tagNonHumanThe Glass Elevator Ch. 2

The Glass Elevator Ch. 2


Copyright 2001

"There wasn't anyone in the elevator with you," said the manager. "I think you should let this lady take a look...."

Before he could finish his sentence, April ran from the crowd and headed straight for her car. As soon as she was in it, she sped off, toward home, never noticing the couple in the car following her.

As she got closer to home, April noticed that she was missing her underwear, which meant that she hadn't passed out in the elevator and the pleasures she had felt were real.

But along with her underwear, she was also missing the items she had purchased at the mall. This wasn't good. Hopefully no ones children will find that bag. The parents would have a hard time explaining the items in that bag.

April finally turned down the driveway, leading to her home.

The two-story house stood on the edge of the beach; the early evening crowds were just starting to gather on the cooling sands.

As the sun began to set in the west, the full moon slowly raised her beauty out of the smooth, enticing waters of the Atlantic.

"Maybe a swim later tonight will make me forget my naughty thoughts," said April, just to hear her voice.

The effect of her own voice wasn't what she wanted. She could hear the need in her voice. It was then she noticed that her hand was still between her legs, but it wasn't checking for the missing underwear anymore.

"Stop that," she yelled at herself. And reluctantly, she did.

She came to a stop in front of the house and climbed out, but the surrounding noise didn't sound right.

There was still the rowdy noise of the crowd on the other side of her house and the loud, crashing, engulfing sounds of the waves, but there was a quite hum in the background.

April turned around and discovered a car pulling up behind her, but with the setting sun behind the car, she couldn't see who was in it.

"Damn tourist, I hate it when they want to use my driveway to get to the beach," she thought to herself.

The car came to a halt and she then noticed that an attractive feminine arm was hanging out the passenger window, holding her missing pair of panties on the edge of her long fingernails.

Mikail stepped out of the driver side and looked into April's eyes. Angel moved so easily out of the car, April could have sworn she was a serpent that could wind its way out of anything and around anything.

"Is this your home," Mikail asked, his voice pushing into her mind, causing a lustful haze to cover her thoughts. He leaned his strong frame against the car door, crossing his arms on the frame. His chin lowered onto his arms, but his dark eyes held their place on April's eyes.

Angel sauntered seductively over to April, a tight, form-hugging body suit covering her from head to toe. Her thick black hair was hanging loose and down over her shoulder. Her eyelids were half shut and had the look of a woman who knew an erotic secret and had found the person she wanted to share it, intimately, with.

Angel stopped next to April and caressed the closet arm with a long fingernail. She whispered into April's ear, with a sultry, seductive voice, "Invite us in."

April wasn't sure if that was a question or an order, but her lust was at a peek and there was no longer any resistance.

"Please, come in to my home," April half-moaned, as Angel kissed her neck.

April suddenly found herself in her home, lying on the floor in the living room. The door was closed and she no longer had any clothes on.

Mikail was atop her, but he wasn't inside her. Angel was kneeling at April's head, rubbing April's breast with her smooth, silky hands.

Mikail looked into April's eyes and promised pleasures that she had never had before, all she had to do was ask for it.

"Tell us what you want, and it is yours," he said. "We are what dreams are made of. We are the incubus and the succubus and you are our master and our slave. Command us."

With that, April suddenly understood her plight. She was caught in the pleasurable web of these demonic seducers and her soul was at stake.

"Ask what you want of us, there isn't anything we can't do to please you forever," Angel said. "We can even change our form to your liking."

And with that, Angel lost her feminine look. Her hair shortened and her skinned tanned and became more muscular.

The hands on April's breast became rougher and thicker. The finger nails thickened and shortened. His, because Angel was now a man in all aspects, crotch in the tight full body suit showed the bulge that proved it.

The thought of having two men at one time was April's ultimate dream come true. The two of them were willing themselves on her and possibly reading her mind.

"You must ask for us, or we will have to leave soon," said Angelo. "Tell us now that you want to be ours, so we can be yours. You want it."


To be continued...

Copyright 2001 by Jason Morris. All rights reserved.

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