tagHumor & SatireThe Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door


She was sitting at the pool again. God, how she has such a great body. Smooth curves, tight ABS, and a face that Aphrodite gets pissed at. But what would she know about me watching her through the fence. She loved to go swimming in the afternoon, when the sun was up and it was hot. The water was cool and it allowed her pink nipples to harden and perk up like little digits.

I could make them out perfectly through the zoom in lens I had on a little spy gadgets. But, nothing compared to the moment when she pulled down the bottom half of her suit. I don't think I can ever forget that moment when it happened. Suddenly, she looked around and smiled. She knew she was alone and no one was watching her. She didn't know I was behind the fence. All she knew was that she could do whatever she wanted.

So, down they went. The little black thong looking bottom slid down her legs so smoothly it seemed like she had extra soft smooth skin. I started to hurt in my little man. I felt it suddenly squeeze like I had been kicked there. Then I felt the wet sticky stuff come out. I didn't know if I made a sound or not but I know that she looked up and she knew I was there. Somehow, some screwed up way. She knew.

I blinked and I felt my heart start running faster than I could breath and I saw her look at me. She looked directly at me and I couldn't do anything. I was frozen and she knew it. she didn't do anything at first. I didn't do anything either, I was too scared she might tell my parents.

But she smiled in my direction. She sat down at the steps of the pool and looked at the peep hole. she saw me through the cracks in the boards. She saw me and she knew I was scared.

"You're the Adam's kid right? from school?" she called out in a joking manner. I knew she was gonna have fun with this now. add that to the fact that her boyfriend was big boy Thompson. the biggest asshole/wrestler/quarterback/boxing team leader. He would rip me four more rectums and fill them with his piss now if she told him. one thing ran through my mind that minute of silence when she spoke to me.


Another giggle and I heard her voice come out once more now. This time I knew she was talking to me and she was giggling that I was scared.

"c'mon out and over Simon, Tony isn't here." She said as she felt the water with her hand and made little splashing sounds now. The sounds called me in, they were begging me to take the plunge and get to see her naked up close and personal.

BIG GULP. Turning and looking into the peep hole, seeing a greenish eye looking back, light hazel when she caught a light right above her and dark jade when she looked down and if she cried.

I couldn't move and I couldn't speak, fuck that I couldn't breath. She was staring right at me and I was staring back, she was smiling and I was frozen in terror. she smiled and leaned closer onto the fence and whispered softly.

"How long have you been watching me?"

I didn't say anything I couldn't shit in a second I could be in my house up in my room praying to god and asking for mercy. But she leaned against the fence and looked through the peep hole. she wasn't scared, she wasn't angry, she was smiling at me.

Now lets just take a step outside first. Okay... a little back story for her boyfriend. Tony is 5'9 over two hundred pounds and has a max press of 450 pounds. his hobbies are sending other school jocks into coma's, the ER and breaking the legs of any little squirt who gets in the way of him and his girlfriend. Tony has been to three prisons for violent behavior and yeah ... you get the picture.

She smiled again and looked at me with a wink. God how I couldn't stand how I was frozen there. just standing there, my Dick hard and her eyes watching me. Add also the fact she was completely nude.

"Simon, please talk to me, I know who you are, I know that you have been watching me and I know your scared of Tony."

My reply quickly as I got enough air to say... "I'm not scared of him... I'm horrified."

She giggled and I couldn't believe how she couldn't care less for my life. But she looked back into the peep hole and smiled to me. she had a kind smile, she wasn't popular, she was just a nice hot person. She wasn't dumb, she was beautiful in an angelic kind of way.

"Don't be, don't worry he wont be over, my parents have a restraining order on him so he cant come to my house."

That was a minor relief, but the fact was still clear she was still seeing him and she could probably tell him when school comes up. I had to think of how to get out and away from here.

"Simon, I know you have been watching me. Its kind of cute ... odd and rude at times for privacy but cute."

Another big gulp, cause honestly, big gulps are good when you don't know what to say. She smiled and I calmed down a bit, she leaned in close and whispered now.

"you have been watching me ever since you moved here. the first day you moved in i saw you looking out the window down at me. watching me swim naked in the pool. watching as other boys have licked at my cunt. you have been watching as i spread my legs and let them push inside me with their big hard cocks ... well not that big. you have watched me for two years now. You practically know how to get me hot don't you?

You know that I like it slow then hard, I like to be eaten out first. You know that every time I cum I scratch down the backs of whoever is ontop of me. you know that I like to have fun, you know I don't like giving head.

Do you want me? I know you do. I know that you have jerked off watching me, watching me when I swim and watching me when I take off my swim suit. you know that you want me. Don't you Simon?

Don't you want my warm sheath of a pussy covering over your hard cock? Don't you want to feel me shiver as you pump me? how it feels so nice and tight. You have been watching me for two years. how it must hurt everyday when you jerk off never being able to cum in me or to feel me cum on you."

I wanted to get out now, she I wanted to run into my house but fuck ... soft sweet voice talking nasty dirty little things... Dick hard blood rushing into the muscle. I was holding back my explosion because of how she talked.

she smiled once more and sighed now, standing up straight and walking off to gather her things.

"When you grow some hair on those nuts of yours come over ... my parents aren't home and I think your cute."

I blinked and looked down, my pants were soaked in me. She offered me a loss at my v-card. hell you all know the outcome. I went over and found her boyfriend didn't have that restraining order.

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