The Glass Slipper


Then Cinderella pulled on the fingers teasingly until the left glove came loose; then she removed it from Rosetta's hand. She licked the hand, wanting to kiss it at points but refusing to give into the temptation. She licked the back of Rosetta's hand then the fingers, then the palm, making sure she left a good, heavy supply of saliva on her stepsister's warm flesh.

Rosetta did not know what to think when Cinderella started by licking her arm. While she had ordered her stepsister to start with her face, she had to admit that starting where Cinderella did was quite pleasurable. Cinderella's tongue was hot, and it was very wet, and as she slowly bathed Rosetta's arm, Rosetta felt her knees grow weak. But she remained standing, refusing to show Cinderella what an affect she was having so quickly. But a gentle moan did escape Rosetta's lips when Cinderella reached her hand and started licking it; then the moan grow louder as Cinderella sucked each finger individually into her mouth and ran her tongue over them one-by-one.

Finished with the left hand and arm, Cinderella gently laid the glove on the dresser, wishing deeply that she could run the soft material over her craving wetness. With a soft sigh, Cinderella repeated the process on the right arm and glove—the glove that was wet from her cum. She felt her clit engorge as she felt how wet the glove was as she pulled the fingers free, and she tasted herself on Rosetta's fingers as she sucked each one into her mouth.

Suddenly, Rosetta's left hand grabbed Cinderella's clit, causing Cinderella to wince in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Rosetta glared down at her and asked, "You're not enjoying yourself, are you?"

"No, Stepsister," Cinderella said, though she knew it was a lie. "Your pleasure is all I wish. I wish you to be wet and ready for when you're with Thomas tonight."

"Does the thought of his hard cock make you wet, Cinderella? Does the thought of his hard cock pushing into my wet cunt—made wet by you—excite you?"

"You forbid me to get excited, Stepsister," Cinderella said softly.

"Would you like a hard cock entering you?"

"What woman wouldn't, Stepsister?"

Rosetta smiled. "You'll never get a cock, Cinderella," she said. "You are just a housemaid who doesn't deserve to be fucked. What man would want a girl who sleeps in the ashes and is covered in soot?"

"No man, Stepsister," Cinderella admitted. Of her two stepsisters, while Cinderella had always thought Rosetta was the prettiest, she was the cruelest, throwing her relationship with Thomas in Cinderella's face almost every day. Cinderella knew Rosetta was fucking him for her stepsister told her often how big Thomas was, how the veins on his penis filled with blood and felt so good when they slid inside Rosetta's body. Cinderella grew excited by these stories, and she was sure Thomas enjoyed Rosetta's beautiful body just as much. Both of Cinderella's stepsisters were pretty—more so than Cinderella thought of herself. Both of them had lovers, too, while Cinderella was still technically a virgin. The thought of having a man lie with her was just a dream that she knew would never be fulfilled. She would never feel a man's erection inside her, and she would never have a baby with one. So she would take what pleasure she could from her cruel sisters, even if she could not show them that pleasure.

She wondered why they just couldn't be friends?

Her thoughts bothered her as she knelt down and lifted Rosetta's long green skirt and began unlacing her brown boots. As she drew the first boot and sock off, Cinderella repeated the process she had done on Rosetta's arms on her legs, working her way down the ankle and around the heel, across the shin, and then down her foot to her toes. Rosetta's feet did not smell particularly good after being in her shoe for so long, but Cinderella did not care as she sucked on each toe, bringing more moans of pleasure from Rosetta.

Then her hands roamed up Rosetta's calves, past the backs of her knees, and up across her buttocks to the waist of her pantaloons before sliding her hands around to untie her stepsister's underwear and pull them off her slim hips and down her long legs. She could smell Rosetta's sex as she pressed her nose against her stepsister's loins and inhaled deeply. She did that for only a moment, though, before she knelt down and began licking her way up Rosetta's legs, making sure she washed her stepsister's legs as thoroughly as she did her arms and feet. Then she turned Rosetta around and began licking her shapely ass, making sure she did not leave a single part of it untouched. She felt Rosetta tremble as her hands pulled the flesh of her behind apart so Cinderella could lick every part of her. Cinderella took a deep breath to calm down before she ran her tongue straight down the crack of Rosetta's butt and to her anus.

"Kiss me, Cinderella," Rosetta commanded, pressing her behind against her stepsister's face. "I want my cum on your face. I want to think about what a slut my stepsister is as I'm getting my pussy fucked tonight."

"Yes, Stepsister," Cinderella said, her voice slightly muffled by the volume of Rosetta's skirts. She turned Rosetta back around.

"I want to be excited for my lover tonight, but you are to receive no pleasure from this—understand me? If I hear one groan from you, you'll regret it!"

Cinderella parted Rosetta's thighs and started licking her gently, her hot, wet tongue exploring a second pussy that morning. She could still remember the taste of her stepmother's cum, and she was amazed that Rosetta's tasted so similar. It was so delicious that Cinderella began lapping at her hungrily, greedily, and it took every ounce of her strength not to show how turned on she was getting. Cinderella's pussy burned with her need, and she fought the urge to finger herself.

Rosetta closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Cinderella's tongue probing her most intimate of places. Even Thomas did not eat pussy this well, and Rosetta had to wonder where her stepsister had learned. Her tongue did not just lap at her cunt like she had thought it would; it seemed to caress it, stroke it gently, running one way one time and then another way another time, never giving Rosetta time to think about where it was or where it might be going. She felt her wetness leak from her body and then begin to flood, coating her thick pubic hair with its slickness. After just a few moments, Rosetta started arching her loins against Cinderella's face. She gasped as euphoria threatened to strangle her mind and she saw stars in her eyes. She arched her hips repeatedly, her pussy grasping at anything that came near it, wanting to suck Cinderella's tongue deep inside. Cinderella could barely breathe, and every breath she took smelled of her sister's potent musk.

Cinderella did not need to breathe, however. Her nose pressed hard into Rosetta's pubic bone was all she care about—that and tasting her sister's cum sliding down her throat into her stomach. Cinderella wanted to come so badly by now, but Rosetta's warning rang clearly in her mind. She had to keep her voice low, even though she wanted to scream her happiness to the heavens.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door caused Rosetta to yelp, and she jumped away from Cinderella, ashamed of what they had been doing. She looked at Cinderella kneeling naked on the floor, her face shining in the candlelight with Rosetta's thick cream covering it, the edges of Cinderella's blonde hair moist. The knock came again, and Rosetta's heart raced until she realized that the knock was coming from downstairs and outside. She rushed to the window and looked out. Cinderella sat in a euphoric daze for a moment before finally realizing she was no longer under her stepsister's skirt. She turned and saw Rosetta by the window, her sister's odor clinging to the air.

"What is it?" Cinderella asked.

"It's a royal coach!" Rosetta told her, feeling a wave of heat rush up her body and escape through the high collar of her dress.

Cinderella crawled over to the window and peered out, making sure no one could see her nakedness. Outside, lining the short, pebbled walkway to their front door, they saw men in blue and white uniforms standing proudly, banners attached to long poles held in their hands. Another middle-aged gentleman walked towards the door, and as he approached, they heard a voice say, "Here ye! Here ye! A messenger from Prince Phillip of the Land! All in the household will attend!"

"All except you, Cinderella," Rosetta told her, pushing her stepsister aside. "You can't show your face when you're that wet! The poor old man might find you disgusting!" She laughed merrily as she went downstairs to join her sister and mother, forgetting that she had no underwear on. But she still had her dress, so no one would really notice. Cinderella crawled to the top of the stairs and stayed where no one would see her but she could still listen.

"What is this about?" Felicia, Cinderella's stepmother, asked the man. She was fully dressed agin, and her hair had been restored to perfection. She did not look like she had just fucked her stepdaughter less than an hour ago.

"A decree from Prince Phillip," the man told her. "All women of age in this household will attend a royal ball to be held tonight at the castle. One lady will be chosen as the Royal Consort and future Queen when Prince Phillip ascends to the throne. All attending will be masked, so no one knows one another, and the Prince will make his choice as he sees fit."

"All ladies?" Felicia asked, her eyes going wide.

The man looked her over and said, "No older than thirty-five," he amended.

Felicia scowled.

"According to the records, there are three women of age in this house?" he asked.

"No, that is incorrect," Felicia told him. "Only Suzanne and Rosetta are eligible." She indicated her two daughters. "Cinderella is...special," she said in a soft, conspiratorial whisper. "She would not be able to handle the duties of a Queen, if you catch my drift."

The man cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Ah, yes, I see. Very well, then." He cleared his throat again. "A carriage will come pick up your daughters at dusk and return them by morning." He turned and returned to the carriage. The driver snapped the reins, and the horses trotted off. The banner men fell into step behind them.

Felicia turned around and closed the door, leaning back against it, her heart hammering in her broad chest. Cinderella moved back into the hall where her mother could not see her. She had not heard what her stepmother had told the man at the door, but Cinderella knew she would not be going to the ball if her family had anything to say about it.

"Get ready, both of you," she told Suzanne and Rosetta quietly. "I'll keep Cinderella so busy she'll never know what's going on."

Both girls giggled at their prospect and hurried to do as their mother commanded.

"Cinderella!" Felicia called upstairs. "Tend to me, please."

It was never a good sign when her mother said please, and Cinderella knew it. Taking a deep breath, she stood up as her two sisters passed her by on their way to their rooms. Their doors closed with a certain finality.

Cinderella went downstairs and stood naked before her stepmother, who glared down at her with her arms crossed. "Your list of chores does not shrink just because I chose to have sex with you, Cinderella," she said with a scowl. "You will finish the laundry, dust the house, sweep, cook dinner, and when you are done I might choose to let you please me again."

"Yes, Stepmother," Cinderella said, knowing everything she was being asked to do would take all night. She would never get to go to the ball. One of her stepsisters would end up with the Prince and become the new Queen, and then Cinderella's life would be completely ruined. But she had no answer on how she could go to the ball if she was stuck here. "Will I do all this naked?" she asked.

"Of course—I have not given you permission to put your clothes on. Now get busy!"

Cinderella turned, and her slim shoulders slumped a little at the realization that her life of slavery was just beginning. So far, she had not minded doing everything around the house. It allowed her to keep the house as she wanted, and doing everything made her feel good about herself when nothing else in her life did. After all, she slept in the basement among the ashes; she had no boyfriend or lover other than her stepmother, who didn't truly love her; and her clothes were never anything more than the rags her stepsisters tossed to her when they were done with them. But not being allowed to go to the ball was the first time she felt completely, unjustifiably inferior to her stepsisters, and that feeling made her sick to her stomach. Still, she would not fight.

Maybe the Prince was a jerk, she thought, and if one of her stepsisters did marry him, then her life would be even more miserable than Cinderella's currently was. Then again, maybe he would not choose either Suzanne nor Rosetta. The ball was going to have many women there, many of whom were prettier than either of Cinderella's stepsisters. There were many possibilities that would end up with them coming back home and making Cinderella's life more miserable because they had not been picked. That was something to look forward to.

Cinderella reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy, relieving the itch that had been building there since her encounter with Rosetta. She thought about bringing herself to orgasm, but the desire was definitely not there. Instead, she went outside and began hanging up the laundry again, the warm summer wind caressing her body like the breath of a lover. She took a deep breath, her heavy breasts rising and falling with the action, her pink nipples hardening.

Cinderella felt tears splash on her cheeks as she began to cry. For the first time in her life, she allowed herself the pity she had denied herself for so many years. She had been a good girl, done everything ordered, and she had believed that one day something would change, that she would escape her accursed life and finally find the happiness she deserved. But that would never happen, she knew. There were no happy endings. There was only misery, pain, and then death. Happiness only happened in stories.

She sank to her knees, and she pushed a finger deep inside her pussy followed by a second. She would never have a cock inside her. The most she could ever hope for was her stepmother's brush handle. But a man—any man—was something she would never have because life was not good and not just.

Cinderella moaned as the dark tips of her breasts puckered, sending a jolt racing down her spine and straight to her engorged clit. Her pussy contracted around her fingers, and she moaned at a minor release. She rubbed her thighs against her hand roughly, hoping to bring herself to the orgasm she so richly deserved.


The voice was soft, gentle, like a butterfly on the wind winging past Cinderella's ear. She jumped to her feet, pulling her hand out of her pussy, and grabbed at a sheet, wrapping it around her nude body in case it was someone wandering into the yard. But all she saw were dust motes floating in the air, catching the rays of the sun. Slumping again, she released the sheet and turned back to her task, hanging it back up before it fell to the green grass.


The voice was singsongy now, and she heard a soft chuckle as a hand touched her shoulder. Cinderella jumped and spun around, and she took two steps back as she saw a beautiful woman with spun, white hair and a gorgeous figure standing before her in a blue peasant gown that did nothing to conceal her hourglass figure. In her right hand, the woman held a magic wand. Cinderella grabbed the sheet again and held it against her front as she stared at the sexy woman before her.

"Who are you?" Cinderella asked nervously. "You'd better get out of here before Felicia sees you! She is not keen on visitors!"

"Tosh," the woman with the wand said disdainfully. "That witch can't see or hear us at the moment. Cinderella," she said, throwing her arms wide and bowing deeply, giving Cinderella a perfect view of her deep cleavage, "I am your Fairy Godmother!" She stood up and smiled.

Cinderella's eyes went wide as she stared at the beautiful, curvaceous woman standing before her. She looked very young, with full hips and breasts and a slim waist. Cinderella wanted to undress the woman and see how long and slim her legs were. But what the woman said did not make any sense. "My...Fairy Godmother?" she asked in disbelief. "Why, there's no such thing! Besides, shouldn't you be old and wise?"

The woman folded her arms beneath her ample bosom and glared at the young girl. "Honey, I'm older and wiser in the ways of things than you can possibly imagine. I've been keeping an eye on you since your mother died, and I was so sorry to see your father marry that..." She tossed her head towards the house disdainfully. "Woman." She spat on the ground in disgust. "I knew something terrible was going to happen, but I was not allowed to prevent it by the Laws that I must obey. However, while Laws cannot be broken, I've learned to bend them to just before the breaking point. I'm going to make your deepest desires come true."

Cinderella scoffed and looked away. "My deepest desires?" she asked. "I don't even know what those are myself!"

Her Fairy Godmother stepped forward and placed her hand on the side of Cinderella's face, turning the young girl to look at her. She smiled pityingly. "Sex, Cinderella," she said. "Sex is your deepest desire right now, and I can guarantee you the night of your life at the ball. I know all about what the Prince has planned, and it's going to be a night of pleasure for everyone who shows up. You want a cock between your legs, you'll have a cock that will bring you to the greatest orgasm of your life."

"What?" Cinderella asked, not understanding what this strange woman was saying.

"It's an orgy, Cinderella—the Prince is looking for a woman who can ultimately please him in bed. He's had many courtesans in his life, but he's never had a lover. You can be that lover, and I'm going to make it happen for you."

Cinderella stared at her, her heartbeat increasing, her nipples hardening once again. "You can? How?"

The woman smiled at her sudden eagerness. "Like this." The woman held her wand over Cinderella. "I'm going to give you clothes the likes of which the Prince has never seen before. I'm going to give you a mask that will draw his attention and keep it locked on your body and yours alone. And I'll give you transportation that will make everyone wonder if you're a Queen!" She waved her wand in the air, fairy dust falling over Cinderella's blonde hair and slim shoulders. "And it will all happen with these magic words: Bow chicka bow wow!"

Cinderella instantly found herself dressed in a light blue corset that cinched her waist and pressed her breasts together while holding them aloft, giving her more cleavage than she realized she had. Blue silk panties covered her loins, and matching stockings covered her legs up to mid-thigh. A white, lace garter belt graced her right thigh. She looked down at herself in amazement, surprise at how svelte her body looked. She looked at her Fairy Godmother, mouth agape in surprise.

"Something's missing, though," the Fairy Godmother said, looking her over thoughtfully. Then she snapped her fingers, her long, red, pointed fingernails clicking together. "Shoes!" she said. "What kind of woman forgets shoes?" The Fairy Godmother waved her wand again, and a pair of glass slippers with spiked heels appeared on Cinderella's feet.

Cinderella wobbled in them on the uneven ground for a moment before she got used to them. She smiled at her Fairy Godmother. "Wow!" she said.

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