tagRomanceThe Girl I Have Always "Liked" Ch. 01

The Girl I Have Always "Liked" Ch. 01


There was this girl at my college called Annabelle Grimes. She had long, flowing blonde hair and deep green eyes. She was the kind of girl that all the guys wanted to end up with. But luckily for me, at that moment in time, she was single.

We were in a dragging English class. Annabelle was sat four or five diagonal places away from me in the classroom. I was what everyone called a 'goody two shoes', so I sat down sensibly and began my essay. As I looked up to gaze around the classroom, I caught Annabelle's eye glaring at me. At first I thought she was looking at someone behind me, so I looked around, looked back at her and she shook her head. Afterwards, she slowly resumed her work. I couldn't help myself noticing her perfect round breasts, hidden neatly by a tight, smart shirt. This shirt was slightly translucent, allowing my eyes access to her bra. I moved my eyes down, starting to stare at her magnificent legs, concealed by tight black trousers. I began to feel a slight tug at my pants, and immediately turned back to my work, turning me off quickly.

After the day was out, I was ready for the five minute trek back to our rooms with my best friend, Bradley. Bradley has known about my crush on Annabelle for over seven years now, so I can trust him with pretty much anything. We sat down at our desks, removed our bags and began to work on our homework.

"'Your assignment," I read out to him, "is to plan and write a persuasive argument on the position of becoming head MP in parliament.' Sounds fun, right?"

"Hah, yeah sure it does, Cameron," he replied, amused by my obvious sarcasm. We began our work, then eventually, I decided to tell him about what happened in English earlier. After I had finished, Bradley said, "You should just ask her out, friend. Who knows, she might say yes!"

"Haha, fuck it. I'll wait to see what she does next."

The next morning, after three of the six lessons we had that day, I was walking to Maths alone when I saw Annabelle walking alone to the very same lesson. Her beautiful ass was gently moving in time to her steps and I just couldn't draw my eyes away. Before I could stop myself, I quickened my pace and caught up with her.

"Hey," I said. I bet I sounded like a complete fuckface.

"Hi, um, can I help you, Cameron?" she replied.

"Ummm, no, I just wanted to say hey."


"Aha, well, okay then. See you soon, yeah?" I didn't know what to say after she said that. I didn't want to say anymore, then she pretended to trip and rubbed up against my side, her hand catching on my trouser pocket. Thankfully, I wasn't pantsed. But something seemed a bit fishy about it...

After classes, I went back to the dorms to see Bradley waiting impatiently outside the door.

"You took the only key, fuckface," he announced. Without answering, I gave him a chummy smile and unlocked the door. As I slipped the keys back into my pocket, I felt the rustle of a small bit of folded paper. I took it to my bed, sat down and unfolded the little bugger. Inside, I found a note scrawled on the paper. It read:

Outside the fountain 10:35.

Be there xx

My eyes widened in surprise at the note. It was ten o'clock now, so I told Bradley I was heading down to Reception to get us another key to our room, then left swiftly. I quickly but quietly paced down the corridors; most students were sleeping, but I did pass one or two rooms containing guys having a quick wank. I rolled my eyes and carried on down the extensive corridors. As I reached the fountain, I caught sight of Annabelle. She was sat peacefully on the edge of the fountain pool with her eyes closed and her head back, the wind gently lifting her hair off her shoulders. She had a small smile on her face.

"Hello? Annabelle?" I stammered. She delicately opened her eyes and turned round to look at me. Her green eyes were slightly luminous in the moonlight.

"Hey Cameron. You read the note then," she said, almost in a whisper. I nodded my head and she stood up. I saw her entire body in all its glory then. She was wearing a red denim jacket with white trims and drawstrings. Her tight denim jeans closely hugged her legs and she was wearing a black tank top with black sequins on the front. Her black high-tops made soft crunching noises along the gravel as she took a few graceful steps towards me. She gently took my hand in hers.

"Come," she whispered. I followed her to her dormitory. It was empty as her room-mate was suspended for three months. She glanced around, and quietly unlocked the door. We sat closely together on her bed and she then took my other hand in hers. Her eyes were fixated on mine.

"What did you want me for?" I asked foolishly.

"...I noticed you checking me out in class." I rubbed the back of my neck and my gaze instantly shot to the floor. What she said next would change my life forever.

"You shouldn't be embarrased. I don't mind." My focus gradually turned back to her still luminous eyes. What was about to happen here?

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