The Glamour


The fact that there were two of them made Anne begin stammering wildly. It was extremely vulgar, but exciting at the same time. Envisioning those two cocks inside her made Anne want to cum all over again and she begged urgently, "Please M . . . M . . . Master, I am ready! Fuck me with your two cocks, please!"

"You are not ready!" the Vicar intoned.

"I am!" she pleaded, "pleassseee feel my fucking cunt, I'm sooo wet for you!!"

Frustrated Anne reached for the chain between her breasts with her teeth and tore at it thus pulling hard on the clamps in her nipples, stretching them further out. "Mmmm I love the pain, my Lord, give them to mee!" she cried.

The flame of lust that was steadily increasing in force was desensitising her, transforming pain into an even greater desire. She drew on the chain again forcefully with her teeth, stretching her nipples as far as possible. The cauldron above her started tipping over. The Vicar tugged on the rope and it tipped over, releasing a stream of hot bubbling black wax onto Anne's tits.

"Aaaaahhhhgrrgg!" Anne screamed as a hot spike shuddered through her.

"Look at me!" the vicar boomed.

He grabbed his balls and made a kissing sound, his eyes boring into her soul. His cocks suddenly swelled, getting bigger as he sucked air into his lungs. His sexual organs were pulsating to the rhythm of the room, seeming to grow toward the open gaping fuckhole Anne was presenting to Him.

He pushed slightly, pushing the swollen purple head of the first cock, which by now was at least twelve inches long and a hand wide, into her gaping orifice. It felt like a hot poker being shoved into her. The feeling was enhanced by another dose of hot wax being released onto her soft navel, and running down her sides.

His cock was scraping the walls of her slobbering cunt now. Streams of sexjuice spurted outwards alongside his thick throbbing member and down to her anal orifice. His second organ was now pulsating at the door of her sphincter muscle, slowly, inexorably forcing its way in, lubricated by the wash of sexfluid escaping from her slit.

Now another stream of hot wax splashed down now onto her shaved cunt and swollen clit, while the Master with his unflinching fuck trunks was now rhythmically ramming both her holes.

"Hahn . . . FUCKK . . . Hahn . . . GOD . . . .Hash . . . Ahhh!! Anne screamed with every thrust.

Something was mounting inside her. An elemental, living force was swelling up inside her like a balloon, sucking energy from the all-pervading lust. Anne knew instinctively that giving up to that force would drive her insane, turning her into a sex craving automaton, forever seeking the ultimate orgasm that was about to come.

Another stream of hot bubbling wax washed over her thighs, splattering the massive balls of the Vicar. The thought, dissipated quickly as she fell under His spell again. She wanted his load of boiling devil semen inside her! Tearing at the chain in her mouth, she looked at the Vicar, letting His eyes see her unending lust there.

She entreated the acolytes "Tear my legs open! I want Master deep inside me!"

But the Vicar had other plans . . .

"Nearly time for Earth," he grunted, an animal scowl on his face.

The Vicar slowly removed his slimy, dripping cocks out of her convulsing orifices. Anne gasped at the size of them. She had never imagined them it to be this huge! She wanted Him to continue, tear her open if need be, but feel them in her she must!

"My Lord, can I have mooore please?"

"MORE??!!!" he yelled, "MORE??!! Do you hear that my faithful? She wants MORE!!"

The congregation chanted in unison, "Yes, Yes, let us, let us let us be your gauntlet!"

"Hear that vessel? For more you must crawl the gauntlet. I will wait at the other end. Then you shall have more, far more!"

The congregation formed a passage between them for Anne to crawl through. First, acolytes fastened weights on her nipples and then forced her on hands and knees. She crawled past the congregation who, as she passed them in turn humiliated her with whips, lashing her back and ass. A woman drunk with lust blocked her passage stood before her ordered Anne to suck her to orgasm. She spread her legs drawing her cunt lips open by the rings on her lips.

As Anne licked and sucked on the wet pussy, others encouraging her by whipping her ass and pulling on the weights attached to her nipples crying, "Suck! Suck!"

The woman ordered Anne to lie on her back so she could sit on her face with Anne's tongue in her cunt. She came spurting onto Anne's face and was finally allowed to pass, wetness dripping from her. But the humiliation was not over as the rest of the gauntlet waited for her. Waited to spit on her and beat her with leather belts and whips, pour hot wax from burning candles over her wet body.

Anne disregarded the humiliation and taunts she suffered in the gauntlet. She was a slut and the only thing she wanted was her Master's cocks pumping inside her. Then finally, at the end of the gauntlet he stood there a wicked smile on his face. He was standing near a rectangular pool dug into the earth. It was filled with a thick sticky mass of what looked like mud.

The Vicar approached her ear and whispered viciously, "And now, vessel, I will personally baptize you in the earth. There, the force gathering inside you will finally flow to me, and give me the power I want as I sacrifice you!"

His hot threat sent shivers up her spine as she was lifted directly over the pit. Her arms and legs were bound to stakes on either side. They were positioned in such a way that Anne's legs were stretched open as wide as possible. The stakes held up Anne's body so she could not sink fully into the mud, but was halfway immersed in it. Her breasts and nipples, her face and thighs still protruded out of the sticky oily substance. She felt her opened thighs stretching her cunt open. She could not wait for another penetration from His massive organs and whimpered softly in expectation of what was to come.

The Vicar came down to her in the pit, his giant cocks still pulsating and erect. "My God they're so enormous and they will fill me!!" Anne thought mindlessly.

"All of you HEAR me now!" the Vicar cried. "You all must fill up this vessel with your sexual energies so it will gather there, as I will do. Use any means possible, and I expect all of you to make a generous contribution!"

(Laughter resounded)

"Through the earth in which the vessel is now immersed, your energies will be absorbed and added to those of the air, fire and water, till it can hold no more. The moment the vessel it is ready to burst it will release the energies into me through my members." He pointed his finger to his cocks.

Ooh and Ahhs resounded from the throng of believers now gathered around the pit. The Vicar continued, "If there is no room, you may also make use of the appliances or the ramps on the sides of the pit to approach the vessel as closely as possible. Now, let your Elemental Lust & Worship have free reign!"

They needed no further encouragement.

What had happened to Anne thus far proved as nothing to what took over now. A boiling orgy was literally poured upon her by the mass of sex devotes. A speculum was used to prise her mouth open wide and a two big rubber pipes were pushed down her throat. At the other end two huge funnels were fixed and held by the acolytes for the frenzied believers. From two sides men began masturbating, women were helping them, spitting on their cocks, sucking them letting them erupt hot semen into the funnels. Men used black bowls to gather the women's sex juices, which they then also emptied, into the funnels. When they were filled up with the sticky musty fluids, the acolytes raised their funnels allowing the still warm sex juices to flow into Anne's mouth and throat. What she could not swallow, Anne, choking on them, coughed out of her throat into the mud.

Women beside themselves with lust, seeing the helpless vessel below, and unable to wait to be satisfied used the ramps to stand spread eagled over Anne and masturbated themselves, squirting their sex, and splattering hot urine onto Anne's body.

The Vicar stood before her, smiling good-naturedly. Everything was going to plan for him. Soon Anne's soul would be rendered mad and the power would flow. He motioned two women to come into the pool with him. They shed their robes and stood next to him. He whispered to one of the acolytes to bring something over. They were two long needles, which were each handed to the women. The Vicar instructed each woman to stand, needle at the ready beside each of Anne's breasts.

The Vicar sucked in his breath and the palpitating organs became engorged even further, swelling to gargantuan proportions. Their heads were almost purple and looked like giant live mushrooms. He pushed them ever so slightly against her trembling cunt lips and sphincter muscle. Anne's sex was itching furiously now and she felt a surge of madness take her . . . madness for Him and the ecstasy he could bring to her.

"Myyyy Goddddd. FUCK me Master! RIP me apart! Fuck your holy fuck trunks deep inside meee!"

The Vicar gave a sign to the women standing at her side. They needed no further instruction and proceeded to insert the needles through Anne's hard nipples. At that very instant of penetration, the Vicar rammed his mighty organs deeply into Anne's swollen orifices stretching them to beyond her comprehension and connecting with each other inside her body and pumping hot devil semen into her anus and cunt. Anne met Madness in that moment . . .

She screamed in lust-crazed pain, feeling only the fire of desire filling her up, bucking her body in uncontrollable spasms. To release the inferno inside her she needed more like an addict needing release but never getting it completely.

She did not feel her nipples being torn out, she did not feel her pussy being burst open, she did not feel herself choke on the onslaught of semen, piss and blood poured down her throat, she felt a living sentient power being forced inside her loins, and if the pain giving birth was hell and pleasure, this was extreme pleasure leading to hell. She wanted it, needed it, and needed to expel the torrent of power now roiling within her, feeding on her soul. In the final calm before ejecting herself together with the elemental force into the maelstrom of madness, she saw herself out of her body. She saw herself bathed in a soft divine light. And In the benevolent embrace of this light she saw her love John smiling at her with that wonderful smile he had that could melt her on the spot. Infinite compassion and Love was radiating from him onto her. She heard herself scream as if far away from herself and felt herself slowly being drawn back again to the cavern of lust, ready to give birth to the elemental spawn and become mad. That was what she deserved anyway. It was logical, she thought.

What she was seeing now was just a dream! "This is the last time I'll see him," a shard of untouched mind reminded her. Her love spoke then. His words not sounding as words but as heavenly music that lovingly penetrated her very essence, "I forgive you Anne, forgive yourself."

The Power ready, on the cusp of its release to explode within her, waited for Anne's choice. . .

The next day

The sun was shining over Anne as she woke. Her head was clear and she felt somehow reborn. The madness of the nightmare that had tortured her sleep was it seemed only a distant memory. She took a nice long shower, dressed and made a hearty breakfast. She was almost done when the doorbell rang.

Anne opened the door. The man she saw before her took her breath away. His face was handsome and he had a wonderful smile. "Hello," he said warmly. "I just wanted to welcome you to our little town. They call me the Shopkeeper because I own the only shop here, but my friends call me John."

At the sound of the words "shopkeeper" and "John" Anne started, didn't those names have something to do with her dream? She felt as if she had known John for years.

"Hello John, please come in! Tell me all about your shop and this marvellous town of yours! They talked amicably for some time when Anne suddenly blurted, "This house John, it has a certain power I can't explain. Since I've been here I've had the strangest dreams. Do you know something about it?"

"I have heard stories from my father. He was the local shopkeeper for most of his life, you know. You might say he was the guardian and keeper of the village so he knew a lot of the goings on. He died ten years ago, just after my mother and left me the shop. He once told me that a Vicar suddenly appeared on the scene from nowhere and tried to harness the power that thrives here but it blew up in his face rendering him mad. It was a big case. The police arrested him and his followers and after a jail sentence he died in a psychiatric ward." "How come?" Anne asked glued to his every word.

"He tried to buy the house but failed. When a young lady bought it before him he used her body as a conduit for the force that resides here. He used black magic to gain control of her will and finally tried to use her as a vessel in a sacrificial ceremony to harness the power. But somehow the lady, her name was Anne, neutralized it with the help of someone she knew and it blew up in his face. She was special you know."

Tears ran down Anne's cheeks, as John told the story.

"Anne was my mother," Anne murmured. She never told me exactly what happened to her here. And now that she's passed away, I've come here to find out more of her. Thank you for telling me John."

John continued, "Your mother told my father everything that happened, to the last detail and he used that information to prevent something like this ever happening again!"

"My father also told me that a woman would one day come to the house and she would be the rightful heir and guardian of this place and that I was to welcome her. That woman is you."

"Your father was a man who knew more than most," Anne responded.

"Yes he did!" said John. "It never ceases to amaze me what the old man did and how he came to know so much!"

Anne asked; "Would you like to have dinner with me?"

John's eyes lit up and he smiled a wonderful smile that was somehow familiar. It was as if heavenly music was being played when he said, "I would love to share dinner with you Anne."

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