tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper


One upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a young woman named Cinderella. Cinderella was generally a happy girl during her young life, until her mother died when she was seven. It broke her young heart, for Cinderella loved her mother very much. A few years later her father married another woman who had two daughters of her own, both of whom were older than Cinderella. When Cinderella turned thirteen, her father came down with pneumonia and passed away before the doctor could treat him, leaving Cinderella all alone with her stepfamily.

The stepmother was not cruel to Cinderella, though she did leave the brunt of the household chores to the young girl while she allowed her own daughters to frolic and play all day long. This did not seem to bother Cinderella—who had been responsible for much of the housework since her mother had grown sick—so she knew the way she liked her house kept and her stepmother did not seem to mind as long as Cinderella kept things clean.

As Cinderella grew into womanhood, her body began to develop with heavy breasts and slim hips. Her sisters had already become women, and while they were beautiful, neither of them had the fine figure that Cinderella had, something that made them very jealous. Cinderella never saw a problem with either of their figures, but the girls had always been jealous of her for one reason or another, and Cinderella guessed it would be natural for them to be jealous of her for this reason as well.

One day, while Cinderella was outside hanging up the laundry, she felt a pair of hands touch her hips and then slide up to cup her breasts, squeezing them gently. She had become a full woman by this time, being nineteen, and having her body touched by her stepsisters had become an almost weekly occurrence. Cinderella just sighed and let the hands wander over the front of her brown dress and white apron as she continued hanging the clothes. She turned her head and looked over briefly at her eldest sister, Suzanne, standing close to her.

"They haven't grown, Suzanne," she commented wearily as her sister's thumbs gently played with Cinderella's nipples, making them stand at attention beneath her top and apron. "My breasts are the same size as they were last week."

"I have to make sure, Cinderella," Suzanne told her, letting her thumbs wander the hard peaks of Cinderella's mounds. "I can't have your breasts growing bigger than mine, you know. Though your nipples seem bigger this week."

"It's because you're playing with them," Cinderella said, squeezing her thighs together uncomfortably. Suzanne's play was sending a jolt of electricity down Cinderella's spine and straight to her clit, which was beginning to ache. Cinderella sighed and turned around, looking Suzanne in the eyes. "Shall I undress, Stepsister?" she asked, facing Suzanne with her hands on her firm hips. "Would you like to see that my breasts and nipples have not grown since last week?"

Suzanne smiled at Cinderella and stepped back, nodding. "Yes, you shall undress, Cinderella," she said. "And if your breasts have grown bigger, I shall be forced to punish you."

Cinderella shook her head before reaching back to loosen the tie of her spotless white apron. It had been this way every week since she was fourteen, and she knew she should just get it over with so she could get back to work. Suzanne would fondle her for a bit and then leave, satisfied that Cinderella's breasts were no bigger than her own. Suzanne had large breasts—much larger than Cinderella's—and Cinderella knew hers would never grown as large as her stepsister's. Still, she did not want to get punished by her stepmother, who could be cruel. So Cinderella removed her apron and tossed it casually aside. She then unbuttoned the back of her dress and pulled it down so she stood before her stepsister in just her white shift, the top of her dress hanging off her hips.

"Satisfied?" Cinderella asked.

"No," Suzanne said, licking her lips hungrily as she stared at Cinderella. "Take off your shift. I want to see you naked."

Cinderella's eyes went wide. Suzanne had never gone this far before! Usually Suzanne just fondled her through her underwear. Cinderella felt her mouth go dry. "Excuse me?" she asked in shock.

"Take off your shift, Cinderella—I want to see your breasts. I have to make sure your nipples have not gotten larger than my own. I could not tell by fondling them."

"But...you've never...." Cinderella felt her voice falter. She felt like she needed something to drink. Instead, she reached down for the top of her dress and began to slowly pull it back on. "No, Suzanne, I won't—this has gone too far!"

"I'll tell mother that you've disobeyed me," Suzanne threatened her. She felt her own clit rubbing against her underwear, greedy with the need to see Cinderella's breasts completely naked. She wanted to wrap her lips around the taut peaks, suckle her. The need had been growing every week until Suzanne was almost insane with the desire. She would not be denied because of Cinderella's tender sensibilities. She licked her lips again as she asked, "Would you rather I felt your breasts naked or tell Mother that you wouldn't let me play with you and leave you to her tender mercies?"

Cinderella's heart began to beat faster. Only once had her stepmother punished Cinderella for not doing as one of her stepsisters asked, and Cinderella felt her loins burn at the memory. It was the day she had lost her virginity—made a woman by her own stepmother's hand. Her heart hammered against her ribcage as she remembered what she had been forced to endure and what her stepmother might possibly do this time.

Nervously, Cinderella pulled her dress off and then crossed her arms at the hem of her shift before lifting it off over her head. She stood half naked before her stepsister, her breasts full and proud, her nipples still erect from Suzanne's earlier ministrations, the rose-colored areola puckered. She closed her eyes and waited as Suzanne stepped forward and palmed her breasts.

Suzanne's hands wandered Cinderella's breasts, slipping beneath to test their weight before circling around the top. She seemed to measure her, as if trying to remember what they had felt like before to see if they felt different now. Goose bumps rose on Cinderella's pale flesh as her nipples tightened and her stomach fluttered. Cinderella's mouth opened in a nearly silent O as she felt her stepsister's gentle ministrations.

"Have you let a boy touch these yet?" Suzanne purred in her ear, leaning forward, almost pressing their young bodies together. "I've seen you with that young tailor's son. Do you like to imagine him licking your breasts as he pumps his hard cock inside you?"

"No, Sister," Cinderella said softly, closing her eyes as a wave of euphoria passed through her loins. "I promised father that I would remain..." She gasped as Suzanne laid a gentle kiss on her left nipple, her soft lips sucking the hardened flesh tenderly as she drew her mouth away. Cinderella chanced a look down and saw a thread of saliva connecting her erect nipple to her stepsister's mouth a moment before Suzanne licked it away, tonguing the hard nipple at the same time. Cinderella's knees shook, and she was amazed that she remained standing.

"You would remain what, Cinderella?" Suzanne asked. "A virgin?" She laughed ironically. "Mother took that from you already. What did she use again? A mop handle?"

Moisture flooded Cinderella's loins at the memory of what her stepmother had done to her when she was younger. It should have been a violation of the worst kind, something that should have scarred Cinderella for life, but she felt warmth spread through her when she remembered that day.

"Her hairbrush handle," Cinderella said, surprised by the confession. She had never told anyone of that humiliating day before. She could almost remember the feel of the hairbrush entering her, breaking past the thin barrier that had once protected her soft entrance. Cinderella knew her stepmother still used that hairbrush and that she had never washed it after making her stepdaughter come all over it. Many times as Cinderella lay in her bed of ash at night, she would finger herself thinking about her stepmother brushing her hair.

"Ah, is that what she used?" Suzanne blew gently over Cinderella's other breast before sucking the nipple into her mouth and suckling gently. Cinderella gasped, and her hands instinctively went into her stepsister's hair, squeezing gently and holding her in place. Cinderella arched her back, forcing more of her breast into Suzanne's mouth. Suzanne teethed the nipple gently, pulling a groan from Cinderella's pert mouth. Her hands slipped around Cinderella's back and pulled her young stepsister closer, forcing Cinderella's breast further into her hot, wet mouth.

Cinderella stroked Suzanne's head as her fingers combed her stepsister's dark hair. She looked down at Suzanne, her mouth opened with the exquisite pleasure she was receiving. Cinderella squeezed her thighs together—rubbing the hard nub nestled between her thighs—as the yearning she had held deep inside for so long was finally being met. For six years her stepsisters had fondled her, but never had they touched her sexually...until now.

She pulled her stepsister's mouth away from her breast and kissed Suzanne deeply, mouth-to-mouth, Cinderella's tongue delving deep. Suzanne's eyes went wide at her actions, and she pulled away, the seal of their mouths opening with a small pop, and Suzanne slapped Cinderella across the face, staggering the young blonde. Cinderella held her injury and looked at her sister with blue eyes wide.

"What—?" she asked in astonishment at such a vicious reaction to something so gentle.

"How dare you do that to me!" Suzanne yelled hotly, pointing an accusing finger at Cinderella. "You have no right to kiss me like that!"

"But..." Cinderella looked at her with confusion evident on her face. "But I thought—!"

"You thought what, you little whore? You thought because I deemed to suckle you that it made us equals? You are a cow, Cinderella, and your breasts are nothing more than playthings for me! Just because I kissed them doesn't mean I wish to make it more than that! I'll see you severely punished for this outrage! You'll wish mother had used the other end of her hairbrush when she's done with you for this insult! Mother! Mother!" she cried, rushing into the house.

Cinderella collapsed to the ground, her legs turning to water, and watched her sister disappear inside the house. Cinderella reached up and touched her bruised lips, finding them tender and longing after the kiss she had found rather delightful. She sighed and pulled her shift back on before fixing the rest of her dress and apron. Whatever happened would happen. There was no point in dwelling on it.

"Cinderella!" Her stepmother's voice cut through the quiet air like a crow's raucous caw. Cinderella sighed and picked up the half-finished basket of clothes and went inside to the bedroom her father and stepmother once shared. She set the basket down outside the door and knocked gently before opening it quietly and peeking inside.

"Yes, Mother?" she asked, sticking her head inside. She saw her stepmother sitting before her vanity with Suzanne standing next to her with a furious expression on her face. Her stepmother made a motion with her hand, and Cinderella stepped inside, holding her hands before her as she was instructed to do when entering her stepmother's presence. It had been this way since she was so little.

Suzanne stepped away and moved past Cinderella with a sneer.

"Come, girl," her stepmother, Felicia, said, motioning Cinderella forward with a small wave of her hand. "Stand next to me, please."

Cinderella moved next to her stepmother's vanity. Felicia turned and looked at her imperiously. She was not a cold woman, but she was a woman who ran her life efficiently. She had dark, almost black hair worn up and piled on top of her head, leaving it off the back of her neck. She wore a long dress, as was proper for a woman of her age, with long sleeves and a high front that revealed not an inch of skin below her neck. Cinderella's stepmother did not always frighten her, but there were times—like now—when being in her presence made the young girl want to cry.

"What happened?" she asked gently, and the calm tone of her voice was not what Cinderella was expecting. "I only want the truth, no matter who is at fault. You know I'll be fair."

Cinderella swallowed against the dryness in her throat, knowing that statement was not true. Felicia would always side with her daughters. Cinderella could only imagine what she would do in reaction to this. To lessen the blow, she said, "I am at fault, Mother. I overstepped my bounds with Suzanne and...kissed her."

"Kissed her?" Felicia asked, slanting her eyes up at her youngest. "It must have been some kiss."

"I did not mean to offend Suzanne, Mother," Cinderella said, trying to hold back her tears. "She was fondling my breasts and then...kissed them—something she has never done before. I thought..."

"You thought what?" Felicia asked, her mouth pulling down in a frightening sneer.

Cinderella swallowed again, fighting for moisture. "I made a mistake in judgment and need to be punished," she said, holding her head high. "Please."

Felicia turned in her small stool to face Cinderella directly. She looked her young daughter over, seeing the slight flush on her face from the pleasure her body had received. She did look beautiful when she glowed.

"Suzanne says you kissed her because you felt love for her. Is this true?"

"I love my sisters, Mother—just as I love you," Cinderella said in a small voice.

"Did you wish to take my daughter, rub your filthy pussy against hers until you achieved satisfaction?" her stepmother asked.

"That...never occurred to me, Mother," Cinderella said honestly. "I just...I wanted to kiss her, that's all."

Felicia sat there for a moment, quietly thinking. Cinderella felt her insides quiver, for that was never a good sign where she was concerned. "What was your mistake, Cinderella?" Felicia asked.

Cinderella squared her shoulders, praying her knees remained firm. "My mistake was in thinking I could love my sister in such a way, Mother. She may play with my body as she wishes, but I cannot take that to mean she loves me physically."

Her stepmother turned and reached over to pick up her hairbrush, showing it to Cinderella. "When I took your virginity with this, did you think that meant I loved you?" she asked.

"No, Mother—that was a lesson you had to teach me."

"And do you need that lesson repeated?"

Cinderella felt her knees weaken, and she had to lock them to keep from falling over. She cleared her throat and said in her strongest voice, "Please, Mother—I think I need that lesson repeated."

"No, Cinderella," her stepmother said, rising to her feet. "You need another lesson, I think." She towered over the nineteen-year-old, imperious and judgmental. She reached behind her back and began to unbutton her dress, freeing each button one at a time. She watched Cinderella's pale face redden as the dress released her breasts and then her stomach. After the last button was undone, Felicia pulled her dress from her slim body and let it fall to the floor. She stood naked before Cinderella, her breasts large, her hips slim, a thick patch of black hair between her legs. Her stomach protruded just a bit, a reminder that she had born two children in her life.

Felicia reached out and stroked Cinderella's silky blonde hair. "Undress, girl," her stepmother said, "and get on the bed. I will teach you the difference between sex and love."

"Yes, Mother," Cinderella said, trying to contain her excitement. Her punishment would be much worse if Felicia thought she might be enjoying this—which she was. Cinderella quickly discarded all her clothes and climbed onto the bed. She sat on top of the thick comforter on her haunches, her hands on the bed between her spread thighs to help support her and her arms squeezing her breasts together. She watched as her stepmother moved about the room, her middle-aged body still beautiful even after a hard life and two children. Her breasts hung low against her ribcage, the dark nipples hard in the cool afternoon air.

"Your father and I loved one another, Cinderella," she began, speaking gently. "He was a kind, tender lover that I hoped would fill my womb one day with another child." She touched her belly, which had a slight roundness to it from the bottle Cinderella knew she took sips from many times a day. It helped Felicia forget all that she had lost, all that she could never get back. She had her daughters, yes, but they were not the same thing as a good man. "When we kissed and fondled one another, it was as a man and a woman should, in the throes of passion and love. You cannot experience that same kind of love with your stepsisters or even with me. All you can experience with us is pure, animal sex like the beasts in the wild perform. You cannot expect us to love you as a man loves a woman."

"Yes, Mother," Cinderella said, though she knew her stepmother was wrong.

Felicia stopped and turned to face her youngest child—her stepchild. "I did not bear you from these loins," she said, placing her hands on her hips so that her hands were pointing between her legs. "Suzanne and Rosetta both came from my loins by a single father. They are true sisters, and they respect that about each other. They do not go around fondling each other as they do you, who is not related to them by blood. They know that is wrong. I know it torments you for them to fondle you the way they do, but that does not give you the right to treat them as if they are your lovers. They are not. They are not your friends, Cinderella, they are your stepsisters, and you cannot treat them any other way. You cannot love them as you would a man you are not related to. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mother," Cinderella said, lowering her head. "But...if what you say is true, then why can Suzanne suckle my breast?"

Felicia sighed and shook her head. "That is just sex, Cinderella," she said as if explaining science to a small child. "She received sexual excitement from that, as I will show you. But remember that there is a difference between sex and love. Please lie down on your back and open your mouth."

Cinderella did as her stepmother asked. Her stomach trembled as she wondered what was about to happen. She stared up at the ceiling, not looking even when she felt the bed sink under Felicia's added weight. She tried to hide the smile on her face when she thought about Felicia lying on top of her and kissing her as she longed to be kissed; but instead, she watched her stepmother's leg cross her vision before her loins lowered onto Cinderella's face. Cinderella's large, blue eyes stared at her stepmother's firm, round behind as she pressed it against her stepdaughter's face.

Felicia spread Cinderella's legs and ran her fingers through the thick patch of blonde hair covering her wet loins. "This is sex, Cinderella," she said, though the young girl could barely hear because her stepmother's knees were pressed around her ears. "We will not make love. This is just for sexual release and nothing more." She pressed her loins against Cinderella's mouth and buried her stepdaughter's nose briefly in the bud of her anus before pulling away. Cinderella took a deep breath when she found she had air again. Felicia smiled and looked at her between her legs. "Have you ever had sexual release before?"

"No, Mother," Cinderella said as she felt Felicia's fingers stroke the soft folds of her outer labia. Cinderella spread her legs wider and moaned into Felicia's pussy.

"Then you are in for a treat." Felicia spread Cinderella's lips wide and stared at the pink skin surrounding her core. She blew gently, her warm breath washing over the sensitive flesh, drawing a deep moan from her stepdaughter's mouth that washed over Felicia's pussy with dizzying results. Felicia smiled and watched as Cinderella's clitoris peeked out from under its hood and began to grow. Felicia licked her thumb and pressed it gently against the tiny bundle of nerves before stroking it.

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