tagBDSMThe Glass Table

The Glass Table


I finished drying my hair with the towel, then wrapped it round my waist and stepped out of the bathroom into our bedroom. Standing before me, arms akimbo was my wife, Debra. She was dressed only in a black leather garter belt and black nylon stockings. The small auburn tuft of her pubic hair showed between the garter belt and her otherwise shaven pussy. "All clean?" she asked in an impatient tone.

Sensing her mood immediately; I answered, "Yes Mistress." My eyes darted round the room quickly, as I tryed to surmise what she had planned. On the bed were two sets of wide, black leather cuffs and a black collar with stainless D rings attached. These were not a surprise in the slightest, as she preferred using cuffs to rope or steel for my bondage. What did catch my attention was the coffee table, which stood in front of the fire place of our Mistress suite. (I had been taught most explicitly never to refer to it as a Master suite.) The top of the coffee table was covered with a thick towel, yet I could see that the towel covered several items set on the tabletop. Exactly what these items were, I could not guess.

"Take off the silly towel and turn around," ordered my wife; and I immediately obeyed. I removed the towel from round my waist and hung it on the towel rack in the bathroom and walked over to her. I turned my back and placed my wrists behind my back. Keeping my eyes straight ahead I felt Debra take my left wrist in her hand and methodically fasten a thick leather cuff round it. She worked unhurriedly, pulling the two straps tight then checking to make sure that circulation was not cut off. She took my right wrist and repeated the procedure, then clipped the two cuffs together with a harness clip. Now she took my upper arms and fastened leather cuffs to them, just above the elbows. I felt the compression of the leather on my flesh and knew what was coming next.

I rolled my shoulders a bit, trying to loosen them for I knew that I would not be moving them for some time to come. I quick swat on my ass with Debra's hand and the command, "Hold still!" brought that to a rapid end.

I felt her moving behind me, and knew that she was threading a strap through the D rings of the upper arm cuffs. Then I felt her pull hard on the strap; pulling my elbows closer together and throwing my shoulders backward. Stepping in front of me she slipped the collar round my neck and fastened a small brass padlock to the built-in hasp. She stepped away to inspect me and I felt her eyes crawl up my body. I stood erect, arms behind me, head up and looking straight ahead, as she had taught me to do.

"Hmmph," was all she said as she looked me up and down. Then she walked up to me and took my cock in her hand. "Already hard I see," she commented. "You like being bound and helpless don't you?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied truthfully; my cock growing even harder as she held it in the palm of her hand.

"I can tell," she said as she wrapped her fingers round my prick and gave it a loving squeeze. "But right now I don't want you hard. So make it go soft."

I looked at her with surprise. "Soft Mistress?" I queried.

"That's right, make it soft," she replied.

"But, but how can I with you doing that?" I stammered. Indeed her silk-soft palm was now languidly stroking up and down the length of my cock.

"Don't question my orders, just obey them," she growled. "Make it soft or I will find a way to make it soft; a way that you won't like."

I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but sex, anything but my wife, anything but the hand stroking my prick. Baseball scores, calculus integrals, the names of all of the state capitals; but it all came back to that hand sliding back and forth on the shaft of my cock; those fingers stroking over the head. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. She had planned it. She knew that she was placing me in an impossible position. I prayed silently for my erection to dissipate, but knew that my prayer would go unanswered.

"Very well," my Mistress intoned. "Since you are incapable of following simple orders, I will have to do it myself." She opened her grip and held my erection in the palm of her hand, and then with a sudden movement, her left hand lifted and slapped down hard on my engorged cock.

"ARRRGGGG," I cried as her fingers slapped down on my cock with a resounding SMACK. Twice more she lifted her hand and twice more the fingers struck the engorged flesh. The bright, hot, burning pain in my prick brought the results she had wanted. My cock deflated in an instant. I looked down to see it lying there in her palm, the skin reddened from the abuse, but the prick flaccid. I watched as she pulled back a corner of the towel which covered the coffee table, and she picked up a small black leather and steel contraption. I looked down to see what she held in her hands and my breath caught a bit at what she held. In her hand was a small wire cage, just 2 1/2 inches long and an inch in diameter. To it were attached two or three leather straps.. I recognized it for what it was, a cock cage. I understood now why she had wanted me soft. There was no way that my cock would fit in that cage when hard; and once caged there was no way for my cock to get hard.

She slid the metal cage over my now flaccid organ and pulled one of the straps round the base of my sac. She pulled it tight and snapped a brass padlock in place. The cage was now locked and even had I had my hands free there was no way for me to remove it. Then she wrapped a second strap tightly round the base of my cock and snapped that in place. Now no matter what she did to me that night, there was no way I was going do get fully hard, and certainly no way I was ever going to cum until she released my cock from its bondage.

"Lie down on the floor in front of the table, face up," ordered my Mistress. I walked over to the area between the table and the fireplace and awkwardly knelt on the rug. It was hard to get up and down with my arms so tightly bound behind my back but I managed to get down on both knees. I straightened one leg and then the other and sat down on my bottom, then brought my knees up to my chest and did a reverse crunch to each myself to a supine position. The position was difficult and a bit uncomfortable with my arms bound behind my back but do-able.

Debra walked over and looked down at me, then she went to the book shelf and took down a small dark carved wooden stand. The top of the stand was slightly concave and stood some 4 or 5 inches above the base. I knew what it was of course, an antique Japanese wooden pillow. Geisha were trained to use these stands as pillows to keep there elaborate hairdos from touching the ground. We had acquired it as an object d'art after seeing "Memoirs of a Geisha" but it had never figured into our play. Lifting my head with her hands she slid the pillow under my neck. The effect was to lift my head several inches higher, but to keep my head horizontal. "There," she said, "That should do it". I had no idea what her intentions were or why she wanted my head in such a position but apparently she had her reasons.

Next, Debra walked over to the table and removed the towel from the top. I looked over to the table from my position on the floor and could make out some of the paraphernalia through the thick glass top of the table. One object there took away my breath. Lying on the table among the leather straps, gags and clips was a long steel rod, some 3 ft in length, topped with a lifelike dark brown cock vibe. More than once I had stood on the "Impaler" legs fastened into steel cuffs with that 8" long dong buried in my asshole. How well did I know the feeling of standing helpless, squirming, trying not to cum without permission as the faux cock wiggled and vibrated inside me; my wife watching and laughing at my struggles.

Kicking my legs apart slightly my wife picked up the rod with deliberate slowness and lay it between my legs. She slid it upward until the tip touched my sphincter and then pressed insistently. I willed my rosebud to relax; knowing that resisting the penetration would only make things worse. With slow steady pressure she slid the vast dong into my depths until I was completely filled. I took a few deep breaths to adjust to the feeling of having my rectum filled and then tried to relax.

Taking two leather straps from the table top, Mistress bound my legs together just above the knees and at the ankles, entrapping the rod of the impaler between my legs and thus guaranteeing that I could not straighten my legs. "Just a few more touches my pet, then we begin in earnest." I wondered what more she could do to me. My arms and legs were completely immobile, my body straight, my cock caged to prevent me getting an effective hard on and my ass filled with a huge dong. The answer wasn't long in coming however. My ever-inventive Mistress had a few more tricks up her sleeve before "beginning in earnest."

First she filled my remaining orifice with a large cock gag. I nearly gagged as she slid the thick fake cock into my mouth and strapped it in place. Now all I could do was mumble round the gag. I knew this gag and dreaded it. It was more than a gag. Like the vibrator of the impaler, the damn thing was motorized. It twisted and turned slowly when activated. Growing first longer and then shorter by about and inch as some internal, un-stoppable mechanism whirled inside it. I knew that I was in for a long night of both mouth and asshole getting fucked mechanically I watched as she reached down and pinched my nipples with her fingers and then places a vibrating clamp onto each nipple. I felt the clamps bite into the flesh of my nipples and closed my eyes against the familiar pain. My body tingled with anticipation as finally she slipped a vibrating cock ring round the base of my cock.

Taking a moment to admire her handiwork Mistress looked down on me. Then she did something very surprising. She slid the coffee table over to cover me; this I had never expected. Now I understood the reason for the pillow. My face was now just an inch from the bottom of the thick glass tabletop. It was as if I was part of the table. Like those coffee tables you see that have glass tops and sides with objects displayed inside them. I had seen them in catalogs, dried plants and stuffed pheasants. Only I was the display; bound and helpless, unable to move. As still as those pheasants and certainly stuffed. I was to be on display in a glass case as the diabolical vibrations and gyrations in mouth and ass, on bound cock and nipples kept me excited but immobile. I looked at Mistress with pleading eyes. And she looked down at me. "You understand don't you?" she asked. I nodded slowly by way of reply. "I have been plotting this for a while; waiting for the right time to do this. Do you know what I have planned now?" I shook my head back and forth as I wondered what she meant by that question.

She went on, "Well I thought of several ideas as to what to do from here. I thought maybe I'd invite the girls over for a little cock tail party."

My eyes grew wide at the thought of her girl friends seeing me like this and I mumbled, "Nooooo," around the gag.

"I think they would get a real kick out of watching the big exec helplessly squirming with his cock all locked up and all his holes filled." She laughed as she said, "Maybe they'd even call over their husbands to watch."

My cheeks flushed a deep red at the thought of my neighbors seeing me like this. The guys I golfed with and played poker with. The guys I shot the shit with round the neighborhood pool as we drank beers and watched the neighborhood women.

"You know I'd love to watch you suck on a real dick," she continued. "I know the girls would get so hot watching you that they'd be able to talk their hubbys into fucking your mouth for real."

At this comments I started to shake my head violently as I mumbled, "Nooo, Nooo, Pwease Noo," around the gag.

"No? You don't want to be the neighborhood cocksucker?" she asked sarcastically. Again I shook my head, my face blushed a deep crimson. Debra replied, "Very well, we'll save that for a later time. For tonight we will keep it just you and me. But you have to be very good or I will call over the girls. Is that clear?" With relieve in my face I nodded enthusiastically.

"Good," she said, "then lets just see what happens and how good you can be." And with that she reached down and turned on the nipple clamps. My nipples are nearly as sensitive as a woman's and, as the vibrations started, I felt a kind of electric shock though my whole body. I felt the combination of the wonderful tingling vibrations with the sharp pain of the clamps and closed my eyes to concentrate on sorting out the mixed sensations. Immediately I closed my eyes, Debra turned on the cockring. I could feel its vibrations against the base of my cock, familiar to me from many sessions before. Usually the effect was almost immediate. The tingling teasing vibrations from cock and nipples would normally have me hard in less than a minute. But with the cock cage in place erection was impossible. No one had told that to my cock however. I sensed it start to be come turgid, to press and strain against the confining cage.

"Gawd," I moaned round the gag in frustration. Unable to remain soft, and unable to get hard, my cock twitched and strained against the steel cage. Worst of all, as the cockring lay against the cock cage, its vibrations were transmitted to the cage itself. Now the vibe was not just against the base, but the whole of the cock was shaking and tingling as my prick pressed against it.

With a laugh at my predicament Mistress picked up two remote controls. She turned the dial on one of the remotes and the dong inside my ass came alive. It began a deep low pitched heavy vibration which I felt against my prostate and into my whole pelvis. At the same time it began to wiggle and squirm inside me. It had some kind of hard curved core that slowly turned round and round, moving the tip of the vibe in a circle inside me the tip rubbing against my insides as it rotated. At the same time I could feel the damn thing start to lengthen and contract. The already huge faux penis was fucking me but without moving in and out of my sphincter. It was a strange, sort of sensation, not like when Mistress took me with her strap on, but instead as if the cock was alive and rooting round inside me. With a turn of the dial on the last remote I felt the gag start to move. It too started to root inside my mouth, twisting, wiggling and thrusting all at the same time. It thrust deep into me mouth and I had no way to resist. It was tightly strapped in place, spitting it out was impossible had I wanted to. And to spit it out would have earned the wrath of my Mistress. I lay there, tightly bound, my mouth and ass getting fucked, my cock straining against the cage, nipples tingling from the vibrations and at the same time burning from the clamps. I looked up through the glass of my display case and watched as my wife smiled.

I watched as she sat herself down on the top of the table. Looking up through the glass I could see her pussy just an inch away from my eyes through the glass and I realized the terrible cruelty of the glass table. I could see her pussy, but never reach it. I would stay there all night if she wanted, getting stimulated without recourse, without even being able to get fully hard let alone to cum. And she would watch me struggle and strain and sweat and eventually probably cry to get some relief. And I would have to watch her, laugh and smile and enjoy my predicament for as long as she desired. An involuntary spasm shook my whole body as I lay there. The consequence of too many conflicting sensation I knew. It was the first, but would not be the last. I had had them before, when on the impaler, as she teased my cock with hand and mouth and breasts. A mild twitching was how it started. But by the end, I suspected, I would be shaking like an aspen leaf in a strong wind.

She noticed the spasm and nodded and smiled. Then everything got worse. I watched as my Wife closed her eyes in though and slowly reached up with her right hand to start to stroke the finger tips round her areola. Her lips parted and she licked them briefly with her tongue as her breathing pattern changed. I mewed in helplessness as I watched. Her fingers now stroking round and round the melon of her breast and her left hand reached down to gently stroke her labia.

One inch from my face I had to watch as she spread her labia wider and her fingers began to dance along their length. As I lay there under her, helplessly being teased in mouth and ass, on cock and nipples, I saw her spread her legs to either side of the table and open her pussy wider. I watched in wonder as her labia pressed against the glass of the table top. Just above my face. And I saw the first drop of her nectar fall onto the surface of the table. Now both hands were on her pussy, four fingers stroking upward from the entrance of her pussy to her clit. Long fingers pulling back to expose the head of her button and the tips of her index fingers flicking it up and down. The odor of her nectar now filled the room and my cock strained harder against its restraint. My body spasmed again as I watched, my mind reeling.

Suddenly she drove two fingers of her left hand into her cunt and started to finger fuck herself. Her right hand continued to stroke her clit, stroking round and round it now and as her body shook with its first orgasm, mine strained and fought against the restraints wanting so much to be a part of her coming. To be fucking her cunt or at least eating it as she came, rather than have to watch in frustration as she peaked. Both our bodies spasmed together, hers in ecstasy, mine in frustration as the vibrations in my cock and nipples increased.

She had turned up the vibes!! Even as she came, she had turned up the vibes a notch!! "Gawd, what was I in for tonight" I wondered.

I saw her lean forward and smile down at me through the table. "Enjoy the show?" she asked. I nodded slowly in response. A wicked grin told me that this was not to be a one act play and I saw her turn round quickly on the table and lay down on it face down. Her face was now suspended above mine and I could do nothing but watch as she lowered her head. Above me on the top of the glass were drops of her nectar and I looked on, wide eyed as she lowered her lips to the glass and licked up her own juices from the glass. Her tongue licked her lips lasciviously and she said. "I know you want a taste. But not yet. If you are good all night long I will give you a taste later. But for now it's all mine."

Now she rolled onto her side, her large full breasts hanging down a bit, the lower one on the table as she reached over to pick up something. A bottle of oil I realized. She squirted a bit into the palm of her hand and started to rub the oil over the surface of her tits. I stared as the skin of her breasts began to shine and glisten from the oil. "They feel all tingly right now, just after a cum. I'm sure that yours do too don't they?" she asked. And I nodded silently in agreement. She smiled. "Oh the oil feels so good on them." and with that she rolled over prone once again. Now her well oiled breasts were pressed to the glass and I watched as she began to wiggle on the table. She moved her body in circles and her nipples and breasts moved with her. Like that girl in "Cool Hand Luke" who was washing the car, teasing the convicts with her tits pressed tightly to the car windows; my Mistress teased me. My breath was ragged now as I watched, the delicious titflesh pressed to the glass just in front of my face. And like the girl in the movie she knew exactly the effect she was having on me. My own nipples tingled and ached as I watched.

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