tagRomanceThe Girl Next Door Ch. 04

The Girl Next Door Ch. 04

byMr James©

Monday started like the beginning of any other working week. I carried my briefcase past reception and climbed the stairs to my office. Alison, my secretary, had coffee brewing and brought my first mug of the day to my desk. She paused; looking at me with curiosity, then shook her head and left, closing the door gently behind her. I shrugged and settled down with my briefcase. Flicking open the catches, I slid out the report I had intended to read at the weekend, before Joanna had distracted me. An envelope slid from between the pages. The paper was thick and smooth, almost like card, and the flap had been tucked in, rather than stuck down. I unfastened the flap and took out two Polaroids, with a sheet of heavy paper folded around them. The paper was a note, handwritten in beautifully styled handwriting. The ink was a deep, royal blue and appeared to be lightly scented. I read the note; which said,

“Dearest Colin,

I loved being with you. You made me into a proper woman and I want to make love with you again and again. I hope you feel the same about me. Perhaps you could visit me while I’m at university. I don’t think I can wait until I come home again. I think I love you.

I’ve sent you something to remind you of me.


I turned the polaroids face up. One was of Joanna grinning into the camera lens, her smile bright and wide. I could almost hear her throaty giggle as I looked at her face. The other was of Joanna, naked, sprawled across her narrow bed in the university hall of residence. She was wearing a smile and the watch I had given her the day she left for the first term. Across the white strip on the bottom of each photograph she had written ‘Love, J’

The rest of the day sped by in a blur of work. My staff were almost panting to keep up with me. This drew puzzled looks from them because, normally, Mondays were days of finding balance and easing gradually into the stream of work. By four thirty we had cleared our desks and I packed my briefcase and gave my colleagues an early finish for the day. This raised a please, but surprised, eyebrow from everyone. Most of them were used to leaving while I remained closeted in my office, sometimes until eight o’clock.

The drive home seemed to rush past in a blur. I am sure that I paid no attention to the road and it is probably luck, rather than skill and judgment, that prevented me from crashing. Sliding my car into my usual slot in the car park I grabbed my briefcase and made my way up the stairs to my flat. Pauline was on the stairs, having just finished a shift at the local hospital. She looked across as we unlocked our doors and, taking a deep breath, spoke.

“Colin, I’ve made dinner for two this evening. I’d got so used to feeding Joanna that I made a big casserole. Would you join me? It’ll just go to waste otherwise.”

“Pauline, I’d love to, but you’ll have to let me contribute. How about if I bring a bottle of wine?”

“You don’t have to bring anything, I’ll be glad of some company. But if you insist…”

“I insist, what do you prefer?”

“White, something light and dry.”

“Fine and I’ll bring some of that coffee you like.”

“Are you sure? I never seem to have time to shop in town for that sort of thing.”

“Of course I’m sure.”

“Fine, about seven then? Give me chance to change out of my uniform.”

“Until seven.”

On that note, we stepped through our front doors. I hurried to the bedroom and laid out clothes for the evening. Normally I would change into jeans and t-shirt,, but tonight I decided on dark blue slacks and a pale cream shirt, no necktie. I ran my hand over my chin, checking for signs of stubble and decided that I did not need to shave again. A run through my hair with a comb and I decided that I was presentable enough for a meal with a friend. I chose a bottle of chardonnay from the fridge and a bag of ground coffee from my freezer.

Looking at my watch, I decided that I still had half an hour before I should go next door. Opening my briefcase I took out the two polaroids that Joanna had left there. One, the one where she was clothed, I carefully mounted in a picture frame I had been given for Christmas and the other I slipped between the pages of my book, so that I could look at her before I went to sleep each night.

I collected the wine and coffee from the kitchen and stepped out of my front door, locking it securely. The sound of Pauline’s doorbell had barely echoed through her hallway before she was opening the door, swinging it wide and gently hugging me, as she kissed my cheek. Taking the wine and coffee, she led the way inside.

Pauline had change out of her nurse’s uniform into a caftan of flowing blue silk. She had bare feet and her hair was damp and sweet smelling from the shower. Her hair was redder than Joanna’s and her eyes more green than hazel. She had a slender figure, a little more curved than her daughter’s but still more girlish than womanly.

In the kitchen, she handed me a corkscrew and the wine, and I carefully pulled the cork. Two glasses stood on the counter and I poured wine into each. We carried our glasses over to the table where the casserole was steaming. I held Pauline’s seat as she sat down and she served us with meat in rich gravy and soft fluffy creamed potatoes.

The food was delicious and we talked about Joanna as wet ate. I drank only a little wine, but Pauline obviously enjoyed my choice. I had topped her glass up for the second time when she reached out and caught hold of my other hand.

“Colin, are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Of course, so I can have my wicked way with you.”

I had smiled as I replied, letting her know that I was teasing her and that she would be safe in my company. She seemed to blush, for a moment, and looked down at her empty plate. Then she looked up, directly into my eyes. I could not look away from her gaze as she spoke again, almost shyly, even though she must have known that she had me hypnotised with her gaze.

“You don’t need to get me drunk for that.”


“You don’t need to get me drunk to have your wicked way with me.”

Pauline stood up and pulled on my hand. I stood in front of her, speechless, as she slipped her arms around me and lifted her face, lips parted. Her face was a little flushed from the wine, but I could see in her eyes that she knew exactly what she was doing. She pulled my head lower until our lips met. The hungry probing of her tongue and the feel of her lips against mine filled my brain with conflicting emotions and sensations. I could not help but recall Joanna’s kiss and then I was in the moment and all thoughts of anything other than Pauline’s urgent kisses and the heat of her body were banished from my mind.

I could feel her sinuous body through the thin silk of her caftan and it was obvious that she was naked beneath the material. The hard points of her nipples were pressed, through the cloth, against my chest and I could feel a flush of hot blood, as it rushed to her cheeks. I could smell her perfume in the hollow of her throat as she sucked on the tip of my tongue, drawing me into her mouth. We broke the kiss and she murmured into my ear.

“Colin, I want you, please?”

Her voice quavered and broke a little on the last word, her breath the lightest of caresses against my skin. I honestly tried to resist, but my body seemed to want otherwise. Even the memory of Joanna only served to fuel my desire. I was uncomfortably hard and erect beneath the cloth of my slacks. Pauline pressed herself harder against me, feeling the stiffening bulge and she smiled against my neck. She took hold of my hand and led me to her bedroom. The covers were already turned down on the double bed and I realised that, if she had not been planning for us to make love, she was at least prepared.

Her fingers were deft and sure as she unfastened the buttons on my shirt, one by one. Pushing the light cotton aside, she kissed my exposed chest, nuzzling my nipples, first one then the other, sucking and nipping them until they were as hard and erect as her own. Pulling my shirt free of my waistband, she slid her fingers down the front of my trousers, caressing me through the cloth. I could feel her touch and caress and groaned, deep within my chest, as her fingers traced the length of my cock through the material. Her fingers plucked at my belt buckle and unfastened my fly, letting my trousers fall in a heap around my ankles. She stroked the skin at my waist, slipping just her fingertips inside the elastic of my briefs. Her hands behind the cloth, she eased the material over the head of my cock, letting it spring free as she lowered my briefs to my knees, letting them fall to join my trousers. I wriggled my feet out of my shoes and socks and kicked the heap of material away, letting my shirt fall down my arms, to the floor.

Pauline was on her knees now, her mouth barely a hands breadth from the tip of my cock. The head of my cock was swollen and shiny and I could feel the throb of my blood pounding through it. She leaned forward and brushed her lips against the skin of my thigh. I could feel the tip of her tongue tracing moist patterns as she laid a line of kisses along my thigh, closer and closer to my balls. Her cheek brushed my sac as she nipped lightly with her teeth. All she had to do was turn her head a little and her lips would be brushing the base of my hard cock. I was achingly erect, the hot blood pounding in my shaft as if it were ready to burst.

Pauline stood up and moved closer, so that the silk of her caftan brushed the tip of my cock, as it jutted out beneath my belly. Reaching behind her she undid the sash around her waist and then unfastened th tie at her neck. A single shrug of her shoulders sent the silk cascading down her body, catching on the tip of my cock for a moment and making me groan with desire. Pauline stood naked in front of me, her full breasts taut, nipples erect and pointed. I desperately conjured the image of Joanna, her daughter, but all that achieved was to excite me further.

Pauline stepped closer, pressing her body against me. I held her and bent my mouth to hers. She parted her lips eagerly sucking on my tongue as I slipped it into her mouth softly, at first, then harder, nipping at my lip with her teeth. My hands slid along her spine, until I could squeeze her bottom gently as I pressed her to me. Gasping we broke the kiss and she took my hand, leading me to her bed. She laid back, her head propped on a couple of pillows. I lowered myself to the bed beside her and, looking into her eyes, trailed my fingertips over the smooth curve of her belly, across the fullness of her breasts until I could pinch the hard bud of her nipple, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to send sparks of anticipation through her nerves. She moaned in the back of her throat as I kissed the base of her neck, moving my lips lower and lower until I could kiss her breasts and taste the faintest trace of her sweat.

My lips embraced her hard nipple and my tongue lashed gently across the swollen tip. My hand slid down the curve of her belly, lingering for a moment at her belly-button then dipping lower. Where Joanna had a faint down covering her pussy, Pauline was smooth skinned and bare, my fingers sliding smoothly to the join of her pussy lips. She groaned as my fingertip caressed her tender lips, stroking slowly down between her thighs. I could feel her pussy growing wetter as my fingertip travelled slowly back and forth, slipping deeper between her lips with every movement. Curling my finger, I discovered the hard nugget of her clit. My finger touched it lightly, making her whole body tremble as I ran my fingernail along the tiny shaft. She yelped in pleasured surprise as I flicked my fingernail across the sensitive tip.

“Christ!, Colin don’t stop!”

Slowly, I eased my finger out of her wetness. She was nowhere near as tight as Joanna, but she till caressed my finger with a ripple of her passage as I slid my finger out.

“Colin, you bastard! Make me come please.”

I slid my knee between her thighs and took hold of the base of my cock in one hand. With the other, I opened the sticky lips of her pussy. Resting the tip of my cock inside their warm embrace, I gradually eased my cock deeper into her moist, yielding pussy, The rim of my cock head brushed along the shaft of her hard clit and, at the same time, I gently nipped her nipple between my teeth. She seemed to erupt, thrusting upwards and wrapping her arms around me, pulling my cock deep into her. A weak cry slipped from between her lips as she trembled in my embrace. I could feel hot fluid gushing from her pussy and the air was filled with the tang of her excitement. The aroma was reminiscent of Joanna but muskier, somehow.

I started to move inside her, long strokes, gentle and deep. She thrashed her head from side to side on the pillows and bucked her hips, our loins slapping together with a wet, smacking sound, then peeling apart. I could feel the sweat springing from my pores as I held back, resisting the urge to plunge and ravage her. Pauline bent her knees and wound her ankles around my calves, pulling me against her.

“Harder, Colin, harder, fuck me.”

I slid in and out smoothly, thrusting harder, ramming my cock deep into her hot pussy. I could feel the ripples building in her pussy, squeezing and caressing the length of my cock. Reaching down I caressed the hard button of her clit and she arched her whole body against me again. Her body shuddered as I pinned her down with my cock and stroked and pinched at her clit. Tears appeared in her eyes and the dark mascara and eye make-up ran onto her cheeks. She collapsed back against the bed, panting and breathless as I started to stroke my cock in and out of her pussy gently at first, but then thrusting viciously into her dripping slit.

“Oh God Colin, no! Don’t stop, come inside me.”

I closed my eyes and, in my mind, heard Joanna’s cries of orgasm. It was too much to bear and my cock stiffened painfully and them jerked again and again as I spurted ropes of watery cum into her pulsating womb. I could feel the jerk of my cock with every jet of cum, like the recoil of a rifle. Hot juices mingled and spilled over her shaven mound and the tops of her thighs as our bodies slapped wetly together.

It seemed as if the moment between heartbeats, while we came together, would stretch forever. I strained to pump the very last drop of my cum into her belly as Pauline strained against me, her limbs trembling like plucked bowstrings. The carefully applied make-up had run in dark streams around her eyes and her lip-gloss was smeared across her mouth. The last drops of cum spattered into her gaping pussy. My cock ached from the force of my spurts and, as I softened and slipped out of her I could hear the hiss of her breath as the cooler air played across the sensitive tissues of her pussy. The lips of her pussy looked tender and a little sore from the friction against my hard cock.

Gasping we lay side by side, our bodies lightly sheened with sweat. Rolling onto my side, I pulled her to me and kissed her gently and tenderly. I could see the lazy relaxed look in her green eyes and thought how feline she looked. We curled together like a pair of spoons and drifted into deep and, for me, dreamless sleep.

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