tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Goddess of the Beach

The Goddess of the Beach


The following is a work of fiction, submitted for the National Nude Day contest. I hope you like what you read, and ask you to please take the time to vote when you are done. Feedback is welcome. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me.


There was something to be said about being self employed. I am in the money business, so I could easily regale you with statistics about net worth, retained assets, and quality of life. But in this case, it wasn't even my career that brought about the opportunity. It was my wife's.

As a consequence of her career, she has to periodically engage in re-certification or continuing education classes. These are offered in various locations world-wide, and we often try to schedule them in such a way to allow me to accompany her. I believe the current terminology for this is a 'biz-cation', and one of these is what brought us to Hawaii. Sure, she could have taken the classes closer to home, but where's the fun in that? It was even better for me, as there was no 'biz' in my vacation at all.

We had checked in to our resort, and I walked out the sliding doors onto the patio of our room. As a ground floor unit, we had the ability to walk out straight onto the beach, with its scattered population of palms, and then to the water's edge. We were on a small lagoon, and the setting was idyllic. White sand, azure water, and clear blue skies of brilliant sunshine. Truly paradise.

Day one of our Hawaiian stay dawned early. Way too fucking early. Damn jet lag. Last night, we were too tired to stay up, and we woke at what would have been around our normal time.... if we had been at home, five time zones away. The good news is that I was able to go for a wander around the lagoon, and got some fabulous pictures of a Hawaiian sunrise, with silhouetted palms in the foreground. We also had the distinction of being the first in the restaurant for breakfast.

We got back to the room, and my wife headed out for her class, while I asked myself what the hell I was doing up so early on my vacation, and went back to bed.

I woke up three hours later. Taking a drink with me, I decided to sit out on the patio and review the morning's photos on my DSLR. I was just getting started when I saw something interesting out of the corner of my eye.

She was wearing a big, floppy hat, a t-shirt, and a cover-up around her hips, but even though I had no overt reason to do so, I found myself compelled to watch her. There was something about her walk. It was.... unique. She moved with cat-like grace and confidence, in stark contrast to the average tourist.

I watched her as she placed her towel on the sand, perhaps thirty feet away from me. She kicked off her sandals, and I noticed her feet; very petite, and very pretty. I don't have a foot fetish by any means, but they were very sexy looking.

She unwrapped her cover-up, and that's when things got very interesting. Her legs were spectacular. I couldn't help myself. I raised the camera and took a photo. Even though I could only see her from mid-thigh down, due to the oversized t-shirt, she definitely had my attention. Her calves had a level of muscularity usually only seen in athletes. Even flat footed, they were incredible. I can only imagine what high heels would do for their shape. The half of her thighs I could see seemed to match the calves in muscle tone.

She removed the hat, revealing a mane of blonde hair that tumbled loosely over her shoulders. I took another picture. She still had her back to me when she fluidly peeled the shirt up and off. What I saw made me take another pic. Actually, several, as I zoomed in.

Her ass was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I hit the review button on the camera, so I could inspect her butt more closely without getting slapped in the face. She was wearing a royal blue bikini, and the bottom half was a thong, so the spectacular curves of her behind were on full display. She had the classic heart shaped ass that so many men drool over, and it flowed smoothly down to those firm, shapely thighs and calves like a waterfall of sexuality.

By the time I looked up again, she was bending over, straight legged, to adjust her towel. My dick twitched a second before my shutter finger did, and I took another half dozen shots of her ass in its upturned position. I reviewed the pics one more time, and that's when I noticed the expression on her face, which was visible between her legs in two of the frames.

"Holy shit!" I said when I saw it. She still had her sunglasses on, but there was no mistaking it. She was smiling, right at me and the camera. She knew I was there, and was giving me a show!

Stunned, I looked up to see her kneeling on her towel, now facing me. She pulled her shades down a bit, and winked. I quickly brought the camera up and captured the wink, and the smile that followed.

If I thought the rear view was spectacular, then the front was equally impressive. Her breasts were round and beautifully proportioned for her body. The smooth, tanned orbs filled her bikini top to capacity, and were full enough that they projected slightly beyond the sides of her ribcage. Cleavage to die for was bridged by the single string of her top. I took a few more shots. She reached up with both arms, stretching like a very sexy cat.

I love it when women do that. Raising the arm lifts the muscle the breast rides on, and thereby the breast itself. Raising both arms also spreads the breasts apart slightly, and I made sure I had plenty of shots of this effect. My cock was getting very stiff, what with her incredible rack being displayed so graciously for me.

She laid down on her back, allowing me to look straight down her cleavage. Reviewing those photos revealed two distinct bumps in the royal blue spandex that cradled her luscious globes, caused by her very erect nipples.

For about twenty minutes, she absorbed the sun's rays in this position. I began to think, with understandably great regret, that my private show was over. My concerns were premature.

The blonde goddess rolled over, peeking at me again. With one hand, she untied the string behind her back, then the one at her neck. Heaven forbid she should get tan lines. I could now see the firm, round flesh of her breasts crushed against her towel. A few more frames, before she rocked up on her elbows.

"Oh my god!" was all I could say. I was now treated to a full view of her breasts, including her rosy nipples, standing out like little bullets from the centre of areolas slightly larger than poker chips, and dusty rose in colour. I took several frames of this pose, including those when she slid her glasses down her nose, peeked over the top, and smiled. When I say I took several frames, I mean it. A six second burst at eight frames per second certainly qualifies as several.

My cock was doing an impression of a palm tree in my shorts. By now, the blonde was back down flat on her stomach. I briefly considered heading inside to abuse myself, but thought better of it. As long as she was here, my camera and I were going to be vigilant.

I know what you're thinking :"What would your wife say if she caught you taking pictures of this woman on the beach?" If you knew my wife, you wouldn't need to ask. This is the woman whose only concern about our considerable porn collection is whether the starlet's tits are big enough. Not for my pleasure, but her own. She has occasionally pointed out an exceptional rack that may have escaped my attention, although that is rarely the case. I have what she has termed 'boob radar', or 'boob-dar', and she is fine with that. She has a considerable set of Double D breasts herself. As long as my physical appreciation is limited to her body, she doesn't mind if I look at other women. She was going to love these pictures, and would undoubtedly be masterbating furiously while I told her about my day.

The blonde was tying her strings. How the hell do women do that? Blind and behind their backs? Quite the skill. Anyway, she was up on her hands and knees, and I got several more shots of her hanging bust. The deep valley of her cleavage made it pretty clear that her incredibly beautiful breasts were natural, and they swayed with her every movement. She turned her ass back toward me, sweeping stray sand off the towel. When she had her butt pointed straight at me, she paused.

One hand reached back, and adjusted her thong. She tugged it out of her ass crack, and held it aside for a few seconds.

Her gloriously bare pussy and asshole stared back at me through the viewfinder. I actually froze for a second, before my left hand zoomed in tighter and my right index finger locked down on the shutter. While the camera churned away, she slipped a finger between her puffy pink lips, and a little string of her nectar clung to her fingertip on its removal. She was obviously enjoying putting herself on display, as much as I was watching her do so.

She readjusted her thong so she was now covered again, or as much as any thong does. With sudden haste, she got to her feet, wrapped the cover-up around her hips, and collected her belongings. Within seconds she was gone.

I cursed under my breath, and headed inside myself, with as much style as my rock hard erection would allow. I had just closed the sliding glass door when there was a knock on the room door. I dropped the camera on the bed and went to answer it.

When I swung the door open, all I could do is stand there, stunned.

"Oh, thank god I counted the rooms right, " the blonde said as she breezed in, glancing at the not so subtle bulge in my shorts. "I'm married, so I can't let you fuck me, but I need to get myself off right now, or I'm going to scream." Two quick pulls had her bikini top laying on the floor, to be followed seconds later by her wrap and thong.

I now had a naked stranger in my room, as much as anyone of whom you have just taken hundreds of very sexual photographs can be considered a stranger. She had her left hand between her legs already, and she extended her right to me.

"I'm Valarie, by the way." I stood there like a moron, with my mouth hanging open, for far too long, before I managed to shake her hand and introduce myself.

Valarie looked at the tent in my shorts, and added "Nice to meet you. It looks like you could use a little relief, yourself." She licked her lips, unconsciously. "Why don't you give that thing some air. After all, you've certainly seen mine..." she gestured to her nude form, ".... So I think it's only fair I get to see yours."

Now that I was within mere feet of her, I could see that my earlier appraisal of her body had been incorrect. I had been far too lacking in my praise.

This woman was Aphrodite incarnate. Ice blue eyes peered up at me through her tousled blonde tresses. They were surrounded by impossibly long eyelashes, which made her eyes look almost cartoonishly large relative to her face. Her nose was predictably cute, and her lips.... Oh, god.... her lips, as kissable as any I had ever seen. So full, and soft looking, with just the perfect amount of pout. Those lips were smiling at me. She had a slightly pointed chin, and an elegant, almost swan-like neck, that flowed into muscular, yet surprisingly feminine shoulders.

My eyes continued down, grinding to a halt at the perfection that was her chest. Her breasts were very definitely natural, with minimal gravitational sag despite their considerable volume. The lower half of each breast was nearly hemispherical in its smooth, curved flawlessness. The top half of each was a cone of equally smooth skin, blending smoothly with her chest above and the fullness below. Each rounded, lusciously feminine orb was crowned by an areola of puckered skin, with a nipple that stood stiffly at attention, such that the tips pointed slightly up, and slightly out. The valley of her cleavage gave way to a flat, but delightfully womanly belly. A single, small mole, the only visible blemish, adorned her right breast, just above and outboard of her areola.

Her legs and ass had the muscle tone of someone who had spent years in athletics. I would guess swimmer, as the size of her breasts would likely make runner or gymnast uncomfortable, despite the best efforts of sports bra designers. Cyclist might have worked as well, but she didn't have the great, hulking quads so prevalent in that sport. No, her thighs were just firm and incredibly well shaped.

Valarie looked up at me again. "Well, are you going to gawk at my body all day, or are you going to get your dick out and join me?" She perched on the corner of the bed and began to circle her clit with two fingers.

I suddenly had an idea. I could look, but not touch, so I thought some documentation might be in order. Even for my very understanding wife, having a naked woman in the room and not having me touch her would border on incredulity. I grabbed the little waterproof video camera that I use on dives, and stuck it on its suction cup base. It turned it on and aimed it at her.

"I hope you don't mind," I said, and began to remove my shirt.

Valarie just laughed. "If I minded, I would have moved my towel away when I heard you take the first picture of my legs. And I certainly wouldn't have shown you my tits... " she paused slightly as my shorts hit the floor and my hard cock sprung free, "... or, um, ... uh, my pussy! "

I placed my hand around my thick, achingly hard shaft and slowly rubbed up over the head of my cock. A substantial amount of preliminary ejaculate had been oozing from my dick for some time, and I spread it around to lubricate my strokes. Valarie's eyes were glued to my penis, and I was intently watching her pleasure her very wet pussy.

She had swollen, engorged labia, that glistened with desire. I yearned to bury my face in them, to lick every square inch of her pussy, inside and out, and to suck the oily fluids of lust out of it as fast as they could be produced.

Alas, that was verboten. I would have to 'settle' for wanking myself while watching my very own private, live porn show.

I had a feeling neither one of us was going to last very long, given the extended period of arousal we had already endured. I tried to hold back, and cum when she did, despite the fact that I could have blown my load already.

Valarie was breathing harder, and had two fingers of her right hand sawing in and out of her gaping pussy, while her left hand manipulated and assaulted her bulging, pink clitoris. Her arm movements brought about a rippling wave effect, that caused her magnificent breasts to quake with a delectable rhythm. Her lips parted, Her breath quivered, and her head rolled back slightly, but her eyes, though narrowed, never left my hand, as I stroked the full length of my rod.

There were little moans and purring growls mixed in with Valarie's heavy breathing now, and the speed of both her hands increased, until they were virtually a blur. Her tits went from quaking to bouncing, and the odd spasm of excitement rocked her body. She was close. I didn't need to be her husband to know that.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!.... Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" she shrieked, thrusting her fingers even faster. I stepped a little closer, and sped up my own strokes. Valarie stared at my cock with undisguised lust. "Oh yes, jerk that cock for me!... I want you to cum on me!.... God, yes!... Please spray your hot cum all over my tits!... I'm cummMMMing!" she screamed.

Well, she didn't have to tell me twice. Her body began to twitch uncontrollably as her orgasm washed over her, but still she managed to maintain her maniacal fixation on my cock, which erupted violently.

A blast of semen arced through the air, albeit only about a foot or so away, and splashed obscenely across her chest. "Oh fuck, yes!" she hissed, her body jerking again. More cum joined the first shot, and they collectively began to run down over the sumptuous curves of her breasts. More followed, and joined the flow south. Valarie was now snorting and twitching, in the throes of a seriously devastating orgasm. My last two, much weaker squirts were misdirected, landing on her cheek and chin respectively.

Valarie groaned one last time, shuddered, and collapsed back on the bed. I just collapsed, my knees giving way. We both recovered in silence, such as it was. We were both gasping for air, so perhaps silence is not the right description.

Eventually, one of us regained the power of speech. It was Valarie.

"Mmmmm." she said, licking my cum and hers from her fingers. "This is the best sunscreen I've ever tasted!" she added, with a giggle that caused her well frosted breasts to shimmy and quiver. She continued to scoop and swallow, until there was only enough left to rub in.

She sat up, and without a word began to redress. When she was done, she paused by the door.

"That was fun. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow?" she said quietly, and winked. And with that, she was gone.

I was right about my wife's reaction. She fingered herself to three orgasms while I told her what had transpired, showed her the photos, and played the video on my laptop. The video was a bit off centre, but pretty good nonetheless, and the cumshot was absolutely smoking hot, with my cum splashing onto Valarie's beautiful, bouncing breasts. By the time we finished viewing it, I was fully hard, and my wife jumped on me. She literally fucked my lights out. That's one way to beat jet lag.

I actually did have something planned for the next day, and almost cancelled it to get another show from Valarie. But, after much thought, and an argument with my dick, I decided to go. After all, I did have the pictures and video. Also, I wasn't sure I could trust myself to be around her again, without just jumping on her and fucking her senseless. So, I removed myself from the temptation. I love my wife more than anything. When I gave her my word that I would never bed another woman, I meant it. We have the most amazing sex life, but if I wasn't married, I would be on Valarie like white on rice.

When I got back to the resort, my wife was in her afternoon class. I knew something was up as soon as I walked into the room. There was a slightly familiar smell, and my little video camera was stuck to the headboard of the bed.

"What the....?" I muttered. I was a little confused. Maybe my wife put on a little show for me, too. She had masterbated on camera for me before, and always has an earthshattering orgasm, knowing that I would be watching it later. I had pretty much convinced myself that this was a repeat performance, and went to the bathroom to get some lotion for lubrication while the memory card loaded on the laptop. Boy, was I wrong.

The video started, showing a figure at the foot of the bed , obviously, my wife, despite the fact that the head was cut off out of frame. "Perhaps we should have a talk about how to aim to camera," I muttered. I didn't need the head to know it was my wife. I would know her beautiful Double Ds anywhere, even clothed as they were.

Unexpectedly, another figure entered the frame from the left. It was clad in.... a royal blue bikini! "Valarie!" I gasped. The two bodies came together in an embrace, breasts pressing against breasts. I could hear them kissing. "Valarie..... and my wife? Oh my god!" I laughed. My cock wasn't laughing, though. It was trying to rip an exit out of my pants.

For about an hour, I watched my wife and Valarie undress each other, until there were two magnificent pairs of breasts, and two wet pussies, showing on screen. They caressed each other, and I shot my first load watching them kissing each other while laying on the bed. Load number two left my body when my beautiful wife took a place between Valarie's legs and ate her pussy to a thrashing, squealing, gasping orgasm. I couldn't see much of that one, but my wife's eyes peeking up over Valarie's pubic bone were enough to imply her actions. And of course, Valarie's large breasts were in the foreground, rolling liquidly and languidly in reaction to her motions.

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