tagFirst TimeThe Girl Next Door Ch. 01

The Girl Next Door Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Rachel

It all started innocently enough, or so I thought at first, late one morning when I was lying outside by the pool. Summer term had just finished and I wanted to relax so I stayed home and had the whole place to myself while the rest of my family was out doing whatever around town all day. It was a blisteringly hot day so I had decided to go outside and work on my tan.

Then my neighbour's 18 year-old daughter came out of her house about five minutes later, evidently with the same idea as me, to get some sun.

Rachel, the same age as me, was one of the most popular girls in school and had always treated me well even though I thought she was way out of my league.

I'm not a dork, but at the same time I don't think I'm anything special to look at either though I am fairly athletic, medium build, with dark hair and hazel eyes.

But Rachel, she was amazing.

She was captain of the Cheerleaders and absolutely the most beautiful girl I've ever seen anywhere, before or since. She had a tight ass, long toned legs and perfect 38DD breasts (which might be considered a bit large for a cheerleader but with her statuesque figure and astounding beauty they were just right); hers was altogether an incredible body that was often the focus of my bedtime erotic fantasies.

I could just see over the low fence into her garden and I admired her stunning figure as she took her robe off to reveal a pure white g-string bikini. I'm sure I saw her glancing over in my direction a few times and she seemed to be standing in a few provocative poses for my benefit as she laid her towel out on the lounger beside their pool.

Damn she was hot, and double-damn that suit was tiny.

Then she definitely looked over in my direction, smiled and waved at me.

She clasped her hands together over her head and stretched upwards, showing her superb figure off to great advantage, turned round slowly and dived into their pool.

When she climbed out of the pool moments later she looked in my direction again and waved hello a second time.

I waved back, not knowing what would come next, and I wondered about her bikini as it seemed to have changed colour, going slightly darker.

Then she put her hands on her hips with her elbows and shoulders pulled back and called out, 'Hey, Dave, are you just going to stay there on your own all day or come over here and keep me company.' She sat down on the edge of her lounger, obviously waiting for me to join her.

What the hell? I thought, I AM on my own so I might as well have someone to talk to.

And I didn't want to pass up the chance for a closeup view of her amazing figure in that miniscule chameleonic bikini.

Rachel and I have hung out together a few times and we got on quite well with each other so I gathered my things and climbed over the fence. As I approached her she leaned back, put her hands behind her on the opposite edge of the lounger behind her, straightened her legs out and crossed her ankles. I saw that the white bikini top, in addition to being so small it only just covered what it was supposed to, was made of material so thin that it had turned nearly transparent from the water, her skin, nipples and areolae showing through. Her bottoms were so small that I could only see the top edge where they disappeared between her legs.

When I got next door I went to put my towel on a lounger a little way away from Rachel and she exclaimed, 'Not over there silly, that will be in the shade in a few hours, get over here by me,' pointing at the lounger in front of her.

Why was I so nervous I wondered, she obviously expects me to be here for a while?

I moved over, laid down on my back and we began chatting about inconsequential things at first, and then it got more interesting.

'So who are you dating Dave?' Rachel quizzed as she spun round on the lounger and laid down on her back as well.

'No one really,' I replied.

Rachel propped herself up on one elbow, twisting her upper body towards me and pressed on, 'Well who do you like?'

I glanced at her and answered, 'Debbie, but she doesn't even know I exist.'

'Have you told her? I mean, why do guys think girls should know everything?' Rachel proclaimed.

'I just, well, I ah,' I couldn't make any sense. 'I guess I just don't know what is the right thing to say, or do. I've never done it, so I'm just not sure...' I finished in a rush.

Holy crap, did I just admit that I am a virgin to my hot ass neighbour? Yep, I sure did. Rachel covered her face and giggled.

'Well, neither have I, but what's the big deal, its just sex,' she said.

'You only think that because everyone wants to fuck you, Rachel, you don't even have to try to get laid,' I blasted.

It was all to true, she was a knockout and the guys lined up for her.

'Just because people want to fuck me doesn't mean anyone has...yet. These guys in the squad are all mouth and trousers anyway.'

She paused.

'Do you want to fuck me Dave?' Rachel demanded.

I turned my head to look at her again and stammered 'Ah, well, I ah...'.

My voice trailed off as I didn't know what to say, and was a bit distracted by the sight of one of her nipples which had slipped out from under her bikini top.

'You do don't you,' Rachel howled with what seemed to be an approving smile, 'you want to fuck me.'

I could feel my face going red as I nodded.

She noticed my glance down at her exposed nipple and howled again as she tucked it back under her top saying, 'Hey, stop staring at my tits.'

My neighbour Rachel had somehow got me to admit I was a virgin and I lusted after her. Damn, what a fool I am.

Then I realised she had just said she was a virgin as well, twice.

And was she suggesting what I thought she was?

'I need to flip over,' I said, wanting to conceal my growing erection, and turned over to lie on my stomach.

As Rachel laid down on her back again I thought Hang on, if she doesn't want me to look at her tits then why is she wearing that bikini. She must have seen me in the garden before she came outside?

So I looked in her direction again, at her breasts, and thought her nipples seemed to be getting a little swollen...or was that just my imagination seeing what I wanted to see.

Rachel said, 'You better put some sunscreen on Dave, you'll burn up. Here, I'll do it for you.'

Ok, I know, insert sunscreen story here. But this was happening and my god it was great.

As she stood up and walked the few feet to stand next to me I saw her tiny bikini bottoms were shaped like a very narrow and very short oval that, like her top, was only just large enough to cover the minimum of what it should. The wisp of cloth moulded to the shape of her bulging labia which, like her nipples, were so clearly visible through the white material, still soaking from her swim a few minutes earlier, that she might just as well not have been wearing anything at all.

I rested my chin on my hands and Rachel moved round in front of me, knelt down and started spreading the lotion on my shoulders and upper back, my cock growing more as I enjoyed the silky feel of her hands sliding across my skin and the sight of her pussy and nipples in that nearly transparent g-string just inches in front of my face. She moved round to my side, to do my lower back, and when she did the backs of my legs her hands seemed to travel further up the insides of my thighs than seemed necessary, and my cock got harder. Upon finishing, she returned to her lounger and laid on her stomach with her arms at her sides.

Rachel said, 'Ok, would you like to do me now, please?'

We both had a laugh at the not-so-subtle sexual innuendo when I replied, 'Yes, I'd like to do you, but don't you think I'd better put some sunscreen on you first.'

I knelt down next to her and prepared to grease up the single hottest girl I know. Could this really be happening? Well, she was here so I had better get busy and I began spreading the lotion onto her shoulders and across her upper back. Her skin felt electric and I grew increasingly confident with each touch. I had soon covered her shoulders and began on her lower back.

I stared at her ass; I had dreamed of what she looked like naked and here she was, in front of me, in a friggin' tiny string bikini. Lewd thoughts began racing through my mind.

I thought I was done so I started to return to my lounger.

'You missed some of my back Dave,' Rachel said slyly.

'What?' I asked. 'I was trying not to get it on your bikini.'

'Oh, ok. I'll take my top off, then.'

She lifted her hands to her back, untied the knot and dropped the ends of the strings to her sides.

Then she released the knot at her neck as well, propped herself up on one elbow and pulled her bikini top out from under her.

She dropped it on the ground next to me, laid down flat again and rested her head on her hands.

'Right, satisfied? Now do the rest please?' Rachel offered.

Holy shit, I thought to myself as I gazed at her, entranced by the sight of her breasts pressed against the towel covered chair and squeezed out beneath her.

'Come on,' Rachel preached.

I squeezed a small amount of sunscreen onto my hands. Then I did her neck and the part of her back where the strings had been and stopped as I thought that was it.

'You haven't finished, Dave,' she said.

I didn't want to be obvious and just grab her tits so I moved my hands over her sides, not even touching her breasts.

But damn I wanted to.

'There, all done' I said.

'Dave. Come on. You can touch my tits, they won't bite,' Rachel screamed and propped herself up on her elbows.

'Ok,' I said and moved my hands very gingerly over the sides of her breasts where they hung down beneath her. I began covering just a bit more of her breasts with each pass and after a few moments I was caressing the skin close to her nipples.

I forgot I was trying to play it cool and slid my hands under her to cup her breasts, her nipples trapped between my fingers.

Rachel startled me when she moaned from the touch of my hands and I yanked my hands away quickly.

She twisted round, half turning her torso towards me with her hand on her left breast covering her nipple and, laughing, demanded, 'What did you stop for, I was enjoying that? Just for that you can forget about touching my tits and do my legs instead.' She took her hand away from her breast, patted the left cheek of her ass with it and said, 'Don't forget to do my ass as well.'

She made an obvious pretence of being annoyed, flopped down onto her front and lay with her legs apart a little.

I smiled back, thinking how incredible this experience was, and started at her ankles, working slowly up towards her glorious ass. My cock was completely hard by now, hell it was practically aching as my hands approached the tops of her legs.

Her legs were slightly apart so I did between them, and she moaned again when my fingers passed close to her pussy. I moved up to cover most of her ass, gave the left cheek a squeeze and a pat and said, 'There, all done.' I paused and added, 'Like I said, I don't want to get lotion on your bikini,' not really expecting her to go as far as removing the bottoms too.

'What?' she demanded playfully. 'Surely you don't expect me to take my bottoms off as well, do you?'

I didn't think she would actually do so but I said yes anyway.

'You just want to get me naked, don't you?'

'Mmmm,' I replied.

'Hohkay,' she added in a sweet, "little girl" voice.

I couldn't believe it when she reached down to the knots in the waistband of her bikini bottoms, pulled them undone and tugged her bottoms out from under her, dropping them at my feet.

She spread her legs, moving her knees out to opposite sides of the lounger, and said 'Now you can do the rest of my ass, ok.'

I squirted some sunscreen into the small of her back, spread it out around her hips and smoothed it into the crack of her ass, avoiding going too close to her pussy.

Finally I poured some more oil in my right hand and did the very top of her left leg that I avoided before, my index finger just touching the lips of her slit.

I swivelled my hand around, my oily fingers brushing slowly across her labia, and smoothed the lotion over the skin at the top of her right leg.

'Mmmmmm, thankyou,' she said abruptly just as my little finger actually pushed between her labia. 'That'll do, I think...for now anyway.'

'Oh,' I replied, disappointment sounding in my voice.

'Well, if you hadn't stopped doing my tits...'

I returned to my lounger and we lay there in a companionable silence for a while, and I was mentally kicking myself for doing, or rather for not doing, something that might have brought this encounter to a premature end.

But I was still here.

Then she said, 'Dave, you know on a hot day like today you shouldn't spend more than fifteen or twenty minutes on either your front or back?'

'I had heard something like that,' I replied and turned my head to look at her lying just a few feet away, hoping she meant what I thought she did now that she was naked.

She did.

'Well, it's time to turn over then. Here's the bottle for you to put some sunscreen on my front,' and rolled over onto her back, but with her legs together now.

I stood up, moved the few feet to kneel next to her again and looked up and down her stunning naked body lying before me, the sight making my cock grow harder again.

I studied her huge breasts, so firm that they were flattened only very slightly now that she was on her back, noting the slight flush on her chest and her swollen nipples, and let my gaze wander down over her stomach to her smooth pubic mound and glistening labia.

Then I looked back up at her breasts.

She reached out and grabbed my arm, giving it a little shake, and said, 'Hey, you're meant to be putting some sunscreen on me, not staring.' Then she giggled as she covered her pussy with the same hand and added, 'I hope you are going to do my tits properly this time.'

I began putting the sunscreen on, starting with her ams, going up to her shoulders and moving slowly down to her breasts.

She took her hand away from her pussy and clenched her fists at her sides when I smoothed the sunscreen along her deep cleavage and around the underside of her left breast.

'Oooohh yes, that's right,' she said, 'carry on.'

When I began spreading the oil over the rest of her breast with both my hands, her swollen nipple between my finger and thumb, she let her right hand fall over the side of the lounger and onto my knee.

'Oh yes,' she said as I squeezed the oily nipple with my finger and thumb, and responded by squeezing my thigh.

'You like that, do you?'

'Oh, yes, don't stop this time.'

'How about this then?' I said and bent down to suck her right nipple (the one without sunscreen yet), feeling it swell in my mouth as I flicked it with my tongue.

'Ooooooohhh yes, that's better,' she said, put one hand on the back of my head so I couldn't draw away and slid her other hand up my leg towards my cock.

I spread some sunscreen over her right breast, sucked the nipple I had already oiled up (not for very long because I didn't like the taste of the sunscreen) and then did her stomach and hips almost as far as her pubes.

Now I moved sideways to do her legs, starting at her ankles, and edging away from her hand just as the tips of her fingers touched my cock.

I put the lotion on her shins, doing each one up to the knee, and she propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch me.

I looked up at her face when my hands reached her knees, and she smiled and blew me a kiss as my hands moved higher, up the outside of her thighs to her waist.

Then I did the front of her thighs from her waist and down to her knees again.

I paused and looked up at her face; she knew where I was going to put lotion on next.

She smiled and nodded, bent her legs, drawing her feet up to just below her bottom, and slowly moved her knees apart so the soles of her feet were together in a clear invitation for my hands to smooth the oily lotion over the insides of her thighs towards her crotch, which I did.

But I still didn't touch her pussy, instead smoothing the lotion around the outside of the area which had been covered by her bikini bottoms.

She let her head fall backwards, thrusting her magnificent breasts skywards, and shivered when I finally ran my finger up and down between her moist, swollen labia.

'Ohhhhhhh yessss, I do like that. More.'

When I pushed a finger into her pussy and brushed her clitoris with my thumb, she dropped down flat on her back, put her hands on the insides of her knees and pulled her legs further apart.


I slipped a second finger inside her to join the first, pushed them deeper and leaned forwards to lick her clitoris with the tip of my tongue; she tasted delicious, even with the faint tang of the lotion.

'Yeeessss, oooohh yessss, just right.'

Her feet were hanging off the edge of the lounger now, the toes of one foot touching my leg.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and put both hands on the sensitive areas on the insides of her thighs, pushing her legs flat. Then I ran my tongue along her slit between her labia from one end to the other and sucked her clitoris, flicking it gently with my tongue.

'Oh, god, I'm nearly cumming already,' and straightened her legs, one foot moving up my thigh until it was pushing against my cock.

She suddenly froze and snapped her head up to look at me, startled by something.

I stopped as well and asked, 'Is something wrong?'

She just carried on feeling my cock with her toes and answered me saying, 'No, I think there is something very right. Stand up.'


'Stand up.'

Rachel squinted up at me, shielding her eyes from the sun.

Then she shouted, 'Hey, what do we have here?' and reached over to grab my fully erect cock through my bathing suit. 'Holy crap Dave, you're huge,' she screamed with excitement.

'I am?' I asked. Hell, I didn't know. I didn't go around comparing and I was a virgin, so no other female had ever told me.

'How big is it?' Rachel asked.

'I don't know,' I said.

'You never measured it?' Rachel continued as she sat up completely and worked her hand under my trunks to get a better grip on my cock.

'Ah, no.'

'Wait there,' Rachel said.

She stood up and scampered into the house, the sight of her naked form making my cock grow even harder.

When Rachel came back with a ruler a few minutes later she stood just in front of me and spoke, but I was so distracted by the sight of her glorious nudity that I missed what she said.

She put one hand on her hip, taking an indignant stance, and prodded me in the chest with the ruler, having to repeat herself.

'Hello, Dave, wakey wakey. Now go and measure.'

I hesitated and then reached out to take the ruler but the delay had been sufficient for Rachel to think of something else and she suddenly snatched it back.

'I've changed my mind,' she said. 'Take your trunks off and I'll measure it for you.'

'Huh, what?'

'Come on, drop 'em.'

I couldn't believe this was happening but I dropped my trunks as she knelt down at my feet.

'Wow,' she said as she grasped my cock with one hand and held the ruler alongside it with the other.

'Holy crap,' Rachel screamed when she looked closer at the measurement, 'nine inches, you are going to make me very happy with this.'

'Huh, "me"?' I said.

'Stop saying "huh",' she ordered as she dropped the ruler. Then she looked up at me and continued saying, 'Well you said you want to fuck me. You are going to fuck me, aren't you?''

'But I don't know where to start?' I responded.

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