tagGroup SexOne Debauched Weekend Ch. 01

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 01


Ally woke to the feeling of strong hands lightly caressing her side. Breathing deeply, the buxom blonde coed kept her eyes shut, enjoying the sensation. She relaxed her body, curling languidly amid the scratchy sheets.

A sleepy part of Ally's mind noted the bed didn't feel familiar and wondered lazily at that. Before the nagging concern could grow into fear, however, she remembered Paul had invited her up to his dorm room after their date. That memory led to others. It had been a nice date and she couldn't have refused the invitation or what followed.

As the strong hands continued to stroke over her bare skin, Ally remembered the feeling of Paul's athletic body pressing against her soft curves, and his firm muscles under her fingers. She sighed, as the memories mingled with present sensations of his hands on her.

Eyes still shut, Ally rolled slowly onto her back. As she did, the hands withdrew from her body. She felt the scratchy sheet side off her and the cool air of the dorm room drifted over her naked body. She felt her nipples stiffen in the draft. Ally gave a soft whimper and arched her back, offering up her breasts. The strong hands brushed over them. She moaned with pleasure, but the caresses suddenly stopped. She arched her back again, pressing her breasts against those strong hands.

Ally reached out, realizing with surprise that Paul was standing next to the bed. Eyes still closed, her questing hands found his strong thighs, and slid slowly up them until she found the fabric of his boxer shorts. Laughing, she slipped her hand inside the opening of the shorts and grabbed his stiffening cock.

He gasped as Ally drew his firm member through the hole in his boxers. She pulled him toward her, rolling slightly to draw his hard cock into her mouth. He gave a startled, ragged groan as Ally's mouth enveloped him.

He wasn't, Ally realized, completely erect yet and she was able to take nearly his whole length into her mouth. She held him there, sucking gently but firmly as he grew harder and longer in her mouth. Quickly, his shaft became thick and long, so that she had to slowly release some of him.

Ally gentled bobbed her head up and down, determined to take him back into her mouth. He moaned. His strong hands rested on her shoulders. His fingers began kneading her skin and she sucked even more vigorously, wishing he had been this attentive last night.

Last night Paul had been firm, even forceful. She remembered his hands roughly squeezing her arms, her breasts and her ass. When she had sucked him, he had grabbed her head and roughly thrust himself into her mouth, though not nearly as vigorously as he had later pounded her pussy, which still ached pleasantly. This morning, he was being gentle and patient. Ally smiled inwardly. She admitted to herself that she had enjoyed his forceful manner last night, but this was a very nice way to wake up.

In her mouth, his cock was quickly growing harder and harder. His breathing had become almost pained and his grip tightened on her shoulders. Ally bobbed her head even more vigorously, taking him as deeply as she could. She could feel his whole body tensing. He gasped and started to thrust his cock into her face. Ally matched his thrusts, pulling him closer. He gasped raggedly and a torrent of slick semen flooded into her mouth.

Suddenly, Ally heard the loud click of a door opening. Startled, she jumped up and turned to look at the door, while jets of white cum continued to spray against her cheek and hair, and drip down on her arms.

Standing in the open doorway was Paul, her date from the night before. He was naked, apart from the towel around his waist, and held a shower kit negligently in one hand. His face was torn between shock and amusement.

"Hey, Chuck," he said, "I see you've met Ally."

Startled, Ally spun back to look at the man in front of her. Paul's roommate, Chuck was an athletic looking college student, a bit shorter and stockier than Paul with short blonde hair instead of Paul's dark curls. Ally looked at his thick, hard cock, slowly oozing cum onto her fingers, and realized that it was both thicker and longer than her date's had been.

Ally felt heat flushing her face, contrasting with the warm sticky cum that had splashed on her cheek. She felt like she should be saying something, but wasn't sure what. Besides, she realized, her mouth was still full. She wondered briefly which would be worse, to let a mouthful of a stranger's cum spill from her mouth in front of her date, or to visibly swallow that same cum.

"Dude," Chuck started talking while Ally swallowed. "She started it."

"What!?" Ally sputtered. "You were totally feeling me up in my sleep. I thought it was you," she added turning to Paul. " and you said your roommate was out of town."

"I... uh," Chuck stammered, as he realized the angry coed was still holding his cock. "I got in late last night."

"How late?" Ally snarled, looking back at Chuck.

She felt suddenly even more embarrassed at the idea that Chuck would have seen her, sleeping in bed with Paul, both naked, limbs entangled after sex. Another part of her brain told her this was absurd. Chuck was seeing her naked right now. More, he had just cum in her mouth, on her face, in her hair, and his cock was still hard and throbbing in her hands. She quickly let go and scooted back on the bed, drawing her knees up to cover her naked breasts.

"Relax, babe," said Paul, easing the door shut behind him.

"Relax!?" snapped Ally shakily. "Your roommate just felt me up and came in my mouth. Why aren't you hitting him!?"

Paul just grinned. Ally suddenly noticed the large bulge tenting his towel.

"Wait." Ally looked at him in shock. "You're OK with this!? Did you fucking plan this!?"

"Chuck said you looked hot," Paul said slowly, giving Ally a searching look. "and I figured, if he didn't wake you, it would be OK with me if he copped a feel. I didn't think you'd wake up and blow him... but damn, girl, you looked so hot doing it."

"Hot?" Ally said.

"You looked amazing," Paul said earnestly, "You're just so beautiful and sexy, I can't stand it."

"Really?" Ally blushed.

Embarrassed, she nervously ran her fingers through her hair and stopped suddenly when she hit a stiff tangle of drying cum. She flinched and, glancing up, saw Chuck staring hard at her, his eyes fixed low on her body. Suddenly, she realized that, by pulling her legs up to cover her breasts, she was exposing her naked pussy. Chuck couldn't take his eyes off it. Despite everything, she knew she was very wet and she knew he could tell.

"Do you think I'm hot and sexy?" she asked Chuck.

"Fuck yeah," Chuck replied. His eyes were still fixed on her bare, glistening pussy lips and his cock, though drooping, was still firm.

Ally turned to see Paul sitting down on the bed next to her. Without comment, he opened his towel, revealing his hard cock. Fully erect, it was narrower and more tapered than Chuck's, and it practically quivered as Ally looked at it.

Paul looked into Ally's eyes for a moment, then firmly and without hesitation, he reached for her. His strong hand gripped the back of her neck and pulled her face down toward his lap. Ally groaned and slid down onto her side. Almost of their own accord, her fingers, still sticky with Chuck's drying semen, wrapped around Paul's cock. He pushed her head toward his shaft and Ally opened her mouth to receive him.

As Paul's hard cock filled her mouth, Ally felt another pair of strong hands grasp her. Chuck firmly pulled her thighs apart. Ally felt his hot breath on her wet pussy a moment before his tongue parted her slick folds. She moaned longingly around Paul's cock as pleasure washed through her.

Paul groaned and thrust against her face. Chuck lapped hungrily at her pussy. Ally quivered, her head bobbing vigorously in Paul's lap, her moans muffled by the hard flesh filling her mouth.

Ally felt overwhelmed by the sensations of it all. Paul's cock thrust between her lips, filling her mouth. A hand held the back of her neck, squeezing firmly and guiding her up and down on that hard shaft. Another hand squeezed her breast, sending sparks of pleasure through her hard, sensitive nipple. Two more hands, Chuck's, grasped her ass, squeezing and caressing. His tongue lashed between the hot, soaked folds of her pussy, rolling over her clit and sending crashing waves of pleasure through her whole body.

It was too much for Ally. Her whole body shook with pleasure and longing. For an endless moment, she hung, quivering at the edge of pleasure. Paul pushed her face down hard onto his shaft. Chuck's tongue fluttered wildly over her clit. Ally's whole body convulsed in orgasm. A desperate cry vibrated against the cock filling her mouth. She spasmed and jerked wildly, then collapsed weakly against the two guys, still sucking desperately on Paul's cock.

"Damn, dude," Paul said. "When she came like that, with my dick in her face... that was amazing. You've got try that some time."

"Yeah," Chuck laughed darkly. "but I already shot in her mouth. I want to fuck this pussy. That cool?"

"Cool by me," Paul replied. "Ally, Chuck's going to fuck your pussy while you suck me off. Cool with you?"

Ally moaned softly, lifting her head off Paul's long shaft.

"Oh yeah," the coed gasped. "That's cool. That'd be great."

"See dude," said Paul. "I told you she was a slut."

"Shut up," Ally growled lustily. "or I'll bite it off." She clacked her teeth together loudly.

Paul paled, his jaw dropping. Chuck laughed. A moment later, all three of them were laughing joyfully.

They all climbed onto the bed. Ally rose to her hands and knees between the two guys. Chuck moved behind her, his long, thick cock fully erect again and aimed between her thighs. Paul moved to kneel by her head, holding his shaft in her face.

"No biting," Paul said, his voice shaking a little beneath his dominating tone. Chuck laughed again.

"Oh, just give it to me," Ally purred, her voice sultry.

Chuck grabbed her hips and thrust firmly into her pussy. Ally moaned, rocking forward as he thrust into her. Ally made a little O with her mouth and looked up at Paul. With a grin, Paul moved closer and pushed his cock between her lips.

The three paused for a moment. Ally reveled in the sense of fullness she felt. Only once before had she felt this, two cocks filling her from each end, and that time had been both unexpected and uninvited. This time, she was ready and willing. It felt wonderful. Slowly, the two guys started to thrust into her, filling her ends with their shafts.

Steadily, finding their rhythm, they began to fuck her. There was no other way to describe it, two cocks thrusting passionately into her body. Her mouth and pussy filled with hard, lusty flesh, driving deep into her. The guys grunted and moaned. Chuck's body slapped against her thighs and ass with each thrust. Paul's cock sank deep into her mouth, forcing her to move with it or gag.

Ally found her pace between them. Pleasure quivered through her. Paul leaned forward and grabbed hold of her swaying breasts, and sparks of feeling jumped from her nipples. Chuck reached under her, his fingers dancing over her clit while he thrust into her.

Ally struggled to keep her balance between the guys as the sensations overwhelmed her again. Pleasure rushed through her, exploding in another orgasm, as intense as it was unexpected. Ally quivered, her body straining with the force of her release. Deep inside her, Chuck's shaft hardened and surged, flooding her pussy with cum. A moment later, Paul's cock erupted and, for the second time this morning, her mouth was filled with semen. She was too shaken to hold the sticky torrent and it flooded past her lips and down her chin, to drip onto the bed below.

With shuddering groans, the guys withdrew and Ally collapsed in a heap onto the tangled, sticky sheets.

"Dude," Chuck breathed, looking down at Ally's naked, spent body.

Ally laughed as the guys high-fived each other.

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