tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Girl in the Red Stockings

The Girl in the Red Stockings


Part I

Tyler put the tube of toothpaste back into the empty spot on the shelf and closed the medicine cabinet. His reflection in the mirrored door came into focus as it shut. He exhaled and examined his face. His glasses had left two distinct marks on either side of his nose, but he figured wearing contacts would be safer for this. He was also glad he had gotten a haircut; his brown hair looked better as a buzz cut and he would avoid the dreaded hat-hair today. He tilted his head and scratched at the course brown hair that covered his pronounced chin. Nervousness and anxiety gleamed in his hazel eyes. He flattened down the front of his coat and walked out of the bathroom.

"And then she took me downstairs, I didn't even know there was a downstairs at that bar!" Charlie exclaimed combing back his thick blonde hair in the foyer mirror.

"What?" Tyler asked confused. "Were you talking to me?"

Charlie stopped and turned, his large mouth curled up into a smile. "Yeah bro! I was telling you about Melanie and Blackthorn the other night."

"Honestly didn't hear a word you said, I was brushing my teeth." Tyler walked through the foyer into the living area and fell back onto the couch.

"Watch it man, don't rip the suit already. Anyway, I will start over." Charlie turned back to the mirror. "I was at Blackthorn with Max and that kid Keith, that dude is weird I don't think I like him very much, but we ordered shots and Melanie was working and she got all mad at me because I made her open up a new bottle of Jack. So I told her she had to give me the old bottle, cuz it's a tradition, if you kill a bottle at a bar, they give it to you, but she said she had already thrown it out and I told her she owed me, ya know playfully, but she says back like, fine wait for me at the end of my shift!"

"No fucking way!" Tyler sat up in the couch hyper-focused on his roommate's story.

"Yeah!" Charlie continued. "So Max and Keith leave, I wait until Melanie closes and everything and then she takes me downstairs."

"Blackthorn has a downstairs? Is it like another dining area?" Tyler asked.

"I guess, but no one is there at that point and she takes me over to this back booth where no one coming down the stairs could see us and she lays me down on it and unzips my pants, dude it was nuts! She started sucking me right there and taking her clothes off. I was so shocked I just laid there, mouth gaping. I couldn't believe it! I still can't believe it!" Charlie walked over and sat on the loveseat perpendicular to Tyler's couch.

"Melanie? Wow, I mean I knew she got a little crazy, but nothing like this. This is great! Was it totally dark? Did you get to see anything?" Tyler probed.

"The lights were kind of dim, but yeah I saw a lot! She has amazing boobs, when she was finally naked, she stopped sucking me and climbed on top and her one boob slapped me in the chin, so I started sucking on her nipple of course. And dude let me tell you, few things compare to having sex in a public place like that." Charlie insisted.

"What? It wasn't a public place, you just said you were alone, there was no public, it was just a place." Tyler got up and walked to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and grabbed two Sierra Nevadas. The clock had hit noon and it was past time they started drinking. He opened both with the bottle opener that was hanging on the wall of the kitchen and handed one to Charlie as he sat back down.

"What are you talking about? It was very public!" Charlie said taking the beer. "We were naked on a booth in a bar! How is that not some exhibitionist shit? You can't understand unless you try it, have you ever tried it?"

"No." Tyler admitted, suddenly aware of this gap in his sexual repertoire. "I haven't really fucked outside of an apartment or house. Bed or couch mostly, maybe kitchen counter."

"The rush is amazing." Charlie continued. "Anyone could walk down and catch you, your heart is racing, you need to figure out how to work with the confined space. There is no bed, no comfy pillows, no sheets. You are vulnerable. You are out there and its just raw and unadulterated. It's like," Charlie stopped, searching for the words, "it's like fucking in the wild."

Tyler audibly laughed and almost spit out some of the beer. "I mean I get that you could have been caught, but its not like you went out to Central Park and started fucking under a tree or something."

"You don't know man, try it and you will understand. Best sex I ever had. Hands down." Charlie stood up, chugged the rest of his beer and walked back over to the foyer. "Now," he said putting on his hat, "let's go get hammered. Melanie isn't working today, so I am hoping she will come meet up with us."

Tyler was reluctant to down his beer, but he made the best attempt at it. He swallowed hard as the foam left a bitter taste in his mouth. "I thought we were meeting up with Joe and Max."

"We are and probably that d-bag Keith, but we got all day man! Who knows where we are gonna end up! Now let's go, we gotta catch a train. Ho! Ho! Ho!" Charlie bellowed, throwing Tyler's hat to him and rushing out the apartment door. Tyler put the hat on and looked in the foyer mirror. The white ball at the end of it weighed the whole thing down and kept smacking him in the face. He moved it to the back of his head and inspected his red and white sleeves and black belt. He was ready, at least physically, for the day ahead of him.

Part II

A sea of red greeted Charlie and Tyler on Journal Square's train platform. Hundreds of Santas were taking the PATH from Jersey City to New York City for Santa-Con 2016. The site was part amazing and part horrific, thought Tyler. If there was a family with young kids out and about today, there would be a lot of explaining as to why Santa seemed to be at every train station, bus stop, restaurant and store in NYC and not only one of them, but a multitude.

Every variation of the human experience was dressed in the same red and white suit like some Christmas-themed dystopian future. There were fat Santas and skinny Santas, female Santas, tall Santas, Santas who had attempted to put on fake white beards, Santas who had colored their real beards white, Santas in boots and Santas in heels.

There were even those who attempted to stick out from a crowd who had purposely dressed alike. There were Santas in sleeveless suits, Santas with green hats instead of red, and Santas in shiny velvet or silk. Some uniforms were so worn and faded they almost looked pink while others covered the rest of the red spectrum from maroon to ruby and scarlet to burgundy. As Tyler looked around he could not help but focus in on what the girls had worn. They had taken the famous suit and changed it into a tight and revealing costume. They had brought Santa from a G-rating to an R-rating, transformed the beloved and jovial children's icon into an adult fantasy of role-playing sexual desire.

Not every female had made alterations to the costume, some chose to stick to the classic version like most of the men, but amongst the crowd there were an ample number of tight red shorts, candy cane striped stockings, and red halter tops with bushy white fringe. Some girls wore dresses especially made to look like Santa suits, as tight fitting as any club outfit, but with a big black belt and gold buckle around the stomach. Some girls wore red leggings that ended at giant red heels, while others had on black or white boots that went all the way up to the knees and in some cases the thighs.

Tyler stood stunned. This was his third Santa-Con after all, but every year the costumes seemed to get more risqué and daring and the unseasonably warm weather had contributed to the showing of even more skin. Charlie elbowed Tyler in the rib to draw his attention to one girl who had on nothing but a sequined red bra.

"This is incredible, I love Santa-Con!" Charlie said grabbing at Tyler's suit. "Come on let's try to sit next to her on the train!" Charlie ran after the sequined Santa disappearing into the crowd.

It was a chore to keep up with him. Getting lost or turned around was easy surrounded by so much red, but true to his word, Charlie had sidled up right behind the flaunting busty girl. He raised his eyebrows and smiled at Tyler while they waited like everyone else for the next train.

When it finally arrived the horde of Santas turned vicious trying to cram into the small cars grabbing seats and hanging on to standing poles when all the seats were gone. Charlie and Tyler found two spots at the back of one of the train cars, nowhere near the sequined Santa, but close to an exit. As the train started, Tyler took out his phone and snapchatted Charlie getting the whole train car to sing "Let It Snow" and the ironically titled "Here Comes Santa Claus".

"So we can take the PATH to 33rd and walk up to Grand Central from there." Charlie stated when the ruckus died. "That's where Joe and Max are."

"Why are they there?" There were no bars in Grand Central Station as far as Tyler knew.

"It is just a meeting point. Apparently there is a whole crowd there. Once we find them we can figure out where to go from there." Charlie took his hat off and pushed back his blonde hair. "God damn, it's gonna be a good day."

"You hear from Melanie?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah I did." Charlie said smugly. "She wants to blow me."

"She said that?" Tyler probed, stunned.

"She didn't have to," Charlie took out his phone, "look she sent me an eggplant emoji, a tongue emoji, and then a hand emoji, couldn't be clearer. Like I said, gonna be a good day." Charlie leaned back in the chair and a smirk spread across his big lips.

Part III

Grand Central Station was awash with Santas when Tyler entered with Charlie. They congregated in the main hall in pockets of laughter and conversation. Some had made their way up to the second level to peer over the stone balustrades and take pictures of the flock below. Tyler looked up from the thousand of red suits and lingered on the bigger spectacle that was Grand Central Station at Christmas. Giant chandeliers hung from the ceiling giving off a soft glow. Wintery scenes were projected onto the walls; snowflakes falling on a pearly forest floor, a reindeer-pulled sleigh flying across a starry night sky, presents and candy canes dancing and twirling through the air. Garland and bows bedecked every staircase and giant trees covered in lights and ornaments guarded each entrance. Amazing thought Tyler as he shoved his way through the throngs dogging Charlie's heels. They squeezed through to a clearing at the far end of the hall beneath the double staircase where Joe, Max and Keith were waiting for them.

Joe was leaning against the wall, his six-foot-five lanky frame totally lost in the oversized Santa suit. Max was typing away on his phone, the screen lighting up his olive skin. Keith was the first to see their approach and called out. "What the hell took you two so long?"

"This place is packed, but I want a drink!" Charlie yelled back, ignoring Keith entirely.

"All right," Max put his phone away and readjusted his slacking black belt, "so we head up to Madison, we hit Wheeltapper, Connolly's and Murphy's."

"What?" Joe chimed in. "I told you I wanted to go to the Perfect Pint, I love rooftop bars."

"Nah," Max answered, shrugging the suggestion off, "I'm not going there, trust me I checked, everyone who is posting right now is at those bars."

"Good enough for me," said Charlie, "but before we start walking again, I gotta take a piss."

"Yeah I gotta go too," said Max, "come on they are by the exit over here." They all got up and moved as a pack toward the bathroom.

"I saw a Santa pissing in a back alley on the way here." Tyler said trying to contribute to the conversation. "Never thought I'd say those words." They got to the bathroom and Max, Joe and Keith followed Charlie inside. Tyler didn't have to go and instead leaned against a pillar surveying the hall. His eyes stopped on two people in a nearby alcove. They were locked in a passionate kiss twisting and turning and clawing at each other's bodies. His hand was on her tight ass grabbing at the fabric of her red dress. He then moved back up to her shoulder then down again to the small of her back. She had her right hand buried in his wiry brown hair pulling at it while her left was lost below his waist. As they turned, Tyler got a look at her small frame pressed against his much larger body. She stood on her tippy-toes just to reach him. They shifted positions and Tyler saw nothing but a hulking red figure bent over awkwardly.

"Do you think she is rubbing his dick?" An unmistakably feminine voice materialized as if from nowhere and snapped Tyler out of his peeping ways. He turned to his right and staring back at him was a doe-eyed brunette with shoulder-length curly hair and round freckled cheeks. Her one hand held a water bottle while the other rested on her slender hip. She had an athletic build, with thigh and calf muscles visible beneath her red fishnet stockings. Tyler was so busy examining this beautiful creature that he almost forgot she had asked him a question.

"I don't know," he blurted out quickly, "certainly looks like it."

"Hmm, I can't tell from here, let's go get a better look!" She grabbed Tyler by the arm and pulled him with her for a better look at the busy couple. She stopped at a metal railing and leaned over it in the direction of the alcove.

Tyler had forgotten about the couple again, instead he examined her ample ass poking out from the black shorts she had on over the red stockings. His eyes worked their way up from her ass to her arched back and the dark red shirt that clung to her slender frame. She straightened herself and Tyler noticed her perky breasts jutting out right above the black belt she wore around her waist. A white fringe around the top of her shirt completed her take on the Santa outfit. Tyler did his best to make it seem like he too was checking out the lovers the whole time.

"Yeah, I just can't seem to tell." He said, doing his best to squint at them convincingly.

"Are you kidding me?" She asked, eyes wide. "His cock is fully out, his balls too and she moved both hands down there to play with the stick and the stones at the same time. She is a pro, he on the other hand well, he can use some work."

"What do you mean?" Tyler cocked his head curiously.

"Well, all he keeps doing is grabbing her ass or her back," she said pointing towards their test subjects once more, "what's that doing for her? He should reach down in front and get his hand under her shorts right in between her underwear and her clit and start rubbing slightly in little concentric circles. That's what drives me up a wall, I would have him back at my place so fast he wouldn't even have time to put his dick away."

"Important question, these circles, clockwise or counter-clockwise?" Tyler asked, smiling playfully.

"Dealer's choice." She answered with a matching smirk.

"Well seeing as how you are the expert, which do you prefer?" He pressed.

She looked down at the ground for a second before raising her eyes to his once more for her reply. "I prefer to let the guy experiment and find out."

"I'm Tyler." He shot out his hand instinctively.

"Jessica." She answered, shaking it. Tyler felt how smooth her skin was and involuntarily thought about her hands playing with his stick and stones.

"Who are you here with?" Tyler asked after doing his best to brush away the overtly sexual thoughts in his mind. Before Jessica could answer three other girls ran up to her almost tackling her over the railing.

"There you are, come on we gotta go!" one shouted as they ripped Jessica away in a fury.

"Wait," Tyler panicked, "where are you going?" He wanted to follow. He wanted to tag along and continue this random and glorious encounter, but he had to wait for his three friends and Keith who were presently pissing all his hopes and dreams away, "I wanna meet up!" he continued to shout at Jessica as she was dragged away.

She wrenched her arms free from her drunken friends and walked back over to Tyler. "Here," she said, handing him her phone, "put your number in and I will text you."

"You'll tell me where you guys are headed?" Tyler asked.

"Not exactly." Jessica smirked as she removed her phone from his hands and turned around to walk away.

"What does that mean?" Tyler yelled as she continued to saunter away swinging her trim hips. "How will I find you then?"

"You'll see!" Jessica shouted as she vanished into the crowd with her friends.

Part IV

Tyler remained glued to his phone screen as he and his friends entered Wheeltapper, a cozy Irish pub with a limited drink menu, but with the heralded distinction of being the closest bar to Grand Central.

"So let me see if I understand this," said Charlie coming in behind Tyler, "she isn't gonna just tell you where you can meet up with her, she is going to give you clues or leave you hints and make you figure it out yourself? Sounds like an awful lot of work to get laid."

"It's called foreplay dumbass," Tyler answered not looking up, "and it's hot as hell. I admit it's no eggplant emoji, but it's the ultimate chase."

"Why do you want to chase her?" Charlie asked.

"You can't understand unless you try it, have you ever tried it?" Tyler smirked at Charlie. "Wait she just sent two pictures."

"Oh shit, she is sexting you already, I take back what I said." Charlie moved closer to Tyler as did the rest of their party.

"All right, she is covering her eyes in that one and is that the Cincinnati Bengals logo?" Joe questioned, scratching his shaved head in puzzlement.

"See no evil?" Max conjectured. "Their quarterback Andy Dalton is a red head. Is there a bar called See No Evil or Blind Evil?"

"Blind Tiger!" Tyler shouted, nearly dropping his phone in euphoria. "She is at Blind Tiger." His fingers began typing a new message. You know, when I go to Blind Tiger, I usually get a Breakside IPA, mind ordering one for me in advance? :p. Jessica answered his text with a clapping hands emoji and wrote back, good job, too bad I'm already gone, but I did take this before I left...

Tyler's phone took a second to download the picture, but his eyes widened when he saw it. Jessica was taking a selfie in a bathroom stall with her Santa hat on and shirt and bra hiked up. Her perky tits were free and exposed. Tyler looked at each round pink areola and erect nipple in turn. Zooming in to make out every dimple, freckle and goosebump and zooming back out to enjoy the full splendor of her cute smile basking over her perfect boobs. The picture was immediately followed by another message. You will have to meet me at this next place, Jessica wrote, especially if you want to see more of me.

"So were you right?" Keith asked, handing Tyler a beer. "Are we going to Blind Tiger?"

"No, she is already gone." He answered taking a swig.

"Thank god," answered Keith, "I would be stone-cold sober once we got there."

"She said she would meet me at the next place." At that moment, Tyler's phone buzzed in his clenched right hand and he turned it on to read the next clue. Flip me upside down and I will give you a kiss where you are rock-hard, just don't go blabbing about it afterward. ;) Tyler read the text over three times. After the arrogance of getting the first one so easily the difficulty of this clue stung. Tyler sat down on a stool, sipped his beer and opened the picture of Jessica once more.

Part V

"Who are we asking for?" asked Max as their little Santa army marched its way into Blarney Rock Pub.

"Tom." Tyler said looking back over his texts with Jessica. Blarney Rock Pub was an old sports bar a block from the Empire State Building that prided itself on Guinness and Irish breakfasts and was the answer to Jessica's last text. In truth, it had been Keith who had figured it out to everyone's chagrin because it had meant a thirty-minute walk from Wheeltapper. Charlie was none too happy about the next location, but luckily he was somehow blaming Keith not Tyler or the still absent Jessica.

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