kept his cock in her hand, feeling it shrink and kept looking at his face. Slowly he opened his eyes. "Why..where..how" he said in that soft voice. "Jennie, oh Jennie!"

She at back on her heels. "I don't know! It just seemed so natural. Was it good?"

His eyes opened. "Jennie, you will never know. Dragons copulate. We do it to have more dragons. But lovemaking is foreign to us. Bad girls would come to the caves, but only to see if they could handle a dragon cock and get fucked. But never, ever anything like this!"

She took her skirt and wiped her face. "You have had sex with humans before?"

"Once or twice. But I never felt or had anything like this."

She reached up and took his cock in her hand once more. It began to spring to life. "Could we? May we?" she asked looking earnestly into his eyes.

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