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The Girls from Work


My name is Lou, i'm a 30 year old male of average build and 5 feet 7 inches tall with long curly brown hair. I'm only about average on the looks scale, some women love me and others don't want to know me. I'd just moved to Sydney and was single.

I had just started my new job in Sydney working in a factory where we made chocolate sweets. I was pretty happy after being out of work for a couple of months.

There were about ten people working in my work area and our bosses name was Annie. She was very nice to look at being 30 years old, 180cm tall with long dark hair that went all the way down to her bum and a good set of tits most men would love to see. I decided on my first day that if i ever got the chance i would do whatever it took to get a chance with her.

There were three other women in the workgroup, Kayla, Jylie and Denise who all weren't too bad to look at either and all about 30. As well as the women there were another 6 guys who were all 10 to 15 years older than myself and all the girls. So straight away i felt pretty good about my chances of hooking up with at least one of the girls sooner or later but hoping that the one would be Annie.

Once i got to know everyone a bit after a couple of weeks working there i found out that all the older guys were married with kids and pretty boring to me. The girls on the other hand were all single although i suspected that Jylie and Kayla were lesbians. but i wasn't sure and didn't feel comfortable enough to ask yet. Denise was always complaining about this guy or that guy being an asshole and Annie seemed very quiet.

The girls all went out for drinks every friday night after work and after working there about a month Annie asked me if i'd like to come along with them. I did not know anyone else in Sydney so at that stage i was pretty lonely and i think they figured it out. Well i didn't need to be asked twice so i took Annie up on the offer. We all agreed to meet up at the local bar at 7pm so i had 3 hours after work to go home, shower and get to the bar.

I made it to the bar just after 7 and all the girls were already there. Lucky i put some nice clothes on because all four of the girls were dressed up and looking very attractive. Annie had a nice little black dress on and some killer heels. Denise was looking just as good but she had a blue dress. Kayla was wearing a tiny black mini skirt with a little red top and showing plenty of flesh in between. Jylie was wearing jeans but with a very sexy top and all of them had the makeup on and looked good enough to eat.

I grabbed a beer and headed over to the table they were all sitting at. I pulled up a chair in between Annie and Denise. Kayla and Jylie were having a good old argument about what they were going to do in a couple of hours after they had enough to drink.

Kayla was intent on having a big night out somewhere but Jylie was making it clear that they should go back to their place and party on at home because they couldn't really afford to go out. Annie wasn't saying much but the way she was dressed as well as Denise they wanted some action.

Anyway we all talked about work a bit and the girls got me to tell them about why i moved to Sydney. It was because i had split up with my long term girlfriend and lost my job. Denise and Annie kept smiling at each other which i thought was a bit unusual but i didn't think much of it.

After about two hours at the bar we were all starting to feel the beers a bit and starting to get on like a house on fire. All the girls were flirting with me a bit and i was starting to like my chances of getting somewhere with one of the girls later. I just wasn't sure if it was Annie or Denise who was my best bet. At this stage i was positive Kayla and Jylie was more than just friends so i guess my options were down to two.

I asked the girls if they had anything in mind for when we left the bar and that was when Jylie stood up and said that we were going back to her place. I was welcome to join them if i wanted. Well there was no way i was going to say no to that and after we finished our drinks we got into a taxi and left.

We got to the house and the girls pulled out a bottle of vodka. Next thing i know, Kayla and Jylie went upstairs and changed into bikinis then went out the back to the spa. Kayla mentioned there were plenty more swimsuits upstairs if we wanted to join them, even enough for me to. Annie quickly ran upstairs and came back in a tiny little pink bikini and not long after Denise changed into a cute little yellow bikini. So all the girls were in the spa now and i was the odd one out.

I was standing there chatting to them all and they demanded that i join them. Kayla told me where to find a swimsuit and they all started laughing. Anyway i went to find it but all i could find was the tiniest little light blue bikini i had ever seen. This cracked me up because i knew i had been setup by the girls but i decided there and then probably because of all the alcohol that i would wear it anyway and make them all laugh. I put it on and went back to the spa to roars of approval by all the girls. They couldn't stop laughing and teasing me about it for ages and i was loving all the attention. It's not every day a guy gets four women in a spa by himself and if he has to endure a little humiliation then so be it.

After about an hour we all got out of the spa and went back inside for more drinks and all the girls told me to stay in the bikini. I wasn't going to but they begged me to and Annie was patting me on the bum whilst asking, with Denise tickling my nipples. So i stayed in the bikini to keep the two girls happy but truth be known i was only to pleased to keep it on. We had a couple more drinks when Denise mentioned that herself and Annie were going back to Annie's house and Kayla and Jylie were crashing out. Annie asked me to come with them but told me i had to keep wearing the bikini. I agreed in a flash.

So off we went in another taxi back to Annies house. At least i was allowed to put my clothes on over the top of the bikini. Once inside i was told to take off my clothes and sit in my little swimsuit. Annie ran into her room with Denise and i didn't know what they were up to but they didn't come out for 15 minutes. When they did my jaw dropped open and my tongue must have fallen out.

They both had on beautiful lingerie sets with garters and stockings, Denise in red and Annie in black. Well at this point in time my cock was struggling to stay in the little bikini i was still wearing and i couldn't believe my luck as they each sat either side of me.

Annie handed me a tube of hair removing cream and called me Lulu. I was instructed to go into the bathroom and cover my whole body with the cream except for the hair on my head and my eyebrows. If i did not wish to do this then i was to get dressed and go home straight away. I stood up, looked at the girls and before i could argue Denise smacked me on the bum and told me to hurry up. Needless to say i did as i was told and trotted off to the bathroom to rid my body of all the hair.

Well i had my shower and removed all by body hair as instructed. I double checked all was done right and then strolled back into the lounge room to wolf whistles from the girls. They then grabbed me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom they fixed a pink garter belt around my waist and i was then ordered into a beautiful sexy pink pair of thigh high stockings. Once these were on properly i could hear both the girls giggling because my cock was sticking straight up and very hard. They handed me pair of lacey pink panties next which nearly held my cock inside. Next was a bra that was pink and lacey just like the panties, and once that was on they slipped some false boobs into the cups which filled out the bra nicely.

All this time i was horny as hell but i was not allowed to touch them yet, but i didn't care because i was in a state of fantasy with what was happening.

The girls spent about ten minutes arguing over what to put on me next when they finally decided to keep going pink with a nice little tartan pink skirt that went down to just above the knee. To top it off they then put a pink top that was a sexy lace material on me and told me to stand in front of the mirror. Apart from the hair style and no makeup i thought i looked pretty good. Both girls were licking their lips with delight and made me sit down for a makeup session.

After the makeup they re-styled my long curly hair and hey presto, i looked bloody hot. A pretty necklace and some earrings and bracelet topped it all off. The only thing i was missing was shoes now when Annie went into her closet and pulled out a pair of sexy strappy pink high heels which fit me perfectly. I thought this was a bit strange as i was at least two shoe sizes bigger than the girls. After the shoes were on i was ordered to go back into the lounge and get used to wearing the shoes and walking in them.

About fifteen minutes later both the girls appear with Denise looking all sexy in her red outfit and Annie all dressed in black. So we were all dressed up and looking damn hot for three sexy chicks, well two anyway and a fake one, not that you could tell.

We sat down and had a drink or two when all of a sudden Annie was taking pictures of me. I played up for the camera of course and we all had a great laugh. Then the girls started telling me that we were going out to a club shortly and that we were waiting for a taxi. I was a bit unsure about this new development but i did look stunning and the girls kept telling me the same.

The taxi showed up and off we went to the club called Heaven. It was a pretty flash place and we all got in straight away, jumping a long line-up thanks to Annie knowing the doorman.

Once inside we got some drinks and then the girls had me out dancing. We were all getting hit on by plenty of guys but luckily the girls protected me most of the time. I did get stuck with one guy called Andy once for a couple of songs but he seemed ok so i kept dancing away enjoying myself. Then a slow song came on and he wouldn't let me leave so i proceeded to get a bit of a groping from him. I couldn't say much for fear of being found out and i kind of got a thrill out of fooling him and him being so keen on me at the time. After the song finished he quickly kissed me and stuck his tongue down my throat whilst grabbing my ass cheeks.

Annie came running over and said that we have to go so i wasn't going to argue and off we went back to the girls place. Once inside the girls threw me on the couch and proceeded to molest me every which way that you could imagine. This went on for a couple of hours and i had wonderful sex with both of them several times after which i was completely warn out. We all got changed into satin nighties and curled up in bed together for a well earned rest.

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