The Girl with Something Extra


"Take that cock Ben, take it. Give yourself to me. Let it all go, relax, take that cock deep. That feel good? You like that?" Hannah asked as she worked the strapon in and out of my hole, never quite removing it altogether.

"Yes, I love it. Fuck me. Fuck that ass," I shot back.

"You going to tell your golfing buddy I fucked you? What was his name?" she asked.

"Rob, his name is Rob," I groaned.

"You going to tell Rob you came to see us and your masseuse fucked the shit out of you? Fucked that tight ass of yours. You going to tell him that?"

This woman was hot. "No, I'm not sure about that," I half laughed between grunts.

"I'm going to flip you over but I want you to keep your eyes closed. I want you to just imagine what I'm doing. Will you do that? Can you do that for me?" she inquired.

"Sure," I said as I felt Hannah dismount and step off the table.

I flipped over and lay my head back down on the rest.

"Hold your head up for a second, honey," she told me as I felt her slide the headrest out from under my head, cradling my neck in her hands. "Ease down the table just a little,"she asked as I scooted down. Then she lowered my head till it was resting at an angle off the table.

"I'm going to take the rubber off and have you suck my cock. Will you suck my cock a little?" Hannah asked.

I had actually done the same for Allison who also got a thrill from watching me kneel and take her cock, sucking on it like a real one.

"Yea," I answered back as I felt her finger trace my lips and then push past them.

"You'll be my little cocksucker today? Suck my dick for me Ben?" she teased.

This young bitch was sexy as hell. She had me excited beyond belief.

"Yes, I want to. I want to suck your cock. Make me your little cocksucker," I shot back playing her game.

Hannah withdrew her fingers and told me to open my mouth wide. I did as she directed, waiting for her to stick the head of the dildo to my lips.

What happened next both terrified and excited me as I felt the head of a cock and her warm shaft pass my lips. I knew immediately this was no rubber cock and thought for just a moment that the guy from up front, Sean, had taken her place. When I opened my eyes I saw it was still Hannah but Hannah had a cock -- a real one.

This girl had tits but a real cock and balls. The balls and cock were completely shaven smooth but they were real. Hanging down just inches from my face as she held my forehead with her right hand.

Seeing my open eyes, she smiled. "That's right Ben. Take it. Suck my cock. That's what you wanted. Suck the cock that fucked that little ass of yours. Take it!" she directed as the cock moved back and forth in my mouth.

It dawned on me to jump up but I seemed frozen in place. This guy, girl, whatever, had just fucked my ass. Not a strapon -- a real cock. Now here I was sucking her cock, his cock. I'd seen pictures and videos of transsexuals but this was the first time I'd ever seen one in person. Now here I was sucking one of their cocks. I couldn't believe it.

But believe it or not -- I made no attempt to stop. I felt myself relaxing, watching Hannah's hips move back and forward. Her pretty breasts hanging over my head. Hannah may have had a cock and balls but she was still a smoking hot woman. Other than the male genitalia swinging from her crotch, this woman was all female. Even her voice did not betray her, although I noted a distinct European accent.

"Ummm, that's so good. You suck cock so good," she said softly as she removed her dick and wiped it across my face. Without touching it she let it hang over my lips until I raised my head to take it back in.

"Oh, you learn so well. You want it so bad. You love having that hard cock in your mouth, sucking my dick." As she pulled the head out, she instructed me to lick the shaft, the head of her cock. Hannah placed her balls on my face as she stroked her cock and I licked them. I was consumed with her as I tongued and sucked on her balls, begging her to let me have that cock back.

"I believe you like being my little cocksucker. I think you love sucking cock don't you Ben?" she asked as she wiped the cock along my lips.

"Yes, I love it. I love sucking cock," I admitted.

"You going to tell your golfing buddies how much of a cock slut you were. You came to me to get a massage and you left a cocksucker who let some stranger fuck his virgin ass? You going to tell them that? You going to tell your wife when you get home?" she asked.

Hannah didn't care if I replied or not as she fucked my face until she had me move down on the table. She walked to the counter and slipped another condom over her cock and lubed her shaft up. Then she spun me around till I was sideways on her table. She threw my legs over her arms and guided her cock back to my ass again.

"Stick it in. Put my cock in your ass," she directed as I reached down and aimed the head to my opening. With just a little pressure Hannah again began fucking my ass. Slipping my legs over her shoulders she drove her cock into my ass. "Take that cock bitch. Take it," Hannah directed as she sawed the meat in and out of my hungry hole.

"Play with your nipples," she encouraged as she bent down herself and jacked my cock, still slick with all the oil.

I felt like such a slut playing with my own nipples, twisting them as this gorgeous transsexual pounded my ass, her cock sliding back and forth in my backside.

Then I felt my cock begin leaking cum. I didn't shoot off, didn't erupt. Instead cum just flowed from my cock over her fingers onto my stomach.

Hannah pulled out of my ass and slipped off the rubber and began jacking her cock. She let launch, and I felt a splash on my chin, my stomach, my leg.

Hannah then got us each a warm wet hand towel and we wiped the cum from our bodies. I felt so slutty before we cleaned up. Covered in mine and Hannah's semen.

As we cleaned up, Hannah informed me she was a mix of German and Russian. Her mom was full Russian and her dad was German. She had actually been raised a boy but was literally one of the few who are born "Intersexed" as she put it, with characteristics of both a male and female. Hannah's mother seeing the physical adjustment in her son, she began to change him during his teens and Hank became Hannah.

Hannah enjoyed who and what she was and never saw the need for correction, nor for looking back.

She told me how much she enjoyed our visit and told me she hoped I would visit again, then told me I might want to shower off again to remove all the oils. And to take my time.

"Oh and be sure to tell all your golfing buddies about me," she winked as she closed the door, leaving me in the dressing room.

When I shared with Allison the news that I'd had a massage, I left out the part about Hannah's extra equipment. Though several times as we've made love, I've thought about telling her. I came really close last night when she was fucking my ass with her strapon.

One thing for sure, I want to bring another man into our bedroom. I think it would really turn her on to see me suck cock and take his dick in my ass. When I'm through writing this, I'm going to look on one of those adult swinger sites for a bisexual man or couple.

Perhaps I'll even see if I can find a transgender partner for us both. A girl who has a little something extra.

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