The Girls Next Door Ch. 02


Tuesday, Bobby discovered just how much Terri liked being eaten out. He'd become inspired while doing some shopping that day, and was equipped with whipped cream, honey, strawberries, chocolate, and other delights that he proceeded to place all over her body so that he could feast upon her. He fucked her with an almost frozen banana and then ate it while it was inside her. He decorated her breasts with whipped cream and strawberries and chocolate sauce, creating artful pasties for her out of food, then removed it all with his mouth and tongue as slowly as he could. He painted her lips with the honey and kissed her until it was gone. He placed candies inside her and then used his tongue to forage for them. By the time he was through, they were sticky all over, and the sex afterwards sounded like they were fucking on flypaper. They showered for hours, fucking while covered in soapsuds.

On Wednesday, Terri took Bobby to the locked pool house, and because she was on the swim team, was able to take him inside to the team locker-room, where she fucked him in the hot-tub so hard that the floor was nearly flooded by the displaced water. She laid him down on a pile of towels and sucked his dick until he came in her mouth, then sucked until he came again, each time swallowing every drop of his come. They retired to his room again, where she made him sit in a chair and watch as she lowered her ass onto his cock and then lifted it away again, as slowly as she could, over and over, until Bobby could take no more and took her to the floor, pounding her ass until he shot a steaming load in her brownhole. They fell asleep that way, tangled on the floor of his dorm room, spent and satisfied.

Thursday found them eating pizza and watching dirty movies, then re-enacting scenes together, trying to see if they could hold the same positions as the limber porn stars could. Bobby's room was filled with laughter as they discovered that they could not, in fact, mimic half of the positions carefully crafted for optimum camera angles, and each attempt ended in fucking and tickling and hilarity. Bobby found himself liking Terri more than he had hoped to allow himself to, and he was looking ahead to the weekend with dread, knowing that Saturday night would be his last with Terri.

On Friday, Terri arrived at Bobby's door to find that he'd created an uber-romantic mood, with candles and incense burning. They came together slowly that night, savoring every moment, both aware that they had only one more night together, with Terri's girlfriend Sarah returning on Sunday. They were gently rocking together, much like the first night, Terri in Bobby's lap, his cock buried inside her as far as it could go, his mouth on her breasts, his arms around her, sweat shining on their bodies in the candlelight, Terri's head thrown back in ecstasy, when Bobby's dorm room door burst open.

Bobby's back was to his door, but Terri's mortified face as she saw who was at the door told him the whole story . Sarah was back early. Her voice shook as she addressed the lovers.

"I know that I said this was okay, Terri, but you are taking this a little bit too far. I've been trying to reach you since last night! You haven't answered my calls, or returned my messages trying to let you know when I would be home, and now I see why."

She held a black clothbound journal in her hand and showed it to Terri.

"Yep, I read it, Terri. Every word. You and your stuttering hunk have been busy these last few days."

"Sarah, I...I don't know what to say." Terri stayed put in Bobby's lap, her body tense, and Bobby tried to keep his composure. He wanted to start moving inside Terri, and he didn't care whether Sarah was here to see it or not. This was his last dance, and he wanted to finish it.

He began to work the muscles in his cock, twitching it inside Terri, causing her to lose her composure and moan, her whole body flushing prettily. Sarah was forced to stand there and watch as Terri's breathing became rapid again and Bobby returned his mouth to her nipples, biting and suckling the red buds, circling the areola with his tongue. She quietly closed the door behind her, preventing anyone in the hall from sharing in the spectacle, and as if in a dream she stepped closer. Terri watched Sarah through heavy-lidded eyes and moved her hips, grinding herself against Bobby, her nails biting into his back and shoulders as she clung to him. He held her to him, palms flat on her back, pressing her breast to his mouth, his hips rising to meet hers. Terri reached out to Sarah with one hand, beckoning to her.

"Come here, baby..."

Sarah found herself climbing onto the bed and kneeling behind Bobby. Terri leaned forward and claimed Sarah's lips with her own, kissing her hard, pushing her tongue into her mouth. Sarah gave in and kissed her back, pressing her body against Bobby's back in order to get closer to Terri, her generous breasts becoming twin pillows for his head.

Turning his head, Bobby found one of Sarah's nipples pressing defiantly against the t-shirt she wore, and he gently bit her breast through the fabric, eliciting a moan he recognized from his time listening at the walls. Terri reached down to Sarah's sides to lift the hem of the t-shirt up and then over, baring Sarah's breasts, which were supported by the thinnest lace underwire bra Bobby had ever seen. He twisted his head as far back as he could to get a good look at his new pillows, then, using his deft tongue, shoved the fabric aside and began to lick her breast and nipple with it, leaving her shuddering.

"Baby, I'm sorry I missed your calls. Bobby is just so amazing...Share him with me? I know you miss cock as much as I do sometimes...Bobby-O, lay back on the bed, honey, we are gonna give Sarah the night of her life!"

Sarah moved off the bed and removed her shirt and bra, allowing her breasts to swing freely. She shucked her jeans from her legs, revealing a matching lace thong that left little to the imagination. Before she could remove the thing, Bobby reached out and grabbed her by the thighs, pulling her to the bed. She climbed back onto the bed and sat on his chest so she could press her chest against Terri's, and they began to make out while Terri rocked gently on his lap, his cock still planted firmly in her cunt. Bobby was faced with Sarah's round, firm bottom. He curled his hands over her thighs, reaching for her twat, and let his thumbs press against her slit through the lace thong. Sarah moaned into Terri's mouth and humped her hips forward, pressing her clit against his thumbs. Bobby's hands became moist as Sarah's juices began to soak through her thong, so he pushed the thing aside with one thumb, then pressed both thumbs against her clit, rubbing them against it, increasing the pressure until he was grinding her clit against her pubic bone and she was moaning and twitching uncontrollably. Bobby grabbed her thighs and lifted, pulling her up and back until her crotch was over his face, and began to eat her out, running his tongue from her clit to her brownhole, making a teasing little circle there, than back again to her clit to suckle and nibble before licking his way to her ass again. Sarah began to moan in earnest, and Bobby recognized the sounds of her oncoming orgasm from his days of eavesdropping, so he thrust his tongue into her slit, scooping her juices up with his tongue, ignoring her clit. He wanted this to last. While he did this, Terri directed Sarah's head down to his crotch, where she began to lick them both as his cock slid in and out of Terri. Her tongue worked fast, flicking at them both, catching Terri's clit with one flick, Bobby's dick with another, and tasting them both. This sent Terri over the edge and she began to buck wildly on Bobby's cock, making the entire bed move. Sarah's face became pressed against them both, her tongue moving against Bobby's slick rod, her lips against the length of it that could not fit inside Terri. Bobby furiously circled her asshole, pressing his tongue by against the winking bud, making Sarah begin to buck and moan. She sucked on his cock in that one small spot; hard, so hard Bobby suspected he would have a hickey there later.

Terri began to come, her juices gushing into Sarah's face. Sarah began to come as well, her come flooding onto Bobby's chin. Bobby began to thrust his tongue into her ass to match the thrust of his hips, and he was rewarded by the sweet sounds of two beautiful women's orgasming moans. He came himself, shooting so hard that Terri's cunt couldn't hold it all, and Sarah licked it all up as it seeped out.

Terri lifted herself off Bobby's dick, and Sarah continued to lick and suck him until his cock was hard again. He returned to her clit with his tongue, flicking rapidly one moment, nibbling on it the next, making sure to lick and suck up all of her juices in the process. He sucked each of her cuntlips into his mouth, pressing the ruffled folds between his lips, tugging them before releasing them and moving on to the other.

Terri knelt on the side of the bed between Bobby's knees and began to fondle his balls as she watched her lover suck him off. She felt them tighten and lift as his body prepared to come again, and she grabbed Sarah's head and lifted her face away, Bobby's dick sliding out of her mouth, a string of come and spittle trailing between them. Terri kissed Sarah again, then broke away to slide Bobby's cock into her own mouth, letting her teeth scrape the length of it gently all the way to the base of it, then closed her lips and sucked hard as she lifted her head away. He popped out of her mouth audibly. His hard shaft waved at the girls, and he moaned against Sarah's clit. Terri pulled Sarah up to her feet and they stood next to the bed together. Bobby stood when Terri beckoned him to, and put his arms around both of the girls, pressing their heads together to watch them kiss. They each grasped his cock with one hand and together they pumped it as their tongues battled.

"Come here, baby," Terri said to Sarah when they broke for air. "You need to feel this dick up your ass, it's fucking amazing!"

She lay down on the bed and spread her knees, spreading her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand, showing her clit to Sarah.

"While you get your ass fucked like it's never been fucked before, you are going to eat me out. I need your tongue in my fuckhole, baby, I wanna come on your face!"

Sarah eagerly climbed on to the bed and pressed her lips to Terri's crotch, her ass waving at Bobby as he stood behind her. He climbed onto the bed as well, placing himself between her knees, and placed his cock on her asscrack. Using both hands, he spread her asscheeks wide, and played his cock along the valley they created, pumping his wet dick there for a moment before sliding the tip down towards her brownhole. Letting one hand hold her ass cheeks apart, he grabbed his cock in the other and placed the tip against her asshole. He pumped his hips forward gently, pressing his rod into her hole slowly. She opened for him like a flower, taking him in stages, his cock disappearing between her cheeks inch by inch. When he was firmly seated, the base of his cock pressed up against her ass as far as he thought it could go, she pressed her ass back into him one more time, opening herself again, and he felt a sort of 'click' and he realized she had managed to close her asshole around him completely. He couldn't move in or out, he was locked in, and it felt amazing. Terri was moaning beneath them both as Sarah plunged her fingers into her cunt with one hand, sucked on her clit with her mouth, and cruelly tweaked and pinched one of nipples with the other. Terri writhed in pain and pleasure, and as Bobby watched, she began to buck and screamed out an orgasm. As her juices flowed, Sarah lapped them all up, not missing one drop. When Terri was done, she lay on the bed, limp and panting. Sarah left her that way and then pushed herself up until she was kneeling with her back pressed against Bobby's chest. He felt his cock move inside her as she changed her position, and as she straightened her torso he felt himself being bent upwards, still unable to move in or out. Sarah was in total control.

"Bobby," Sarah said, her voice filled with tones of satisfaction and power, "I don't like sharing, as a rule, but Terri has developed some very strong feelings about you. I don't want to lose her, and if sharing her with you means I get to keep her, I'll do it. To be honest, I haven't had sex this good with a guy in years. Did Terri ever tell you why we have always had sex at the same time every night?"

"No." breathed Bobby.

"It's because she has classes during the day and sleeps at night, and I take mostly night classes, and sleep and work during the day. It's the only time we have together, Bobby. That's why you becoming involved with her is a threat; if she is with you, then she isn't with me."

"I'm sure we can wuh-work something out." Bobby said, and he reached up to fondle Sarah's large breasts, lifting one in each hand, rolling them and testing their weight. He pressed his lips to her neck, kissing and licking. Sarah let her head rest on his shoulder a moment and let him do it, then she began to pulse the muscles in her ass, gripping and releasing his dick, massaging it. Bobby groaned into her neck and nipped her with his teeth, then put one hand out and shifted his weight; forcing them both forward, making Sarah put her hands out to support them. She loosed her asses' grip on him, and he began to move in and out of her ass, pumping his cock as slowly as he could. With each stroke, Sarah moaned. Terri watched all this with hungry eyes, then leaned up to pull Sarah's head down to her crotch again, where Sarah began to lick at Terri's clit with the tip of her tongue only, flicking it.

Sarah's tight ass was incredible, and Bobby held back as much as he could before finally increasing his pace, thrusting into her as hard and fast as he could before exploding in her ass. When he was done, he pulled out, completely spent. He watched as the girls kept going, rearranging themselves so that they were scissoring together, grinding their clits against one another and diddling each other at the same time. Soon they were screaming out their orgasms in unison, and they lay panting in a pretty pile of tangled legs and heaving breasts. Bobby crawled into his bed with them, and they arranged themselves on either side of him, cuddling in his arms.

Bobby sniled; his torture had become a paradise where three certainly wasn't a crowd.

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