tagErotic HorrorThe Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door


NOTE: All the characters in this story are above 18.

As I write this, I lay beneath the stars, not your stars, stars and heavenly bodies of a place...very far away. I'm wearing a jacket I lifted from some dead hobo and haven't eaten in days, in a desert that just seems to stretch on...forever. How did I end up so far from home? Well, it all started when we got a new neighbor, the girl next door...


I guess you could say the beginning of my troubles began when my dad died, some drunk asshole put him in the dirt on a rainy night, slipping off the road and crushing him in his seat. Mom wept for days, my bro, Ben, clammed up and turned into a little anti-social fuckhead, but I couldn't blame him. I wanted to rip the drunkard's head off but he died too.

Ultimately we couldn't afford to live in a house anymore, so we moved to an apartment. It was actually a pretty nice place, its only downside, if you could call it that, was that we were on the 13th floor, which in retrospect, probably didn't help things.

Things were looking up. Mom got some corporate paper pushing gig, making some good money. I got along with a girl from another floor, Katie, so well we became a couple and I was looking into some vocational schools, aiming to be an electrician or something. Life was good.

And then she came. One day, out of the blue, this girl came out of nowhere, moving in next door to us. Pretty noticeable since our floor was mostly empty, I remembered a nice Asian chick down the hall, and maybe a few old people, so this lady stuck out.

When Ben and me first met her, on her moving in day, we were blown away. She was wearing a super tight low cut dress, so tight it showed off the flowing hemispheres of her ass, barely concealing her abundant breasts, which exploded into a lush valley of cleavage, caressed by her long, amber hair. She was temptation incarnate.

Ben had a goofy smile on his face and was staring right into her cleavage, his eyes following her strange pendant which dangled enticingly between her massive breasts. I nudged him, trying to shake him out of his stupor as we introduced ourselves.

"Hi there! I'm Tom and this is my brother Ben." I moved to shake her hand, and became lost in her gorgeous face. Before then, I had prided myself on not being easily swayed by a woman's allure, but holy shit, this chick was surreal in her beauty. Her bright gray eyes gleamed, and seemed to stare right through me. I wanted to run away right then, but kept cool in front of my brother.

"I'm Lisa, pleasure to meet you both!" she said, giving Ben a little look, almost winking at him, before turning back to me. "People here are so warm and inviting...say, would you boys be up for helping me unpack a few boxes? I've got all my belongings here, just gotta furnish the place now!"

We both said sure at the same time. I had to meet up with Katie later that day, but I had some time to spare. We followed her inside, our eyes glued to her sculpted bottom, her cheeks quivering and flexing as she took each step. She must have known the effect she had on us, she moved too seductively to be practical but I didn't care, nor did my cock, I had to push it down to stop the pain it caused from pressing against my jeans.

When we got to her boxes, everything was as mundane as could be. Coffee maker, tea bags, random kitchen crap, from the corner of my eye I could see her pat my bro on the back, flirting with him as he unpacked. Suited me, I was spoken for and didn't need any more temptation. And then I got to the weird shit.

I found some cloths, possibly table cloths, bright red interlaced with black thread, the patterns reminded me of something Indian or Oriental, very ornate and something I had never seen before. My eyes hurt the longer I stared at it so I put that shit away, and then I came across some old pictures. Black and white pictures filled with random people, until I found one with Lisa.

But it couldn't have been her, the people looked like they were dressed from the 20's. Must have been a grandmother. Even so, through the picture this chick seemed to be peering right into me, and I found myself growing cold, goosebumps spreading across my arms, so I put it back. I stood up, eager to wash my hands of this weirdness.

"Hey Lisa, what brings you here? Where are you from?" I said, watching her bend over another box, her pendulous breasts hanging heavily within her dress. I think she caught me staring but continued on as if nothing had happened.

"Oh just here to expand my clientele, make new friends, start fresh. I came from down south. Very hot, dreadful climate."

"Ah cool...what do you do?"

"Massage and stress relief, that sort of thing."

She looked like a masseuse, the 'happy ending' kind. Her ass was so perfect, so full and ready for groping, her waist thin and fit, accentuating the heavenly, teardrop shape of her breasts. I bet she was expensive, whether she massaged cocks or not.

And even though I could ogle her all day, her new pad seemed 'off', giving me the wrong kind of tingles, even though by all accounts it seemed to be very similar to my apartment. "Nice. Well Lisa, I gotta go, but it was nice meeting you."

She held one hand over her chest, smiling while she twirled her pendant, as she extended her other hand to shake mine. My eyes struggled, not wanting to stare at her succulent tits while also not wanting to have to face her piercing gaze. They settled on her lips. "Likewise, come visit anytime, and thanks for your help."

Ben came up behind her like a puppy dog. "Hey uh, I think I'll stay behind and help her and stuff. If that's cool with you Lisa..."

"No problem at all, thanks for being such a sweetheart!"

I waved them goodbye, thankful to be out of her chilly apartment. Ben made me snicker, as if he had a chance with her, a smile and a pat on the back and he thinks she wants his cock. Poor kid was just out of high school, I think he got out with only a few blowjobs and that's it. He'd bloom eventually, I was sure.


I made my way down to Katie's place, and when she opened the door, I kissed her as passionately and deeply as possible. I loved the warmth of her arms, the softness of her lips. She gave me comfort after Lisa's place put me on edge, something just wasn't gelling together with that lady.

She got into it, pressing herself against me, wrapping one of her legs around me as I pulled her up by her supple ass. My free hand drifted up her shirt, cupping her soft breasts, both of us groaning from the sensation, until I had to pull away from lack of air. Her lips were so kissable, goddamn I miss her now, and the look she gave me was always so sweet.

"Wow, that was awesome. What's got inside you?" she said.

I shrugged. "Ah I dunno. Just wanted to see you. Oh yeah I got a new neighbor chick."

"Really? Tell me more." Grabbing my hand, she led me into her apartment, heading to her bedroom.

"She's older. Pretty. Into odd stuff."

She smirked at me, before feigning a haughty tone. "Prettier than...moi?"

"Nope." I lied. Of course Lisa was, objectively speaking, hotter than Katie. But love has a way of magnifying the good and blotting out the bad, and there was a whole lot of good with Katie, more than just her looks, she was simply beautiful, inside and out.

Her heart shaped face gave me a 'come hither' look, that was invitation enough as I grabbed her, running my hands through her raven hair, holding her by the head as we crushed our lips together once more, our tongues reuniting in pleasure. I laid her onto the bed and squeezed my hands around her tits, so soft, a perfect handful as I kissed her once more, her lips warm and eager for my attentions. I scooped one hand underneath her jeans, reaching around to cup one of her ass cheeks as she moaned in my mouth, her fingers electric as they reached down my pants, stroking my cock.

She started making gentle humping motions against me, my groping hands pushing her ass forward, allowing her to grind on my stiffening cock. We mashed our mouths together, letting our tongues spar in our throats, our necks straining for a deeper kiss.

I felt her move my hands back up to her her soft breasts, her nipples sliding in between my fingers. She let out a breathy gasp as I felt her fingers playing down my shaft, making subtle stroking motions in my pants.

I had to stop her from going further. "Sorry babe, but I gotta work tomorrow."

"Why? That hasn't stopped you before..." she had a hurt look in her eyes, imploring me to fuck her. I almost gave in.

"Yeah well tomorrow I gotta do lots of heavy lifting with the guys, more than usual and I'll need the extra energy. If I come it'll fuck with my chi."

"Your what?"

"My chi, or energy shit. It's why basketball players don't fuck the night before a game, throws em off or something. I've been reading all about it."

She giggled. "Fine..." We resolved to just continue the heavy petting, groping and fondling each other a little more. She ran her fingers down my back, pulling me closer as we kissed. Her sweet lips held onto mine as she moved my searching hands down from her breasts onto her stomach. Then she gave me a troubled look, an expectant glint in her eyes.

"Baby...I have to tell you something..." Her eyes stayed locked on mine, searching for any sort of discomfort. In truth I was a bit worried, whenever a chick says something like that I get tense, and I hoped my eyes didn't betray me.

"I'm pregnant."

If I was drinking something I would've spewed it out. "Oh...shit. That's fuckin awesome!" I was stoked. Sure having a kid now wasn't the best time, but I loved this woman, and this gave me one hell of an incentive to get my shit together.

"Really?! I thought you'd be mad..."

"Nah! Just surprised...it's a little sooner than expected, but no problem, we'll adapt."

She looked as if she was about to cry, her eyes misty and her breath trembling. We just hugged, holding each other. Tears dribbled down my cheeks as I held her. I felt like I had come home. I smoothed my hand around her belly. She was barely showing, only a slight bulge apparent. I looked in her eyes, wide and innocent. Love of my life, mother of our child. I started feeling all romantic...then I looked at my watch. Fuck.

I kissed her on the forehead. "Not to ruin the Kodak moment, but I gotta bounce babe. The day starts early tomorrow. We'll talk about this more."

The look she gave me was one of disappointment. I couldn't blame her, she wanted to be held and cuddled with a little longer, especially after that revelation. "Okay...love you."

I almost caved in, wanting to get in the sheets and simply hold her, the both of us just taking comfort in each other's warmth, but duty called. "Love you too."

I committed this moment to memory, it would be the last peaceful one we had.


I came back to my place a changed man, a little more spring in my step. I was going to be a father! I decided I wouldn't tell my mom for a few months, she would freak the fuck out. Once I moved out, then she would know.

I saw her in the kitchen, watching the TV as she sipped tea in the dim light. She still had her corporate office garb on, a little tight for a son's tastes but she wore it well. In her youth she had been quite the looker, and in a mature, MILFy kind of way she still was, but I kept such thoughts to a minimum, my skin crawled when I thought of my mother as a sexual being.

"Oh hey honey, I missed you!" A warm smile spread across her face, her blue eyes regarding me with a motherly kindness. After dad died, Ben and me were all she had left. She doted on us all the time. "How was Katie?"

"Oh she's fine, very fine. Healthy and happy."

"Ah good, love that girl. Make sure you hold onto her mister, girls like that don't come 'round often."

"I know mom, I know." I joined her at the table, pouring myself some tea. "Hey did you know we have a new neighbor?"

"I did! Lisa's her name, I think. I'm going over later tonight, we're gonna have a little get together. Should I bring coffee or tea as a welcoming gift?"

Well that was fast. I knew mom was good at making fast friends but hot damn. "Uh...tea. She's got some Eastern...stuff going on. Think she might be more receptive to that. Ben and me helped her out earlier today."

"That's my boys! You're such gentlemen. Will you be coming with?"

"Nah...I'm kinda tired. Gotta crash, wake up early tomorrow."

"Hmm...first Ben and now you. He seemed a little drained." That was odd, unpacking really isn't that rigorous, it's the moving that drains the most. Then again Ben was a lazy bastard. "Must be because you guys work so hard. Well, sleep well sweetie, I'll try not to wake you guys when I come back."

"Thanks mom."


I awoke a few hours later, feeling like crap.

It had taken me a few moments to realize that my room, the entire apartment was as quiet as a tomb. Not that it was usually a rock concert but the absence of sound was...odd. I crept out my room and down the hallway, passing my brother's room. I could hear him sawing logs, always a heavy sleeper.

My mom's room on the other hand, was empty. Her bedsheets were perfect, no ruffling, no sign of her. She wasn't back yet. Damn. I didn't know what was up with Lisa but she was a strange bitch. Stunning but strange.

I left our apartment and crept a few doors down to Lisa's place. I could hear indistinct sounds behind her door, which oddly, was cracked open a little. Normally I would take a dim view on home invasion, but I had good reason to be there, and hey, the door was open.

Coming into her living room I recognized all the exotic tapestries and carpets, bathed in lurid red light. Yep, definitely Lisa's place. Then I heard it again, this time far clearer. The sounds were not so indistinct, in fact they could only be one thing. Moans. Moans of unsurpassed pleasure.

I sneaked up to her bedroom and I could see flashes of light play underneath her door. I prayed I wasn't going to catch my mother doing some crazy lesbian shit, lest I be scarred for life. As I came ever closer to taking a peak, I could hear squelching sounds and slapping flesh. Someone was getting fucked and fucked very hard.

I finally steeled myself and looked through the cracked open door. My jaw dropped and my heart sank. There lay my mother, getting fucked by a strap-on as Lisa thrust behind her, nuzzling into her neck as her pale hands sunk into my mom's tits. Both were on their knees, my mom in an upright position as Lisa bent her neck back, nibbling on her ear before licking her throat. Mom's eyes were wide and glazed over, her red hair a knotted, sticky mess on her sweaty body, completely lost in the sensations of being taken by this beast of a woman.

I could only stare on, more aroused than ever. I had to tangle with my cock, pushing it down as it had more than risen to the occasion. My initial shock and excitement had concealed some of the wrongness of the scene. Like the fact that my mom wasn't getting fucked by a strap-on, but by a tail.

The thing was thick and blue-black, covered in both their fluids, with prominent veins rippling along its sides. Lisa was thrusting in at jackhammer pace, sending love juices all over her sheets while mom's hands reached behind, grabbing Lisa's juicy ass and forcing her forward even faster.

Their loud moans had a beautiful rhythm and I could sense a mutual release was near. Unlike the time I was with her, the room began to grow hotter and hotter. Even standing outside the doorway, I could feel the heat, imagining the scalding temperature it must have been inside. Sweat beaded down my mom's tits while Lisa's boobs looked like oil slicked globes, just covered in a slippery sheen as she slid them against my mother, pressing their softness into her back as she brought her mouth to her ear.

"The time is near Jean...if you want final release, you must take my gift." She grabbed my mom's throat even harder, slamming her hips against her to emphasize her point. "You must...give yourself to me."

Mom was fried, her soul frayed with all-consuming lust. "Ohh...mmmmh....yes...YES! Please! Give it to me...!"

"It is forever...there is no turning back."

Mom was gasping, her body trembling with need. "I...I know...I need it...take me..."

With that Lisa let out an unearthly growl, her eyes turning jet black like a shark that had just tasted blood. Her fingernails shimmered, glistening with a black oily substance as she sank her fangs into my mom's neck, dragging her claws across her belly and raking her heaving breasts, all while jutting up into her pussy, her tail undulating and pumping her foul essence deep inside my mother.

Mom looked up, her eyes broadcasting fear, her face twisted in simultaneous pleasure and anguish. I think it was the only time she had come to grips to what she had just agreed to.

"Lisa...what is this...?"

"Shhh...feel my essence...let it infest every part of your soul...let it join yourself to me..."

"My soul...oh god! FUCK! I....feel it...feel you...so good...so inside..." her voice trailed off, her eyes glassing over as Lisa's darkness overcame her.

A mind shattering orgasm crashed through mom, her mouth gaping in voiceless ecstasy, while her toes curled and her body shook, until Lisa hugged her close, pinning her like the prey she was. I could only watch as I saw strange writhing lumps move across my mom's stomach, while her veins rippled, pulsating with blackness as her skin was drained of color.

Lisa groped her breasts, whispering into her ear as mom let out a long moan, her body going slack in Lisa's arms while her face became expressionless. It seemed like there was nothing for a few moments, and then Lisa looked directly at me. I nearly shit myself.

Paralyzed with fear, I couldn't will myself to move. I hoped maybe whatever she was, couldn't detect stillness that well, like a bear or something, which was fuckin stupid because she smiled right at me. This was all a set-up, all the unlocked doors, she had intended for me to see what was going to happen next.

My mother jerked back to life, eyes fluttering as she let out a gurgled moan of pleasure, drool streaking down her lips as the impossible happened. Her body began changing. Her tits blossomed from what was a modest cup size to a I don't know what cup, only that they grew even bigger and pouting. They jiggled in Lisa's grip, ivory-white globes of soft flesh, topped with pink nipples.

I saw rolls of flab smoothed away into utter sleekness, her stomach a fitness model's dream while the excesses on her thighs were melted away into muscled but soft shapeliness. Lisa moved her over, so I could see her nonexistent ass pulse into reality, growing into two ripe, meaty spheres, just begging to to be grabbed.

Her hand ran down my mother's taut belly, down to her sex, strumming her nub as she went through more convulsions. Her widening hips bucked to her stimulation, while her back arched, pushing her lavish breasts forward, riding high, as her moans slowly transformed into that indescribably inhuman sound Lisa made earlier. My skin tingled and my cock throbbed at her voice, all the while my mom turned into something entirely too fuckable.

I looked on as black goo streamed out of her bite and claw marks, running like onyx rivers down her ripe, porcelain breasts, her soft titflesh shuddering underneath her violent gasps. Her tresses took on a more vivid shade of red, unburdened by middle age they became radiant, shining curls. Her fiery hair was a riveting flash of color against her pale skin, with only Lisa's oozing claw marks blemishing her form, but they too, were healing, fading away into nothingness.

My mother then calmed down into stillness, her spasms at an end. A serene sigh left her lips as her mouth curled into a twisted smile. She rolled over to kiss Lisa, gripping her by the head as the two made sucking sounds, muffling each other's moans as she humped against her. I could see my mother's plush bottom...so soft, so inviting. And then my mouth went dry at what happened next.

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