tagFetishThe Girls College Ch. 06

The Girls College Ch. 06


Laura Klein and Jessica Lewis marched Paul to the large building with a sign in front reading Jane House - Girls' Hostel. Next to the doorway stood an eight foot tall stone statue of a woman. The stone lady stood proudly, with her hands in her sides and her chin raised high. Next to the statue was a golden nameplate on a stone pillar with large bold letters reading Jane Marwood.

"Kiss her feet," ordered Laura Klein's high-pitched voice. "Kneel down in front of her and kiss her feet."

He glanced back at her in confusion.

"The... The statue?" he asked, slightly frightened and confused. Laura and Jessica didn't seem impressed by this question. The shorter girl furiously walked to him.

"Yes, the statue!" she scolded, grabbing him by the neck and forcing him down. He tumbled down onto his knees and immediately kissed the bare feet of the statue. She wrenched him back up by his hair and he was terrified. It was amazing how much strength Laura had in her small body. The girls nearly stormed past him, through the open doors. He followed closely behind them.

Paul followed the girls, who had turned right as they entered. They knocked on the wooden door to an office of sorts. Both of them entered and Jessica gestured sternly at him to stand still. He could hear that they were talking to a woman inside, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. About two minutes later, they emerged from the door again.

"See you later, bitch," said Laura, plucking her smartphone from the inside pocket of her blazer.

"Stand still, the matrons are going to come get you in a minute," said Jessica, before also reaching into her blazer.

Paul turned around and watched the two girls disappear out of the doors of the building. For a few minutes, he just stood in the middle of the front room and took in his surroundings. His feet were sunk into a large round carpet made of incredibly soft material. On his one side was the office that the girls had just been inside, on the opposite side was a wall lined with sofas. There was a wide wooden staircase that led up to a second level of the building. A long hallway on the ground level stretched out next to it, and he could see that there were loads of doors along it.

"Paul Edwards?" a female voice asked from behind him. It was high-pitched, but soft and gentle. He turned around at hearing his name and saw the lady behind him, standing in the doorway. She was taller than him, but relatively short compared to the average person. Her curly hair was a natural bright red colour and was fastened into a bun behind her head. Her skin was almost pale and she had a few spots on her face, which seemed nearly devoid of make-up. She wore a blue blouse and trousers of a darker shade of blue. On her non-pedicured feet she wore simple black leather sandals. Behind her stood another, much taller lady with short hair that was dyed bright blonde. She wore a similar outfit, though her clothes were in shades of grey and she wore a pair of sandals with low wedge heels. "I am Miss Julie Carter, this is Miss Madison Walters and we are matrons of the Jane House hostel. Whenever you greet us, you will do so by kneeling in front of each of us and placing a kiss on each of our feet."

Paul had accepted that this was the commonly accepted greeting method for boys at the college, and he didn't waste time in kneeling before the red-haired lady called Julie and pecking at her sandaled feet. After doing so, she stepped aside and Miss Madison Walters stepped forward. Unlike Julie's feet, Miss Madison's were pedicured with her toenails painted with maroon polish. He kissed each of her feet too, before slowly getting up from his kneeling position.

"Come with us," said Miss Madison, walking off with Miss Carter towards the staircase. He ascended the stairs behind them to the second level of the building. They went down the hallway before turning left into a large doorway.

Paul looked around, it was a large bathroom. Showers lined the sides of the room with bathroom stalls lining the furthest wall. In the middle of the room were three massage tables aligned behind each other.

"Face the wall, wait until you have been instructed to turn around," instructed Miss Julie, hitting the tiled wall with her palm. He slowly turned around and took a step towards it. "Do not turn away or look away, you will stand completely still with your eyes bolted to this wall."

He didn't object, he knew he couldn't. As he stood, staring at the wall, he heard soft rustles of fabric and shuffling of shoes on the floor, before hearing a cupboard of sorts open followed by loud crinkles that sounded like plastic. Two soft hands took him by the shoulders and turned him around. His eyes shot wide open, seeing the Matrons' nude bodies, only covered by completely transparent plastic aprons and shower caps on their heads. Both were in their forties, and he had to admit that, while not sexy, they were both beautiful

Julie had large breasts with large dark nipples and a flat stomach, her crotch was shaved completely. Her thighs were nicely shaped for her age and she had shapely calves to match. Her body was beautifully shaped and her figure was great for her age of forty-one.

Madison Walters was much taller than Julie, her breasts were smaller and she had smaller nipples too. Her body was thinner than Julie's, yet was well proportioned due to her height. The bushy dark hair on her crotch had clearly not been shaved recently, but it wasn't a distraction from the rest of her beautiful body.

The red-haired woman reached for Paul's condom-covered penis and held it in her gloved palm. She rolled off the condom and tossed it aside so that she could more clearly see his penis. Both of the women sniggered at the size of his flaccid member.

"How many milkings have you had today, Paul?" asked Julie, still examining the boy's penis with her gloved hand.

"Two, Miss," he answered, straight-forward and truthfully.

"The head has turned a bit purple, it must be awfully sensitive," she said, and Paul looked down at his penis to see that the head was indeed glowing a bright shade of purple. She started to hastily stroke just the tip of his penis and Paul realized that it was awfully sensitive. He squirmed where he stood. "Does that hurt, dear?"

"Yes- Yes, Miss," he groaned. "AaaaAHHHH!"

She let go of his penis, which had started to get hard and slapped it hard with her palm, making the boy groan in pain again.

"Come along, in the shower," ordered the nude Miss Julie Carter. "You can get the water going until you feel comfortable, dear."

The boy stepped over the low tile ridge into the row of showers along the wall, there were no walls, curtains or glass panes between them, it was just a wall with shower heads that ran along it. With his feet planted on the tile floor, he turned the knobs that controlled the shower heads. Cool water shot from the one above his head, which slowly turned warmer as it flowed over him. The feeling of the water was so nice on his body, and he instantly started to relax, only to be reminded of his essential captivity when the red-haired matron stepped into the shower next to him. Paul looked over at her, instantly focusing on her magnificent breasts.

"No need to stare, you'll be seeing these several times throughout your stay at this hostel," she said, matter-of-factly. "Don't get too excited though, you might be seeing them in less-than-ideal circumstances, at least for you."

With these words he looked down at his feet and saw hers, which were now clad in black knee-high rubber work boots. Her apron reached just below the knee so that water wouldn't hit her legs, though water drops had already hit her boots. He also realised the bottle of shampoo and body wash in the pocket of the apron which was on her belly as well as the see-through vinyl gloves on her hands. Soon she was joined by the much taller Madison Walters in the shower too, on the other side of the boy. She, too, was wearing the same black rubber boots that came up to her knees and had bottles of shampoo and body wash in the pocket of her apron, but wore pink exfoliating gloves on her hands instead of Julie's vinyl ones.

Water was ricocheting off his body onto the aprons of the women at either side of him, and hit the plastic surfaces of the aprons with soft pitter-patter sounds. He was already soaking wet now, and Julie wasted no time in squirting a generous dollop of shampoo into her gloved hand before replacing it into the pocket and rubbing it into both gloved hands. She told him to face Miss Walters and he did so, then she tilted his head forwards and dug her gloved fingers into his long hair.

Julie vigorously massaged the shampoo into the boy's long locks of dark blonde hair as Madison squirted a large amount of body wash into her hand. He was still looking down and saw her rubbing her hands, dressed in the pink exfoliating gloves, together. She stepped closer to him and more water started to land on her, hitting her shower cap first. More droplets landed on her apron and uncovered arms as she reached for the boy's shoulders. She started to massage them and Paul felt tension being released from them. The texture of the gloves felt nice and her massage wasn't too aggressive. Madison started moving her soap-covered hands down the boy's arms and eventually reached his hands, scrubbing them carefully before going back to his shoulders again.

A few more seconds of her textured gloves massaging his tense shoulders were followed by her hands going down to his chest, which was almost completely devoid of hair. His body hair reminded her of a boy that was going through puberty; it was strange for a boy to come to the college with so little hair on his body. Her hands dug into his armpits, where she found he was ticklish. His arms clenched tightly around her hands as she touched his armpits and she smirked to herself. The boy also giggled, but he wasn't amused at all. He had to admit that it was nice being washed by them, he didn't think he had ever been cleaned so thoroughly yet gently. Julie was masterful at massaging the shampoo into his hair and it was very relaxing. She suddenly yanked his head back and he closed his eyes as water started to fall on his face. He was snapped out of his trance.

"Don't want you to fall asleep, dear," she said casually. "Do you like being washed by the matrons, hmm?"

"Y- Yes, I do, Miss," he answered, falling back into his state of bliss as she rinsed the shampoo out of his hair with her gloved hands.

"I'm glad to hear that, but I wouldn't get used to it if I were you," she explained, her mouth was close to his ear now. "You are here to serve us, after all. We just need to get all that orphanage filth off you."

Suddenly, the seemingly kind and gentle lady turned villainous at those words, Paul felt sadness and anger engulf him as he heard this and considered retorting, but kept himself in. He clenched his fists as his face turned bright red, wondering again why he had to be the one put in this position.

Madison applied more body wash to her hands and continued to scrub away at his belly, also poking her finger into his belly button, making him jump at the sting of her sudden intrusion. She eventually reached his crotch. Her gloved hand took his flaccid shaft into her hand and played with it for a few seconds, before using both of her textured palms to wash it. It made Paul squirm at the uncomfortable sensation. She washed his penis roughly, spending a great amount of time on his shaft, much to the boy's discomfort. The red-haired matron had finished washing his hair and unexpectedly he felt a gloved finger penetrate into his anus. He moaned.

The two ladies were now each in control of his most personal body parts, Miss Madison had his penis and scrotum between her gloved hands, while Julie was slowly exploring inside his bottom with her vinyl-encased finger. It was extremely uncomfortable; the gentle and caring ladies had suddenly turned into sadistic ones as they toyed with his privates. Miss Madison suddenly slapped his hanging scrotum and he collapsed to his knees. His sudden movement made Julie's finger awkwardly leave his rectum.

"That's a good boy, down on the floor," said Miss Madison, watching the boy painfully sink to his knees. He grasped at his stomach, as the pain in his scrotum had spread upwards quickly to his lower tummy. "Lay on your back with your legs up in the air."

He looked up at her; he was filled with negative emotions. Paul was angry, sad and terrified all at the same time, but he wouldn't dare to object to the woman's instruction. Scared of what could possibly happen, he slowly turned onto his back trying to somehow lessen the pain in his sac. She reminded him, unkindly, to raise his legs up. He did it, and both of the matrons removed flat plastic brushes with several thin bristles from inside the pocket of their aprons.

Paul had to close his eyes as he lay down on the floor of the shower; he was overwhelmed by the strong flow of the water falling from the shower continuously falling on his face. The matrons could now easily access the soles of his size six feet. His soles were very dirty, as he had been forced to walk around barefoot all day. He couldn't see what they were doing, but he soon felt the thin bristles of their brushes start to scrub the dirty soles of his feet. It became painfully obvious how ticklish he was, as he started to giggle at the sensation of the myriad of bristles dancing across his soles. As the matrons started to become more aggressive, it started to become more ticklish and Paul started to squirm viciously. He hated every moment. His cute giggles were no sign of actual happiness, but they were soon slightly muffled as one of the matrons firmly rested the sole of their rubber boot on his chest. Their brushes washed all around his feet, much to his disliking. He tried to free his feet from their hands, but no matter how hard he tried it was impossible. Paul found himself continuously impressed by the immense levels of strength the women at this college had, and it was once again reinforced by the firm, tight grips they had around his ankles to keep his feet immobile.

A few minutes of the tickle torture passed, and eventually the matron lifted her boot from his chest. He took a deep breath through his mouth, only to have more water flow into it, quickly spitting it back out. He felt the exfoliating gloves of Madison Walters scrub down his left leg, then scrubbing the other with just as much intent.

"Get up," she ordered, and he struggled up on the slippery floor until he was upright between the two ladies once more. The soles of his feet had a slight fizzy sensation in them from the proper cleaning they had just received. Julie spun him around carefully so that he faced her. The little plastic brush had been replaced into her apron's pocket, but this time she took a bottle of blue liquid from it. She squirted a few small globs of the thick blue liquid into her other hand and rubbed her palms together.

"Eyes closed," she ordered, lifting her hands up to his face. He closed his eyes and she started to rub the liquid into his face, around his eyes, across his cheeks and around his thin lips. His head was tilted upwards and he felt the liquid being washed out of his skin. The matron behind him had started to scrub his back, once again poking her hands into his armpits to ensure they were properly clean. Julie was finished with her job, and thus stepped backwards so that the water from the shower was no longer hitting her. As she reached a fully dry spot, the boy watched her pull the black boots from her feet and pull the soaked shower cap from her bright red-haired head.

Miss Madison Walters was now scrubbing his buttocks with her textured gloves, the last bit of him that hadn't been scrubbed yet. She thoroughly scrubbed both buttocks with her hands; it was slightly painful as the textured gloves ran across his welts, before quickly poking her right hand in between his buttocks, just barely into his anus. It was a feeling that he had gotten used to by now, but it remained just as uncomfortable as the first time. Her index finger ran up and down the crevasse between his buttocks before she finally took her hands from his body. Julie had now stripped off her transparent apron as well, placing all of her soaking wet items next to each other on the tile floor of the wall of showers. The shower head above his own head was switched off, and for a few seconds complete silence filled the room.

It was broken by the wet sounds of Miss Madison Walters walking in her wet rubber boots behind him. He didn't move, but heard the woman behind him remove her boots, each with wet plop sounds. His eyes tracked Julie as she walked over to the massage bed and plucked the white towel that was on top of it off. She threw it to Paul and instructed him to dry himself off.

Paul spent a minute or two drying off his well-washed body, under the supervision of the matrons, who couldn't help but remind him to dry off his little willy. He blushed as they told him this, but did it. After drying off his whole body, finishing with the soles of his feet, he vigorously dried off his long dark blonde hair. At Julie's instruction he stepped out of the shower and placed the towel back on the massage table. She ordered him to lie down on the table in the middle, just in front of the one he had placed the towel on. He clambered onto the tall table and laid down flat on his back.

The matrons were standing at either side of his naked body on the table, Madison had replaced her pink exfoliating gloves with similar vinyl ones to the red-haired lady. Julie was donning a fresh pair of them, easily slipping them onto her small, soft hands. The taller blonde woman had disappeared from his side as he looked at Julie pulling on her gloves, and he soon heard the sound of a metal trolley being wheeled across the tile floor towards him. Miss Madison parked it next to the table.

"Usually I enjoy shaving boys, but you barely have any hair on your body," said Julie, visually inspecting his nearly hairless body.

"Some boys develop slowly, I guess," joked Miss Madison, and both of them giggled.

"I think it was the no-good Sophia that's been shaving him," commented Julie, running her gloved hand across the boy's bare chest. "Is that right, dear? Has poor Sophia been shaving you?"

"Yes, Miss," he admitted, softly. He felt offended that they were talking so badly of Sophia, who had effectively been like his mother since the age of nine. Ever since the first signs of body hair showed up on his developing body, he had been summoned to her bedroom every Wednesday evening so that she could shave his entire body, bar the hair on his head. From his neck to his chest, from his legs to the tops of his feet. Even the hair on his crotch was shaved and his rear was waxed bi-weekly as well.

"Well, it's good you've gotten used to it," said Julie, looking down into his. "Because any bits of hair that show up on this little body of yours will be immediately shaved off at this college. Luckily for you, a hairless crotch means this little dick of yours will always seem a tad larger than it is."

With these words she lightly slapped his soft shaft with her gloved hand. Again, both of the matrons giggled at the insult, and he felt more embarrassed by the second. He watched as Madison handed Julie a plastic razor across the table. Looking up at Madison, he saw her lift up a bottle of shaving cream and spray some into her gloved palm. Shivers went up his spine as the cool shaving cream was applied around his crotch, then to his scrotum.

"We won't need to trim it first," started Julie. "The hair isn't long, we can just shave it all off."

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