tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Girl Next Door - in College

The Girl Next Door - in College


This is my first attempt at a story. It is based on real events but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

My life up to that point didn't prepare me for college. It was true in many ways, but most of all it was true when it came to women. I used to joke that I attended the world's ugliest High School, and maybe it wasn't far from the truth. What few girls I did find attractive growing up didn't really have any interest in me, so I found myself arriving at college an 18-year-old virgin.

And I chose my college well. I never confirmed it but I heard a rumor that Playboy Magazine had ranked it in their top 10 most beautiful schools in the country. I spent my whole first week on campus in a virtual daze, wandering around and taking in the "sights". And since I lived in a co-ed dorm, I never had far to look.

I made fast friends with the girl in the room right across from mine. She was ironically a prototypical girl next door. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she was maybe 5'4. She loved sports and was very athletic. She was a jogger but she still had some girly baby fat. Her name was Beth, and although it seemed like she would be an ideal first girlfriend, it never quite happened. Not in that way, at least.

It was probably my fault. Like I said, I was completely unprepared for someone like Beth to come along when she did. I was smart in some ways, and completely stupid in others. Well, maybe not stupid. Naïve and idealistic may have been a better description. I had the crazy idea that I would marry the first girl I kissed, and that probably helped to sabotage every potential relationship, up to and including Beth and beyond. But what probably killed her desire to ever have a relationship with me was that about a week or two into our freshman year I confided to her that I was attracted to another one of the girls in our dorm. I don't think she ever got over that, so although there was always a hint of sexual tension, for our freshman year we remained just friends. We didn't really have much of a choice anyway, since we lived right across from each other and hung out with the same people.

Our friends are where this story actually begins. Beth was a bit of a big talker. Even though she was a girl next door type, she would occasionally drop hints that she had a wild side that nobody ever saw. Finally, at a study break social right before finals, we cornered her and all but dared her to show us her wild and crazy side.

We were clustered at a table in the dining hall, where they were serving breakfast in the evening, which was our school's study break tradition. We were all a little hyper from the pancakes and maple syrup, when Beth made another casual remark about how crazy she could get. This time Stocker (we all called him Stocker, when you have a last name that sounds cooler than your first, that's what you get called) dared her to stop talking about crazy things and actually do something. Beth dared him right back. Stocker challenged her to a game of strip poker, which got everyone's attention. Beth raised her arms in the air. "All right, let's do it!" she yelled, "Who else is in? Woo hoo!"

In the end there were six of us... there was Beth and Stocker, Stocker's roommate Stuart, me and two other girls in our dorm, Gina and June. We all gathered in Gina and June's room. Our strip poker game was doomed from the start. Nobody had a deck of cards. The only thing that we could find was a deck of Uno cards. So that's what we played. Strip Uno. Whoever would win a round would be the only one not to lose an article of clothing that round.

If you've ever played a game of Uno, you'd know that the more people that were playing, the longer it will take to get through a hand... so we played for a good hour and got through only 3 hands. I think by that point most of us were having second thoughts about showing off our bodies in front of our friends and were secretly relieved. It didn't help that nearly everyone went and put on a few extra layers of clothing before we actually started playing. Stuart had put on several pairs of boxers. Gina had been stripped to a bikini top, and I couldn't stop looking at her bare neckline, flushed red from the excitement. Beth, to everyone's annoyance, won two of the three hands and had barely lost any clothing. I, on the other hand, was both stupid enough not to put on any more clothes and unlucky enough to lose all three hands. I was shirtless (not that that really mattered) and idly wondering whether I was going to have to take off my jeans when Stocker got mad at Beth for gloating about winning and mooned her. Somehow that signaled the end of the game. Stuart mooned him back. In the chaos of the moment, with their two base asses facing each other, is when I stood up and announced that I had lost the game, and unbuttoned and pulled down my jeans, showing my tighty-whities to anyone who might have been paying attention. I didn't think anyone was. Everyone pulled up their pants within a few seconds, and then we all had the crazy idea to go parading around our dorm in our various states of undress, which we did, right past all of the good students who were sitting in the study room actually studying for finals, me with my shirt draped over my head. We were all still a little crazy from the sugar I guess, but by the time our little lap around the dorm was over we sort of wandered back to our own rooms for the night.

The whole incident was forgotten for the next couple of days since we were all busy with finals. I was lucky in that my roommate moved out early, and I had the room to myself for the rest of the semester. I never considered myself an exhibitionist, but I did have an urge to walk around naked after my showers. I don't know where the urge came from, but I would indulge it whenever I was reasonably sure I wouldn't be disturbed. Sunday morning rolled around and I took my morning shower and plopped down on my bed in just a towel to listen to the radio. The local oldies station played a "Beatle Brunch" every Sunday morning from 9am to 11am, and for two hours I did very little except lie in bed in my towel and stare at the clouds outside my window, enjoying the music. When 11am rolled around I stayed in place, too lethargic to move.

Usually between 11:15 and 11:30am was when our little group would gather together to go down to brunch. It was usually Beth that came to my door to fetch me, and on the occasions when I was still in my towel or less I used to love to torment her by shouting "I'm naked at the moment!" when she knocked. When the knock came that morning I hopped out of bed and ran to the peephole, losing the towel along the way and dragging it along behind me. Sure enough Beth was standing out there alone. "I'm naked at the moment!" I yelled. I never expected what happened next.

"Cool, can I see?" She asked.

I froze in place. Was she serious? "Err..." I mumbled. I doubt she even heard me through the door.

"That's fine, I'll let myself in," she said.

There was never really any danger living in our dorms, so I didn't obsessively lock the door every time I was in the room. It was usually locked though. The odds were probably at least 9 times out of 10. There was no way she was getting in. I looked at the lock and almost panicked. It was unlocked!

I heard her turn the handle and then pause. Maybe she was shocked herself that the door was actually unlocked. Maybe she was bluffing. I had gone about halfway across the room to start getting dressed, and I wrapped my towel tightly around my waist and held it with both hands. What do I do? Do I run to the door and try to keep her out? Do I really want to stop Beth from coming in here to see me like this? Either the latter was true or it was sheer indecision that kept me frozen in place.

Beth opened the door, stepped inside, closed it behind her, and locked it. She immediately stared at the towel around my waist. "You weren't kidding," she said.

Part of me was terrified, but part of me was getting turned on. Was Beth really interested in seeing me like this? "You weren't bluffing," I replied.

"Well, at least I know you're happy to see me," Beth said, still obviously staring at my waist.

I followed her gaze. My erection was clearly visible, 'pitching a tent' in the towel around my waist. "Sorry," I mumbled sheepishly, and turned around to hide it.

"Wait!" Beth almost shouted, and I froze, and then turned back around. It was her turn to look sheepish. "I saw you the other night, when you pulled down your pants," she said, "And... I was hoping I could see... more."

I could feel myself flush with embarrassment, "I didn't know anyone was looking," I said.

"Well, it was either look at your crotch or Stocker's bare ass," Beth replied. "You umm... don't have anything to be ashamed of, you know."

"Yeah, well, I... umm..." I stammered... still embarrassed and still reflexively trying to find a way out of the situation when her words hit me. She just complimented me, and she wanted to see more. I looked at her as if I was seeing her for the first time. She stared back with those blue eyes, giving me what through the years I would eventually call 'the look' that every woman seemed to have. I never figured out specifically what it meant, all I knew was that it drove me nuts. I could feel my cock twitch underneath the towel.

Beth noticed it. "I think someone else agrees with me," she said, inclining her head.

I took a deep breath, and then slowly undid the knot around my waist and let the towel drop to the floor. I was standing at full attention, my erection at about a 45 degree angle and pointed in the general direction of Beth's head. I was always lousy with judging measurements just by looking at things, so I didn't know how I 'stacked up' against other guys until years later when an online girlfriend convinced me to use a ruler and I found out that I had a 7 inch erection.

Beth was staring at it again, apparently lost in thought. Suddenly she looked over to where my former roommate's empty desk chair was. She walked over (two or three steps, maybe, it wasn't a big room), and pulled the chair back to where she was originally standing, maybe 10 feet away from me. "Would you do me a favor?" she asked, lowering herself into the chair.

My mind started racing. Where were we going with this? "What?" I asked.

Beth grinned sheepishly. "Would you masturbate for me?" She asked.

I was speechless. I don't even know how long I was silent while my mind raced. I was certainly no stranger to masturbation, having just turned 19 with a raging sex drive and no other outlet. I was also lucky enough growing up to be an only child with parents who both worked and to know where my father's porn stash was. With enough time to myself I could get myself off 3 or more times in an otherwise quiet afternoon. I was a horny little devil. But I rarely masturbated in college. I rarely felt comfortable enough to try it. Plus, you know, it was messy. As turned on as I was just then, I wasn't sure I could do it.

Finally, after what must have been several seconds, Beth said, "I can give you some incentive, if that'll help." And she suddenly pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her white sports bra.

I had seen her in a bathing suit a couple of months ago when our dorm had a social event at the school swimming pool. She wore a one-piece then, and frankly got overshadowed by an Indian girl that was a friend of ours, and had an amazing body that she was flaunting in a string bikini. The sports bra wasn't even that revealing, as bras go, but just the thought that Beth was going to strip for me was what really got me going. The funny part of the moment was that in my confusion I momentarily forgot whether I was left-handed, or right-handed. In truth, I was somewhat ambidextrous. You know the old joke that I was cheating on my left hand with my right hand? That could have been me. After a few moments I slowly took myself in my left hand and began stroking.

"There you go," Beth said, and leaned back in her chair, staring intently at the action.

I had a slow, steady rhythm going, but I quickly started feeling self-conscious again. I peeked back at the door again and again, but Beth had locked it when she came in. I thought about my suitemate on the other side of the bathroom. There was only one guy living there. I didn't see much of him, but I was pretty sure he had also moved out already. Next I thought about the possibility of our other friends coming to the door looking for me. "Gee, I hope nobody else comes here looking for me," I said.

"Don't worry, they're all already in the dining hall," Beth replied, "I told them to go on without us."

"Okay," I said, now sure that there weren't going to be any interruptions. Unfortunately, it wasn't making me any less self-conscious, and as a result I was staying on some sexual plateau, stroking away but not getting any closer to orgasm.

After another minute or two Beth seemed to realize I wasn't getting anywhere. "Do you need some more incentive?" she asked, and before I could even reply she stood up, undid her jeans, and pulled them down, revealing her shapely legs and her white cotton panties. Her legs were definitely her best feature. I started stroking again with renewed vigor.

A minute later Beth pulled her sports bra over her head, revealing her breasts. They were smallish and a little droopy, but they were the first pair of breasts that I had ever seen in real life. And they were breasts, ladies, seriously. As long as they fit the general description of what a pair of breasts should look like, most men don't care about the details. And like I said before, I was lousy with judging size, so if you were looking for me to say something like, "they were 34 B's", well I just wasn't sure. All I knew was that I started to feel a slow building inside, and I knew that I was finally on my way.

"You like?" Beth asked. If she was self-conscious at all, she didn't show it. She cupped her breasts and played with her nipples for a few moments. She then stood up and pulled down her panties, and she was now just as naked as I was.

Somehow it was still a bit of a chore to get myself the rest of the way to orgasm. I guess my mind was just so used to being aroused by pornography and erotica that it didn't know what do with the actual naked woman just a few feet away. I let my mind wander to a few of my favorite stories and images. That did the trick. I was finally approaching the point of no return. I gave a grunt and began pumping for all I was worth.

Beth grinned. "Cum for me," she said.

As turned on as I was, and as close as I was, it still took me nearly another minute to coax my orgasm out. Finally, with another grunt, I came.

Male ejaculation isn't talked about much, but I do recall once hearing a story about a porn star and how his co-stars would marvel about how his ejaculation seemed to go on and on, shooting spurt after spurt of cum. When I was pent up enough and spent enough time 'priming the pump' I could be one of those guys.

The first shot of cum flew several feet in the air and landed more than halfway between me and Beth. A second shot landed a few feet away. A third only went a short distance. The remainder dribbled down onto the towel at my feet. I had never even masturbated standing up before. I staggered a bit as my legs went a little wobbly. When it was over I looked at the mess that was on my hand and on the floor, and then I grinned sheepishly at Beth.

I was about to go wash my hands in the sink when Beth stopped me. "Wait!" she said, "Can I borrow your towel really fast?" I stayed in place while Beth got out of the chair and walked around the cum and picked up my towel. She folded it carefully so that the soiled part was on the inside and placed it on the chair. "These school-issued desk chairs are pretty uncomfortable to sit in naked," Beth said. She immediately grabbed both of her breasts in her hands, kneading them and then rubbing the nipples in her fingers until they were hard. Then she slid her right hand between her legs and began rubbing herself with abandon. Her left hand went everywhere, up and down her leg, cupping her left breast, through her hair, and then it joined her right in between her legs.

I was completely mesmerized. I had never even seen a naked woman before and now Beth, who was one of my closest friends, even with our relationship issues, was now masturbating like crazy in front of me. I was still rock hard. I had the benefit of being young and virile. I used to call myself 'ever ready'. My erection remained with me and I could feel my cock calling out for attention in response to the show that Beth was putting on. I began stroking my cock again.

This seemed to egg Beth on even more, and she inserted a finger from her left hand into her pussy while she frigged her clit with her right. She had to slide forward in her chair to gain access to her pussy, and at that angle I was getting a pretty good view of the action. This went on for a few minutes, while Beth and I alternated between looking at each other and what we were doing in relative silence.

Being a loud person generally, I think you could guess that Beth was going to be loud in sexual situations. As Beth's orgasm approached, I could tell that she was trying hard not to make a racket. She started letting out a series of noises that was a sort of a whimpering shriek. Her legs started shaking and she bit her lower lip. Suddenly her orgasm hit her as if she was falling off of a cliff. Her hands stopped moving as her body convulsed once, twice, three times, and then with an enormous sigh she settled back into her chair, running her hands lazily up and down her thighs.

I was so turned on by what I just saw that I was back to stroking myself for all I was worth.

Beth came back to her senses and looked at me, bemused. "Are you going to cum for me again?" She asked.

"Yeah," I said breathlessly, and then suddenly with a much louder grunt and a hip thrust I had my second orgasm in barely 10 minutes. Of course it was nothing like the first, with only a small spurt of cum that dribbled down and joined the mess on the floor, but it was more intense and I had to reach out to my nearby desk to steady myself because my legs wouldn't hold me up anymore.

We stayed that way in awkward silence for a while, basking in the afterglow. I had no idea what to say. What had just happened? Were we a couple now or what? I thought this girl had no interest in me and here she was sitting naked and post-orgasm in my dorm room.

Suddenly Beth got up off the chair. "Well, we'd better be getting down to the dining hall before it closes," she said, and started picking her clothes off the floor and re-dressing in the reverse order that she had taken them off.

I was standing there, speechless, my penis going limp at last. I really wanted to talk to her about what had just happened, but I didn't want her to think I had the 'wrong idea' and sound like an idiot.

Once Beth was dressed, she walked to the door. "You should clean up," she said, "This place is a mess. Come join me in the dining hall when you're done." She put her hand on the door, and then turned around to face me again. "I'm going to be studying all day, but maybe you can forget to lock your door again, tonight?" And with that she unlocked the door and left me to wonder if I had anything that would effectively get cum off the carpet, and oh yeah, what did she mean about leaving my door unlocked tonight?

To be continued?

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