The Glass Slipper


Cinderella giggled and spread her legs, delighting in the feel of that special spot receiving attention other than her own. It felt so different having another person touch it—more special. And as she watched her stepmother's body, she watched Felicia's pussy starting to get wet, and Cinderella saw her stepmother's clitoris start to appear. But Cinderella was afraid of hurting her or doing something wrong, so she just laid there, afraid.

Felicia paused when she sensed Cinderella's hesitancy and rolled over onto her back. She took a pillow and placed it so she could prop her back against the foot of the bed. She spread her legs, giving Cinderella full access to her pussy—a beautiful pussy with full lips that had given birth to two wonderful girls. "Come, Cinderella," she cooed. "Lie down between my legs and lick me as your father used to do."

Cinderella swallowed but did as her stepmother commanded, admiring the shape of her labia as they guarded the entrance to her hot core—a core that had born the two girls who tormented Cinderella daily. Cinderella crossed her legs and drew her feet up to have a bit more room as she laid her head between her stepmother's legs, inhaling the scent of her arousal. She hesitantly put her tongue out and licked Felicia tentatively.

"That's it, Cinderella," Felicia said, reaching up to hold her breasts and fondle them as Cinderella tasted pussy for the first time. Cinderella moved her blonde head gently back and forth, letting her tongue lick and wander over Felicia's soft flesh covered in dark curls. She heard Felicia's breath quicken slightly, and she knew she must have been doing something right. Felicia watched her stepdaughter carefully, enjoying the sight of her pink tongue licking tentatively at her wetness, smiling, as Cinderella grew bolder by the second as she came to enjoy the taste of pussy. Felicia moaned and said in a shaking voice, "I've wanted to watch your mouth kiss me like this for a long time, child."

Cinderella, inspired by her words, leaned forward and placed her entire mouth against her stepmother's opening, letting her tongue press against the fullness of her labia. Felicia gasped and pulled gently at her nipples, which grew rock hard under her ministrations. Cinderella moved her head between Felicia's legs and rubbed her with the palm of her hand as she continued.

"Yes, you can suck it gently," Felicia instructed her. "Just a little bit. Use your lips, my daughter." Felicia moaned and threw her head back for a moment but immediately returned to watching her Cinderella work. Felicia's hands circled under her breasts, lifting them up for a moment, as her nipples tautened. She moaned again and whispered, "You learn really fast. You always have."

Cinderella moved her mouth quickly back and forth, increasing the frisson of her mouth on Felicia's wet opening. Felicia's hands dropped to her sides and clutched at the sheets as her eyes drifted closed. She forced them open, though, not wanting to miss a second of her stepdaughter's education. "Don't stop," she said softly as Cinderella's hands slipped beneath her thighs and moved up to caress her waist. "Don't stop." Felicia felt her pelvic muscles contract. Her eyes closed again, and she gritted her teeth, amazed at how quickly Cinderella was bringing her to orgasm. A cry of passion escaped Felicia's mouth as Cinderella continued eating her out, and she sat up, arching her hips, pushing her pussy into Cinderella's eager mouth. "Ooooh," she cried, her hips undulating under her stepdaughter's tongue. "Fuck! Oh, fuck, Cinderella! Fuck!" she cried, her dark bangs falling limply into her eyes.

Cinderella's moaning into her cunt sent her careening toward the edge. Felicia threw her head back, sinking down into the pillow, and grabbed the railing at the foot of her bed for support as she watched Cinderella enjoy her thick labia and the dark curls covering them. Cinderella started smacking Felicia's pussy with her mouth, taking quick, darting kisses that made Felicia cry out harder, increasing Cinderella's own pleasure. Felicia sank down further, pushing herself against her stepdaughter's mouth, wanting more and more. She spread her legs and heard her voice trembling as she received pleasure far greater than any she had ever received in her life before.

"Yes! Fuck, yes!" her stepmother cried out as Cinderella sat up and back, and Felicia took a moment to readjust her position. But Cinderella spread her thighs open and leaned down to immediately begin kissing Felicia's lower lips quickly and gently before slowing down and licking them softly, changing the pace she had started just a few seconds earlier. Felicia trembled and held her right thigh down as she enjoyed watching Cinderella eat her out. Cinderella's quiet moans were like sweet music to her ears as her hands clawed gently at Felicia's inner thighs. Felicia moaned harder as her legs kicked gently at the bed and she grabbed the railing again, not sure how much longer she could hold out.

She had never felt anything like this before. She had started out to punish Cinderella, but now she was the one being punished, and it was the most exquisite punishment she could imagine. She felt her loins tremble with coming thunder, Cinderella's mouth and tongue the preceding lightning that made the heavens tremble. Felicia held tightly onto the bedrail—held it for dear life—knowing she would drown in the sea of sexual lust flooding her body if she ever let go.

But she did let go, only to grab Cinderella's head and run her fingers through her stepdaughter's long, blonde hair. Her cries of pleasure escaped her lungs, filling the air with their song of lust. She brushed Cinderella's hair out of her eyes, wanting to see her face as she drank the precious ale from Felicia's loins. Then Cinderella pulled back to admire the beauty of what she had just done, what she had just drawn from her stepmother's body. But it was not enough for Felicia.

"Take your fingers," she said breathlessly, "and rub around it?" It was not a command but a request—a pleading, begging request. Felicia's hands moved between her legs and began to gently caress her flesh, her fingers playing with her clit. Cinderella watched her for a moment and then joined in. "Yes, just like that," she said. "It feels really good."

Cinderella's left hand rubbed the length of Felicia's pussy from top to bottom and back up, brushing over her clit whenever she moved over it. When her hands moved back down, Felicia whispered, "Put your fingers in—just slide them in."

Cinderella straightened her index finger and gently pushed it inside Felicia's wetness, feeling her inner walls grip her and suck on her fingers gently. Felicia moaned and whispered, "That feels really good," as her eyes drifted closed. She felt her loins contract again, and she threw her head back as wetness leaked from inside her, covering her stepdaughter's hand. Then she said, "Kiss it, too, while you put your fingers in."

Cinderella moved her mouth forward and kissed the top of Felicia's mound, sucking gently on her clit, as her finger moved in and out of her stepmother's lust-filled body. Felicia's eyes squeezed shut as she felt another orgasm building, threatening to spill over. "Oh, yeah," she whimpered, reaching down to take Cinderella's other hand and hold it, squeezing it. She stroked Cinderella's hand, rubbing it softly, her breath ragged from desire. Then she moaned loudly again and bore down, pressing herself against Cinderella's beautiful face. She pressed her mouth tightly shut, trying to hold in the moan that desperately wanted to escape, not wanting to alert her daughters to what was going on. But as her orgasm washed over her, she knew she could not hold onto it and screamed while keeping her lips tightly shut. Her heavy breasts heaved as Cinderella continued eating her, increasing the power of her orgasm exponentially.

"Oh, that feels really good right there—yes!" she said, trying to keep her voice down. "Yes, yes, yes!" she cried, pushing herself to a sitting position again as she felt a strange feeling deep in her pussy—a feeling she had never felt before while having sex. She was not sure what it was, but it started to frighten her.

Then Cinderella pulled back and speared her finger inside Felicia quickly over and over, fucking her gently but firmly. "Yeah, yeah!" Felicia cried, watching and feeling her stepdaughter's finger move in and out of her rapidly. "Oh, God!" she screamed, throwing her head back, no longer caring who heard her. Cinderella moved her head down and started sucking her clit again as her fingers worked Felicia's dripping pussy. The feeling in her loins grew, and she knew what was about to happen, something she had heard about but had never experienced before. She pushed her hips down on Cinderella's fingers and cried, "You're going to make me squirt! Oh my fucking God!"

Felicia grabbed Cinderella's shoulders and pushed her away. "I don't want to cum all over my pretty bed," she said, looking into her stepdaughter's blue eyes. She smiled at Cinderella, and then kissed her gently, tasting herself on Cinderella's mouth. She brushed her sweat-soaked hair back and then took Cinderella's face in her hands. "Oh, Cinderella, that felt so good!"

"Thank you, Mother," Cinderella said, her own breathing rapid as she flexed her wet hand.

"Could you feel me tense down here?" Felicia asked. Cinderella could only nod. "Have you ever done that to yourself?"

"No, Mother—I was always taught it was wrong to touch myself," Cinderella said innocently. "I have never even been with a man before. I am no longer a virgin, but I've never had sex...until now."

"I had sex, Cinderella," Felicia said, throwing her legs over the side of the bed and standing up. She retrieved her panties and slipped them on. Her loins still burned. Damn what that girl had done to her! She would have to use her hairbrush and relieve herself, but not until she dealt with her naughty little stepdaughter. "Are you aroused, Cinderella?" she asked.

"Yes, Mother," Cinderella said, squeezing her thighs together, trying to quench the fire burning there.

"Well, a few chores should take care of that," she said, suddenly no longer the loving woman she had been a moment before. "Go do the laundry and soak your head while you're at it."

"What?" Cinderella asked in confusion. "But I thought—?"

"That is your problem, Cinderella—you think too much. This was for my pleasure, not yours. Since your father is gone, you will have to pleasure me in his place, and after today, I think you will do your new task very well."

"But...but..." Cinderella lowered her eyes as her stepmother put on her dress and buttoned it up, hiding her gorgeous body. She stood up on shaking legs and retrieved her own clothes. As she started to put them on, her stepmother said, "You will not wear any clothes for the rest of the day, Cinderella. You will not touch yourself, either. You will do your chores naked, and if my daughters wish to touch you, you will let them, but you are to receive no pleasure from it. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mother," Cinderella said.

"What we experienced was sex and not love, Cinderella—remember that." She looked at her reflection in the mirror and primped her hair. "Now go about your chores."

"Yes...Mother," Cinderella said in a small voice. She gathered her clothes in her arms and left Felicia's room, going downstairs to the cellar where she lived by the small stove that heated the house. She sat down naked among the ashes, buried her face in her hands, and started to cry.

The door at the top of the stairs opened, and Cinderella quickly dried her tears and face before looking up. She saw her stepsister, Rosetta, standing at the top of the stairs glaring down at her. "Cinderella!" she barked sharply.

Cinderella stood quickly up and dusted herself off as best she could. Cold ash clung to her pussy and inner thighs where she was still wet and sticky from her encounter with her stepmother. She tried to dust that off but only managed to smear it around a bit, so she gave up. She moved to the foot of the stairs and looked up.

"Yes, Rosetta?" she asked the younger of Felicia's two daughters. She was a beautiful twenty-one-year-old girl with long, reddish-gold hair that fell in curling ringlets around her face and to her shoulders. She always wore green, full-length dresses with long sleeves and white gloves. Of Felicia's natural daughters, she was the most prim and proper—she was also extremely jealous of Cinderella's pussy.

Rosetta never went into the cellar. The fact she had deemed to open the door herself surprised the naked Cinderella. Rosetta crossed her arms over her ample breasts—breasts much larger than Cinderella's own—and said, "Draw me a bath, Cinderella. I wish you to bathe me. Thomas, the Miller's son, is coming to see me tonight, and I must look my best!" As if just noticing Cinderella's state, she asked, "Why are you naked?"

"Mother is punishing me," Cinderella said simply, not wanting to go into details. She was not sure how Rosetta would react to the fact that Cinderella had brought Felicia to a mind-shattering orgasm. Cinderella was close to one herself, and had Felicia just touched her for a few more minutes, the dizziness Cinderella felt closing in on her conscious might have been dissipated. She wanted to do nothing more than take her finger and bring herself off, though she was sure nothing less than a hard cock would actually help her. To Rosetta she said, "I must remain undressed for the rest of the day."

Rosetta shook her head, her red-gold curls bouncing. "I'm not even going to ask—I'll probably regret the answer. Very well, you can bathe me naked. Prepare my bath immediately!"

"Yes, Stepsister."

Cinderella went upstairs with Rosetta and started a fire before putting a pot of water on to boil. Rosetta went to a bookshelf and took down a book she had been perusing while the water heated. She watched Cinderella move about the room, cleaning as she waited, humming a happy tune. Rosetta's eyes roamed over her lithe body, over the curves of her hips, around to her firm buttocks, and up to her heavy breasts. When Cinderella turned toward her for any reason, Rosetta's eyes locked on her pussy and the thick, shapely lips guarding it.

"Cinderella," she said, drawing her stepsister's attention, "come over here. I wish to inspect your loins—make sure they have not become more beautiful than my own."

"Yes, Stepsister," Cinderella said softly. She put the feather duster down and moved to stand before Rosetta. Then she turned around, bent over, and grabbed her ankles, afraid she was going to orgasm if Rosetta so much as touched her.

"You're very wet, Cinderella," Rosetta remarked. Her gloved fingers stroked the blonde curls growing over Cinderella's very thick outer labia, and she saw the dark ash clinging to the hair. Rosetta pulled her hand away and found a string of cum stretching from her finger to Cinderella's pussy. She scowled and plunged her finger into Cinderella's cunt, pushing Cinderella's cum back inside her hot core. "Why are you so wet, Cinderella? Does the thought of bathing me excite you?"

"N-No, Rosetta!" Cinderella said quickly.

Rosetta withdrew her gloved finger slightly and then plunged it deep into her blonde sister's body, drawing a cry from Cinderella and making her already wobbly legs even more so. Rosetta scowled. "So, the thought of touching me disgusts you?" she demanded, slipping a second gloved finger into Cinderella's ash-covered pussy.

"Yes!" Cinderella cried at the feel of her two fingers inside her. Then she quickly realized what she said and said, "No, Stepsister—I mean...No, you don't disgust me—"

Rosetta smiled. "So you love me, Cinderella?" she asked, pushing her fingers deeper. "You want to make whorish love to me, Cinderella? You want to make me a dirty little whore like you—is that it?"

"No, Stepsister, I don't want that!"

"Yet you seem to enjoy my fingers inside you."

Cinderella started to cry, her body craving the contact of Rosetta's fingers but afraid of further punishment by her stepmother if she admitted to wanting exactly what Rosetta had said—especially after her stepmother told Cinderella the difference between sex and love—at least her own definition of it. She was sure her stepsisters knew how their mother felt on the matter and felt the same way. But Cinderella wanted to worship Rosetta's body—of her two stepsisters, Rosetta was the most beautiful, in Cinderella's opinion. She wanted to make Rosetta feel as she made Felicia feel earlier. She felt Rosetta begin to withdraw her fingers, and the thought of being so empty made Cinderella afraid. So she begged, "Please! Let me wash you with my tongue!"

Rosetta paused as she withdrew her fingers and thought about Cinderella's strange request for a moment. Rosetta was beginning to feel the stirrings in her loins just from touching her stepsister so intimately. She was going to see Thomas later, and they were going to have sex—as they did every time they saw one another. It would not hurt to be a bit more aroused, she decided. Rosetta smiled.

"You would wash everywhere with your tongue?" she asked, arching a slim eyebrow. "Even my...?" A large smile split her red lips and a hearty laugh escaped her throat. "Oh, Suzanne was right—you are a dirty little slut! Fine! I'll let you bathe my entire body with your tongue! But you will not miss an inch, Cinderella, or I will make sure Mother punishes you severely! I will not return the pleasure, though, for a woman's body does nothing for me."

She pulled her fingers from Cinderella's steaming hot pussy and pointed at her. Rosetta's white glove was soaked with Cinderella's cream, turning it a darker color.

"Not an inch, Cinderella—and don't mess up my hair!"

They went to Rosetta's room, where Rosetta locked the door so they would not be interrupted. She also did not want her sister seeing Cinderella licking her body. She knew she would never live it down if Suzanne caught them naked together. Rosetta closed the curtains to her room to insure privacy and lit a candle on her bedside table.

"Undress me, Cinderella," she commanded. "Start your bath with my face and move downwards to my feet. Try anything to pleasure yourself and I'll slap you—understand?"

"Yes, Stepsister," Cinderella said softly, her stomach trembling with need. She felt blood rush into her loins, making her labia puffy and her clitoris erect. Why was she getting so excited today? The thought of touching another woman had never aroused Cinderella until Suzanne had kissed her breasts earlier, and now Cinderella wanted to do nothing but touch as many girls as she could!

Of course, any sexual contact was good at this point. She was nineteen and had never had a boy approach her. Then again, Cinderella did not get out of the house much. She had never seen a boy naked, either. She did not even know what a penis looked like! But her stepmother had show Cinderella that she did not need a penis to feel sexual pleasure.

Cinderella took her time undressing Rosetta, wanting to enjoy every moment she had with her beautiful stepsister. She might not be able to show Rosetta how pleasurable this was going to be, but she was going to enjoy every minute, every second, every moment anyway. Looking up into her stepsister's green eyes, she pushed up Rosetta's left sleeve until it was past her long, white glove. She pulled the glove down her arm slowly, inch-by-inch, revealing just a bit of her creamy flesh. Cinderella leaned down and licked the flesh she bared, her hot tongue branding Rosetta's skin as she cleaned every bit, working her way around the arm, just licking. Then she pulled the glove down a bit more and repeated the process, making sure there was not a part of Rosetta's arm that was not shining with her saliva.

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