tagFetishThe Girl Without Boundaries

The Girl Without Boundaries


{Dear Readers,

Like many authors here, from time to time I find it difficult to finish stories. Although I have about seventeen of them published here, I seem to have about six or seven half finished. I just never seem to have the time to get to them.

So in an effort to get my ass in gear I resolved to sit down and write a shorter story from start to finish in one sitting. The following story is the result of that effort. Two hours start to finish, no breaks. Really, for me this is just an exercise but perhaps you will like the final product. It is strictly a stroke story with no plot to speak of. Strictly stream-of-consciousness stuff. Anyway, please send feedback pro or con and I'll answer all politely {Maybe} Ha-ha!} I call this one...

The Girl Without Boundaries

. It only took a couple of days for me to realize that Darcy was the best lover that I had ever had. Hell, the first night I met her we had ended up back at my apartment and she had ended up staying the whole night. Nothing very unusual about that but...

I had started slowly, gently kissing her full, beautiful lips and rubbing her, firm breasts. I hadn't wanted to move too fast and scare her off. Ha! Fat chance of that.

Her young nineteen year old body responded immediately. She curled up closer to me on the couch and her hand dropped unto my thigh and squeezed. My cock sprang to attention and as my tongue pushed into her open mouth her hand moved upward. She gently grasped my cock through my pants and slid her eager fingers up and down the full length of it.

"Umm," she murmured between kisses, "That's what I like, a nice hard cock. Didn't take you long baby, did it?"

I was so surprised at her boldness that I was taken aback for a moment. Girls that looked as hot as her didn't usually move that fast in my experience. Long, bright red hair, beautiful face, long legs shown off to perfection by her tiny denim mini, she had the whole package. And eager too, god-damn!

"Come on honey, I know you got a bed in her somewhere. I'm sooo in the mood tonight. Let's get in bed and fuck."

"Ok Darcy honey, anything you want."

'Anything?" she giggled. "Better be careful of promises with me baby, I've got a lot of things that I want." With that she pulled her little t-shirt up and off and went running towards the bedroom, dropping the shirt in the middle of the floor. Shit! I couldn't believe my luck.

She was waiting for me on the bed. She sat against the headboard, propped up by my pillows. Her legs were spread wide open, her tiny miniskirt bunched up around her waist. Her fingers had pushed her little cotton panties aside and her fingers were caressing her wet pussy. As she smiled at me she began sliding first one and then two fingers up inside of herself. As she finger fucked herself I could hear the slurping sounds that it made. She was really wet.

I threw off my clothes and crawled up on the bed. I lay between her legs and watched her fuck herself. She was a natural redhead; her pussy was surrounded by tendrils of thin red hair. A small stream of juice oozed out of her and down unto her thigh. It was a perfect pussy and what a view I had of it from this position.

"Oh baby my cookie's so fucking wet. God, I can't believe it. Ohh! Shit that feels good. My fingers are way up there babe. Like watching me?"

For my answer I climbed higher and pulled her fingers from her pussy and took them in my mouth. I licked and sucked the juice from them.

"Slide up farther and suck some right from the source baby."

I slid up and took her clit right into my mouth. She gasped and I dug right in. She tasted wonderful as my tongue and lips worked on her clit and wet pussy lips. God, I tried to push my whole face right up inside of her.

"Oh fuck yes! Eat it Baby! Eat that pussy! Suck me right the fuck off you devil!"

I slipped two fingers up inside of her and began fucking her as my mouth sucked on her wet clit. She was like a wild animal as her hips bucked up and down, trying to force her wet cunt tighter into my face. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her ass and lifted her hips to me. I fucked her with my tongue for all I was worth. Christ, I couldn't get enough of her.

After several minutes of this she had cum, her pussy filling my mouth with her wonderful juices. She had squealed like a banshee and I had never enjoyed servicing a woman as much as I had her but now I was ready to sink my hard cock up inside of her and fuck her back to the Stone Age. But she had other ideas.

"Uh uh, honey! Not so fast." She sat up and kissed me, her tongue tasting her juices that coated my lips. "I've got a little quirk baby. Hope you don't mind." Her hand was stroking my throbbing cock and rubbing my cum filled balls. "See, the first time that I'm with a man. I like to take his first load in my mouth. All of it honey. After all, what better way to get to know someone than to suck them off?" She giggled and looked at me with those big green eyes and pouty lips. "You wouldn't mind feeding me a big load of hot cum right in my mouth would you? I'd be very grateful!"

Well? What the hell would you have said? "Ok baby, anything you want" That's what I thought. So I did.

She laid flat on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed.

"Now start slowly Hon but then I want you to use my face and mouth just like a pussy. Pump it in as far as you can. Don't worry about me, I can handle it, trust me. When you cum don't pull it out of my mouth, I want to swallow all of it. I want a nice big hot load of it. The more the better. Do a good job baby and I'll let you fuck my ass some time. Ok?"

Fine with me. I stepped up to the bed and her wet mouth came up to meet me. She licked the bulbous head of my cock and then the whole length of it. The, after sucking on my balls, she took my cock slowly between her lips and into her hungry mouth. Her lips slid up and down the length of it as I slowly pumped it into her mouth. She used her tongue on it as I fucked her face.

My hands grasped the side of her head and I began fucking her face faster and deeper. Her hand reached up and her finger began slowly rubbing on my asshole. Now there was something that I had never felt before.

I forgot that it was her face I was fucking as she slowly twisted her finger on my ass and I felt it slide up inside of me. The feeling seemed to intensify my pleasure and I fucked her even faster.

She was fucking my ass now as I fucked her face. God it felt so good!

'Oh baby, I'm fucking your dirty little cunt face. Your cunt lips! Oh shit that's good!"

I felt my climax approaching and I grabbed her head more firmly. Oh shit, waves of pleasure shot through my body and I shot off deep down her fucking throat. Fucking shot after shot of hot, thick cum. She never missed a stroke either as she swallowed my gigantic load. Christ she must have drained a quart of it out of me. Her lips tightened on me as she sought out every last delicious drop.

After what seemed an eternity, my spent cock popped out of her mouth with a sexy wet slurping sound. I fell unto the bed next to her.

'Oh honey," she said, "that was fucking wonderful. God, I can't believe how much cum you had! It tasted so yummy too! Guess I'm gonna have to suck you off more often!"

"Suits me Darcy, but I do want to fuck you too."

"Sure babe I know. But just think of the fun we can have. I like sucking guys off in public sort of. You know, in restaurants and when you're driving and such. And elevators, what a turn on that is. Oh yeah in parks and..." she stopped and looked at me with a grin on her face.

"I'm not scaring you off am I baby?"

"No, I like a good blow job as much as anyone. Anytime you want to, I'm there."

"Thanks babe. I'm a very thirsty girl." She laughed.

It took about a half-hour but I was ready to go again. She told me that she liked to ride cocks while sitting on them. She faced away from me as I sat on the bed and putting her feet on either side of me she slowly lowered herself down unto my cock. Her pussy was still wet and it slowly slid up inside of her. Oh her wetness felt so good on my cock. She slipped to her knees and bent forward so that I could see my cock fucking that wet pussy.

"Oh god, your dick feels so fucking good inside of me." She turned her head from side to side and her long red hair danced all around her shoulders. "Fuck me baby! That's it, fuck me!"

I slipped up unto my knees and began fucking her doggy style. I pushed my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. It was hot!

She looked over her shoulder at me and her eyes were glazed with lust.

"Oh yeah! Ream that pussy baby. Fucking ream it!!"

I fucked her till I couldn't stand it any more then I pulled out and shot my cum all over her beautiful ivory ass. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart so that my cum would pour down unto her asshole. God her ass was inviting and I thought that I just might try to slip it up there but it was already starting to shrink and I figured that I'd do that another time.

We stayed up most of that night getting to know one another. Lord she was insatiable. She sucked me to attention later and made me fuck her between her breasts. My cock would pass through her tits just far enough so that her tongue could lick the head of it. Her eyes never left my cock and it was so damn sexy that I shot off another huge load all over her face. She made me go out to the kitchen and get a spoon and scoop it all up and feed it to her. What a sight she was licking that spoon clean!

Later we were taking a shower together and I had to take a leak Looking at me coyly she suggested that I relieve myself right there in the shower. This caught me off guard and I hesitated until she took my growing cock into her hand.

'Please baby, I want you to. Please let me see you do it."

I could refuse her nothing at that point. She held my cock pointing it at the drain. All at once I felt the pressure release and my hot urine shot out of me. It was so different with her holding my cock as I peed that I didn't notice at first that she had turned my cock so that the stream was aimed at her. Her head was tossed back in pleasure as my piss bathed her legs, pussy and feet. When I was finished she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. I was flabbergasted! Never in my life had I imagined that I would ever be involved in something like that.

As the weeks passed I realized that she was truly a girl with no sexual boundaries. The term uninhibited is tossed around but she was the living embodiment of it. There was nothing that I could think of that she wouldn't try. Her imagination was boundless as well.

She was as good as her word. Whenever we went out she was after me to let her blow me. She loved sucking me off and didn't care who knew it. She blew me while I was driving, in bars, at sporting events, always just out of the publics eye. I doubt she would have cared if anyone had seen us.

Once, on a dare, she sucked me off in the park in the middle of the day and walked about a half mile back to the car with my cum dripping down her chin, pretending to be oblivious to people staring at her in shock. She thought that was hilarious!

She liked me to cum on her food and then watch her eat it up. She'd make me shoot a load on the floor sometimes so that she could crawl between my legs like a hungry kitten and lap it up. She positively loved anal and loving taught me how to lick her asshole first to loosen her up. Afterwards she would clean her ass juices and my cum from my cock with her greedy mouth.

She was so fucking beautiful. I couldn't get enough of her. All of my friends were jealous of me and they didn't even know about her sexual tastes. They'd never have believed it anyway. Probably you don't either but I swear it's all true.

She was always after me to pee on her in the shower too. Apparently that first time had just wetted her appetite so to speak. Now she would drop to her knees and let me soak her from head to toe.

"Yeah!" she would yell, "Fucking soak me baby! Do it! Piss on me!" I would too. I'd piss all over her especially her beautiful face. God, she loved it.

What can I say? About six months after I met her she got fucking transferred to another state. She loved her job and wasn't about to give it up for me and I wasn't interested in marriage. Watching her walk out of my life was probably the hardest thing I had ever done but you know what? In a way it seemed right because I don't know how long I could hold her interest and I think she was looking for someone different by that time. I mean a relationship built just on sex is great but it does have a limited time span.

And so we both moved on. I think about her often but looking back now it almost seems like a dream. And you know what? Maybe, just maybe it was.

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