tagRomanceThe Girl Next Door Ch. 02

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

byMr James©

I woke to the sound of running water and the smell of coffee. The sheets were wrinkled and still smelt faintly of Joanna, while a strand of her chestnut hair clung to my pillow. I threw the top sheet back and swung my legs out of bed, just as the sound of water stopped and Joanna walked into the bedroom. She had my robe wrapped around her and her hair piled on top of her head, under a towel. She looked at me and smiled for a moment and then glanced down at the bedclothes. Seeing the bloodstain from the night before she blushed and looked back to my face.

"I'm sorry, I've made a mess on your sheet."

"Joanna, we made a mess on the sheet and if that's all you think then you're greatly mistaken."

"What do you mean?"

"We made love on that sheet last night."

"Yes we did, didn't we?"

"Very much so."

"Coffee's on, what would you like for breakfast? I'll get it for you while you shower."

I muttered as I went past and turned the shower on. Steaming jets scoured my skin and I could feel the pounding waking my body. A careful shave and splash of cologne and I was ready to face the day. Joanna was in the kitchen, having poured coffee and was whisking eggs in a bowl. I reached around her waist and took the whisk out of her hand. Gently, hands on her shoulders, I turned her to face me and slowly brushed my lips across her mouth. I could feel them curve in a smile as I kissed her and led her, unresisting back into the bedroom.

I laid her on the bed, and then tugged on the cord fastening the robe. Pulling the material aside, but leaving her arms trapped in the sleeves, I exposed her nakedness, still pink and moist from the shower. Leaning forward, I kissed the hard point of her nipple, touching my tongue to the tip. She closed her eyes and sighed as I touched her, arching her spine to press her breast to my mouth. My hands had the sleeves of the robe she wore pinned to the bed, trapping her arms. She turned her head on the pillow as I kissed the shallow cleft between her breasts, leaving a damp trail with the tip of my tongue. Her skin was sweet and the swollen nipples were ripe, like autumn berries, in my mouth

Still trapping her arms, I kissed my way slowly down her belly, swirling my tongue in the dip of her navel and making her giggle. The taut muscles fluttered beneath each kiss and she gasped when I sucked a tiny fold of skin into my mouth and nipped it gently with the tips of my teeth. She whimpered softly and drew her knees higher, before relaxing her legs, so that her thighs opened and spread to show her tender pussy. I began to kiss the curve of her waist, carefully skirting the soft down hiding her pussy from view. The smooth skin of her belly fluttered beneath my lips and her thighs tightened. Nuzzling lower, I teased the lips of her pussy open gently, sliding the tip of my tongue along the tender opening. I could taste her, sweet and salty as my tongue slipped inside. Slowly, I swirled my tongue around the base of her clit, feeling the tiny nub swell and harden, then ran the tip of my tongue around the tiny shaft. Joanna stiffened beneath me, arching her back and thrusting her pussy against my mouth. I could taste a gush of sweet nectar as her pussy flooded.

She fell back against the bed and gasped as the wave of sensation swept through her body. I could see the ripple of her muscles fluttering beneath her skin as she spasmed gently. Releasing my grip on the arms of the robe, I ran my fingers along the lips of her pussy, spreading the droplets clinging to the swollen tissues and opening her to slip my finger inside. I could feel her gripping my finger as I worked it in and out, turning my wrist so that my fingertip could caress every part of her pussy. I bent my head and began to caress her with the tip of my tongue, delving deeply and taking the tiny bud between my lips and sucking gently. I could feel the tension building in her limbs.

Very, very gently, I nipped the hard bud with the edge of my teeth. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fingers so tightly that it almost hurt and she screamed quietly, tears in her eyes as her whole body arched and bucked beneath me. For an instant she couldn't catch her breath and then she gasped, her whole body flushed rose, as she relaxed back onto the mattress. I moved away slightly and lay beside her, kissing her mouth hard, so that she could taste herself upon my lips. She lay in my arms, panting like a captured animal, her eyes bright. I could feel the tremors that wracked her body.

She lifted her head and pulled me down to her, or lips meeting. She pressed the length of her naked body against mine and slipped her hand between us. I could feel her slender fingers creeping lower and lower, until she had them curled around the base of my cock. Slowly she ran her hand back and forth, gauging my length and thickness. I could feel her smile against my mouth as she used her thumb to smear the drops of pre-cum over the head. She pushed me back onto the bed and began to kiss my neck pausing to murmur into my ear.

"Now it's my turn."

He lips fluttered against my skin like moths, barely touching me. I could feel the silk of her skin against mine and the hard points of her nipples pressed against me. Her hair brushed my chest as she gently bit my nipples with the edge of her teeth and I could feel the electric tingle shooting through my body. Her mouth moved lower, over my belly and down to the tops of my thighs. Her long, cool fingers cupped my tight sac and curled around the base of my cock as she pressed her lips to the swollen head. I could feel moist lips caressing my shaft as she planted featherlike kisses up and down my length. She swirled the tip of her tongue over the head of my cock and moistened my aching knob. I could feel her lips curve as she smiled and then pursed them against the slip. The tip of her tongue darted out and flicked against the slit as she lowered her head, holding me between her lips as the edge of her teeth grazed the velvety skin.

Joanna paused, looked up and, holding my gaze with her hesitant eyes, opened her mouth and lowered her head, sliding my cock over her tongue until she had filled her mouth with me. Her tongue swirled and flickered against my skin and her hand on the base of my shaft gently squeezed my tight sac. She rippled her fingers against the skin and slowly drew it down, baring the head of my cock completely. Her mouth was soft and hot as she sucked for a moment, then holding me lightly with her teeth, she breathed over my moist flesh.

I had no idea where she had learnt such skills, but the torment was becoming too much for me to bear and I could feel the bubbling of my semen as she teased and tormented me with her mouth and fingertips. I began to stiffen even more, my cock growing in her mouth.

"Joanna, you'd better stop there."

She raised her head and allowed my rigid cock to slip out of her mouth, with a wet plopping sound. Her lips were soft and moist as she looked up at me.


"Because if you don't stop, I'll cum in your mouth."


She grinned wickedly and then plunged her head down onto my hard cock. I could feel her tongue wrapping around my shaft and, suddenly, it was too much. My legs stiffened as I tried to thrust upwards but she rested her weight across my thighs, holding me down as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. She had swept her hair to one side and I could look down and see her red lips fastened too the head of my cock as she sucked on me. I could hold back no longer and my cock jerked in her mouth. She felt the movement and clamped her lips more firmly behind the head of my cock. I could see the movement of her throat, as she swallowed the first drops of my sticky cum. Even if I had wanted to hold back, her cunning tongue would have drained me. A last swallow and she slipped my softening cock out of her mouth and moved beside me. She snuggled into my arms and kissed me, her lips still sticky and glistening with cum. I could taste myself on her mouth and tongue as we kissed deeply.

"Joanna, where did you learn that?"

"I don't know. I've always known in my mind, and it was so obvious that you enjoyed what I did."

"I didn't mean to cum in your mouth."

"I wanted you to. It was sort of powerful to have you completely under my control."

"More like under your spell."

"Are you saying I'm some sort of a witch?"

"No, more an enchantress."

"Flattery will get you anywhere."

"I'm happy right here, right now. But it's nearly lunch, Pauline is due any minute and I'm hungry"

"Oh hell!"

"Tell you what, you go home and change and when Pauline gets in I'll take you both to lunch. Big Sunday pig out."

"One condition."

"What? "

"I can come back tonight."

Laughing, Joanna rolled out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Less than a minute later I heard the front door slam and smiled. I may not have known what I was getting into but I thought it would be a great adventure finding out.

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