tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Girl for Me Ch. 05

The Girl for Me Ch. 05


Note: This will be the final chapter of this story, although I plan on returning to some of the characters in other stories.


I walked into the kitchen to find Brad at the table, already drinking a beer while the girls were busy cooking something. A new roommate might have other advantages, I thought to myself before sitting down. The girls had thrown on some t-shirts for cooking, and I'd pulled on my previously jeans before walking into the kitchen, but Brad was sitting naked as he drank.

"This is weird," I remarked, looking at my phone.

"The way you keep stumbling into orgies?" he chuckled.

"Ha, no," I replied. I had decided it was probably best to be upfront about these missed calls, even though I wasn't sure how the girls would react. "I got a bunch of missed calls from Megan..."

Turning in surprise, Phoebe deadpanned, "Really?"

"Yeah," I said. "Surprising, right?"

"Your ex?" Carmen joined the conversation. "Is it weird to get calls from exes? Is she still hung up on you or something?"

"It's weird from her," said Phoebe, "considering the last time we saw her. That was the last time, right, Will?" Her tone was just a little accusative.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm as surprised as you..."

"What happened the last time?" Carmen asked innocently.

Phoebe smiled back wickedly. "I'll tell you some time. I think you'll like it..."

"Oh..." said Carmen, partial realization coming to her face. "So, are you going to call her back...?"

I looked at Phoebe for confirmation. To my surprise, she seemed sympathetic. "I guess. I mean, she probably just got drunk and wanted to tell me again what a piece of shit I am."

"Well, you kind of are," said Brad, "No offense..."

"Fair enough," I said.

I got up and left the others to eat as I walked into the other room, already pressing the screen to return her call.

"Hey, faggot," came the response.

"Uh, Megan...?" I began.

"Guess again," came the voice back. Who? I thought.

"Nadia?" I asked tentatively.

"Aww, you remembered me," she said. "That's very sweet. I hadn't gotten a booty call from you in a bit and was worried I'd turned you full faggot..."

"Sorry about that, been busy," I said, "Why do you have Megan's phone?"

"Oh, she lost her phone privileges last night. I guess she really wanted you to come see her." Her tone was that classic Nadia one, impossible to place; sarcastic and genuine at once.

"Uh-huh," I said, "That doesn't sound like her. We didn't exactly part on good terms..."

"Oh, she's like a whole new girl now," Nadia replied. "You should really come see."

"I'm still confused," I said.

"Of course you are," she said. "I'll text you my address. Just come over, faggot, or I might have to do more than take away her phone privileges for wasting my time like this." She hung up. I realized just then that I had no idea where Nadia even lived. As this thought crossed my mind, a text arrived with an address.

I walked back into the kitchen even more confused than before.

"Well?" asked Phoebe.

"I'm not sure," I said. "I think she might be in trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" asked Brad.

"The kind that involves Nadia," I said.

"Who's Nadia?" inquired Carmen.

"That's another long story," said Phoebe before anyone else could answer, "that unsurprisingly starts with Will putting his dick where he shouldn't."

"Anyway," I said, sitting down at the table, "she told me to come to this address or something might happen to Megan."

"Get your shit together," Phoebe said, standing up. "We've got a crazy tranny bitch to deal with." Everyone else looked at her with surprise. She looked around the table back at them. "Look, Megan's a stupid bitch, but she's my best friend."

We hurriedly got dressed and left Brad and Carmen to ponder what was going on.


I rarely took my car anywhere, living so close to campus, but the address was across town. As I sped on unfamiliar roads, Phoebe navigated with her phone. As we neared the address, I noticed we had come to one of the nicer parts of town, where every mansion seemed to have a well-kept lawn behind a fence or neatly-trimmed row of bushes, presumably to keep the eyes of any passersby out. I looked to see Phoebe's reaction, but she was focused on the screen. "This is the one," she said finally, and I stopped the car on the curb in front of a particularly large white house, two stories high, seemingly freshly painted, and far enough back from the street that it peeked out from behind a wall separating it from us.

"Seems like a nice place," I remarked.

"Yeah, maybe you have better taste in crazy bitches than I gave you credit for," said Phoebe, adding "even if she does have a cock," as she stepped out of the car.

The front gate was locked, so I located an intercom and pressed the button. "Hello?" I asked, unsure if this was the right place.

"Hello, faggot," came the response. Yep, the right place, I thought. "You needed someone to hold your hand on the way here?"

"Sure," I said, annoyed, but also trying not to show how uncomfortable I was. "Are you going to let us in or leave me standing here with my dick in my hands?"

"Ha, sure, I thought you'd come alone, but I remember this bitch. The more, the merrier."

There was a buzzing sound and the gate unlocked. I led Phoebe through it by the hand. "This is creepy as hell, Will," she said, drawing closer to me as we approached the front door.

"Yup," was all I could say. It was an ordinary, if rather impressive, house. Nothing about it screamed horror movie or anything, but I had an uneasy feeling, not knowing what we were walking into. I could hear my heartbeat as I reached for the doorbell.

The door swung open before I even pressed the button. Standing before us was Megan, in a ludicrous French maid costume. "Come in," she said. "The mistress is expecting you."

Phoebe and I both broke out into laughter.

Megan stood unfazed, showing us the way inside with an extended arm. I looked at Phoebe, whose smiled was quickly fading into a look of complete bafflement. She shrugged and we walked inside, Megan closing the door behind us and then quickly running around us to lead us as we walked in the rather spacious house. We walked down hallway to a wide open room, furnished elaborately. In the center of the large room were a few chairs and a sofa around a coffee table. On the sofa lounged Nadia in a tight black dress. Megan approached the sofa and said stiffly, "The guests have arrived," then turned to face us and indicate the chairs.

We sat down silently. No one said anything for what felt like an eternity. It all felt like a bizarre dream. Finally I couldn't take the silence any longer and said, "Hi, Nadia."

Before I could say anything else, Phoebe jumped right in. "What the fuck is this?" She addressed Megan, who didn't respond at all, and then turned her attention to Nadia as if to repeat the question.

"You mean this house?" Nadia said, smiling, "Just one of mine. Nice, isn't it?" She looked at Megan, who was standing motionless at her feet. "Get us some drinks." Megan scampered off.

"Yeah, it's a nice place," I said, trying unsuccessfully to mask my confusion. "What's Megan doing here? How do you even know her?"

"You must be dumber than I remember," Nadia laughed, "but at least as pretty. She's getting us drinks, obviously." Just then Megan reappeared with three martini glasses on a tray which she set on the coffee table. One by one she took the glasses off the tray and handed one to each of us.

"And why is she doing that?" I asked, still perplexed, "Also, you didn't answer how you knew her."

"Well, that's what servants do, obviously," replied Nadia, smiling wide. "And how I know her? I should ask you. She just showed up on my doorstep one day. Once I found out who she was, I assumed she found me via you."

My mind thought back over the events of the last few weeks. Maybe she had gotten the phone number from Brad's phone? But that wouldn't yield an address. Or would it? She was a resourceful girl, after all. "Did you find Nadia using Brad's phone?" I asked, looking at Megan.

Again, she didn't respond, although her face gave away the answer.

"Servants are best seen and not heard," Nadia said, seemingly annoyed with my question. "She's definitely learned that lesson, anyway."

Phoebe had had enough, it seemed. "So what the fuck?" she demanded. "She shows up on your doorstep and, what? She asks you for a job as a maid?"

"Ha," Nadia seemed outright amused. "No, she was quite unhappy with me when she first arrived, but I helped her get to a much better place."

"Will," Phoebe turned to me, "do you know what the fuck this bitch is even talking about? Megan, yo, Megan!"

Megan didn't respond, but Nadia did. "What a rude way to address your host, you little bitch. You sound just like Megan here when she first arrived. Maybe you need to learn some lessons, too?" Her eyes were locked onto Phoebe, who seemed genuinely frightened. Nadia took a sip from her drink and then poured the rest onto the wood floor near the sofa. "Oh, dear," she said, not taking her eyes off of Phoebe, "servant, clean that up for me."

Megan reacted for the first time since announcing us. She looked ridiculous in her little maid's outfit, but she looked even more ridiculous as she got on the floor on her hands and knees. The short skirt of the outfit did nothing to hide that she was wearing no underwear, her cute little ass presented for both of us to see. She put her face near the floor and began lapping up the drink like a dog.

"What in the fuck?" Phoebe almost shouted beside me.

"Ok, so, yeah, what the fuck?" I asked, much more calmly, I hoped. "Why did you call us here?"

"First off," replied Nadia, "I didn't call anyone. SHE called YOU. You SINGULAR. As I said, she lost her phone privileges for that. But I thought it might be amusing, so I played along."

Her ambiguity was as frustrating now as it had been erotic when I first met her. "Ok," I said, "so why did she call me?"

"She wanted to show you something, obviously," Nadia's eyes creeped down to the girl on the floor beneath her before snapping back up to look at me.

Phoebe interjected, "I'm pretty sure he's already seen her cunt."

"There's that mouth again," said Nadia, more amused this time. "No, she wanted to show you this." She produced a remote control and pointed it to the wall opposite Phoebe and myself. I hadn't noticed on the way in, but a rather large, rather thin tv, which looked rather expensive, hung on the wall. It snapped on with a press of a button.

On the screen appeared an image of Megan. She was naked and on her knees. There wasn't enough detail to tell where she was other than inside some room. She was looking up into the camera, which from the unsteadiness, appeared to be a handheld operated by someone only a few inches away from her. A voice came from off-camera, which I recognized as Nadia's, "Tell me what you want, bitch."

"I want your big fucking cock in my mouth," Megan replied. "Please give me that big cock. Let me taste it." On cue, a large black cock appeared on the bottom of the screen and inched towards Megan's face. I recognized it as Nadia's. I felt the blood beginning to flow into my own cock, but I tried to dismiss it.

"So you made a porno," Phoebe interjected. "Fucking congratulations. What the fuck do we care?" On screen, Megan began sucking Nadia's cock. Its girth made her look even smaller than usual. It was almost comically large and dark against her small, white face. Somehow she managed to fit the head into her mouth and before long, more and more of the shaft. I noticed that even Phoebe was having trouble keeping her eyes off it.

"You don't like it?" Nadia teased. "You're a worse liar than Will." She smiled as she watched her own handiwork. "Anyway, I think a lot of people are going to appreciate it when I put it out on your school's network. Surely some students have taste when it comes to beat-off material." Near her, Megan apparently finished her work and returned to her feet at the end of the sofa.

"Why in the fuck would you do that?" I asked. Nadia looked at me and shrugged in response. I looked to Megan, who was once again standing motionless. "Is she blackmailing you or something?" She didn't respond.

"You crazy fucking bitch," Phoebe said.

Nadia's glare snapped back to Phoebe. "Say that again and you won't like the consequences, little girl." Phoebe visibly shrank in her seat. "Now, drink up and enjoy the show."

On screen, Megan had finished her work, leaving Nadia's throbbing dick covered in spit as she pulled her mouth away. She left one hand on the shaft working it slowly as she looked up into the camera again. "Please," she begged pathetically, "fuck my ass. I want this big cock in my ass."

"Of course you do, slut," came Nadia's voice. She gripped her cock and slapped Megan across the face with it, making a satisfying wet sound as she did so. "Face down, ass up," she said. Megan complied, turning from the camera and displaying her ass. The camera moved to focus on her cute little pale ass. "Show me," Nadia demanded.

Megan's hands reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, revealing her little brown hole, stretched open as best she could manage. "Please," she begged again.

"Nadia," I said, turning to her and trying unsuccessfully to restrain the growing member in my jeans. "What do you want, money?"

"Are you kidding?" she laughed. "Do you really think a college boy has money that means anything to me?" She vaguely indicated that we look around.

"Fair enough," I conceded. "Then what? Are you mad that I haven't called you?"

"Ah ha ha ha," she laughed, genuinely, at that. "You're very funny, Will. I've been far too busy, anyway. This one took quite a bit of training to get her to where she is now."

"Ok," I said, "whatever you want, I'll do it. Don't fucking ruin her life by putting this out there." On screen, Nadia's thick cock was snaking in and out of a moaning Megan's asshole.

"Whatever I want, huh?" Nadia seemed amused. "Ooh," she said, "this part's great."

On screen, Nadia pulled out of Megan's ass, leaving it tantalizingly gaping for a few seconds before she commanded, "Come here and taste it." Megan dutifully turned around and sucked the dick back into her mouth, starting an enthusiastic blow job. "How's it taste?"

"So good," Megan moaned around the cock in her mouth. "My ass tastes so good on your cock..."

"Hot, right?" Nadia taunted Phoebe, who was silently fuming, her arms crossed. "Will ever do that shit to you?" Phoebe didn't respond, which seemed to annoy Nadia. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Ok, so what is it you want?" I asked, annoyed, again.

"From you?" Nadia teased. "Oh, I don't know. What have you got to offer?"

I suddenly had an idea. "Ok, how about a trade?" I said. "You make a movie like this with me, whatever you want, and you can put that out instead."

"Ooh," Nadia smiled. "I like that. I like that a lot. But, you know, probably a guy would be way less interesting to all those supposedly straight boys out there on campus. I think we might have to make it a bit more interesting. You, mouthy bitch, you want in on this?"

"Are you fucking kidding?" Phoebe shouted back.

"No? Oh, well, I guess I'll have my people upload that movie, then." Nadia turned her attention back to the screen, where her cock was back plowing Megan's asshole.

I was desperately trying to suppress my erection, out of ideas.

A few seconds passed in silence. "Fine," Phoebe said, finally. "Everyone already knows I'm a huge slut, anyway..."

"Excellent," said Nadia, all smiles.

"No!" shouted Megan. "Don't do it, you two! I'm sorry! Just get out of here and away from this crazy bitch!"

Nadia sat up suddenly and slapped Megan across the mouth. "Mouthy bitch!" she said angrily. "You get told what to do and you do it. You don't tell anyone else what to do, especially not guests of your mistress."

"Ok," said Phoebe, her anger palpable. "Where do you want to do this?"

Nadia had Megan lead us into the basement. We entered a room that looked like it could have been the one on the tape, mostly featureless, save a small unadorned bed in one corner, next to which I noticed a pair of empty dog dishes. There were no windows looking out and the only light was provided by a small fluorescent fixture on the ceiling. "Megan won't mind if we use her quarters."

"Well, let's get this fucking over with," said Phoebe, already stripping off her top.

"Anxious to get started, I like that," said Nadia, "although we're not going to build any anticipation in our audience that way. Megan, get the camera."

Megan scurried out of the room. "Doesn't everyone just fast forward through that shit, anyway?" I said. Everything was so fucked up, I thought. In a way, this was all really my fault. I must have broken Megan's brain when I broke her heart and she never would have even found this psycho bitch if I hadn't first. But despite all that, I was already almost uncomfortably hard. Nadia's hungry eyes hopped back and forth between me and Phoebe as I began undressing. Her lips were curled into an evil little smile and she had begun to rub herself.

Megan reappeared with a handheld camera as I stepped out of the jeans and underwear I had just dropped to my ankles, leaving me fully naked. Next to me, Phoebe was down to her bra and panties. Her face was a mix of so many conflicting emotions, it made me wonder whether she was also battling with her own libido. I looked to Megan, who seemed to be doing her best to maintain her emotionless expression, and then to Nadia as she gleefully received the camera.

"Who wants it first?" Nadia teased, looking back and forth between us. Phoebe said nothing as she finished undressing. "No takers?" She didn't seem bothered at all by our unresponsiveness. "Not like you, Will," she said as she flicked on the camera and pointed it at me. "But maybe you're just bored with me, after all. You, however, are in for an experience," she pointed the camera at Phoebe. "Aww, come on, smile. If you don't put on a good enough performance, I'm just going to have to stick with Megan's. You saw how much she enjoyed herself. Now come on over here and let me show you what you're in store for..."

I watched as Phoebe looked down for a second and then back up, her face now approximating desire. Probably a good enough performance for anyone who hadn't spent as much time with her as I had, I conceded. She dropped to her knees and began crawling over to Nadia, the camera following her cat-like movement. I couldn't help admiring the way her round little ass swayed as she moved.

"There you go," Nadia purred. "That's a good little bitch." When Phoebe got to Nadia, she raised herself up on her knees and slowly pushed the tight dress up, revealing a pair of black silk panties that did very little to hide Nadia's massive package. She then freed the beast by pulling the panties down just as agonizingly slowly. It hung there, familiar and yet so enticing. Phoebe stared at its size in astonishment, despite having seen it before. Up close it was just that much more impressive, I knew.

I decided I couldn't just watch, so I walked over and knelt down beside Phoebe, who turned to face me in surprise. Her mouth hung open for a second as if she wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

"Fandango," the word came finally, but not from Phoebe. My brain took a second to process it. Megan? I turned to look at her, standing near us, her discomfort now palpable.

"About time," said Nadia.

"What the fuck?" said Phoebe.

"My safe word," replied Megan.

"Your what?" I said.

"Will, you really are dumb as shit, aren't you?" said Nadia, the camera now hanging casually to the side in her hand. "The word that brings us all back to reality. How does your ridiculous cheating ass not know what a safe word is?"

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