tagRomanceThe Girl at the Spa Ch. 03

The Girl at the Spa Ch. 03


We still talked as much as ever but I missed her. Just being with her, her fantastic aura and 'joie de vivre'.

During one of our late November Skype chats I told her about the upcoming Christmas ball that the school of medicine was running at a very nice hotel on the outskirts of Cambridge. It was a classy event without doubt, this was Cambridge don't forget, and for those with the cash the dinner and dance could be completed with a room for the night in the hotel it was being held at.

"When is it?" She asked.

I told her and said that I wasn't terribly worried as it was a lot of money, and I still had those misgivings born of not being the popular bloke that had carried across from my previous course.

She smiled at me and straightened her laptop exposing more of the her wonderful body in a bright green lacy teddy, the kind of thing she often wore during our Skype chats, giving me my own private show of her in her sexiest undies and nightwear, 'just to keep me on the boil' as she put it.

"Book two tickets Darling Richie, including the hotel room!"

"Are you sure Ali?" I said, "it's such a journey."

"Not from London Honey," she said, "It's a train and a taxi ride, send me the details of the hotel and I'll meet you there."

And so it was arranged. One of the girls on the Christmas Ball committee looked me up and down a bit when I specified two tickets. She was looking a bit smug as during my second and her third year of my last course I had nervously asked her out on a date and she had turned me down, as one of her mates had.

"Definitely two," I said.

"So long as you're sure Richard," she said with a stupid smile that I just hoped Alice in her finest would wipe of her face, "The deposit is non-refundable."

"Yeah, that's what deposits are all about," I replied in an angry tone. Richie Rich was starting to get a bit pissed off with this attitude.

Two weeks later some forms arrived from the committee asking for names for the table cards and for the hotel. I noticed that most other people had them put into their pigeonholes while my one was hand delivered by the odious girl that had taken my deposit, with one of her colleagues holding back giggles ten feet away.

"Got her name yet Richard?"

Fuck but she was soooo pissing me off. A plan appeared in my head.

I fumbled a seemingly innocent memory lapse,

"Yes," I said, then I took a couple of breaths, "err, Miss A Trenowden..."

"Are you sure?" she said inquisitively.

"Of course!" I said with just enough of a delay before it. Then added, "with the initials MChiro and DC after her name please."

Odious girlie wrote that down.

"Oh, she's a Chiropractor is she?" like this was some kind of insult, particularly from a medical student.

"Yeah," I said brightly, "she's Chiropractor and sports masseur to the rich and famous. Mateo Rodriguez gave her a Tag Heuer watch as a special thank you for some career saving work this summer." OK, that was to drive my Dad to the heliport but I wasn't letting this smart arse bitch know that; "Anything else?" I asked, happy that the first thing she would do would be to Google Alice.

I hoped desperately that she had picked up on my lack of confidence, and that I had laid of false trail that Miss Trenowden MChiro. DC. was my chiropractor (being Richie Rich) and I had just picked her name out of the air. The girl had a satisfied grin that suggested that it might have worked and she walked quickly to her friend to spread the news.

Back in my room I checked The Spa's website and I saw that Ali's picture was of her looking gorgeous in very smart corporate scrubs clothing and talked about her qualifications and the references from previous patients included some quite famous names, including a photograph of the prime time presenter with their trademark wave and stupid grin. I was quite pleased because she appeared on The Spa page, which only had 'Part of the McN Health Group' in teeny tiny letters right at the bottom. She did feature on the London Clinic page which was 'McNair Chiro' but you really had to search for her. Her hair and make-up had been professionally done for the photo's and she looked young enough and beautiful enough for any young, well off student to have developed a crush on.

For the rest of November I forgot about the ball, until in the first week of December, I had an email from Ali.

"Hi Richie,

Just had the strangest email from the School of Medicine Events Committee asking me if I wanted my name card to read 'Miss A Trednowden, or Alice Trenowden and that I wasn't entitled to 'Doctor' before my name in their particular company, WTF?"

I replied.

"Hi Baby,

Fantastic! I'm playing a game with the events committee. So much so I'm pretty sure that I left enough doubt that I actually know the gorgeous Alice Trenowden!

I desperately hope that they don't believe you are actually coming, and that I picked you off of the internet - after all I certainly didn't give them your email address and I haven't told anyone that your name is Alice - reckon they've googled you.

I leave your response to your own well-developed skill in mind games and revenge being best served cold.

Love you


She got back to me,

"Leave it with me, I really want your triumph to be total. You're aren't seeing the dress until thirty seconds before they do, THAT'S how serious this shit is.

Love you too


The reply was sent through an administrator account and meant to be as vague as possible.

"Dear Events Committee,

Unfortunately Ms Trenowden is unable to reply to your email as she is currently out of the country on business and likely to be so for some time. I will endeavour to contact her and ask that she replies to you directly.

There is nothing in Miss Trenowden's business diary and without access to Ms Trenowden's personal diary I cannot confirm her attendance at your Christmas event. I suggest that any formal invitation is titled 'Miss A. Trenowden', I trust she will be able to confirm her attendance regarding your event as soon as possible.

The Spa Chiropractic Clinic rarely sponsors events such as this and a request to speak should always been sent at least a month in advance.

Although entitled our senior staff rarely title themselves 'Doctor' they hold the highest qualifications in their areas of expertise, and are internationally recognized.

If I can be of any further assistance please contact..."

It was beautifully general in nature and didn't give the game away in any direction.

I put on my rented white dinner jacket and throwing my overnight bag into the taxi very nervously rode to the hotel, conscious that Ali was already there and getting ready. She had booked a hairdresser and make-up artist to call on her in the room.

I arrived and asked that room service take my bag up to room 17-05 booked in my name of course, and to page Miss Trenowden in that room that I was here.

The committee were stood at the door to the huge baronial function room in their legions, shaking hands with the attendees and watching who was coming and how they were turned out of course. I could see the odious girl and her equally odious date for the evening staring at me, stood in the reception area all on my own.

Their body language suggested that they were looking at me and trying not to. With mouths covered by innocent hands I could see their excited, nasty little minds working on what they were going to say to me when I eventually had to walk through the door on my own.

My phone pinged, and a quick check showed it was my lovely Ali telling me to wait somewhere obvious and well observed. I stood across from my audience and level with the lift but not actually looking at it. I tried to look shifty and like I had some kind of secret to keep and sneaked a covert overt sideways glance to reinforce my nervousness, worse now that I knew that I was being watched.

It showed that it was working as the females, odious most of all, were buzzing with the hidden excitement as the clock ticked round and seats needed to be taken quite soon.

The red LED numbers counted down from floor seventeen and seemed terribly slow, as it stopped at 14, 9, 8 and 6 to collect more guests.

They all came out in their finery and I stepped back to allow them to pass. I had a final look at my watch and with an almost hidden look of resigned defeat stepped towards the lift.

From behind me and to my left I heard a semi-drunk female cry of "Bye Richard!"

Fucking YES! Ali had done it and my triumph was seconds from completion.

There she was in the entrance to the lift, in a shiny, sparkly black designer dress glued to her every curve, slashed to her hip on her left leg and a cleavage down almost to her navel. Her own skills with hair and make-up were pretty fucking devastating but tonight she looked incredible, her big brown eyes looking wonderful deep and soulful and her soft, already pouting lips in deep red, just begging to be kissed. With her clutch bag held in her right hand, she thanked the smiling lift attendant (yes, they had one of those) and stepped out. Her face lit up as she saw me and she ran to me,

"Richie!" she all but screeched hugging me as I swung her around in my arms. She kissed my face, and it warmed my heart when I saw that she was actually that pleased to see me after our almost six week separation, "Oh Baby!" she said, as I let her down to her feet, "I missed you!"

Her leaping into my arms and my spinning her around brought us straight into the line of sight of the committee, and I saw that they had seen her.

So did she.

I'd forgotten my audience by this stage being as pleased to see her as she was to see me. She grabbed my arm and we walked towards the main door. "Let me," she whispered as she reached the reception committee, her face beaming and illuminated by her real smile. "Richard McNair and Miss Alice Trenowden, sorry I'm so late." she said being all giggly, "I'm not sure what you'll have down for me, only my PA is such a soft sod sometimes and she didn't forward you email on to me in time!"

There were quite a few fake smiles glued to surprised and disappointed faces and they struggled to transmute them into real smiles as we got close and Odious girl fabricated some shuffling of papers knowing exactly what table we were on and I almost hoped that they hadn't set two places for me and we could stand around not being angry while the committee sorted something and gave us an official apology.

Luckily, they actually had set two places and our large circular table was also home to the deputy head of school, and a senior Consultant from the Hospitals Trust, and two of the other committee members. I saw that odious girl was chatting with the two committee members on my table and looking sidelong at the gorgeous Alice because no way was I attractive enough for a girl like that.

We took our seats and the first of the wine was poured. Ali turned it on, and soon all of the men where under her spell.

The senior consultant was most interested in Ali's credentials, and asked where she worked.

"I work for McNair Chiropractic," she said sipping some wine.

"Aaah," said the deputy head cottoning on to the name, "That your family young Richard?"

"Yes sir," I said, "my Father's business."

"And you chose to be a hard pressed sawbones and not a well-paid Chiro like Dad and the gorgeous Alice here?"

"Dad's idea sir," I said, "I was going to follow in his footsteps but he suggested that I go the long way and get my Medical Degree first."

"Well done young McNair," said the Consultant, his eyes still watching my gorgeous Ali's every move, "Richard will be a multi-millionaire while us boring types as still bashing out our bush medicine through the National Health Service!" He raised his glass to me, but then turned his attention to the real Chiropractor at the table, "like the gorgeous Alice here!" He chuckled and Alice touched her glass to his. "That right Miss Trenowden?"

"It has its moments Professor," she said.

"You've been somewhere nice for the last few weeks Miss Trenowden?" said the committee member as if from nowhere. The news of the email had travelled and the bastards had obviously fully discussed what they hoped was going to be Richie Rich's humiliation.

"United Arab Emirates," she said with a grin, "a young crown prince and his wife expecting their first child. Just some acupressure, massage and relaxation therapy for the when the big day comes!" She beamed her huge smile to him, and had a few daggers from his rather plain looking partner sat next to him. Mind you, virtually everyone looked rather plain in her company tonight. She had done such a thing of course, but it wasn't this side of the summer, but those smug fuckers on the committee weren't to know that.

The Deputy Head's wife complained about the shop talk and asked where she had gotten the dress from.

"Hired," she said, "A great place in Chelsea that I was recommended. I may work for the occasional crown prince, but I can't afford couture like this!" For evidence she stroked her hands down her sides emphasising her great shape. She leaned forward to speak to the DH's wife, "Wig tape," she whispered, "I'm glued into this bloody thing."

"Tape?" said the so far ignored partner of the first committee member, another medical student.

"Oh yeah sugar," said Alice, "you didn't think this was all held in place by magic did you?"

The girl smiled for the first time and I saw Ali lean back and encourage her new friend to do the same. She looked around and surreptitiously raised the side of the shiny black material the tiniest bit and open mouthed the other girl saw the thick adhesive tape gluing her dress and by implication her wonderful boobs in place.

I grinned at her, in the knowledge that every male on that table would have liked the same view.

The food was quite excellent and at every point Ali made more friends and converted a few to some of the more straightforward concepts of her trade.

After the speeches and the thanks, the bar opened and the tables were put away and the dancing began. I was no one's dancer but Alice had the most wonderful way about her that many girls have of making her man look good just by dancing around him and moving him when and where he needed. Alice did precisely that.

Hanging from my arm, she chatted with lots of my classmates, many of whom just wanted to come and see the gorgeous thing that Richie Rich had somehow convinced to come with him. Some of the men even asked her to dance, but she demurred explaining that she was 'danced out' by Richie. There was some amazement that other people other than these Cambridge educated comedians called me Richie.

The deputy head appeared with the head of school and the Chief of Surgery for the NHS Trust and I was introduced as "Ralph McNair's lad."

This was met by a couple of 'well why didn't you say so' exclamations and I said all that stuff about not resting on someone else's glories and this seemed to go down well.

"And I understand you're one of Ralph's star players my dear?" said the Head of School.

"That's very kind of you to say sir," she replied.

"Not what I say M'dear," said the head, "your Boss has seen to my sciatic nerve on several occasions; all that standing up at operating tables," he nodded conspiratorially, and she giggled, "and I have nothing but respect for the man. He says," the head put on his glasses and pulled his phone from his jacket pocket, "He says for you to take special care of his baby boy this evening Alice!"

There was silence,

"I always do," she slipped an arm through mine and kissed my cheek, "well, since August at least."

He grinned back, "and he says that you have to take even more care of Alice young Richard!" I gave the tiniest bow to both to him and my girl.

The slow music came on, and Alice took the opportunity of proving to the rest of the room that her attendance wasn't just a favour to her boss.

As the lights went down, we got close and got romantic. We held each other close and kissed when the moment took us. After one particular song, she whispered in my ear,

"Enough performance Richie," she said, "Let's go to bed, and I'll put on a special show just for you."

She pulled me towards the bar and the last few drinks of the committee, many of them decidedly the worse for the amount of booze they had put away. She approached odious girl,

"Thanks for putting together such a wonderful evening Julia."

Julia? I had been on the same course as her on and off for four and a half years and I didn't know her bloody name. Because her surname was Murphy, she had been dubbed 'Spud' by one of her tutors and the name had stuck.

"You're welcome Alice," said Julia, with a bit of a pissed giggle.

"I love your dress," whispered Ali.

"Thank you," said Odious Julia, "Pleased you enjoyed yourself."

Alice leant in close.

"Going to have to drag Richie away from you now," she said, "we only get to see each other every few months and we're loooooong overdue for a... err... catch-up?" She hugged Julia and kissed her cheek and pulled me out if the room and towards the lift, now devoid of the attendant.

She pushed me against the wall next to it and we kissed, with a real hunger that the last four hours of performance, as she had so adroitly put it, had done little to stave off. Once inside and with the door closed behind us, she slipped her arms around my neck and the passion cooled as we got into what we were doing.

We made it to the 17th floor and finally free of the audience ran to our room laughing fit to burst. Ali let us in and pulled me to the bed.

I kicked off my shoes, hung my rented tux and stripped down to my undies and lay on the bed.

"This I've got to see," I said as Alice, returned from the bathroom, and undid the clasp that held the dress behind her neck.

"Thank God for the dresser this evening," she said, "If I hadn't brought the tape, this dress would have been slightly more successful this evening than I would have wanted it."

She pulled it away from her chest and I could see where it had been secured under her bust line, then some around her waist and bottom and finally the thing fell to the floor leaving her naked.

"No undies?" I said.

"In this dress!?!" she said with a gasp, and kicking off her heels as she stalked gorgeously naked towards me.

She tore off my boxers and we got busy. In the months since our summer of love she had gone on the contraceptive pill and our love making stepped up a notch and was just that much better.

"Was that OK Richie?" she said laying down on me.

"The strip tease? Perfect..."

"No Dickhead, convincing your appalling fellow students that you aren't Billy No Mates, and your girlfriend isn't made up."

"Like everything about you Ali, it was perfect." I ran my hands through her hair and she closed her eyes and pushed against me, "If I'm totally honest, the second you came out of the lift I forgot all about everyone else and just concentrated on being with you."

"Awwwww Good Answer Richie," she purred and kissed me deeply.

I rolled over on top of her and we kissed and made out, and she raised her thighs to hold me, bringing our genitalia into touch. I raised my waist and lowered again feeling my erection enter her wet swollen pussy, with a groaned 'oh yeah' from my girl. We made love and it was perfect.

She got up and headed for the bathroom, returning to a cup of tea I had made for her.

"Hmmmmm," she said taking the mug from me and walking back to the bed. "I was thinking about coming off of the pill Richie," she sipped from the edge of her cup.

"Err..." I stood there like a lemon, not knowing quite what to say. She burst out in giggles and put a hand to my shoulder.

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