tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Girl with Something Extra

The Girl with Something Extra


My sincere appreciation to Vickie Tern, a master at the craft, who collaborated on this story...


Looking back, I have a hard time believing what recently happened to me. I'm just your average 39 year old man with a wife and two kids. I met Allison, by way of mutual friends, fourteen years ago and we've been together ever since. We've never been much for the swinger set although from time to time during our love making sessions we will both role play a little.

Allison's even hinted she might be interested in bringing a third person into our bedroom. Neither of us have had a bisexual experience, though she says she would be willing to try it. I would love to see my wife with another woman as we both enjoy watching erotic videos of lesbians and women in threesomes who enjoy sex with each other.

Recently what has really turned Allison on is when she's going down on me, I might use one of her vibrators or dildos on her pussy or ass, asking her to imagine she's with another man who's fucking her as she gives me head. She really gets off on fantasizing she's being taken by me and another man.

We've both talked about how much we would enjoy finding the right person or couple but we never seem to do anything about it.

About a year ago, Allison started playing with my ass while she was giving me a blowjob. It felt really good as she lubed a finger and softly rubbed just the outside, barely probing my back door. I've been having anal sex with her since shortly after we met so it seemed turnabout was fair play as I let her explore my ass.

When I told her I enjoyed it, Allison graduated to her vibrator. I was a little scared at first, assuming it would hurt. There have been times her fingers became uncomfortable if I wasn't relaxed or properly lubed. But Allison takes her time, making sure I am excited and wet back there.

About three months ago, she told me she had a little surprise for me and produced a strapon that came with two different dildos. We started out with the much smaller one and now, if properly lubed up, I can accommodate the much larger one.

I love it when Allison straps on her cock and takes me doggie style although she likes it best when we're facing each other so we can kiss. Allison really gets off on fucking me. I think she enjoys that more than when I fuck her gorgeous pussy although her favorite is when I go down on her. She could have me eat her juicy pussy all day.

Earlier this spring, I was golfing with buddies of mine. We typically get together twice a month, and also take at least one trip a year to the beach. One guy in the group, Rob is always talking about women and sex. Though Rob is married, that's never stopped him from pursuing other women. Actually I think his wife knows about all his extracurricular activities and simply doesn't care.

Rob talks about his three ways, getting head from all these young single women, and the scores he picks up on his trips on the road. He's in sales for a major pharmaceutical company. We all love listening to his stories, though we realize most of it is bullshit and we simply encourage him.

One day last spring though, he was telling me about this massage therapist he saw in Greensboro who gave him a "happy ending." I'd heard all the stories about that, and I've visited an occasional chiropractor or two though I'd never had a massage. But Rob went on and on about this young Asian woman named Mickey who not only jacked him off, she gave him head. Every time he told his story, it seemed to get better and better, so I figured it must be absolute bullshit.

Even so, he kept encouraging me to go there, knowing that I travelled to Greensboro on business. I did for the sake of curiosity drive by one day, just to see if he was lying about the business. Sure enough, there was a massage establishment right where he said, but I didn't go in.

About three weeks ago, we were all playing a little golf in Ashville when on a par five I shanked the ball. I had a twinge in my wrist and a pain in the lower part of my back that shot through like someone had stabbed a knife in me. I'm susceptible to back sprains if I don't take precautions when I lift.

Over the course of the next three holes, Rob kept telling me to check out Mickey. She could take care of my back in more ways than one! Then at the club house, Rob launched into another one of his stories, about two married chicks he ran into down at the beach. We all sat around with our drinks, smoking our cigars, consumed with his latest exploit.

The later part of that next week, my back was still bothering me when I found myself in the same part of town as that massage business Rob had cited. I was in Greensboro on business and I was done for the day with some time to kill, so I decided to check it out.

I was certain the "happy ending" and blowjob was a complete fabrication, but I figured I could use a good rub down. When I walked in a fairly good looking guy was inspecting what appeared to be an appointment book. I asked if Mickey was available. I was sort of surprised when he acknowledged there was a Mickey, but she had the day off.

"Was she expecting you?" he asked looking back.

"No, I just heard she was pretty good," I explained.

"I have an opening," he said back.

While he looked to be fairly built, I was really looking for a woman if I were getting a rub down. As I was collecting my thoughts, trying to figure a delicate way of saying no thanks, a stunning young woman emerged through a door to my right and walked up to him, also seeming to look over the appointment book.

This guy, seeing the look on my face, asked if she were wrapping up, and when she acknowledged that her last client was getting dressed said, "This is Hannah. She's free now if you like."

Hannah turned to me and smiled. She had piercing blue eyes and a nice chest set in a white halter top. Hannah had long blonde hair that fell just past her shoulders and I couldn't help but admire her firm arms and flat stomach.

"Yes, that would be great if you have an opening," I replied.

She informed me the whole procedure would take 90-minutes including a shower after a brief 10-15 minute steam room to open the pores and relax the muscles.

Hannah showed me where to undress, issued me a key to a locker for valuables, pointed me in the direction of the steam room, and then gave me a couple of towels. She told me when I was finished with the steam room, to go into a room two doors down at the end of the hall. When I was ready, shut the door and she would know to come on back.

"Am I totally undressed or what?" I asked feeling unsure how all that worked.

"You modest?" she asked with a smile.

"No, not really," I replied back.

"Most of my clients prefer to be nude but whatever makes you comfortable. You can place a towel around your midsection. There are several on the counter, or you can wear your shorts. This is about you feeling the most comfortable and relaxed. What's your name?" she asked with a smile.

"Ben, and this is my first trip to a, what is it, masseuse?" I answered back.

"Well Ben, you go hit the steam room and shower up for me. I'm going to take real good care of you," she smiled.

I stripped down in the changing room and with a towel wrapped around my waist visited the steam room. The place seemed empty except for one brunette I saw exit from a room into another room down the hall. The steam room smelled of eucalyptus, sweet and pungent, as I relaxed against the tiled wall.

Closing my eyes, I replayed the vision of Hannah in my head: the white halter top, short black pants and a cute little gold hoop in her belly button. My wife had talked about getting her belly button pierced and seeing Hannah's I realized what a turn on that would be.

After 15 minutes, I had all the steam I could handle and headed for the showers. I normally take hot showers but was content to enjoy a cooler shower as the water cascaded down my body, lowering the body temperature just a bit.

Then I headed to the room Hannah had directed to me to. It was lit by several strategically placed candles. In the background there were the soft sounds of what seemed to be the beach, as waves rushed on the water with the sounds of gulls flying by. It was so very relaxing, just loud enough to be heard but not overdone as I lay down on a table covered in a soft cloth. Just like Hannah said, I placed a small towel on my midsection and hoped I didn't get a woody the second the young lady walked in.

Hannah joined me a few minutes later and looked me over as I lay on my back on the table.

"I normally start off with the back but that's okay, we'll do your front first," she said matter of factly.

"You want me to flip over," I asked.

"No that's okay. Did you tell Sean you had back issues? That's why you're here?" she asked.

"Yea...golfing injury," I stated back. "Actually my whole game is an injury to golf," I laughed.

"And I have you for how long?" she asked, not catching my humor.

Have me? I wish she had me. "Yea, actually I have all afternoon. I've called it a day," I replied.

"Any particular style?" she asked as she walked over to the bar for what appeared to be a towel. Sensing my unfamiliarity with what she was talking about she clarified, "Swedish, deep tissue? Deep tissue might feel good on your back but slightly uncomfortable at first."

"Why don't you start off slow and easy? That's how my wife does it." I shot back.

"Oh, you and your wife give each other massages?" she smiled.

"Well, not professionally mind you but we do each other occasionally," I responded.

"I see, well we'll start off with Swedish. So this is your first massage? How did you hear about us?" Hannah smiled back.

"A buddy I play golf with... said he comes here and sees Mickey. I understand she has the day off,"

"Mickey?," Hannah straightened up a little. "And this friend, he enjoys his visits?"

I wasn't sure what to tell her so I just shot back, "Yea, very much."

"And what is it you do?" Hannah asked as it appeared she was warming a towel. "I don't mean to pry, just curious."

"I'm in sales. I'm from Raleigh but I get up here quite a bit."

"I see," she said. "This towel is warm. You let me know if its too hot," she replied as she wrapped it and then strategically placed it on my face.

It too seemed to be slightly scented as I felt Hannah move to my left by my head and pull my arm, over my head as she kneaded my fingers, palms, and wrist. Her hands were oily as she moved her hands down my arm, bending it at the elbow, rubbing it.

At one point my fingers came to rest against the fabric of her halter top. I wanted to rub those gorgeous breasts but dared not as she moved my arm back and forth, my fingers sometimes coming in contact with her bare skin, other times resting against the fabric of her top. Then she moved to the other side with the same technique. My hands being in such close proximity to her tits, I hoped I wouldn't get aroused and start moving that small towel she had placed at my waist all over the place, waving it like a damned flag.

Hannah then moved down the table to my feet and pulled my toes, bending them and pressing her thumb into the bottom of my sole. Actually that was uncomfortable but I tried to withstand the pressure until she moved up my leg, kneading the calf and the thigh with her expert fingers. I could feel her squirting more oil on my legs as she slightly moved the hand towel covering my middle.

I could feel it when my balls were exposed, just from the rush of cooler air, and wondered if she was gazing at my goods as my own face was still covered by the moist warm towel. She bent my leg back until it actually touched my stomach, and then using her hand pushed, letting it flex as she worked my thigh muscle, before repeating this on the other side.

"You're really tight," Hannah said as she broke the silence. I just lay there as I felt warm oil fall on my chest as she rubbed it in. I'm not very hairy. Actually no hair at all except for just a little that would grow at my belly button and nipples but my wife loves the hairless look and keeps that hair off with a waxing she does.

When I first met her she'd trim her bush up with just a small patch above her pussy. I encouraged her to shave it all off, and she's done that ever since, and about four years ago she convinced me to allow her to shave me as well. Actually we both love the way it feels as our smooth bodies slide back and forth. Now she has her pussy waxed when she does her nails.

Usually she just shaves me. I say usually because she did try to wax me down below one time, and I thought I would die as she ripped my pubes out. Now a razor works well enough.

Hannah's fingers felt good as they rubbed my shoulders and upper chest. As her fingers rubbed against my breasts, she let her nails lightly drag across my nipples as she withdrew them. I have sensitive nipples that Allison loves to suck on as she fucks me or gives me head. At any rate, I sighed deeply as I felt my nipples constrict.

Hannah must have sensed this immediately, because she rubbed for a few seconds and then her hands again rubbed over my nipples, and this time her fingers seemed to pinch my nipples between her fingers. I was sure it was deliberate and I felt my cock twitch under the hand towel. I knew it was starting to harden much as it does when Allison and I are engaged in foreplay.

My hands were gripping the sides of the massage table, and I felt the warm flesh of Hannah's thighs prssing against them. I'm not sure what possessed me but I let my left thumb rub against her bare flesh. I had been to enough titty bars to know that the dancers can touch you, even rub their tits in your face, but there's no touching back. But I was beyond the point of caring and figured she'd let me know if I went too far.

As the towel had begun to cool Hannah removed it, and for the first time I could see her as she worked her way, stretching across my body. I admired her firm ass and this time I raised my hand just a bit as her breast scooted across as she bent across my body.

Hannah made no attempt to stop me, and actually seemed to be rubbing her leg and her top along my bare skin as her fingers worked my lower stomach, slighting running under the towel. I felt her finger twice 'accidentally' bump the head of my cock. Then another as she reached under and sort of moved it out of the way as she lowered the towel. Her hands rubbed the bottom of my stomach, closer and closer to my cock until she bumped it again. This time it began to swell noticeably. My cock lifted off my belly and her hand slid between my cock and my stomach.

My cock was riding on the top of her hand as she explored the side of my balls and then cupped it, drawing a groan from me. Seeing I didn't object at all to where this was headed, she removed the hand towel altogether and squirted warm oil directly onto my cock, then took into her small but talented hand. I closed my eyes as she rubbed the oil in, sliding her fingers up and down my hard shaft. Her left hand worked my cock as her right returned to my chest and my nipples as she pinched my nubs.

I knew my cock was rock hard as she continued to rub my shaft, moving every once in a while to my balls, which she delicately stroked as well.

"It's really hot in here. Do you mind if I get comfortable as well?" Hannah asked. These were the first words she had spoken in a while.

"No," my voice almost broke as I opened my eyes to see her turn her back to me only momentarily as she slipped the halter top off and placed it on the counter. When she faced me, I saw for the first time her beautiful breasts. They weren't large, perhaps 34B cups with dark tan lines that betrayed her suntan. Her nipples were darker than Allison's and already erect, a sign that she was as excited as I was.

Hannah continued to work my cock and when she bent closer to the table I let my hand brush against her tit, feeling the hard nipple. Her expert fingers really worked on my nipples and cock until she asked me to flip over onto my stomach.

I was disappointed at first, thinking I would no longer see this vision of loveliness as she squirted the warm oil on my back -- the reason I was there in the first place -- as she rubbed the oil in on the back of my legs, my lower back, and my shoulders.

"I can't believe how tight you are. Do you sit at a desk a lot?" she inquired.

"Yea, when I'm not driving around," I said back. My face was resting in a vinyl hoop connected to the table. Towels padded my face as it rested in this doughnut hole of a headrest.

I was beginning to settle down from my sexual excitement as she rubbed my shoulders and back, until I felt her hands begin to squeeze my ass cheeks, rubbing, pushing, until they wandered deeper into my crack. I felt her pull my cheeks apart and then felt the warm oil splashing against my ass, my anus, dribbling down my leg as her hand moved in to rub my asshole. Ever so gently at first. Waiting for a reaction, which came when I moaned slightly and spread my legs.

"Does that feel good Ben?" she asked softly.

"Yea, real good," I moaned.

"You let me know if you want me to stop," Hannah stated.

"No it feels good. I like what you're doing," I acknowledged.

"That's good. Real good," she added as she let a finger probe in my ass. It went just a little in, and then deeper, as one, then two fingers, worked my ass.

"You like that? You still comfortable?" Hannah asked.

"Ummm," I moaned back. "I love it. My wife and I sort of do this. I like it," I moaned back.

Hannah withdrew just a minute and I heard what appeared to be a drawer open and then the unmistakable humming I knew all too well.

"You let me know if you want me to stop," she said really softly as I felt the small vibrator enter my ass. She moved it back and forth as she rubbed my cheeks with her other hand, reaching under me and feeling for my cock which was resting between the table and my stomach.

I raised my hips off the table and let her small hand fish my cock out from under me as she stroked my cock and my balls as she worked the vibrator in and out of my ass. It felt so good and I felt myself spread my legs, giving her more room.

"Yes, you do really like it don't you, she said.

"Yea, fuck yea. Damn it feels good," I replied as I felt myself bucking back slightly, encouraging her on.

"I think I know what you'll really like," she purred. "Hold on a minute. I heard the rustle of clothes and could only imagine she was getting completely undressed. I heard the sound of the drawer again and the sound of what sounded like paper?

I heard Hannah move a step stool across the floor and then felt her position herself between my legs on the table. She had left the vibrator in my ass and I heard it stop and then felt her pull my cheeks apart, no doubt eyeing my hole. Her fingers again explored my chute, lubing it more as I felt the familiar head of a cock against my asshole.

Hannah appeared to have slipped on a strapon and was going to fuck me like Allison. "Raise up Ben," she instructed as I felt her shove a pillow of some sort under my lower stomach, elevating my ass.

She must have slipped a rubber over the head of the dildo. It was warm and soft as it moved in my backside. Not nearly as large as the one I am accustomed too. Hannah moved it in and out slowly until the cock was deep in my rectum.

She collapsed her full body on mine, placing her elbows and forearms beside mine as we locked fingers. Her breasts rubbed my back as her hair tickled the sides of my neck.

My face was still buried in the rim of that headrest as she plunged her cock back and forth, in and out. I had to admit the fucking she was giving me was far better than Allison's. Hannah really knew how to move her hips, grinding the cock in my ass.

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