tagMind ControlThe Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train


This is a work of fiction that contains mind control and as such, dubious consent lies within. Also lesbian sex. If either of these ideas may displease you, feel free to find another story that you'd prefer. If not, I hope you enjoy. Feedback brightens my day.

Copyright Sophie J Clark.

I'm on the train back home, from yet another pointless 'networking' gig for work. I've never been to one that anyone actually seemed to enjoy, but this was the worst yet.

There's only so much you can do when it comes to advertising piping in any case but how my boss thought that I could possibly cross-promote it with top shelf 'homemade' cat food is beyond me. Now a top notch cat feeder, sure...but the fucking food? He must've been smoking the good stuff to think that was remotely possible.

Though, now I come to think about it, it was more likely a punishment for turning him down, yet again.

No matter how many times I make out with other women around him, he still seems to think that all lesbians secretly yearn for cock. I even found a fucking 'mind control' spray in his office that he bought from the gods only knew where the other day. When I saw it sitting on his desk he actually smirked at me in a way that had every warning bell in my head blaring in alarm. I wasn't about to let that fucker spray me with whatever the hell was in that shit, and so as soon as he got up to take a call in the other room I swiped it. When he came back and saw it had gone he opened his mouth to no doubt yell a blue streak at me. What happened next was born of pure reflex and way too much crappy late night TV. I held it up and sprayed him full on in his face.

I don't know what I'd expected to happen but it wasn't seeing the irate, rage fuelled look melt away to be replaced by a blank passivity that chilled me to the very bone. He stood there blinking and looking at me as if he could wait an eternity just to hear me speak. Holy crap I thought. It actually worked.

He was staring, standing there limply, in his own office and it was beginning to feel rather awkward. Trying my best to fill the sudden silence, I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Stop flirting with me." I said as sternly as I could. He nodded.

What, the fuck?

I told him to touch his nose. He did. I told him to make a noise like a sheep. The ensuing bahh was quite spectacular. Laughing, my eyes lit with mischief as inspiration struck.

The man was a prick. No one liked him. But if I said anything too obvious it would be traced back to me and at the very least I'd have some explaining to do. Explaining that would probably end with me being sectioned. Subtlety was my best plan of attack. Smirking I told him that he was secretly obsessed with ABBA and he nodded again, a frown forming as he contemplated what I'd just said.

Now you have to understand, my boss was a man who prided himself on being the 'alpha' in every room. He chased anything in a skirt and had to out-macho everyone in a suit. The very idea that he could possibly know the words to, and boogie along with, Dancing Queen just filled me with an inner joy that I couldn't possibly put into words. Making sure to cover all my bases before I let myself get sucked too far into the mental image of him decked out in a disco era glittery suit I added, "You're never gonna buy any more of this spray, or anything like it again, understand?" He nodded, appearing more than a little chastised. "And forget that it ever existed in the first place."

Job done I left the office wondering what the hell had happened to my life.


The next day when I received my assignments from a junior intern and not my boss, I glanced at the draw now containing the canister with a little less scepticism than before.

When he didn't bother me the day after that I knew something was up.

Slowly, I walked as quietly as I could to stand in front of his office. Pausing outside the door I heard it. "Money, Money, Money." He was fucking listening to ABBA.

I must have looked like a cartoon when I got back to my desk. My hand trembled as I reached for the draw and ignored the increasingly curious enquiries from Carl, who sat across from me. Slipping the canister into my bag I finally rose and faced him. I had no idea what I looked like but Carl flinched back into his chair when he saw my face.

"What the hell's happened?" He hissed.

"Joel was listening to ABBA in his office." I said in what even I recognised as a stunned monotone. Carl couldn't possibly understand what was going through my mind but his face suddenly mirrored my own.

"What the-"

"I know." I said. Both awe and dread passed over my fellow cubicle monkeys face as he turned the idea around in his head, trying to make it fit. When it didn't he lapsed into a kind of stunned silence.

It was all over the office by the end of the day.

By the next Joel was glaring at anyone who even dared to meet his eye.

The day after I received my assignment to go meet the cat food lady.


The air conditioning finally came on and I heard a quiet sigh of satisfaction from the young lady sat next to me in the window seat. She had a body like a dancer who'd just rediscovered carbs - all lean long limbs and petite waist that led to curves that made me cross my legs every time I saw them.

I was clutching my purse to me like it was a life line. The sight of her as I'd taken my seat five stops earlier had driven all reason from me. Any thoughts I'd had, had evaporated and been replaced with a kind of yearning that I'd only ever read about in books.

After half an hour I felt like I was going crazy. Desperately I searched through my bag for something to distract myself with.

My hand hit the little metal can I'd placed in there the day before.

It was then that the thought reared up in the back of my mind. "You could have her, keep her, she could be yours forever. Just spray her. Tell her she belongs to you. Tell her to do whatever you say." I felt my pussy clench with desire.

I looked at her bespectacled face, so innocent as she read through her latest assignment for whatever course she was doing at University. Even the slight frown that creased her brow as she tried to figure out what her professors wanted her to understand was heart melting. I imagined her making that face as she looked up at me, mouth glistening with my juices and I'm not ashamed to say my panties would've probably needed incinerating by the time I got home if that had continued.

I could have her.

Before I knew it I'd wrapped my fingers around the spray. It looked harmless enough. I could just to pretend to have missed with my new perfume. My hand tightened around the bottle.

It was too tempting.

My apartment was big enough. With what I earned I could afford to feed two...and it wasn't like anyone ever came over to my flat to begin with.

Before I could stop myself I'd pulled it out and 'spritz' the deed was done.

She didn't yell. She'd breathed enough of it in and was now staring at me, just like Joel had, blank confusion written all over her features.

I leaned in close to her ear, expecting her to flinch away, but she remained frozen in position.

"You belong to me. You'll do whatever I want you to and not answer to anyone else. From now on your name is Kate and you want nothing more than to please me by obeying my every command." I whispered in her ear.

I don't know what made me do it but when I drew away I saw her nodding calmly.

My heart was racing.

We sat there watching each other, her blue eyes gazing into my brown until the ticket collector arrived.

"Sorry to interrupt ladies but I need to check your tickets." He said jovially.

I reached into my pocket and he grinned down at the obvious amazed delight oozing from my every pore.

"Off on a bit of a honeymoon are we?" He asked as I handed him the little orange card.

"You could say that." I answered and couldn't keep the look of satisfaction off my face as I dropped my other hand to rest on Kate's knee. The conductor smiled back.

"And you Miss?" He asked Kate, who I only now realised hadn't moved.

"Kate honey." I said, covering for the lapse. "Show the conductor your ticket."

Blushing she reached into her purse and held up the ticket for him to see.

"All's good." He said as he read the card. "Have a lovely trip."

"Thanks, you too." I added as he made his way down the carriage calling 'Tickets from Cheltenham please.'

Kate was still blushing when I turned back to her and I realised that she was looking at my hand. It was resting on her thigh, just below her skirt.

"That look suits you." I said and she ducked her head.

There were two quiet chimes from her phone. She'd placed it on the backseat table rest a half hour before. I looked over and saw a message from someone called Alex pop up on the screen.

"Give it here." I held out my hand and she placed the phone in my palm without hesitation. I tapped the screen and the passcode box appeared. "What's your code?" I asked her.

"3725." She said quietly. It was the first time I'd heard her talk and her voice was just as sweet as the rest of her. Not high enough to be childlike but nowhere near as husky as my own. She clearly hadn't spent her teenage years smoking away her allowance.

I tapped the numbers into the boxes and Kate's whole world opened up before my eyes. It turned out that her real name was Catherine and Alex had been asking her about her Physics assignment - that was apparently due in on Wednesday. I opened up her contacts list and found surprisingly few people on it. Most importantly there was no one listed as Mum or Dad. Double checking I found that there was no Mother or Father either.

"Is Alex your boyfriend?" I asked casually and she shook her head. "Just a friend?" She nodded. "Do you have a partner?" There was no one with anything that looked like a pet name in her phone and I couldn't find any incriminating photos either.

She got that crease in her forehead again and I realised my mistake. "Before you met me, did you have a partner?"

"No." She said quietly, shaking her head.

I stroked small circles against her thigh and said "That's good. No one to get upset that I found me my beautiful pet." I didn't think it was possible but she blushed an even darker red.

"Yeah. Yeah that is good." She whispered.

"Will anyone call if they don't hear from you now that you belong to me?"

"My friends probably." She replied after some thought.

"No family?" I asked curiously.

"No." She said. "I lived in care until I was old enough to move out."

"Well, you're safe with me from now on and we'll make sure your friends don't worry about you." I reassured her.

"Thanks." She said and a dreamy smile crept across her features.

I turned her phone onto silent, locked it and handed it back to her. "I need you to put this down the side of your chair, as if it had fallen out of your pocket. That phone belonged to Catherine, you're Kate now, so you don't need it anymore."

"That makes sense." She said and slipped it securely in place down the side of her seat before turning back to me. "You think I'm beautiful?" She asked, an almost surprised tone to her voice.

"I think you're the most stunning person I've ever seen. It's why I chose you to be mine." I brushed my thumb under the edge of her skirt and she inhaled slightly. "You're beautiful. One of a kind."

"And yours." She added quietly.

"And mine." I echoed with satisfaction. She shivered slightly and hesitantly put her hand on top of my own. "You're such a good girl." I purred and she laced her fingers through mine.

"Thank you." She breathed.


We stayed like that for the next few stops. Me rubbing her leg and her playing with my fingers. We were both getting used to the new reality that I'd so recklessly plunged us into when the tannoy announced that we were two stops away from our destination.

Whilst we'd travelled I'd been forming a plan of action and now was the perfect time to start putting it into place. I withdrew my hand from her thigh and once again opened my purse. Taking out the carrier bag that had held my lunch from earlier that day, I handed it to her.

She took it without question and looked at me, waiting for further instruction. Gods she was perfect. By now we were one of only three couples in the carriage and the other two were sat at a table seat, well out of earshot of us. Even so I leaned in close to her as I gave her the next set of instructions.

"I'm going to need full access to you at all times my sweet. I want you to go into the toilet and take off all of your underwear. Once you've taken it off, put it in the bag, make sure you're presentable and come back here to me. Do you understand?" Blushing furiously she nodded her ascent. "Good girl. Now go and do as I you're told."

She stood and worked her way past me into the aisle. Clutching the bag to her she wove her way down towards the bathroom, looking like Bambi as he was trying to take his first steps. Her skirt moved beautifully with the rocking of her hips I couldn't wait to see what she looked like without her bra on her way back.

Five minutes later I found out. With her eyes firmly fixed on the floor and her hand in a death grip around the handle of the plain white plastic bag, she cautiously made her way up the aisle once again. I watched, spellbound as her round breasts swayed with the motion of the train. Her nipples were erect and poking through her tight t-shirt. Her long brown hair fell in front of her face and it was clear that she was doing everything she could to hide herself from the view of the few remaining passengers on the train. Without a word she slipped past me into her seat and sat down, shakily handing the bag back to me.

I looked inside and saw a matching set of white lace lingerie neatly folded at the bottom of it. She was full of surprises.

Placing my hand back onto her knee I watched as her eyes widened in shock. Slowly I slid it up her leg and wasn't surprised when she reflexively tried to close them against me.

"You don't deny me access to you my pretty pet. I can touch you wherever I want." I said softly, making sure she knew I wasn't chastising her, merely instructing. She let out a small whimper but opened her legs to give me full access. "Good girl." I soothed and brushed my fingers against her pussy for the first time. She gasped and held onto the arm of her seat tightly.

I took my time, leisurely stroking her outer lips with the pad of my finger. She was unshaven and from her reactions it was clear that she had had little to no experience in the sexual arena at all. That suited me just fine. I knew a good waxer and I relished the thought of training her to perfectly suit my needs.

I decided against doing anything other than stroking her like this for now. Apart from anything else there was only one stop until we were leaving the train and Kate was whimpering softly enough for my liking. Any more and the guys down the train would've had a great story to tell their friends when they got home.

I watched her as she gasped and rocked, trying her best to come to terms with the new sensations I was giving her. Her nipples had fully peaked and I knew for sure there'd be a wet patch in her seat when we left.

Still stroking her I asked, "Do you have any luggage with you?"

"Yes." She moaned, appearing thrown by the seemingly random question.

"Is it the bag above us?"


"OK. Our stop is the one after this one." I checked my watch. "We'll be there in ten minutes." I slipped my finger in between her labia and felt the wetness there. She moaned again and leaned back in her chair.

By the time the announcement of our stop came over the tannoy Kate was a wreck and I couldn't wait to get her home. Reluctantly pulling my hand away from her sex I licked my fingers clean and stood up to pull her bag down out of the rack. She remained sat in place, panting and flushed.

"This is our stop. Follow me." Looking like she never wanted to move again she nodded and stood, trembling slightly. I leaned in and kissed her firmly on the lips. "You look glorious my dear."

Carrying both of our bags and making sure that Kate was following me it was my turn to stumble down the aisle. Waiting for the train to come to a halt by the doors, I entertained myself by mentally running through my plan, making sure everything was perfect. Eventually the train stopped and with a grinding hiss the door open button flashed. Luckily the person waiting to get on was impatient and pressed it for me when he saw that my hands were full. With a whoosh the summer air hit me and I made sure to thank him before very deliberately stepping down, ensuring that he didn't have the chance to barge past me. Kate followed silently behind, doing her best to keep her skirt from blowing in the breeze.

Eventually we reached my car and I ordered Kate to go and sit in the passenger seat whilst I put our belongings into the back. Phase one had gone off without a hitch. Now for phase two.

As I slipped into the driver's seat beside her I ordered Kate to lift up her skirt and spread her legs so that I could see her. Appearing mortified she did as she was commanded and I hummed in satisfaction at what I saw. Her lips were swollen, red with arousal and glistening wet.

"Tuck your skirt into your belt. I want to be able to see you all the way home. Oh, and put on your seat belt. I don't want there to be any chance of that beautiful body getting damaged."

Kate made a small squeaking sound as she complied.

The drive home was anything but boring. I took every opportunity I could to tease Kate's exposed pussy and I absolutely revelled in her reactions. She was so responsive and embarrassed so easily that I never wanted to stop. I found myself thinking ahead to all the things I could do to her once I had her safely home.

It felt like an age, but when I finally pulled my car into my spot at the back of my building I breathed a satisfied sigh of relief. I had arrived and I had the best present ever sat quivering and horny next to me.

"We're home. You can unhook your skirt now." She did, looking as if she couldn't decide whether or not to be relieved. "Follow me." I said as I got out of the car to retrieve our bags. She did and before long I'd led her up the three flights of stairs and along the corridor to my apartment.

I let us both in and after dumping the bags and locking the door behind us I led Kate through to the main room.

My apartment was small but it suited me perfectly. The main room was a kind of lounge/kitchen that had double glass doors on one end instead of a window. The doors led through onto a large wooden enclosed, private balcony that overlooked some truly spectacular country hills.

The smell of blossom and grass, along with the bird song and sheer feeling of open space that had swept over me as I'd been shown the place had caused me to put down a deposit on the spot. I was having this apartment and nothing was going to stand in my way.

When Kate saw the view she appeared as equally stunned as I'd been. There were lambs on the hills right now. Days before Kate's arrival I'd spent happy hours watching them quietly playing as their Mum's grazed, apparently without a care in the world.

"What do you think?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around her waist. "This is your home now."

"It's beautiful."

"Humm, I thought so too when I first arrived. There was only one other thing that I needed to make it complete, and now I've found it." I kissed her neck and felt her shiver. "My very own pet." I began to lift her t-shirt up her body and she let out a shocked gasp but couldn't stop me.

"There's no curtains." She said as I lifted her arms above her head.

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