The Girl Next Door


Suddenly having enough of the restrictions of clothing, Charlotte reached down to the hemline of the blonde's dress and began pulling it up slowly, marveling at each new millimeter of skin that was revealed. Gabriele Westerfeld had a body to die for. When the dress had been rolled to an obscene position somewhere around her waist, Gabi took over, lifting it over her head and throwing it to one side.

"Now you..." she whispered, her breathing slightly ragged, "I want you as you were before."

Charlotte began unbuttoning her blouse, but was simply too slow for her neighbour. Pushing Charlotte's hands out of the way, Gabi caught hold of the garment and ripped it down the centre, sending buttons flying like confetti to the ground. Her lips were upon Charlotte's nipples in an instant, kissing, sucking, licking and devouring until the reckless British agent felt that she'd pass out from pleasure.

For a few moments, she simply held Gabi's head to her breasts, willing the blonde to keep working her spell and drive her into a slow deep orgasm with her tongue. But Charlotte wasn't one to be submissive for long. Gabi's corselet was beginning to annoy her. She wanted to be touching that beautiful body before her and enjoying it with no restriction. Daunted but far from beaten, Charlotte reached behind Gabi's back and began untying the stubborn fastenings.

As though prompted by her neighbour's boldness, Gabi caught hold of the waistband of Charlotte's trousers and pulled them down. Now naked, both women stopped and admired one another. Without saying a word, Charlotte reached forwards once again to take one of Gabi's breasts. Her lips wrapped themselves around the dusky nipples breathing another sigh as she did so. This was what she'd wanted to do from the moment she set eyes on her neighbour's ample chest, and the sensation was more than living up to her expectations.

After a short while Gabi's fingers came to rest on Charlotte's head, but instead of drawing her in closer, they started to force her head down. Slowly but surely, Charlotte sank to her knees, allowing her tongue to trail its way down over the blonde's creamy skin. She paused for a moment on Gabi's navel, allowing her tongue to sink into the small groove. It was blindingly obvious where this one was going, and both women knew it would only be a matter of time before Charlotte's tongue was buried in a much sweeter place.

Charlotte had eaten out women before. In fact, she liked to think of it as her pastime. But never in her life had she eaten pussy with this degree of intensity or lust. What made it all the more pleasurable was that Gabriele Westerfeld shaved her pussy bald. As Charlotte glanced down she was able to see the outline of her engorged lips, slightly larger than average and more tempting than any she'd ever seen. She dipped her tongue between them and withdrew it just as quickly. It was a tease. She knew her neighbour was on the edge and wanted to make the moment last as long as possible. She slid her tongue in again, and this time Gabi moaned loudly. Charlotte was amazed at how wet the woman had become. Hungry for more of the sensuous juices, she began to lick along the centre of Gabi's slit, allowing her tongue to go everywhere apart from the one place her lover desired it most.

"Please... Charlotte..."

Gabi's voice was beginning to falter. Charlotte drew back again and then plunged her tongue deep inside. The force of it caused Gabi to take a step back and Charlotte delighted in the fact that her neighbour's pussy was now open even wider. She thrust her tongue in again, this time allowing to linger inside the softness of Gabi's pussy, drinking in her wetness and the musky smell of arousal that was all around her. As she glanced up, she saw Gabi looking down at her, watching in shock as her cunt was being invaded by an expert tongue.

Slowly, Charlotte withdrew, allowing only the tip of her tongue to stay in contact. She couldn't get enough of the sweetness that was coating her lips. She needed more and that was precisely what she was going to get. Moving her hands between Gabi's legs, Charlotte caught hold of her lips and spread them apart. She held them in that position for a while, teasing her neighbour by blowing lightly against her clit and watching it throb.

Until this point Gabi's hands had been resting limply on Charlotte's head, but as her desire grew she began drawing the girl in to her, desperate to find her release. She found it the second Charlotte's lips clamped around her clit. True to form, Charlotte sucked her to one orgasm after another, her tongue moving wildly over the swollen nub until it felt like the woman would collapse. Repositioning her hands to stabilise her partner, Charlotte then drove her tongue with force deep into the entrance of her neighbour's pussy. Gabi's back arched as her body was wracked by a final earth-shattering orgasm. Her juices flowed past Charlotte tongue directly into her mouth. Charlotte was in seventh heaven.


Gabi's entire body was trembling as she pushed Charlotte's head away. Charlotte rose unsteadily to her feet, expecting to see her lover burst into tears or at least fall into her arms, but although ruffled Gabriele Westerfeld was composed as always, weighing up the situation and plotting her next move.

"Lean over the table," she ordered, wiping the sweat from her brow. Charlotte was about to question her. Everything down here was filthy and covered in decades of dust and grime. But one stern look from the blonde was all that was necessary to make her comply.

The table was old and littered with unwanted furnishings – a mouldy lamp cover, some old newspapers, a bicycle wheel and even a couple of mottled feather boas left over from the roaring twenties. Charlotte swept them off the table and leaned over it, feeling more than a little apprehensive of what was to come. It was perfectly justified. No sooner had Gabi noticed the boas, they were tied firmly around Charlotte's wrists and secure to the furthest legs of the table. In this position, Charlotte was completely sprawled out over the wooden trestles, her feet barely touching the floor on the opposite side. Gabriele moved close to her again.

"You eat pussy superbly," she commented, running her tongue down the side of Charlotte's neck, "But now it's your turn."

She vanished from Charlotte's line of vision, leaving the Brit with a stomach full of butterflies. No one had ever just taken her like this before and as the seconds ticked by, Charlotte's heart began to pound. She felt a sharp kick to her ankle and instinctively moved her leg out further. Another kick to the other ankle, and she was left with her legs spread wide. A cool hand suddenly made contact with her butt, stroking it gently, but when Charlotte made an effort to look behind her, it cracked down hard on her tender skin. Charlotte gave a cry of alarm.

"Please don't struggle, schatz," said Gabi in a dangerously measured tone, "I tied you up for a reason and I want you to keep looking forwards."

Charlotte bit her lip and stuck out her jaw in determination. It was an obscene position. Her cunt was completely on display for this woman, but in a perverse way she found herself actually enjoying the humiliation.

Soon Charlotte felt warm skin and flesh pressing up against her. Gabi had moved so close that her pussy was resting up against the moaning brunette's ass. Charlotte could feel everything from the slick juices rubbing against her skin to the pulsating clit that was still hungry for more. Gabi shifted her position a little, placing her hands around Charlotte's hips for extra support and then grinding hard against her astonished lover. Charlotte almost stopped breathing. What Gabi was doing broke all her beliefs about lesbian love. Until now, it had been synonymous with consensual giving and receiving and the warmth that two women got from it. At this moment in time, however, Gabriele Westerfeld seemed to be using Charlotte's body for her own personal pleasure. What made it all the more surprising was that Charlotte was enjoying every second of it.

As Gabi found her rhythm, Charlotte became aware that the hands were moving lower down her stomach. Soon, one outstretched finger had worked its way between her swollen lips and found her clit. She gasped as the finger began a slow circling motion. After a while, the finger was joined by two more – this time at the entrance of her pussy. They lingered for a split second before plunging deep inside her all the way up to the knuckle. Charlotte's cries were answered only the insertion of a third finger, then a fourth. She felt stretched to her limits, but could do nothing but submit to the feelings of bliss coming from between her legs. Gabriele's cunt was still jammed against her ass and beginning to release a slow stream of wetness that was now trickling down Charlotte's thighs. With the fingers pumping inside her and steady massaging of her clit, she was approaching an orgasm far deeper and stronger than she had ever experienced before.

"Cum for me!" ordered Gabriele, her voice tight from the strain of holding in her own orgasm, "I want you to cum all over my fingers so that I can taste you when I lick them."

Charlotte's pussy began to spasm.

"Oh yes! I want to feel your orgasm exploding inside you, and I'm not going to stop fucking that horny little cunt of yours until you're spent. I want every last drop of your cum..."

Charlotte didn't hear the rest. As wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body, vivid colours began to flash in front of her eyes. Her body rose and fell, and rose and fell so many times that she lost count. Her cries of ecstasy were joined by Gabi's as another flood of wetness came gushing over her ass.

When there are opened her eyes, her wrists had been untied and she was lying peacefully across the table. A few more seconds as her eyes became accustomed to the light once more. The room seemed to be empty – at least at first glance.

"The bombing is over."

Charlotte turned around and saw Gabi sitting on the floor behind her, her dress pulled loosely over her head once more, but the corselet abandoned. Charlotte moved stiffly off the table and faced her.

"That was magnificent, schatz..." whispered Gabi in a voice that sounded as though it wanted to say a lot more.

"Yes... it was." Charlotte was usually good with words, but for the first time in her life could think of nothing to say. It would have been the relationship made in heaven under any other circumstances, but for now both the time and setting were wrong, "What now?"

"There is no photo," stated Gabi after an awkward silence, "There never was a photo or a warrant. You'd given me the slip once when you punched me in the jaw – I wanted to make sure that you wouldn't do it again."

Charlotte stared at the ground.

"Your best bet is to leave now while the city's infrastructure is in chaos. Now is your best chance, Charlotte. Leave while you still can."

Feeling unusually emotional, Charlotte put on her clothes quickly and avoided all eye-contact with the German. Gabriele was right – staying in a city under siege would have been madness, but it still didn't make her decision any the easier.

"So that's that..." began Charlotte as soon as she was dressed. Gabi stared directly back at her, a sudden softness to her eyes. Further words unnecessary, the women found themselves kissing once again. It was gentle and had a loving quality that deserved so much more of an opportunity than it had been given. It lasted an age, and when Gabi drew back, Charlotte kept her eyes closed for several seconds.

"If you ever come to Berlin again," came a whisper in her ear, "Make sure you find me."

And with that, she was gone.

Charlotte surfaced to a scene of utter destruction. Most of the Kurfûrstendamm had been flattened and was surrounded by a halo of firelight and smoke. Like most of the other buildings in the street, her apartment was uninhabitable. If ever there was a good time to be leaving the city it was now. She took one last look back before starting her journey – enough for her to salvage some hope from the rubble and pray that one day she'd relive her adventures with the girl next door.

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