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The Girl Next Door


Janice was the girl next door. I guess I shouldn't really say girl because she was pushing twenty and quite the young lady. I've known her since she was a kid and I have to say she's grown up nicely.

The day that the unfortunate incident occurred was a hot summer day on the weekend. I was home alone and I'd noticed Janice was sunbathing in her backyard. I have to admit she was really something in a bikini and I was practically drooling as I looked at her.

In case you're wondering, no, I wasn't hanging over the fence or climbing a ladder to get a peek. It just so happens I'd been upstairs and had looked out the window and seen her.

I couldn't stay there all day just drooling over her (actually, I could, now I think of it) so I just sighed, thought of what might have been and went on about my business.

I was in the kitchen having a cup of coffee later when there was a knock on the back door and Janice came waltzing in calling out hullo.

I just lifted my cup of coffee to acknowledge her and said "Janice" in a friendly voice while beating down the surge of lust I felt. Janice hadn't bothered to put on a robe just to drop in and see us, or me, actually, being the only one there, and that bikini fitted her like a second skin. Not that it was a very large second skin. It covered her here and there, if you know what I mean, but that was all it did.

She had come, she informed me, to cadge a couple of eggs off me. She was out and needed some for a cake she had to bake and she just couldn't be bothered going down the street for them.

That wasn't a problem as far as I was concerned and I just waved her towards the fridge, telling her to help herself. Then I sat back and enjoyed the view while Janice bent over and burrowed into the fridge.

She came up out of the fridge clutching three eggs, and the first thing she did when turning away from the fridge was drop one. Flushing and apologising, Janice dumped the other two eggs on the sink, grabbed the sponge and started cleaning up the mess.

The egg was crushed on one side and while leaking freely was easy to pick up and toss in the rubbish. Janice then started wiping the leakage off the floor.

Bending over like that emphasised the size and shape of her breasts very nicely. Her bikini covered her while she was standing or lying but when she bent over that way her breasts really seemed to be putting a strain on it.

Janice was quite startled when her top gave way and spilled her bounteous breasts into view. I should point out that this wasn't really due to poor workmanship where the bikini was concerned. I'm sure the bikini would have handled the load very efficiently if I hadn't reached over and pulled on the bow behind her neck.

Janice promptly stood up with a squeal, grabbing for the top to do it up. In retrospect, this was probably a poor choice of moves. Not only did it give me very nice view of her breasts bouncing happily, but it got her arms up out of the road so that I was able to reach out and undo the tie on the side of her bikini bottom.

All girls should really use either a double bow on their bikinis, or a little stitch to hold the bow in place. I suspect that in future, Janice will see the wisdom of this.

The side of Janice's bikini dropped away, showing a nicely shaven pussy. I do like those nice shapely curves of a well-trimmed pussy, don't you?

Janice now had a choice to make. Drop the top again, showing off her breasts, or continue to try to tie the top while her bikini bottom dangled and displayed her pussy for all to see. Or for me to see, anyway.

Janice opted to cover her pussy, releasing her top and grabbing for the ties to her bikini bottom.

"What do you think you're playing at, Andy," she snapped at as she twisted to get at her ties.

"It's an old game," I told her, "called strip Jack naked. I've just changed it to strip Janice naked."

While she was pulling on the ties on one side of her bikini bottom, so was I. On the other side. That popped undone as well and when Janice tugged at her ties she found herself standing there with her bikini bottoms dangling from her hand. (And her lovely boobs bouncing lightly as she bounced in irritation.)

Janice was flushed as she glared at me, just standing there on full display, panties in her hand.

"What did you do that for?" she demanded.

"Oh, a couple of reasons," I said. "For a start, I wanted to see what you looked like nude, and I have to say you look exquisite."

I'd been giving her the once over while I said that, and Janice knew it, her blush deepening, but at least she wasn't trying to cover herself with her hands. Probably knew it was too late and I'd seen everything anyway.

"The other reason, you should be able to guess. You're not a virgin, are you?"

"That's none of your business," she flared at me, and then the reason for my asking dawned on her.

You surely don't think I'm going to let you have sex with me?" she gasped.

"Um, actually, I wasn't intending to ask," I pointed out. Standing up, I was undoing the tie to the tracksuit pants I was wearing, while Janice was watching me with eyes getting wider.

"What do you mean by that crack?" she asked. "And don't you dare take your pants off in front of me."

"I mean that I'm standing in my house with a lovely young thing standing naked in front of me. The only reason there could possibly be for that is because she wants me. So I'm going to oblige you. No need to thank me."

By this time my tracksuit pants and underpants had both hit the ground and my erection was on display. While not as lovely as Janice's nudity, it made its own kind of impression.

It certainly made an impression on Janice. She looked at and then determinedly looked away.

"You're not sticking that thing in me," she told me, trying to sound firm but only sounding nervous.

"Of course not," I said. "I more had the intention of either sliding it in gently or lifting you up and letting you sink down onto it.

I'll tell you what. As you seem a little nervous about it we'll go and lie down on the couch. Or rather, I'll lie down and you can straddle me and settle onto me at your own pace."

Taking Janice by the hand I led her into the lounge room, Janice protesting all the way that she didn't want to do it, thank you very much. Nonsense really, of course she wanted to.

In the lounge room I dropped onto the couch, dragging Janice with me so that she was lying on top of me. She could feel my erection pressing firmly against her tummy.

Pinning her against me with one hand, my other hand ran over her bottom, squeezing it and then moving between her legs to start assaulting her pussy. Janice was squealing and wriggling against me, (and very nice it felt, too) and protesting that she didn't want this and wasn't going to do it.

Formal protests only, of course, and ignored, the way they were meant to be. I was kneading her soft flesh, feeling the heat of her, my fingers edging into her slit and testing the waters, as it were. And the waters were wet and warm.

(For those of you who insist that I was probably raping the poor girl, please note that her legs were apart, giving me free access to her private parts. Of course the woman wanted me.)

After playing with and stirring up her pussy for a while, I put it back onto Janice. I pulled her higher along my body so that my cock slipped between her legs, rearing slightly and pressing against her slit.

"You move," I told her. "Just take your time and settle onto me."

"Do I have to do this?" she demanded.

I didn't even bother to answer that one, just pressing slightly harder against her slit. It was enough. Janice gulped and pushed herself against me, letting me slide between her lips. Then she slowly sat up, and as she came erect I could feel myself moving deeper and deeper into her. By the time she was sitting upright, I was fully inside her.

For a while I continued to let Janice make the running. She rocked back and forth slowly, apparently savouring the sensations caused by the slow gentle drag of my cock inside her. Then she started rocking more vigorously, my cock withdrawing more and surging back as she moved.

This went on for a while, and we were both enjoying it, dragging our pleasure out. It wasn't enough of course, and we were both soon wanting more. Janice changed her style.

She now lay fully on me, lifting her bottom up until it was nearly off my cock and then rushing back down to engulf me again. Things were getting really interesting then, and they became even more so when my wife walked in.

"You rotten sod," she screamed at me. "What are you doing with that lousy little bitch?"

What a stupid question, I thought. Couldn't she see what we were doing?

"Hey, not my fault," I protested. "Janice came in and just threw herself at me. What could I do?"

The wife started shrieking at Janice who was trying to defend herself. Mary, that's my wife's name, wasn't listening. Next thing I hear a slapping sound and a squeal from Janice.

Mary had laid a very firm spank on Janice's bottom, and decided that she liked the idea. It must have been a bit uncomfortable for Janice. I'd drive up into her, she'd lift her bottom away from me as I drew back, and Mary would promptly spank the bottom as it rose, giving it extra energy for its trip back down.

It was fortunate that we were near the end of our play, or Janice would have been beaten black and blue. As it was she had a nice red bottom when I gave the last upward thrust that sent us both over the edge, and she didn't even notice Mary spanking her after that.

When I relaxed I made Mary quit the spanking, and she just stood around, arms crossed and fuming, until Janice finally gathered her wits together.

As soon as Mary thought Janice was aware enough as to know what was going on, Mary started on her.

"How dare you come in here and seduce my husband," she demanded. I think she was getting set for a big tirade when Janice defended herself.

"Hey, it's not my fault. You were so busy screwing daddy I thought you'd be over at my place for ages yet."

It's at this point that I'd like to draw a curtain over the whole incident. I have nothing more to say.

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