The Girl From Hong Kong



"Cynthia, let me take a look at your lovely body."

He flashed his long lashes and blue eyes at me and I simply melted. Coyly, I averted his gaze.

He didn't waste any time but pulled my blouse out of my jeans and flipped it open. Then I felt his hands reaching behind my back.

"No, stop it Richard!" Again I protested but my body countermanded my words as I unconsciously lifted my back for his hands.

"Oh!" I gasped as I felt the bra was suddenly loosened

Then the bra cups were being gently lifted off my breasts. I felt blood surging to my nipples until they became painfully engorged. It was so embarrassing and I used the back of my hands to shield my eyes and my beetroot face. Richard leaned closer and I felt his breath on my breasts. I thought he was going to kiss me there. Instead, he kissed my palms, on the tip of each of my fingers and then he gently took my hands away from my face.

"Cynthia, they are gorgeous. You should be proud of them."

I grinned shyly but then averted his gaze again.


I squealed when I felt his moist lips pressing around my left nipple and he began to suckle. A weird tingly heat quickly spread down my body, lighting up a fire deep inside me. I moaned but then I remembered that Andy, Chris and the other Richard were just next-door. So I bit hard on my lower lip to suppress the embarrassing noise that I made.

His palms lightly squeezed my small though perky breasts and he alternated his kisses between my now throbbing nipples. At the time, I got the feeling that he really liked my breasts and didn't mind them being small! The whole world was suddenly spinning round and round me, everything felt so unreal.

But I was alarmed all of a sudden when I felt his hand undoing the brass button of my jeans.

"What are you doing, Richard!"

"I want to see all of you, Cynthia darling."

I shook my head and tried to push him away for I was so scared!

"I love you Cynthia. Let me, please!"

He didn't wait for an answer and was already unzipping my jeans and pulling it down. I tried to grab it back but he already pulled it to my knees. I was so weak, against his boyish charm, that he had my jeans quickly removed along with my socks and sneakers.

By that time, I was lying on his bed with my blouse opened, my pink bra was undone and was lifted around my chin and I had nothing else but a matching pair of pink knickers with an embarrassing damp patch showing right through at the crotch. I almost died with shame.

"Come on, darling."

Richard said as he sat me up on his bed. Gently, he took away my blouse and then my bra. In a daze, I let him but my hands immediately shielded my small breasts from his lecherous gaze. Then his hands reached for my pink knickers. That was when I was finally snapped out of my daydream!

"Stop it, Richard!"

He wasn't listening anymore. It seemed that his passion had taken control of him. He hooked his fingertips under the elastic band of my knickers and began to pull. I grappled with him for a long time but was afraid that he would tear my knickers. Finally, I found myself sitting on his bed completely naked with my palms trying desperately to hide my breasts and my pubes. I felt so flustered, so embarrassed that I didn't know where to look.

Then I saw him removing is his clothes.

"What are you doing!"

"I love you. I am going to make love to you, Cynthia."


I was petrified! I didn't expect something like this when I came over. At least not so soon for I only knew him a few days and I'd never done that thing before!

"Please, Richard. Don't, Richard!"

He was already down to his underpants. His body was lean and quite muscular and I knew that if he wanted to force himself on me, there would be no escape. I just hoped that he would be a bit more understanding and gave us more time to get to know each other better before taking that plunge.

"Cynthia, you look so gorgeous. How can I resist you?"

That was all he said before he took my hands away and stared at my totally naked body. No one had seen me like this before. Not even a doctor! I stole a glance at his crotch and saw that he had raised a big tent in front of his boxer. When he kissed on my painfully engorged nipples, I shivered uncontrollably.

"Stop it Richard, please stop!"

I was so scared that I was close to tears but my pleas fell on deaf ears. He laid me on his bed and began kissing all over my body, lighting a little fire here and a little fire there. My temples were throbbing so loudly I just didn't know what to do or think anymore. I was so afraid of what he was going to do to me, yet I also wanted his love and kisses.

I felt so hot that I pressed my thighs tightly together, trying to drown out the fire that had been burning deep down inside me. But as I rubbed my knees together, things just got worse and worse and I was getting weaker by the second. Finally, I felt so hot that I had to open my legs a bit to let the heat out. Richard took that opportunity and wedged both his knees between my thighs.

The moment of truth came when he whipped away his underpants. He was huge! I had never seen a live penis before, but his must be a good seven inches and I panicked!

"No Richard, please, no!"

"Please, yes. You know we love each other!"

He gazed into my eyes, his long lashes and sparkling blue eyes were playing tricks with my eyes. As he leaned over, I closed my eyes and let him kiss me.

"Richard, don't please don't." I whimpered.

"Are you scared? Is this your first time, Cynthia?"

I nodded and I was too ashamed to look him in the eyes. He lifted my chin and said gently, "Hey Cynthia, look at me." I did as I was told and he said, "Trust me, I shall be very gentle, okay?"

I should have protested but I just nodded. Yet, I was so scared that I began to sob. His kisses danced gently all over my trembling body, pushing all the right buttons. Gradually, I felt his hands spreading my thighs open when he started to kiss me down there, as I had never been kissed before. I felt a tightening in the stomach when the tip of his slippery tongue lashed around my puckered rosebud then slid along the folds of my labia and I shuddered with a never experienced pleasure. I began to contract down there and I started writhing about in his bed, yet I couldn't seem to reach the ultimate release. By that time, I was getting so expectant that I would say yes and do whatever he asked of me.

"Cynthia, you all right?"

In a trance, I nodded.

He got up, hooked his fingers lightly behind my knees, raised and spread them wide open. Now that he had seen every little details of me. I didn't know why, at the time I wanted Richard to really look at me, to see that it was me and not some other girls that he had had before. He didn't disappoint me.

"Cynthia, you are so lovely."

He said as he positioned himself against my vulva. I was dripping wet and I could even smell myself. My heart was knocking thunderously inside my head. But when I felt him rubbing against my wetness, I cringed and tried to close my thighs for I was truly scared.

"Open up, Cynthia." When I didn't budge he whispered in my ears, "Open Sesame!"

I giggled and tried to loosen myself a little.

"Cynthia, this may hurt a little," he looked down at me and continued, "but then you will love it and enjoy it."

He nudged his hugely engorged penis head against me a little and I could already feel the pain, my brows furrowed.

"It's all right, it's all right." He kissed me in the lips then fetched and wedged his pillow under my butt, raising my vagina to receive him. He bent my ankles back against my buttock, spreading me really wide open to the point that I felt a little pain at my pelvic points. Then he began to press into me.

"Eeech..." I felt so painful that I started to pant but he was still outside!

"Don't worry, it'll soon be okay."

He said as he began to spring his pelvic gently against me, pressing just ever such a tiny little bit further into me each time. At the same time, his thumb was playing devil little tricks on that sensitive little nub at the top of my opening, spreading a weird tingle all over my trembling body. I was so wet by that time that I was practically dripping down my butt crack onto his pillow. I didn't know how he could sleep on it that night.

Just as I was wondering about it, he gave a sudden thrust without warning. It was so excruciatingly painful that I just couldn't help but yelled.


But as Richard was gazing so lovingly into my eyes, the pain suddenly turned exquisite! He sprang his lower back at me a couple of times stretching me open just that little bit more to receive him. Then he just toppled over me, letting his weight press his hard penis deeper and deeper into me bringing a new wave of pain.

Confused and scared and in such pain, I grabbed his shoulder and sank my teeth in it. It was not revenge. But if I didn't grab something between my teeth, I would be screaming murder and Andy, Chris and whoever nearby would know what was going on. Finally, our pubes grinded together and he just knocked the air out of me.

He went so deep and felt scorching hot inside me. It was such a painful yet utterly amazing feeling! He stopped and rested deep inside me.

"All right love?" he asked tenderly.

I nodded as I was crying and laughing at the same time, loving his hard penis inside me. Through my teary eyes, I saw that he was bleeding on his shoulder!

"Oh, Richard you're bleeding. Does it hurt?"

"It's nothing."

"Richard, do you really love me?" in a timid voice, I asked. Although I knew what he would say, I still wanted to hear it.

"Yes, I love you Cynthia!" he said and gave me a big kiss.

"Say it again, please."

"I love you Cynthia!"

"Say it again."

"Cynthia, I fell madly in love with you the first time I saw you and I love you, I..."

As he kept repeating his vow of love for me, he began to rock on top of me. I felt his bulbous head grinding in and out of me, stretching me open to take him, to get used to him. I felt so loved that the pain became almost a joy to take.

When he began to smother my petite breasts with kisses and nibbled at my bullet hard nipples, I felt that weird tingling, that squeeze deep down inside again.

"Oh, Richard. Oh, I can feel it."

He said nothing but sped up rocking on top of me. By that time, there was this loud, obscene and most embarrassing bed creaking sound all around us. Damn it, if they didn't know earlier, Andy, Chris and the other Richard must know what Richard and I were up to by now! I was panting as Richard kept shafting deep and fast in and out of me.

"Mmm... mmm... mmm..." I was squirming unashamedly by then.

Richard doubled his effort and the headboard of his bed was banging loudly against the wall, telling every body that we were being naughty.


I squealed and squealed and when I belatedly realized what embarrassing noises that I had been making, I bit on the back my hand to stifle the love noise, as my first ever orgasm hit me.

My whole body convulsed violently. Richard didn't stop but continued to bang into me like there was no tomorrow, not letting me climb down from my climax. By the end, I felt so exhausted and muscles ached all over my body. Just as suddenly, he pulled out of me, groaned and squirted on my tummy.

I thought I was dying. Otherwise, I was in heaven already. I couldn't tell the difference anymore. But it surely felt good. He kissed me then lay beside me. We rested for ages until his puddle of semen turned cold on my tummy.

"Oh, Richard! You nearly killed me!" I said in a hush voice, not wanting the other three on the landing to hear any more than they already heard.

"Cynthia, you are an amazing girl and I love you."

"Say it again Richard, please!"

He looked into my eyes and said solemnly, "I am madly in love with you, Cynthia!" Then he smothered me with kisses again.

"I love you too, Richard!" I hugged him tightly.

"Stay the night, Cynthia."

I was surely tempted but I declined, "I better go back, or my roommate would start wondering..."

He nodded and grabbed some tissue papers to wipe us clean. Quickly, we dressed and when he tried to open the door, I grabbed is hand.

"Sssh... Richard, please check to see if they are still out there." I said in a hush voice.

Quietly, he eased the door open, checked and waved me out. I saw that the door to Andy's room directly across was shut. Although the doors to Chris and the other Richard were still open, it was quiet inside their rooms.

Feeling guilty, I tiptoed out of Richard's room but instantly sensing a whingeing pain coming from the forge of my legs.

He locked his door with a quiet click, yet it still seemed to echo too loudly all over his landing. Luckily, nobody came out to say goodbye and I was already hurrying down the stairs with Richard.

He wrapped his arms around me as we walked back to my house, stopping at intervals to kiss.

"Are you all right love?" he asked when he saw my house ahead.

"Still a bit sore down there. You big monster, you nearly killed me!" I said accusingly.

He grinned then said, "But I thought my big monster made you happy."

I slapped on his butt with a loud crack. But he was telling the truth.

"Love you, Cynthia."

I checked that the kitchen window was darkened and said, "Love you. Goodnight, Richard."

Passionately, we kissed for ages outside the kitchen backdoor before I went inside. It was long past 11:00 p.m. and I guessed that the whole house must be asleep. Quietly, I slipped into my room, got my things and went to the bathroom for a quick shower.

I shuddered as I saw my virgin bloodstain in the knickers. I checked myself and was alarmed that I was still seeping blood down there. Richard, you big monster! You almost killed me and it hurt so badly.

So why did I let it happen then? I had saved it for so long and had fought off boys at school back in Hong Kong. And I only knew Richard for how many days now? And I thought I didn't like gwei-chai! Yet, I couldn't suppress a grin as I recalled with fond memories of our lovemaking.

I looked myself in the mirror. I might still have the face of an innocent Chinese girl. Yet, I wasn't the same girl anymore!

"Cynthia, you're a woman now!" I told myself as I finished the shower quickly. I didn't know why but suddenly I was feeling confused and scared again.

As quietly as I could, I slipped inside my room in order not to wake Jane. However, I was surprised to see her sitting up in her bed, waiting for me.

"Cynthia, you were late and I was so worried about you. Hey, you look so pale. What's the matter?"


What happened tonight was so embarrassing that I just shook my head, sat on my bed and suddenly I started to cry.

"Hey, come on Cynthia," Jane was at once concerned, got out of her bed and come over to hug me, "Now you got me really worried. Tell me what's wrong, please!"

Jane was my best friend in England. Now that I had climbed down from the euphoria of lovemaking with Richard, I was really so scared.

"Richard and I..." I sobbed as I told her what happened tonight.

By the end, I thought Jane was going to scold me for being such a stupid girl. Instead, she just hugged and consoled me by saying something like when love struck, nobody could stop it. Then she told me a bit about herself, that she had been to bed with a boyfriend but they split just before she came to the university. She ended by saying that Richard seemed such a nice guy that I shouldn't worry my silly little head too much.

"Thanks Jane! I feel a lot better after talking to you."

"You sure you're all right, Cynthia?"

I nodded.

She got up, fetched some tissue papers and wiped tears from my eyes. Then she searched through her desk drawer, turned and said, "You better read this."

She threw me a small book. It was written by two doctors and was about sex. I flipped through it and saw a lot of sketches about different coital positions.

"You mean I should learn about all these positions?" I blushed furiously.

"Not that, you dummy! But I think you better read the section about contraception."

"I see." I checked the index and found the section. "Thanks, Jane."

"Since you're okay now I think I'm going to get some sleep. It's past bloody midnight!"

"God, it's so late! Oh, I'm so sorry Jane. Goodnight Jane."

"Goodnight, Mrs Richard!" She said it with a smirk, got into her bed and switched off the bedside lamp.

Mrs Richard! It sounded so nice! Once again, I found myself sleeping with a silly grin on my face.

Richard was of course right. His big monster did make me very happy. After I tried sex for the first time, I went back to visit Richard in his dorm room at least a couple of times each week. Sometimes, I stayed overnight on a Friday or Saturday. On such occasions, Jane would smirk and gave me that little shake of her head of short blonde hair when I returned to my student house the morning after.

It was a week before Easter. Richard was going home for the long break to see his mum and dad. He asked me to go home with him but I kind of felt uneasy seeing his mum and dad. I didn't know what they would think about his son having a Chinese girlfriend. I just knew that my mum and dad would have a fit if they knew what I had been up to with a gwei-chai. So I decided to spend the Easter holiday at my student house but I had to have a big bang with Richard before he went.

It was a Thursday and Richard and I had the afternoon free. Well, I skipped an unimportant lecture. So there we were making frenzied love in his dorm room.

I was riding him roughly on his bed and I was close to orgasm. There was a knock on the door. I didn't know if Richard heard it or not but I as I was so close, I just ignored it and continued to bounce up and down his hard cock.

I was facing the door and saw it opened suddenly. In popped a black guy's head. Our eyes met briefly before his roamed all over my body.

I knew exactly was he was seeing. A slim and, if I might say so myself, pretty 18-year-old Chinese girl with a head of straight jet-black hair tied to a ponytail, perky 32A breasts topped with deep red and up-tilted nipples that kept bouncing on a thin torso. And as I had just trimmed my pussy to stubbles the night before, he could clearly see Richard's 7-inch big cock sliding in and out of my pussy lips. I froze and didn't know which part of my body to cover first.

"I'm so sorry." The black guy said as he immediately retreated and quietly closed the door behind him. The second I heard him walking down the stairs I clenched my fists and started pounding Richard on his chest.

"Why the bloody hell didn't you lock the door?"

I was furious. Apart from Richard, no man had seen me naked before. Now that black guy, whoever he was, had not just seen me naked but seen me performing a live sex show!

"I'm sorry. I was so excited when we arrived that I just forgot."

"You shit!" I was close to tears.

"Come on. It was all my fault okay and I said sorry."

"Fuck you!"

"Yes, you are doing that already so why stop?"

He grinned mischievously. I raised a hand to slap his face but he caught it in time. At that juncture, I felt his cock twitched inside my pussy and I shuddered.

"Come on, let me kiss you better love."

He said as he reached up and kissed lightly on my left then on my right nipple. I shivered as a renew desire burned inside my pussy.

"Fuck you, Richard!"

"So, fuck me then you Chinese bitch!"

During our wild-lovemaking, Richard and I like to throw in a few rude words. We found that it would really spice up our sex and it did just that to me at the time. I began bouncing up and down his cock again and he started nibbling at my nipples, which he knew would drive me crazy.

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