tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 02

The Girl Who Wasn't There Ch. 02


This is Part 2 of the five part story of the adventures of Ginny, a girl with an unusual psychic ability. Part 1 can be found at http://www.literotica.com/s/the-girl-who-wasnt-there-ch-01

Once again my thanks to my editor ArilynWriter for her comments, encouragement and editing. Her support has been invaluable.

Thanks also for the feedback and comments on Part 1. I have edited that part slightly to clarify some points that people felt were unclear. Please let me have your thoughts on this, the next chapter...


It is now three nights ago that I started our story, paying the price for my lack of sleep the following day. But now I cannot sleep again, feeling the restless urge to continue the tale. Perhaps if I can write another chapter I will be able to return to my love in bed to hold her and sleep again.

So, I must turn back to Wessex University, but to an older me; me at 26, Ginny Anderson BSc (Hons), MSc, now PhD student and researcher in Doctor Tanya Neal's Department of Parapsychology, or the Ministry of Mysteries as I would call it, much to the Doc's annoyance. Being a researcher makes me Tanya's colleague, albeit a junior one. We get on get on well enough; however, she thinks that I'm too frivolous and don't take things seriously and that I joke about my ability too much. This isn't entirely fair: I only joke about my ability with my close colleagues.

My ability, my 'witchy power', now has a scientific name. Doc Tanya has described it as a form of Extra-Sensory Manipulation, ESM rather than ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception). Before he left for Edinburgh University, Jake Green coined the term psychoamoebothemia, Greek for 'changing emotions with the spirit or mind' apparently, or PAT for short. So I can 'ez-me' people or 'pat' them!

As a subject my ability, my PAT or ESM, is regularly tested, and with frequent practise I've become better at it. It's still not perfect, but I often use it to calm or relax those I interview. I've never used it to seduce anyone, not since Jake, anyway. I cannot make someone love me as such feelings would be meaningless. That sounded almost profound, so perhaps I'm a little wiser too; maybe.

I have friends, but no one special. I have sex, but no deep loving relationship. So I am happy, but not fulfilled. I want to get on and tell of how she and I met, but there is an event that comes first; a surreal event, when I think of it and one that may have both helped cause our danger and yet saved us as well.


CHAPTER 2 -- "Going beyond the call of duty"

It's a Friday, just after lunch and time for my fortnightly meeting with Doctor Tanya, the usual mix of reporting back, raising issues, supervision for my PhD ('Tell me Ginny, how is your thesis work progressing?'), checking how my ESM skills are developing, ideas for new tests, and general admin.

I get on well enough with Doc T; she's a bit of a cold fish, very reserved, and doesn't do much of the touchy-feely management stuff. However, she's always happy to listen to problems I have with work and give practical help. I owe her a lot; she's helped me get my Masters and now my Doctorate, even letting me stay for free in one the guest rooms the department so that I could afford to study. After five years (can it be that already?) this place feels like my home as well as my work. She has been a bit odd lately. Not odd exactly, but different, more talkative and not just about work, even laughing once or twice; more normal really, which for her is... odd. Perhaps I can find out what it is; my colleagues Wanda and Alex want me to as I've known her the longest.

I knock on Doctor T's office door and wait a moment before she calls me to enter. It's an absolute rule of the department: you never enter her office without her permission. I enter, expecting the usual routine where I make the Doc and I a cup of coffee (she always has nice coffee), but surprisingly she is by the machine already and tells me to sit. She walks past, placing the coffee in front of me before going round to her side of the desk. "Thanks, Doctor," I say and she smiles.

Normality resumes as we begin the meeting, the agenda now a matter of habit as we run through the topics: how my PhD thesis is progressing, reports of tests either by me or on me, how my practising of my ESM is progressing, tasks for next two weeks, and so on. Only two things catch my interest. First, she might be able to secure some additional funding for the department -- "Early days yet, though," she warns. The second thing is the Doctor herself. She seems nervous and excited and happy all at once, very different from her normal measured and controlled self. I am trying to think of a way to ask her what's up when she closes her laptop indicating the end of the meeting. I hesitate, but make to stand up and leave.

"No, Ginny, don't go yet, please. I want to talk to you."

I sit back again, intrigued. "Okay, Doc."

"Always Doc or Doctor," she says quietly. "Ginny, how long have we known each other? Five years?"

"A bit more; maybe five and a half," I reply. "I was in my final degree year when we met."

"I remember you that day..." she starts and I try not to blush knowing what she was remembering; her first sight of me on my knees sucking off Jake. "Ginny, am I your friend?"

The question catches me off guard. "Erm, well you've always been good to me. You've helped me a lot and have always supported me. I like you and I have huge respect for you and your work. But, well... we're not exactly mates. I mean, we don't go for a drink together to sit and chat. Not that I would have minded doing that," I add hastily, "I mean, if you'd ever said you wanted to."

"No, we're not 'mates' are we? I'm more like a kindly aunt, an old, spinster aunt." Her voice is emotional, but it's not sadness, more -- disappointment? Frustration perhaps? I wish I had some ESP at this point so I could tell more clearly what she was feeling.

"You're not old! Doc... Tanya... what's the matter?"

She smiles slightly at my use of her name. "It's, well, for the first time in years I really need to talk to someone, as a friend, about my life."

"D- Tanya, I owe you so much. That first time we met you said you hoped we'd be colleagues one day, and here we are. We may not be mates -- not at the moment, anyway -- but we like each other and we've always got on well together so I'd say we're more than just colleagues. Will that do?"

"Thank you, Ginny. I do envy you, you know; the way you just dive into love and relationships. I find it so hard to, to... to open up to anyone."

I chuckle. "And I find it hard thinking things through before I do them. You know, I'm not necessarily the best person for relationship advice. I'm good at starting relationships, but pretty crap at maintaining them at anything more than friendship. My life is a catalogue of brief romances, short flings, and one-night stands."

"Have you never been in love?" she asks and I cannot help laughing.

"Sorry, Tanya," I apologise, "but hearing that question from you is just so... unexpected!" I think for a minute. "You know, I don't think I have ever been in love, not properly. I've fancied loads of people, had crushes on guys and girls, simply had sex with them, but never met anyone that I think 'Wow! You're the one!'"

"So you are bisexual then? I overheard Wanda..."

"Yes, I am, and perhaps that's part of the problem. Wanda keeps telling me it is."

"I'm sure if you met the right person you'd know, and their sex wouldn't matter, would it?"

"I guess not. Tanya, you've been behaving differently for the past two weeks and I'm fairly sure that it has something to do with why you need to talk to someone. If I were to hazard a guess at this point, I would say that you met someone and you fancy him, but what, you don't know what to do next?" The look on her face tells me I've hit the bull's-eye, or near enough. "I can't promise to have the answers, but I can listen, and I do promise that I'll keep what you say just between us."

"It's not a 'him'," she manages to say and blushes deeply.

"A woman?" I ask and she nods. "Cool! Well, the first question is: who is she and how did you meet?"

"Her name is Marie Bonar. She's part of some Government review of universities and she's based here at Wessex, but she's covering all the universities in the south-west. I met her when she was introduced at a Heads of Faculties lunch three weeks ago. We got talking and she's intrigued by the paranormal."

"Okay, so apart from her interest in the paranormal, do you think she's attracted to you?"

"I know she is! We've been out a few times now on -- are they still called dates at my age or is that just if you're a teenager?"

"Nah, you can still call them dates. Good God, Doc -- sorry, Tanya, you're barely 40, not some geriatric!"

"Okay, Marie and I have been on dates: drinks, a couple of times for meals, and once to the theatre. At the theatre she was holding my hand and rubbed my leg a couple of times. It was nice, but I didn't really know how to respond. We have kissed, you know, deeply, with..." She is blushing again. In all these years I never noticed how shy the Doc is.

"Tongues?" I offer and she nods.

"I, I didn't know that's what people did when she first tried to, you know, use her tongue."

"And what happened?"

"I, sort of, let her. It was weird, but nice weird. I did better the next time!" She smiles, but it fades quickly. "That's all we've done: go out, hold hands, hug, and the odd caress. I really like her and I do want more, but now she's invited me to go away for the weekend and I'm scared."

"Are we talking a 'let's get a couple of rooms and visit, I don't know, Oxford, for a couple of days' type weekend away or is it more 'one room with a king-sized bed please and an alarm call for Monday morning'?"

Tanya looks at me as if she can't believe what I've just said. "It couldn't be the latter; could it?" she asks nervously.

"Probably not, no," I admit, laughing "I was exaggerating a bit. I mean, you'd need at least one meal!" I mean it as a joke, but I can see I'm upsetting her. "Sorry, I'm teasing you. Tanya, the fact that it's a woman is probably a good thing as she'll be gentler and less pushy than many guys would be. Inviting you on a weekend away, whether it's with one room or two, seems very keen after only a couple of weeks. Marie obviously really likes you so you need to be honest with her and tell her how you feel. If you want separate rooms, say so. If she cares about you, she'll respect that."

"But, Ginny, I don't know if I do want separate rooms! It's just that..." she stops, unable to continue.

"What?" I prompt.

"I... I've never made love. To anyone," Tanya whispers. I reach across the desk and take her hand. At first she flinches but she gradually relaxes. I squeeze her hand gently. "Look, I knew I found girls attractive and boys not," she continues quietly, "but that didn't matter. Relationships, you know best friends, girlfriends, love, sex, have never been important to me. I enjoyed my study and my work and my hobbies while people were all just too... complicated and messy. And now there's someone that I really like. Damn it, I think I love her, even if that makes me sound like a soppy girlie!"

"Tanya, I think it's wonderful. And no one is ever going to think of you as a soppy girl! You know, you could tell Marie; I'm sure she'd understand. I, um, I have been with a girl when it was her first time and all I wanted was to be gentle and make it wonderful for her." I squeeze her hand again to reassure her and this time there is a small squeeze back.

"But what if I panic or I don't like it?" she asks, her voice tight with emotion. I try to imagine not liking sex but can't seem to fit the idea into my head.

"Perhaps you need to take it slowly; talk to her. As to the sex part, well, start with what you know. Do you masturbate?"

Her blush returns but she manages a small "Sometimes."

"Well, what do you do to yourself? What do you fantasize about when you do it?"

Amazingly, Tanya gets even redder. "I, I don't really think of anything, I just focus on the sensations as I rub myself. Oh, Ginny, help me, please! Can you teach me, show me? I'm 41 and I don't even know how to kiss properly!"

I think I can guess what she's thinking: you sucked off a complete stranger to prove a point; can't you help me? Can I? She's attractive enough, with a slim, sexy body and a nice face. But she's also my boss.

"Tanya, you and Marie could have a lot of fun together finding out what you like and how to give and receive pleasure. That finding out could last a lifetime, if that's what you both wanted. And your first lover is special. I'm your colleague and I'd like to be your friend, but you don't want me as your lover, do you?"

"No, no that would be... inappropriate. I was just hoping that you could show me a bit, just so I know what it's like, where I should touch..." she takes a deep, shuddering breath and I can see tears in her eyes. "God, I feel so stupid, so useless!"

She looks so lost and forlorn that my heart goes out to her. "Okay," I say, capitulating, "I'll show you, teach you."

She looks up, hope and pleading in her face, "You will? Today? Now?"

The penny drops: 'go away for the weekend' means 'go away this weekend.' "I will. But, Tanya," I warn, "this has to be separate, a one off event. I'll be the teacher and you the student and afterwards we close the door on it. Okay?"

"Can we not be friends after?" she asks, beginning to understand why I'm worried about doing this.

"I sincerely hope we will be friends and what we share this afternoon will be part of that friendship: I'm helping you as my friend. But this isn't the start of a sexual relationship between us, regardless of how your relationship with Marie works out, okay?"

She nods. "Okay. Thank you, Ginny."

"What time are you and Marie going away this evening?" I ask. "I assume from your urgency that it is this evening?"

"It is, this evening at 6pm. She's picking me up. I have wanted to speak to you all week, but I just couldn't do it. Sorry."

"It's alright. Shall we go? Have you a bag packed?" I stand and move towards the door.

"I have a case, here," she replies, standing and lifting a small, overnight case, "but go where?"

"Well, I thought my room might be more suitable than your office." She nods and walks to me. As she nears I reach up and place my hands on her shoulders. She flinches slightly, but I rub her shoulders and upper arms gently and she relaxes. She is slightly taller than me, but slimmer and narrower in frame: her breasts are quite small and her hips narrow, though the slimness of her waist gives her enough curves to avoid looking boyish. Her brown hair, with just a few greys starting to appear, is still in that simple short bob cut that she had when we first met. Her eyes are hazel with amber flecks that I'd not noticed before. Her skin is still firm and smooth, so she looks young for her age, especially now she has put aside her stern, no nonsense work persona.

"You're very attractive, Tanya." I say and kiss her lightly on the lips. She is a little surprised, but I'm pleased when she immediately moves forward for a second, longer kiss. Her lips are very soft. We kiss again, and I open my mouth slightly, catching her bottom lip between mine. I slide my tongue across her lip and she gives a little sigh of pleasure, her mouth opening against mine. I gently slip my tongue into her mouth, teasing her teeth apart till my tongue caresses hers.

As the kiss ends, I whisper, "Your turn now." She leans in, pressing her lips to mine. I let my lips part a little and wait until I feel the tip of her tongue hesitantly touch them. I give a little "Mmm" of encouragement and her tongue probes deeper. I hear her case drop to the floor and she wraps her arms around me, pulling me tight against her. I loose myself in the sensation of the kiss, letting Tanya lead the way.

With a slight gasp she breaks the kiss and she is smiling, her face a little flushed with excitement and I can see the hard, sharp bumps of her nipples through her blouse and bra. "Wow!" she exclaims, "I didn't realise that kissing could be so... amazing!"

"You're a quick learner!" I tell her. "Do you still want to try, er, other stuff?"

"I, I think I do, yes. I don't always want to wait and see what to do when Marie and I are together. I hope she kisses as well as you do!" she giggles. I wonder if this is the most paranormal thing I've ever encountered: Doctor Tanya Neal actually giggled!

"Ginny?" she asks, suddenly serious, "You're not, you know, doing anything to me, like with Jacob; with your ESM ability?"

I wonder whether to be offended at her lack of trust, but I realize that it's a reasonable question given what I can do (and have done!) and the new emotions she's experiencing. I reach out and stroke her cheek "No, Tanya, the emotions and feelings are all yours. Enjoy them! I promise Ezme and PAT are not getting involved today."

We head to my room, but once inside it becomes awkward; my seductions aren't usually this deliberate and I'm still not sure what Tanya wants to know. I decide to pick up where we left off with kissing, so I kick off my shoes and go and lie on my bed. Tanya takes the hint and, after carefully removing her shoes, she joins me.

We kiss again and this time our bodies are in closer contact. I don't know about Tanya, but this is definitely turning me on! I move from her mouth and kiss her chin and then down along the line of her jaw to her neck. No bites, I remind myself, not before tonight's big date. I wonder if Tanya will have anything to hide by Monday as I trail my tongue up her neck and trace it round her ear.

"Mmm, yes," she purrs. I glance down and can see she is kneading her own breast. I reach down and slip my hand under hers, cupping her boob as my thumb rubs her nipple. To my delight, she reciprocates, her hand caressing me before once again copying my movements. This time though, she goes further and starts to roll and squeeze my nipple between her thumb and forefinger making me gasp.

Immediately she pulls her hand away, apologising for hurting me. "It didn't hurt, it was lovely!" I reassure her and sit up. "Here, help me take my shirt off." She is still nervous, but I can see the stirrings of arousal in her eyes. I raise my arms, indicating she is going to undress me. "And don't worry about touching anything," I say, "In fact, here's a top tip: you should try and ensure that your hands do caress my skin and brush over my tits!"

She is hesitant, but quickly finds that hooking her thumbs under the bottom of my shirt allows her fingers to caress my sides and back as she raises the shirt and slips it off. "Keep going," I encourage and she reaches out to run her hands over my boobs. I close my eyes and enjoy her touch as her fingers trace along the edge of my bra cup. I glide my hand along the top of her leg, sliding under her skirt, before caressing the inside of her thigh. Her legs open wider, inviting me to reach higher, which I do as her hand slips into my bra cup to squeeze my nipple. I can feel how wet my pussy has become and, as my fingers brush the gusset of her panties, I know that she is in the same state.

It takes every ounce of willpower I have to pause and say to her, "Tanya, I'm not sure we need to do this."

She freezes mid nipple squeeze. "What am I doing wrong?" she asks, worried.

"Nothing, it's just you might want your first time going any further to be with Marie. You're wonderful at this: you are making me very wet and horny!"

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