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The Goa Resort


The early evening sun felt warm on her skin as Rina enjoyed her tea. Sitting in the backyard with a book, Rina had developed a routine for herself. Mornings were spent in looking after the house and doing errands. Afternoons were for lunch, either alone or with her girlfriends at a nearby restaurant. Evenings were for her – a time when she enjoyed readying, sometimes with a cup of tea, sometimes while relaxing in a bubble bath, and sometimes just in bed in very cozy attire. Rina was an avid reader and loved to read whenever time permitted. Her nights were for her husband – Vishal. The man of her dreams whom she loved dearly.

Rina and Vishal had been married 4 years. Vishal was an engineer at a private firm and was very good at his job. He was in Research and Development and at 33 was already a Vice–President of New Technologies. However, success always has a price. He had long hours and often traveled. When traveling within India, he could take Rina with him, but couldn't do so on international trips. Rina understood of course and although she missed Vishal terribly when he was away, Rina was often patient and understanding. However, everyone has a breaking point and Rina felt that she was fast approaching hers.

Vishal had been in England for two weeks and this had been this 6th trip this year. His company was expanding and Vishal was given the responsibility of spearheading the project. This meant Vishal had to travel out of the country frequently and even when he was in India, he had to work late. Vishal and Rina hardly got any time together and the strain between them was starting to show.

One weekend, sensing that Rina was not happy, Vishal made dinner reservations at a high end romantic restaurant. Rina was thrilled and took her time in getting ready. She wore an exquisite chocolate colored silk sari with gold embroidery that highlighted her brown eyes. Her blouse was sleeveless and had deep back by design. Her exposed back was gently tickled by the long black hair which she kept loose. She put the finishing touches to her make-up and took a moment to admire herself in the full length mirror. At 26, Rina was a knock-out and she knew it. She was 5'4, not at all short by Indian standards, and slim. She maintained her 120 lb frame by working out religiously watching her diet. Her 26-inch waist was bare except for the gold chain she had decided to wear over her low tied sari knot. Rina also sported a very feminine 36-inch hips and her best feature were her 38-inch bust line which was accentuated by her blouse's low cut design Her fair skin was almost flawless. Yes indeed, Rina was a knock-out and she knew it!

Rina walked out of the room to the living Room where Vishal was waiting. Vishal took one look at Rina and gasped.

"Oh my God, you look beautiful!"

Rina simple beamed. "Why thank you!"

Vishal walked to over to his gorgeous wife and extended his arm. Rina took her husband's arm and the couple walked arm in arm out to the car.

Vishal had picked the perfect upscale restaurant. The ambiance reminded Rina of the places they used to go when they were first married. Vishal could hardly keep his hands off Rina even while dining at such fine places. Their dinners would often get hurried so they could rush home for desserts. Sometimes Rina would start fondling Vishal during the car ride home, which wasn't always a good idea due to traffic. Vishal would have close call on the road, but Rina's naughty streak would just get her more aroused. She thrilled on the fact that her husband wanted her, needed her, and pined for her. She loved the control her body had over him, loved the way he touched her, caressed her, made love to her. Vishal was a good lover who took care of Rina's needs, and she responded in turn.

Rina had always been a sensuous woman even before her marriage. Though Vishal was her first man, she had always had a wild imagination. She loved to arouse and satisfy herself. Her love for reading even including erotic literature and she would often fantasize by imagining herself in the erotic plots and experiences of the stories. Her fingers worked magic on her body and she even experimented with toys. Being from a conservation Indian family, Rina could never truly indulge in her fantasies, but was content with her sexual experiences with Vishal. They loved to try new things in the bedroom and kept the spice alive. They had even spent one entire weekend trying out all the positions of the kamasutra. Rina had lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed that weekend.

As much as Rina loved sex, she enjoyed the sensuality even more. The foreplay, the caresses, and the touching. Her body was made to be worshipped. She and Vishal would spend hours kissing. Vishal loved to suck on her nipples, and her supple breasts would often have love bites reminding her of how much Vishal loved them. But Vishal's greatest asset was his tongue. Vishal loved to lick Rina's pussy and she loved him even more for it. Rina always kept her pubic hair shaved expect for a small triangular patch of hair above her clit which Vishal liked. Vishal could never get enough of Rina's pussy. The more she got wet, the more he licked. Her odor would intoxicate him and he would use his tongue to take Rina to new heights of pleasure every time. Rina couldn't complain.

Until now.

Although both of them loved each other without questions, the physical passion had waned after 4 years. Added to the fact that Vishal was working so hard, his frequent trips had left Rina wanting. She had always remained faithful to Vishal but her mind and her eyes had started to wander. She had started to indulge in self pleasure more and more, making it a nightly affair. But tonight was doing to be different.

As the Maitre D escorted them to their seats, Rina was amazed. The table was lit by candles and there was a violin band playing romantic music in the corner. The place was filled with couples lost in their own romantic interludes. She even spotted a couple making a toast each other and sealing it with a kiss. She smiled to her self. The old Vishal was back.

"Oh this place is perfect honey." She said to Vishal after the Maitre D had left.

"Thank you." he replied. "I know this past year hasn't been easy for you, and I wanted to take you some place special."

"It's wonderful. Where did you find it?" Rina asked.

"My boss recommended it. He comes here with her wife sometimes." Vishal replied.

"I hope he isn't here tonight, or you'll have to behave yourself through dinner." Rina said with a sly smile.

Vishal took Rina's hand and gently caressed it. "I don't care if he's is watching. Maybe he'll learn a few things." Vishal said with a grin. He picked up her hand and gently kissed her.

"So romantic." Rina whispered.

"All for you, my sweet." Vishal said and gently glided his foot on Rina's sari covered leg. "You look ravishing in the candle light. The way the candle lights are shimmering in your eyes, you truly look heavenly."

Rina looked into Vishal's eyes and could see this look of desire forming. His words were like sweet nectar igniting passions. This was going to be a fun dinner. As the waited was taking the order, she could feel Vishal's feet going up her leg inside her sari. He had slipped off his shoes under table covers and was now making his way up and down her leg. Rina could hardly keep her voice leveled as she completed her order. She knew Vishal did that on purpose as he loved teasing her, testing her sexual control under such situations.

To tease him, she closed her legs, trapping his foot. Apparently Vishal had anticipated this move and with his other foot, gently tickled her bare stomach cause Rina to open her legs on reflex. Resigned to her fate, Rina kept her legs open as Vishal continued to move his foot up and down her leg and gently bringing it higher and higher with every movement.

Above the table, Vishal continued to caress Rina's hand in his own. He looked into Rina's eyes, enjoying her turmoil as he teased her under the table. He knew what this was doing to her and he was loving very second of it. It had been a long time he was made Rina feel this wanted and he was going to make it count. Unknown to Rina, he had already tipped the waiter to make sure their service was slow. He wanted as much tease-time with Rina as he could get. Vishal held Rina's hand a bit tighter as he slid his foot higher and started rubbing Rina's thigh. Rina had very sensitive thighs and Vishal knew Rina was about to respond very soon. He could see Rina's conflict.

Rina was taking deeper breaths. She could feel her self get hot. Vishal's foot rubbing her inner thigh was causing an all too familiar ache in her loins. She could feel her self start to respond. Her face was getting flushed and she knew Vishal could tell even in the dimly let place. She wasn't wearing a padded bra and her stiff nipples were started to poke out of her blouse. She adjusted her sari to cover them. She could feel her pussy start to get wet as Vishal's foot was inching closer and closer to her panty covered crotch. She had decided to wear lace panties. Vishal loved lace on her, but unfortunately for Rina, they would be getting very wet and uncomfortable soon. Vishal then moved his foot on Rina's crotch and starting rubbing his big toe up on her now wet pussy. Rina's couldn't take much more of this teasing.

"I wonder what's taking our dinner so long." Rina whispered.

"What's the hurry?" Vishal asked innocently with a smile.

Rina didn't answer, but as an answer to her prayer, the waiter brought their dinner and drinks. Through-out dinner, Vishal kept teasing Rina with his foot, and Rina kept getting wet. Her nipples new now aching in her fabric and her panties were soaked. Rina could hardly concentrate on the meal, but she didn't complain. Her body was enjoying the attention and she was once again the object of Vishal's desires.

When the waiter took their plates away and took their dessert order, he refilled their drinks. He looked at Rina who now looked flushed.

"Are you Ok madam?" He asked

"Of course," she stammered. "I guess the food was bit a bit spicy for my taste but I enjoyed the dinner experience thoroughly." She added looking at Vishal. "If you'll excuse me, I'll just freshen up in the ladies room."

Taking the cue, Vishal reluctantly took his foot out from inside Rina's sari as she got up. Rina went to the ladies room, and immediately looked in the mirror. She was indeed very red and flushed. She lowered her sari top and noticed that her blouse had become damp with the beads of perspiration that had accumulated on her cleavage. She wiped herself with a napkin, and then went to the stall. She closed the door, and pulled her sari up and saw her panties were thoroughly soaked and had bunched up in her crack. Walking in them was going to be a problem. Vishal was indeed got her ready for tonight and she was more than willing to play. Out of the stall, Rina re-touched her makeup and walked back very elegantly to her table.

"Feeling better?" Vishal asked with a naughty smile.

"Never better" Rina replied slyly. As she sat back, she pulled a small bundle from her hand and handed it to Vishal. "A reward for all your troubles, sir. Please note that this is juts a sample."

Vishal looked in his hands and say that he was holding a pair of very wet black lace panties that had a very familiar and very intoxicating odor. Vishal closed his eyes, and brought the panties to his nose and took a deep breath. Rina could see him enjoying her musky womanhood, and that aroused her even more. He opened his eyes, and called the waiter.

"Can you please have our desserts wrapped up?" Vishal called the Maitre D. "Also please bring us our check."

"What's the hurry?" Rina said slyly recognizing the urgency in her now very horny husband.

Vishal paid the bill, and almost dragged Rina to the car. The drive back home was fast and Rina kept her hand on Vishal's thigh the entire way back. Once they were home, Vishal picked Rina up, and took her straight to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, took his jacket off and kissed his wife.

Rina's mind exploded as she felt her husband lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue into his hot mouth. He responded even more fiercely. Rina and Vishal rolled over in bed fully dressed, giving into their animal passions. Vishal broke their kiss are started to kiss Rina's neck. He licked a wet trail from her ear down to her throat and continued to the other side and gently blew into Rina's ear.

Rina's sighed with pleasure. Vishal kissed her neck seeing the vein throbbing with pleasure. He kissed her neck again, lower this time. He kissed again, lower still and then removed the sari top that was still had Rina's heaving bosom concealed. Rina could see that Vishal was starting to give into his lust. He pulled the sari wrap and looked at her exposed blouse. She saw the look of pure lust into his eyes.

Resisting the urge to rip the blouse open, Vishal expertly undid the three hooks and admired this wife's bra clad beauties. Rina was wearing a black lace bra that did nothing to conceal her dark and hard nipples. Rina's cleavage was sweaty and hot and the breasts were rising and falling with very breath. Rina felt her breasts were enticing Vishal even more with her every breath. Vishal pulled the bra straps down Rina's shoulders and in one swift motion pulled her bra cups down free to his conquests from their prison.

Rina knew she had amazing breasts. They complimented her figure perfectly, and often got looks whenever she went out. Her dark nipples were stark contrast to her fair skin and her nipples were large that stuck out almost an inch when she was aroused. She also knew that Vishal was in love with her breasts and loved to suck on them. Rina just closed her eyes as Vishal started to massage her breasts in his strong hands. She felt his hot mouth wrap on her breast and his tongue flicked her nipple. Her hard nipple responded immediately by twitching in his mouth. Rina could feel her body coming alive even more and her bare pussy was seeping her juices down her legs into the sari's inner skirt.

Vishal unleashed the lust he had always felt for his wife and sucked on Rina's breast with vigor. He moved from one breast to the other, not able to get enough of them. He sucked on one while his hands massaged the other. He gently pinched one nipple with his fingers and nibbled on the other at the same time. Rina responded to each pain/pleasure filled bite with a sharp intake of breath. Vishal loved the fact that he could pleasure his wife so fully and this encouraged him even more.

Rina opened her eyes, and saw Vishal undoing the sari knot and pulling it down in a crumpled heap of cloth. He expertly undid the knot of the inner-skirt and then pulled it down in one swift motion opening her wet womanhood in all her glory for his devouring pleasure.

"Oh lord!" Vishal said lustily.

He quickly undid his tie and took off his shirt and got between Rina's welcoming legs bare-chested. Rina's could feel her pussy quiver in anticipation. She looked down between her legs and could see Vishal parting her legs. She folded her legs and dropped them to either sides. Vishal started to lick her inner thighs from her knees all the way to her pussy coming just close enough to not lick her. He was still teasing her!

"Oh Vishal, please don't tease me any more. I can't take it. I'm so wet for you, please let me feel your tongue." Rina panted.

"Tell me what you want me to do." Vishal said in a husky voice.

"Lick my pussy, please! Taste my juices. Make me more wet and suck my clit. Make me cum in your face." Rina groaned giving into her lust.

Vishal licked Rina's dripping pussy in one broad stroke from bottom to top. Rina gave an animal-like moan.

"OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!More, I want more!"

Vishal heeded his wife's moans and licked her slit with the tip of his tongue. Her pussy opened liked a blossoming rose for him and he delved into her wetness with the eagerness that Rina loved. He licked her pussy as deep as he could letting her juices fall on his tongue. He brought his lips to her pussy and kissed her quivering womanhood. He licked his tongue up and teased Rina's clit. Rina's clit was almost half an inch wide when aroused and would turn bright red. Vishal had learned to recognize this as a sign of Rina's intense arousal and cupped his lips around the now throbbing clit.

"Ohh yeas!" was all Rina could muster Rina reach between her legs and pulled Vishal's face into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him in as much as she could. She was on the verge of her orgasm. She could feel it rising from her being like a thunderous force.

"Suck me baby, I'm gonna cum soon" She panted

"Mmph, yes, cum on my face" Vishal said in a muffled voice in between his licks. He was now licking her slit and could see her clit get redder with ever stroke of her tongue. Rina was going to cum. Vishal held Rina's legs apart as she came on his face. Rina was a squirter and he loved it when she came in his mouth. Her juices tasted like sweet nectar and he considered himself the luckiest man to have married a woman with such a talent.

Rina's body continued to tremble as her orgasm washed over her. Vishal eased his licks and moved over to her and layed down next to her holding her. Rina considered Vishal to be very good looking and she liked that fact that he kept himself in shape for her. Now it was her turn.

Rina made Vishal lie on his back and then unbuckled his let and pants. She quickly took off his pants and underwear and immediate swallowed his semi-hard cock.

"Oh yea baby! Suck that cock!" Vishal moaned.

Rina loved sucking his cock. She rolled her tongue over his manhood in her mouth and felt him come to full hardness. Vishal was not circumcised so Rina pulled his foreskin back with her hand and licked his exposed head which was now seeping pre-cum. Rina loved the way Vishal reacted to her oral attacks. She pulled out his cock and licked his shaft all the way down to his balls. She then did something that she knew drives Vishal crazy. She sucked on his ball and gently took one into her mouth. As she rolled her tongue over it, she gently pressed her finger on his asshole and right beneath his balls.

"Argh!!" Vishal groaned as his cocked swelled even more in response.

Rina eyes widened in hunger as Vishal cock snaked front of her eyes. She took his balls out of her mouth and straddled Vishal. Then she lifted her self up and lowered her pussy into his rod feeling him stretch her pussy as he entered her. Being on top was Rina's favorite position as she could ride Vishal to her heart and pussy's content. She took his entire length in her letting her pussy adjust to his swollen shaft. Vishal rose up and hugged Rina feeling her velvety softness envelop his cock.

Vishal also enjoyed this position because not only could he be inside Rina's hot love-hole but he could also play with her luscious breasts at the same time. As Rina started to rock herself back and forth on his cock, Vishal took her nipples in his mouth and started to suck. Vishal's mind was now blank and his raw sexuality aroused Rina to no ends. She started to grind her pussy on his cock with every movement rubbing her clit on him feeling his tongue do wonders on her nipples.

Rina started to squeeze her pussy muscles as she fucked Vishal and Vishal responded with sucking her nipples ever harder. She could feel his cock twitching inside her and knew that Vishal was close. Close to cumming, close to filling her aching pussy with his manhood, close to pushing her off her own edge.

Feeling his impending climax. Vishal wrapped his arms around Rina's waist and intensified her movement. He could feel her juices drip down his cock. He was getting close, and his balls were tightening. Any second now!

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