tagInterracial LoveThe Gold Bikini Club Ch. 01

The Gold Bikini Club Ch. 01


This is a story about a young couple, Rebecca and James, and how they accidentally became caught up in a whirlwind of sexual adventures that would come to change their lives forever.

Rebecca and James had met when they were both in college. Their eyes met across the college library one day and before they knew it, they were going out, had graduated from college and were both off to different universities. Their romance had been brief, but was strong enough that they decided to stay together and make the long distance relationship work. They were only about 5 hours away from each other, so they strived to visit each other as often as possible, but during the time between their visits, they'd have to make do with phone calls, video chats and emails.

Rebecca was a really outgoing person and was always going to parties or out clubbing with her new friends. James was a fun guy to be around too but was less of a party animal, so there were times when he'd only get a brief video chat with Rebecca before she'd go out to have some fun.

During these video chats, James would take some screen shots of Rebecca in her party outfits. He especially enjoyed it when there was a themed night and she'd be dressed as a naughty school girl or a slutty nurse.

One evening, after one of their chats, James was feeling horny so he decided to have a look through his collection of pictures. As he was flicking through, he started to notice how revealing and daring Rebecca's outfits were becoming. Her clothes went from the nice pretty tops and jeans that she'd wear during their first year apart, to short dresses, short skirts, hot pants and even on one occasion, she was going to a foam party and so left her accommodation in just a gold coloured bikini!

It was probably this change in attire that first got James suspicious about Rebecca. He wondered if she was dressing more provocatively to attract male attention. He never though she'd cheat on him, but when he did consider the possibility, he noticed that he'd never get jealous or angry, he'd actually get really horny and end up having some of the best "alone time" sessions he's ever had. To make him even more confused about his feelings, every time Rebecca added a new friend on Facebook, if they were a black male, he'd often find himself browsing their pictures. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he knew at the back of his mind he was secretly hoping to find a picture of Rebecca maybe getting a little closer than she should to them.

He wasn't sure why it was just the black guys he wanted to see her with. He wasn't racist and didn't mean to objectify them. Maybe it was the internet phenomena that black guys are supposed to be extremely well endowed and irresistible to women, or it could have been the few interracial porno videos he'd seen.

After they had both graduated from their respective universities, James and Rebecca immediately moved back to their home city, got married and bought a house together. James never mentioned his feelings about their time apart to Rebecca and although he'd never truly know for sure, she was in fact faithful to him the whole time.

With the cost of getting married and buying a house, James and Rebecca went a long time without any extravagant expenses, so when they could eventually afford to go on holiday, they decided to splash out and go to the Caribbean. They found an "all-inclusive" resort where they could just wake up whenever they wanted to, eat all they wanted and then just sunbathe until the sun went down. Then on the night, they planned on having plenty to drink and dancing before going back to their room for some naughty fun! Little did they know, this holiday is where their sexual adventures would start and the whole holiday was going to be a lot naughtier than they first thought!

Although he didn't book a trip to the Caribbean especially for that reason, James was hoping to see if any of the locals would attract Rebecca's attention.

They woke up the first morning and Rebecca rolled over and kissed James whilst stroking between his legs. James smiled and thought to himself, "Wow! The perfect way to wake up!" He returned the kiss and started to caress her body too.

When he was fully erect, Rebecca playfully slapped his bum and said, "Come on! I need to top up my tan!"

With that, she leapt out of bed, put on her favourite bikini and started packing a bag. James reluctantly lay there and let his stiff member soften before getting out of bed and getting ready himself.

They found a nice spot by the pool that was perfect. Rebecca lay on the sun bed and handed James a bottle of sun cream.

"First rule of the holiday! Neither of us are allowed to put sun cream on ourselves!" she said. "So if I burn, it's your fault!"

James was only too eager to comply and started to cover Rebecca's body with sun cream. She repaid the favour whilst teasing him and going as close to his groin as she dared.

After a couple of hours of sunbathing James decided to go and get some drinks. On the way he noticed quite a few women wearing gold bikinis. He thought nothing of it and just enjoyed the view. However, on the way back, he counted and found that in total, 8 women were wearing them. He reckoned that they must have had a sale on at the hotel's shop.

After giving Rebecca her drink, James said he felt like a walk and would be back in a bit. The gold bikinis were bring back memories of the time they video chatted before Rebecca went to the foam party in a gold bikini of her own. He had spent many hours pleasuring himself whilst looking at the screen shots he had taken of her wearing it. Strangely, he had never seen that bikini again, so wanted to buy her a new one.

He found the shop and looked around. They had a large selection of bikinis, but must have sold out of the golden ones.

"Excuse me," James asked the shop assistant, "do you have any gold bikinis left?"

"No sir!" replied the shop keeper. "We don't stock golden ones. Only the colours you see."

"Do you know where quite a few of the tourists here got their gold bikinis?" asked James.

The shop keeper simply smiled and told him they were part of a special club. James pressed for more information, but the shop keeper wouldn't say any more.

Back at the sun beds, James noticed that Rebecca was talking to a couple that he later learned were roughly their age. Rebecca introduced them as Graham and Jenny.

They all talked throughout the day when eventually Graham said, "Have you guys noticed there has to be about 5 or 6 women here all in identical gold bikinis?"

"There are 8 actually! Thong bikinis too!" replied James.

"Oh yeah? Counted have we?" replied Rebecca giving him a nudge. "Sounds like he's got a thing for gold bikinis."

"Graham has too!" said Jenny. They had a little chuckle between them before James and Rebecca decided to go back to their room to shower and change before going out for their evening meal.

That night, James and Rebecca spent their night exactly as planned! Drinking and having hot steamy sex! They spent a while at the bar where they noticed the couple from earlier in the day. They were speaking to a tall handsome black man who James identified as one of the hotel staff.

After returning to their room, the sexy part of the night began. It was very intense and James couldn't stop thinking of of Rebecca in one of the gold bikinis! He HAD to find out where those women had got them!

The next day, they managed to get sunbeds in the same spot again and Graham and Jenny were there too. To James's amazement, Jenny was wearing one of the gold bikinis! He didn't want to draw attention to the fact this was the first thing he noticed, so he decided not to mention it. Jenny had a big grin on her face all day, but Graham seemed a little quiet. James decided to take Graham to play pool so he could find out where the bikini was from.

"Graham! You have to tell me where you and Jenny got that gold bikini! They're so sexy!" said James about half way through the game.

Graham just looked at him with a dead serious voice and said, "You don't want to know, man. Just leave it be."

James thought this was a really strange response and so pushed some more. He wondered why Graham was so reluctant to tell him. He assumed they had joined the "club" that the shop keeper had talked about. Eventually he made a bet, if he won the game, Graham had to tell him. Graham agreed.

Luckily James won the game and Graham said to meet him and Jenny in the bar tonight and all would be revealed.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was chatting with Jenny about the exact same subject.

"Come on then! Where did you get the gold bikini? I've seen James sneaking quick looks at you all day and I love having complete control over him!" said Rebecca.

"Oh you'll have complete control over him," replied Jenny, "but you can't just buy these. Meet Graham and me in the bar tonight and I'll tell you all about it!"

Rebecca didn't really know what to say to that, so she just agreed that she'd be there.

That night when James and Rebecca were getting ready, they both mentioned that it would be a good idea to meet Graham and Jenny for a drink. On their way to the bar, they heard some noises coming from by the pool. Curiosity got the better of them and they both went to see what it was. As they got closer they saw a woman wearing, surprise surprise, a gold bikini and she was being pinned up against a wall by one of the hotel staff! Her legs were wrapped around him and she was bouncing her up and down on his huge cock! James and Rebecca quickly left before disturbing them!

When they arrived at the bar, Graham was sitting on his own. Just as James and Rebecca joined him, Jenny turned up. Her hair was a little messed up and both James and Rebecca noticed that she had her gold bikini on under her outfit. It suddenly dawned on them both that the woman getting shagged by the pool was Jenny!

"Why did you guys leave?" asked Jenny. "Didn't you enjoy the show?"

James and Rebecca didn't really have any words...

"Don't be shy, you two!" said Jenny. "You both wanted to know where these gold bikinis come from, and so I shall tell you!"

James and Rebecca looked at each other, equally confused.

Jenny began, "Yesterday, when we were sunbathing by the pool, one of the entertainment staff came up to us and asked us if we'd help them set up some equipment for one of the days activities. Always happy to help we followed them to a room that said 'Staff Only' on the door. Once inside, they gave me this!"

She pulled her dress to the side revealing part of the bikini.

Jenny continued, "They said I had been selected by the staff to be the next member of the Gold Bikini Club. I asked what it was and... well, you both just saw what it entails."

James and Rebecca still had no words and just turned to Graham in amazement.

"Now do you see why I didn't want to tell you, James?" started Graham, a mix of embarrassment and arousal in his voice.

"My wife fucks the hotel staff and then comes back to me 100% satisfied and yet for some reason I still can't help but kiss her all over. I tried to stop her, but before I knew it they were naked, standing there with cocks that were twice as big as mine and they weren't even hard yet!"

Graham was starting to talk faster and faster. The embarrassment in his voice was disappearing and turning into enthusiasm.

He continued, "I saw the look of wonder and amazement on her face. I could hardly say no. The weird thing is, the more she does it, the more insatiable her lust gets for their big cocks, the more I just want to worship her."

Jenny butted in, "They were sooo big, Rebecca! I know it's such a cliché, but it really is true that once you go black, you never go back. Sure Graham and I still make love, but there's no way he could give me what these men are giving me."

Rebecca was giggling like a school girl, "Well I know you're not lying about the size of their cocks!"

"And just how do you know that?" asked James.

"Please, I was 100% faithful to you at university, but that doesn't mean I didn't get caught up in a few games of strip poker. All the black guys were at least twice the size of the white guys. It was kind of funny."

All of a sudden, one of the staff turned up behind them.

Turning to Graham and Jenny he said, "Thanks for bringing them here, you guys! We've been trying to get these two since they got there!"

James and Rebecca turned around. The tall, muscular black man put a brand new gold bikini on the table in front of Rebecca.

"Here's the deal. If you want to join the club, wear this bikini out by the pool tomorrow. If you don't, simply throw it away and we wont bother you again."

"This is all too weird for me!" James stood up suddenly. "Come on Rebecca, lets go."

They both left.

During the brief walk back to their room, James's head was spinning. He wanted his to happen didn't he? So why did he walk away?

When they got back to the room, James decided to play it cool and ignore his desires.

"Thank god you didn't fall under that guys spell like Jenny did," he said. "My 6 inches is all you..."

James stopped abruptly and saw Rebecca standing there. He failed to notice she had picked up the bikini before leaving and was now standing there, holding it sheepishly.

"Why did you take it?!" asked James in shock.

Rebecca simply responded, "I'm going to try this on. I need to make sure it fits for tomorrow".

She had a huge grin on her face as she walked into the bathroom, leaving James standing there, shocked and scared, yet with his cock as hard as it had ever been.

To be continued...

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