tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Goblin and The Paladin Ch. 01

The Goblin and The Paladin Ch. 01


Johanna pulled her cloak tighter around her as a chilling gust of wind blew through the temple courtyard. The beautiful young flame haired priestess rushed hurriedly across the cobbled yard as dusk descended on the city.

Johanna was a junior priestess of Adeva, the Goddess of Love. It was rare a priestess of Adeva was summoned to the Temple of Swords to worship, even rarer to the quarters of a Paladin, on most occasions it was one of the squires who would seek worship with Adeva. Johanna had never been to the Paladin's area of the temple before, although she'd made a number of more recent trips to the squires quarters.

The kingdom was currently at war with the monstrous Orcs from the southern wastelands and most of the Paladin's were either off fighting or busy training and preparing for the vicious ongoing conflict, so when Johanna had received the summons she was surprised.

The red haired priestess finally reached her destination and took a deep, nervous breath. Her expansive bosom pushed out against her cloak as her chest swelled, her white priestly robes coming into view as the cloak fell open. Johanna briefly wondered what it would be like to worship with one of the mighty Paladins of the Temple of Swords. Their reputation as holy warriors and defenders was famed throughout the land. When Johanna had been a young girl she'd always dreamed of marrying a knight in shining armour and the Paladins definitely filled that role.

Johanna bit her lower lip and knocked tentatively on the door.

"Come in," came a male voice from inside.

The priestess pulled the hood of her cloak off and shook out her long red hair, then pushed open the door and stepped into the Paladin's room.

"Good evening Sir Knight, I'm Johanna from the Temple of Adeva...you!?" Johanna pulled up short as she entered the room. Sitting waiting on the bed inside the room was not the brave holy knight she had been expecting, but a small, green skinned goblin.

"You! You're a goblin not a Paladin!" Johanna blurted out in horror.

"Hi Jo-jo," replied Cockweasel with a broad, yellow-toothed grin. "Fancy bumping into you here."

Cockweasel was in fact the reason that Johanna had made so many recent trips to the squires quarters to worship. The lovely young priestess had no idea how the ugly little goblin had managed to become a squire, but ever since he'd found out that the priestesses of Adeva were obliged to assist the Paladin's with worship he'd called upon her pious services on numerous occasions.

Johanna loathed the little monster but had swallowed her pride (among other things) and fulfilled her obligations -- for the first eight times anyway. After that she'd refused to return to the squires' quarters at the Temple of Swords.

"How...what..." Johanna stammered, still shocked after building up all her hopes to meet one of the brave knights of the temple.

"Why don't you come over here and help me worship that goddess of yours?" suggested Cockweasel, patting his crotch invitingly at her.

Johanna stared at the goblin in distaste, noticing for the first time that he was clad only in a stained loin-cloth, his skinny, hairy green legs and sunken chest completely bare.

"Adeva, the goddess of love," corrected the red haired priestess. She reached up and unfastened her heavy cloak, letting it fall from her shoulders. Now that she was here with the squire and he was requesting her help in worshipping Adeva she had no choice but to oblige him. It was her duty as a priestess of Adeva.

Beneath the cloak Johanna wore a pure white gown in the tradition of the priestess of the goddess of love. The gown was low cut, her massive cleavage swelling from the top and it was short, falling to mid thigh, leaving her long, sleek legs mostly bare.

"Lovely," breathed Cockweasel in admiration as he drank in the sight of the young priestess's curvaceous, buxom figure.

"I guess you want me to start with my mouth again?" asked Johanna as she made her way reluctantly across the room to where the goblin sat on the edge of the bed. The duties of a priestess of Adeva in helping the flock worship the goddess basically involved every form of carnal pleasure imaginable. Any request from a worshipper should be obliged, so long as it created pleasure in the worship of Adeva.

"Definitely," agreed Cockweasel, "those lovely lips of yours are made for cocksucking."

"Adeva has blessed me," agreed Johanna with some reluctance as she knelt down in front of Cockweasel and reached for the smelly loin cloth around his skinny hips. She could already she the eager swelling beneath the stained piece of cloth.

Johanna wrinkled her nose in displeasure as she lifted up the flap that covered the horny goblin's genitals, revealing Cockweasel's already erect penis. The green organ jutted up from a tuft of curly black pubic hair, the glistening head pointing eagerly up at Johanna's face.

The priestess seemed frozen at the sight of Cockweasel's stiff cock so the horny goblin helpfully reached out with both hands and pulled her face down into his lap, his fingers running through the priestess soft, shining red hair.

Johanna almost gagged as the goblin yanked her head down and his smelly cock speared into her mouth, thrusting over her tongue and jabbing at the back of her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Cockweasel in immense pleasure. "That's what I'm talking about!"

The goblin pulled her head down harder into his lap, pushing more of his cock into her mouth as the priestess struggled to breath at the sudden invasion.

Johanna was snapped out of her daze, sucking in air through her nose as she brought her hands up onto Cockweasel's thighs to get some leverage. The goblin relaxed his pressure on the back of her head as she gave his cock a long suck, tightening the seal of her lips around his shaft.

The goblin moaned in pleasure as Johanna took over the blowjob at last, drawing her lips back up his cock as she sucked deeply on his shaft. When she reached the head she drew back further, at last taking a proper breath as she twirled her tongue around the swollen helmet that topped his penis.

Johanna began to bob her head over Cockweasel's lap, his dick sliding in and out of her talented mouth as she pleasured him. Although he had access to bathing facilities the as a squire, Cockweasel still hardly ever used them, meaning his cock tasted sweaty and slightly of stale urine, despite the frequent tongue bath's he'd gotten from the lovely red haired priestess. Johanna did her best to ignore this, the first time he'd put his dick in her mouth she'd gagged at the taste and almost vomited, but now she was somewhat used to it and was more interested in getting the ordeal over and done with as quickly as possible.

"You're so good at this," groaned Cockweasel, reaching down below her bobbing head to grab at one of Johanna's ample breasts through her priestly gown. The vast melon more than filled his hand as he gave it a lustful squeeze, enjoying it's size and firmness immensely.

"Lick my balls a little," instructed the goblin.

Johanna let his the squire's cock pop out of her mouth, then she slid her tongue down the underside of his hard shaft, working her way down to the hairy sack that held his two small testicles. Whilst Cockweasel's penis was quite big compared to his small 4 foot frame, his balls were much smaller, more proportional to his diminutive size. From Johanna's experience however, they still seemed to hold more than enough semen to coat her face or fill her mouth.

"That's it!" breathed Cockweasel, using his hand to rub his cock against Johanna's cheek as she tilted her head to lap at his balls. Her tongue teased at first one, then the second testicle, moistening them and juggling them on the tip of her talented tongue. She even lapped at flesh beneath his ball sack, dangerously close to his dirty, puckered asshole.

"Time to fuck!" grunted Cockweasel, his balls churning under Johanna's attentions.

The priestess sighed in disappointment as she sat back on her heels, she'd been hoping to finish the goblin off with her mouth and not have to take him up inside of her. Of the eight previous occasions he'd only actually fucked her twice, the other six times she been able to get away with oral relief or a couple of times between her big tits.

Johanna didn't have much time to consider her options as Cockweasel grabbed her and dragged her face down over the edge of the bed. The 4 foot goblin stood behind her, leaving her ass at the perfect height lined up with his jutting out erection. Cockweasel flipped the back of the priestess gown up past her hips, exposing her firm, nicely rounded ass. The goblin grabbed a soft buttock in each green hand, his fingers sinking into the warm flesh. Cockweasel pulled her buttocks apart slightly as he pushed forward with his hips, thrusting his rock hard erection straight up into Johanna's exposed pussy. The saliva from her blowjob provided enough lubrication for a smooth entry into her tight cunt. Johanna gave a gasp as the goblin's cock was buried inside her to the hilt, his hips slapping against her ass satisfyingly.

"Beautiful!" murmured Cockweasel as he shifted his grip to her hips and began to pump against the voluptuous priestess's posterior, his hard cock sliding rapidly in and out of her hot cunt. "Praise the goddess!" he groaned as he rutted against Johanna.

Cockweasel reached out with one hand and grabbed a handful of Johanna's fiery hair, pulling on it and causing her head to pull back and her back to arch. The new angle of her body allowed him to thrust even deeper inside her, the small Paladin chamber filling with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as he fucked her vigorously.

After a few minutes of rutting, Johanna's moans began to join the goblins. Despite her disgust at the idea of getting fucked by a creature like Cockweasel, the habit's of a priestess couldn't help her get caught up in the worship of Adeva. While the ugly little goblin certainly wasn't the knight in shining armour she'd yearned for, he was still very enthusiastic in his worship of Adeva, his hard cock hammered rapidly in and out of her with surprising pace.

"This is great!" groaned Cockweasel. "I'm going to try your ass too," he told her. Before Johanna had a chance to reply the goblin had pulled his cock out of the priestess's pussy and was pushing the head against her considerably tighter asshole.

"I don't think..." began Johanna, she was however interrupted as Cockweasel successfully managed to push the tip of his cock into her ass. Johanna gasped as the goblin slowly pushed more of his length into the only of her orifices he had not previously explored. "Oh my Holy Adeva!" moaned Johanna as Cockweasel began to work his cock in and out of her glorious ass, she grabbed a pillow from the bed and buried her face in it as the goblin started to slowly bugger her.

"That's amazing!" gasped Cockweasel, looking down to see his cock finally buried in the red head's perfect ass, her lovely buttocks pressed up against his hips. He hunched forward against her and began long slow thrusts of his hips, driving his cock deep into her back passage, his balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her ass.

Suddenly the door of the room burst open and in stepped a tall blonde woman dressed in tight brown leather pants and the white and blue tunic of a Paladin of the Temple of Swords.

"What's going on here?" gasped Lady Gwendalyn in surprise. She was shocked to see her squire Cockweasel standing at the edge of her bed with his cock buried in the ass of a pretty young red head Priestess of Adeva.

Cockweasel froze in mid thrust, his hard cock poised at the puckered entrance to Johanna's tight ass. "Er, Hi m'lady," he stammered at the lovely paladin. "I was, er, we were just worshipping the goddess lady."

"Adeva," added Johanna bashfully, she was suddenly very embarrassed to be seen getting fucked by a goblin despite the fact it was part of her duty as a priestess. The fact that it was a mighty paladin that had interrupted their screwing didn't exactly make her feel any better.

"But this is my room!" Gwendalyn frowned, not really sure what to make of the situation. Knowing her squire Cockweasel it wasn't exactly the most surprising situation. Although his sudden piousness seemed somewhat doubtful he was a horny little fucker, Gwendalyn herself had even been in a couple of uncomfortable situations with the goblin so she could hardly blame the young priestess.

"Um, sorry about that," apologized Cockweasel. His cock was still pointed at Johanna's ass, but it was drooping slightly now. Cockweasel glanced down and gazed yearningly at Johanna's lovely rear end, he hated the thought he might miss out on the opportunity before him. "I don't suppose you could go away for a few minutes and come back later?"

Gwendalyn's hard look told him that wasn't on the cards. His penis dropped further.

"I won't be long," he offered, one last try.

Gwendalyn nodded down at the goblin's completely withered manhood. "I don't think you're in any shape to continue your devotions and I've had a rather busy day so I'd like my room back. You can go now priestess."

Johanna gratefully climbed up off the bed, tugging her gown back down over her hips. "Thank you m'lady," she curtseyed towards the female Paladin and hurried out of the room, pausing only to scoop up her cloak.

Cockweasel made to leave as well but was stopped in his tracks by Lady Gwendalyn, "Can I speak to you a moment please squire?" she snapped, her voice sounding dangerous.

Cockweasel gulped nervously. He'd met Lady Gwendalyn during his escape from the clutches of an evil sorceress who held him as a slave in her tower. Cockweasel had gone on to travel with Gwendalyn and ultimately save her life when the sorceress had come back for revenge. Shortly after, Gwendalyn had made Cockweasel her squire in the hope of improving his lot in life, not to mention improving his rough manners and appalling social skills. She'd brought him to the Temple of Swords to learn the ways of the paladins. Although the other squires hated and teased the little goblin, Cockweasel much preferred the life of a squire compared to the life of a slave, especially when there were fringe benefits such as the busty priestess Johanna.

"Um, sorry about that," Cockweasel said apologetically. He scratched his deflated cock and straightened his loin cloth down over his genitals.

Gwendalyn took a deep breath and prepared to give her goblin squire a telling off, civilizing the little monster was proving rather frustrating. After a moments pause she decided it wasn't worth the effort. "We're leaving the temple first thing in the morning?" she announced.

"Going? Where?" replied Cockweasel in surprise, he was just getting used to this cushy lifestyle. It certainly bet cleaning the stone staircases at the sorceress's tower, and groping Lady Gwendalyn usually only resulted in a scolding or the occasion cuff around the ear, not the evil magical punishment's he'd received from his former buxom mistress.

"We have an important mission. For the war against the orcs," she told him.

"Orcs?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise. He hated orcs. Before he'd been captured and enslaved his goblin tribe and lived with a larger tribe of orcs who regularly bullied and generally trod all over their smaller goblin neighbours.

"Yes, you do know we're at war with the orcs?" Gwendalyn didn't wait for an answer. "But don't worry, I'll explain everything in the morning. For now you can get out of my room and get yourself back to the squires quarters. Better get some sleep we'll be leaving first thing in the morning."

The beautiful paladin sighed as her small goblin squire hurried out of the room. She looked over at the crumpled bed sheets where he'd been rutting that pretty young priestess and shuddered.


Sure enough they set of the next morning at dawn. Lady Gwendalyn rode her large black warhorse she called Mountain and Cockweasel rode a smallish brown riding horse that as far as he was aware had no name.

Gwendalyn had learned very soon after meeting Cockweasel that it was better they rode separately. The few times they'd been forced ride together the horny little goblin had been unable to keep his hands to himself, constantly groping and fondling despite her best efforts to stop him.

"So where we going?" asked Cockweasel shortly after they'd set out, striking north into the wilderness. The goblin was wearing a bit more than the skimpy, grubby loincloth in which Gwendalyn had last seen him in. He was dressed in the white and blue tunic and trousers of a squire of the Temple of Swords. Of course they were filthy, somehow everything that Cockweasel wore was very quickly covered in dirt and grime.

"We're heading to an orc encampment, just behind the frontline of the war," she told him. Gwendalyn was lightly armoured in mail rather than the much heavier full plate armour she often wore.

"What! We're going to the orcs?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise. "That's fucking insane."

"As I explained yesterday we're on a mission, a very important mission."

"Suicide?" suggested Cockweasel, feeling rather bleak at the prospect of riding right into the middle of a war. He'd always been one to avoid confrontation.

"We've received word of an orc defector," Gwendalyn explained. "His name is Kum Foulfang and he apparently wants to join our side of the war."

"Orc fighting with humans against orcs?" noted Cockweasel somewhat surprised. But then again it was pretty unusual to find a goblin trainee-paladin.

"Foulfang is supposed to have been one of the orc's strategists so the information he has could be invaluable."

"If he's defecting then why are we going to an orc encampment to get him, surely somewhere else would be safer to meet him. Like somewhere miles away from the rest of the smelly orcs?"

"Unfortunately he was captured while trying to escape," explained Gwendalyn. "He was thrown into an orc prison for deserting."

"We're going into an orc prison to break someone out?" muttered Cockweasel in disbelief. "We're dead!"

Gwendalyn smiled. "I'm sure we'll be fine."

"You've got a plan to get us in and then out again?"

"Not exactly, but don't worry, we'll think of something."

Cockweasel shook his head. "I never thought I'd be trying to break into a prison."

They rode on in silence. The frontlines of the war were several days ride away and they were apparently linking up with some of the kingdom's soldiers when they got there. The soldiers would help them get close to the prison encampment where Kum Foulfang was held and then they were on their own.

That evening they stopped and made camp a short distance off the main road near a stream and a small wooded area.

Cockweasel groaned as he clambered down off his horse. His thighs and ass were sore from riding, before meeting Gwendalyn he'd barely ever seen a horse let alone ridden one and his soft green skin was not really used to the hardships of long horse treks.

"Ow!" he moaned, scratching at his balls through his tunic. As well as being sore from the ride, his nuts were also protesting at last nights interruption. When Gwendalyn had walked in on him with his cock stuffed up that pretty redhead's ass his testicles had been churning and ready to squirt.

"What's the matter?" asked Gwendalyn, frowning down at the complaining goblin as she tied her warhorse Mountain up for the night.

"Fucking blue balls!" complained Cockweasel, now stuffing his hand down inside his trousers. "Don't suppose you could give me a little relief?" he asked her hopefully.

Gwendalyn's face screwed up in disgust at the suggestion. "Absolutely not!"

"You don't have to let me fuck you or nothing," Cockweasel assured her. "You could just use your mouth, or your hand or something?"

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