tagErotic HorrorThe Girl Next Door Ch. 02

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02


NOTE: All the characters in this story are above 18 years old.

I burst into our apartment, my hands shaking. I headed straight towards Ben's room. He screamed when I barged through his door, going for his baseball bat.

"BEN! It's me, your brother, don't hit me!"

"What are you doing?!"

"Hard to explain...but uh...mom is...our neighbor...Lisa is a fucking demon man!"

"Oh..." he lowered his bat. He seemed a little too calm for the shit that was going on. I looked around in his room, noticing his Cannibal Corpse posters, skulls and other random gothic crap. He was cultivating that whole 'dark' thing, wasn't really working for him. "That."

"What do you mean 'that'?!"

"She's not really a demon..."

"What the fuck!? You know!?"

He got angry real quick, brandishing his bat once again. "Who do you think summoned her idiot?" He jumped off his bed, eyes bulging, his knuckles white against his bat's grip. "Do you know what it's like, seeing all these hot bitches, seeing your brother happy with a girl, never giving a fuck about you?"

"Seriously...please don't tell me you did all this for some pussy...for fuck sakes I could take you to a hooker, there are other options than some crazy soul sucking bitch!"

He gritted his teeth, taking another step towards me. "Isn't it ALWAYS about pussy? I got what I wanted...and man she is great..."

I lost it. I grappled with him, ripping the bat away and took him to the ground. "You stupid, selfish fuck! Our mom is gone because of you!" I grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head into the ground. "Now both our parents are dead, and you, shithead, made a deal with a demon...they take your soul! I don't give a damn how desperate you are, you don't make a fuckin deal like that! What is WRONG with you!?"

He sneered as a smug little look settled on his face, one that I wanted to punch away. "Like I said, she's not a demon...she said she wouldn't take my soul...so it's all good."

"And you believed her...."

Another voice floated into the room. Chills spread as her voice wormed through my ear. Lisa was here.

"And why should he not believe me? My word is gold..." She stood in a dominant stance in the doorway, blocking my exit, her crossed arms holding back the impressive swell of her breasts. Behind her sauntered in my mother, completely naked, dripping pure sex.

Her glistening body glowed underneath Ben's black lights, her massive boobs swaying as she popped her hips to the side in a pose, as if announcing, she had arrived. I saw runnels of sweat streaming down her breasts, tracing around her sleek belly, and trailing down her shapely thighs.

I won't lie, I wanted to fuck her. I suspect she must have been manipulating her pheromones, because all other thoughts had been washed away, replaced with only with the goal of impaling her and rutting on top of her until I shot my load deep into her silken depths.

"My sons...my precious sons. It pains me to see you fight...let my touch, a mother's touch, ease you, console you...heal you."

I backed away immediately, she wasn't talking like my mom. The more she spoke, the more I realized that the change was permanent, that the kind, caring soul that defined my mom had been forever twisted and desecrated, sucked away into a carnal shell of a being.

I felt Lisa pin me down to the ground, flitting into the shadows of the room and gripping me with immense strength. She licked my neck, mashing her breasts against my chest as she whispered in my ear. "In a way, your brother is quite right...we are not demons, belonging neither to the Most High nor the Red Dragon...we were never banished from the Kingdom of Heaven...yet we made our own home."

Mom pounced on Ben, and for the first time that night, I think he felt panic. She tore off his boxers in one motion, teasing his raging hard on with her cleft but never quite letting it enter her. She pulled his face into her creamy, swinging tits, the lucky bastard muffling into her cleavage. I saw his hands, vainly trying to push her off, but she kept her steel grip, one hand keeping him crushed to her breasts, the other stroking his cock.

"We are not fallen angels...we are daughters of Lilith. We need men, their affection, their seed...their life. We keep and cherish their lives...deep inside us, until they are utterly consumed. Like every hunger, ours is eternal."

Ben was now flat on the ground, mom working him over with her hips, her thick ass cheeks clenching and flexing as she thrust herself on his impaling cock. Her face was eager, lean and hungry, motherly love replaced with demonic cruelty.

"That's it honey...give it to me, your mother is very hungry...she needs you...deep inside...." Ben could only grip and squeeze her bouncing tits in response, a delirious smile twisting his face as our mom fucked him into the next life.

"You see, she is starving. All new succubi are born insatiable, only with age can they control their urges. How fitting that her first is your brother...she will hold his soul, his essence inside her, until every bit of vitality is rung out, and his very being collapses like a dying star..."

I could only mumble in response, the sick sight in front of me keeping me transfixed as Lisa's smooches and writhing against my skin dulled me. "But...you said you wouldn't harm him...that you wouldn't take his soul..."

"I haven't! And as far I can tell, I won't be taking his soul..."

Mom had completely wrapped herself around my brother, cradling his head in between her hands as she devoured his lips, both moaning with desire into each others mouths. Her round, firm tits were swelling outwards as she pressed them onto his chest, her voluptuous ass rising rhythmically to her thrusts.

The black light in the room had thrown a purple cast over her supple, moist skin, her lustrous red hair glowing like a flame in the darkness as it flew about with her gyrations. I don't know how many times she had come, but I could tell Ben was close. He was grunting more, his body starting to stiffen. Mom had become more feverish in her grinding, fucking at break neck speed as her gushing sex filled the room with more squelching sounds.

I felt Lisa reaching for something in my back pocket and my heart dropped as I knew it exactly what it was, and who she would call. "Oooh, you know what this is. We're forming quite the family, I would be remiss if I did not invite your girlfriend...hmm..."

"Don't you dare..."

"Contacts...K...Karl...ahh Katie! Here we go...I just love texting!"

"You bitch!" At my shout, Ben finally came. Mom tightened her juicy thighs around him, rubbing her soft breasts across his chest, moaning into his neck as the curvaceous globes of her bottom shuddered, jiggling as her pussy clamped down around his cock.

Mom howled in ecstasy, loving the feeling of their bodies and souls merging. "Yes! My baby, give it all to me! Pour it all in...join with me!"

Ben's hips bucked wildly, thrusting without end, I saw his stomach muscles tensing continuously as he spurt his life and soul into our mother. Mom's stomach was moving too, undulating like a belly dancer as she sucked up every drop of seed from her son. She stayed lip locked to him, allowing his hands to cup and squeeze her impossibly soft tits, hanging like ripe fruit.

I saw his cheeks become more hollow, his already meager muscle withering away as his ribs became more prominent. I would've thought such a thing would be extremely painful, but the more she sucked away, the more he fucked, as if he wanted to go deeper inside her!

Mom's body convulsed as she let out pleasure filled sobs, both she and Ben caught in infernal bliss. Every time time she stopped kissing him, it was to let out an uncontrollable moan, before whispering something into his ear, and then making love to his mouth once more. Ben's hands had settled on her plump buttocks, no longer having enough strength to even give them a good squeeze.

It was then that I heard my brother's last words. His eyes had become cloudy, as if afflicted with glaucoma, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Mom....I'm dying...you killed me..."

Not a shred of pity or remorse shone through our mother's eyes. She still had that fucked up, twisted mother look going on, regarding him with false sentimentality. She smiled, caressing his bony cheek, running a hand through his thinning hair as she pulled him up, stuffing one of her soft, glistening breasts into his mouth.

She crushed him close into the pale swell of her heavy breasted chest, smothering him as she whispered into his ear. "My baby, my son, you will not die. You will live within my soul...giving me sustenance until I have consumed you wholly...you will feel nothing but love. Now sleep...and bid this world goodnight."

He let out a muffled gasp within her cleavage, giving one last final thrust into the one who brought him into this world. Mom sighed orgasmically as he convulsed in her grip, drinking in his last offering of seed and life force. She kissed him on the forehead, letting his drooling mouth slip away from her perky nipple, as his head hit the ground with a dull thud.

He let out a sickly gurgling sound, a death croak of sorts, and then he was no more. Ben, my brother, was dead.

A ringing sound filled my ears. I realized it was my phone. The phone that Lisa had.

"Oh well would you look at that? She's on her way, says she'll be right on over." said Lisa, looking at the text message. "You've got quite a girl, willing to come over at this hour."

"That's what I told him." said mom, sitting up and stretching over Ben's corpse. "Come, lets get to the kitchen, this is no place for a guest!"

Lisa held me close as we filed out my brother's room. Walking down the hallway, I got an impressive view of mom's perfect ass, two spheres shining delectably from her sweaty exertions. As we came into the kitchen a sound broke me out of my lustful daze and my mouth went dry.

A knock on the door.

Katie had arrived.

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