tagBDSMThe Golden Rule

The Golden Rule


"It has been a rough day", I tell her as I draw her a hot bath, I offer my hand, asking her to climb out of her robe and into the tub. Steam rises from the water and the smell of lavender from the bubble bath fills the room.

As she takes off her robe, she turns away from me slightly, allowing me to study the shape of her body. My eyes following the curve of her hip to her perfectly rounded ass cheeks. She stretches slightly, elongating her torso and exposing her perfect profile. I drink it in as fast as I can, knowing she will soon turn towards me and catch me looking.

My penis feels the familiar first throb. Anticipation of the events yet to come.

She catches me looking, and as our eyes lock, I can tell we're both anticipating the night's events. I blush. She beams with pride and takes my hand.

She lowers herself into the water and I watch parts of her disappear under the layer of bubbles. Her feet, her calves, her thighs and ass disappear in an instant but she slows as her torso hits the water. The complexion of her skin against the stark white bubbles keeps drawing my eyes in. She settles into the tub, her perfect breasts fall just below the water line leaving me with the beauty of her face and the bareness of her shoulders.

Blood that had been diverted to my pending erection slowed and my thoughts turned back to her.


She smiles and closes her eyes, the heat of the water has already worked its magic and she knows she will be limber for the events yet to come.

He always treats her like royalty when he had a bad day. She never fully understood, and the one time she pressed for an answer, all he would say is, "Treat others as you would want to be treated."

She knows she only has moments to ask questions about his day before he circles behind her, to the head of the claw-foot tub and begins to massage her shoulders.

"Tell me about your..." she was too late, his hands had already landed on her shoulders. Her mind and body relax with his touch. Each touch deliberate and caring, eliciting moans of pleasure from her.

She knows the moans will turn to screams as his hands become less caring. But for now, she lays back and enjoys his gentle touch.


After the massage I take the washcloth and gently bathe her body. I desperately want to jump ahead, go right to the bedroom and bury my manhood deep inside her. The massage, and her moans always makes me hard.

But I am determined to show restraint. The harder the day, the more focus i put into pleasing her. She is my reason for fighting.

I have wanted to give up and say fuck it so many times, but it was the thought her beauty, inside and out, that always pulled me through. And today had been a truly hard day.

As the water cools and the bubbles fade, we pull the plug and the water begins to swirl down the drain. She stands, pockets of soapy bubbles stick to her, the only thing between her and full nakedness. She takes my hand and steps out of the tub and I proceed to dry her off, inch by inch. She raises her arms above her head, exposing her torso, the position where I find the woman form its most exotic and vulnerable. I know she is testing me, she's ready to cum too.

"Not yet, my beauty," I tell her as I continued to dry her body. I saved the trickiest part for last, her inner thighs. This presented two problems, one, the heat and wetness built up in anticipation made it difficult to focus; second, she had been known to clamp down on my hand and take control of the situation before. I was determined to not let the latter happen.

She was well behaved and spread her legs to allow me to complete the immediate task in front of me. I took a deep breath, my body was rushing towards an orgasm that my mind wanted to wait for.

I hung up the towel and we head towards the bedroom.


She never knows what is next with him. The only part of the routine that remains the same is the bath and massage. From here forward he does a great job of keeping her guessing. She found herself wondering what it would be tonight, her pussy aching for attention, begging to be put to use. She could feel her nipples hardening as she thought about her pussy. She was definitely ready to cum.

He lead her down the hall. Tonight's surprise her vision was quickly rendered useless as a hood covered her head. The only opening around her mouth and nylon over her nose for breathing. Hearing muffled, and completely unable to see.

She hadn't really caught on before, but this was part of the routine too. Not blindfolds alone, but always removing one of her senses to enhance the others. She thought about the last time, when he put her noise canceling headphones and a washcloth over her eyes.

When the magic wand hit her body, she had no idea it was coming, the orgasm that followed caused her to bite her tongue. Pain with her pleasure.

She felt the wetness run down her inner thigh.

This mask was a new sensation, she found herself wondering briefly where he would have bought it until she felt the first of the loops go around her wrists. She would be without a few senses tonight.


I began working more swiftly, wanting to turn the moans a few short moments ago back into full fledged screams. I too was thinking about the wand and how much she had enjoyed it. What I hadn't thought through was her ability to escape. I was determined to give her an experience she would not soon forget nor that she could escape from.

I tightened the ropes around her wrists and lowered her into the bed. I looped the knots from her wrist through my belt and tied the belt to the headboard. She was now fully naked with her hands bound above her head and unable to see. The trust she had in him was her most sexy quality.

I took a moment to soak it in. Her beauty grows day by day. Her dark areolas rise and fall with her rhythmic breathing. The anticipation starts to grow. Pre-cum has announced my intentions, but I continue to restrain myself.

I start by lying on top of her, chest to chest, hip to hip, pressing the air out of her lungs. I lift myself off her chest allowing her lungs to fill back up with air, sneaking a quick kiss to her breast as it rises towards me. Her arms are unable to direct me but I can tell she wants more.

I deny her, and instead slide my hips down, pinning her legs flat into the bed, my head even with her breasts. My penis craving for entry into her sweet pussy, but having to rest uncomfortably between her thighs and knees. I reach my arms up and wrap them around her. I pull my arms back lightly scratching the back sides of her arms, shooting goosebumps across her body. I pause and use my hands to caress the sides of her breasts. She arches, longing for more.

I run my hands between her breasts and up each side of her neck. I gently place my thumbs against her throat, letting her know I am in control at the moment. She moans as she drives her hips into me.

She knows my weakness, to feel wanted, to feel desired. I need to act quickly or I will cum in her lap.

In one swift motion I release my body weight and slide down her body, opening her legs along the way. When my knees find the mattress I plant, squat and dip my shoulders to get under her knees. I push her knees towards her chest and lay the flat of my tongue on her now perfectly exposed clitoris and puffy pussy lips. The foreplay fulfilled its purpose long ago, but now is about restraint, and rectifying a very bad day.


Finally, she had her first ability to move and she was determined to gain a little more control of the situation.

He, whether knowingly or not, had already elicited one orgasm from her. She didn't know if it was hood, her hands being tied, or the early pressure on her pelvis, but it was a tease. She was ready to let a big orgasm go.

He was already pushing her to another orgasm as his tongue, teeth, chin and hands worked in unison to provide points of pleasure from every angle of her vagina.

She waited until he had found the spot she loved to have pleasured. And as swiftly as he had earlier, in one motion she crossed her ankles behind his head and squeezed her thighs together locking his mouth and tongue into place. From here she could control the pressure. Orgasm number two was well on its way.


I absolutely love when she clamps down on my head, and I would gladly wear her as a crown for all time.

I know she is cumming, it's the involuntary muscle movements that give it away. They are the same ones that make guys lose their rhythm while fucking. The taste of her fluids change too as they become more viscous. Things are off to an amazing start.

I know she will release me soon and I will draw in some fresh air. But in this moment she is in control, she is literally smothering me with her pussy. I am in heaven, and about to cum.

She releases me and my senses come rushing back to me. I draw in a new lung full of air. I reach up from underneath her and grab her by the hips, pulling her forcefully back down to the bed. I can still feel the twitch of her orgasm underneath me.

I move and straighten her legs making sure to scratch lightly and leave her nerves on edge. I lay my head across her hips and stomach, facing her pussy. I reach down between her legs, near her knees and draw the leg closest to me open. I work my hand up her inner thigh and find her pussy waiting for more. I hook that leg with my own, setting one side of my devious trap.

I curl my arm that was laying across her hip back in between her legs and under her other leg. I have put her into a perfect little cradle, her pussy mine for the taking. I work with one, two, then three fingers. There is no longer any resistance. I cup my hand and begin slamming it into her pussy with a loud slap -every time my wrist slams into her clit. From this position she comes several times. Tonight is a good night she squirts wildly all over the bed. Squirting women are hot.

Things are starting to get a little messy. But I have one more surprise in store. I release her from my trap and let her know to relax. I leave the room to get my surprise. I linger at the edge of the room, admiring her body from afar.

I returned silently, she didn't know I was back until she heard the rip of the velcro cuffs being opened. Her body responded immediately and her hips started to search for a partner. I fasten the first cuff to one knee and the second cuff to the opposite knee.


She was lying there in pure bliss. Her body still responding and moving uncontrollably from the onslaught of stimulation. She worked on taking deep slow breaths, giving her body the oxygen it needed to recover.

He had left abruptly and she had no idea how long he would be gone.

On a previous night, he had tied her to a chair, her legs spread, and left her sit for an hour facing the front window. She could see herself in the window, but she was not able to tell if passersby could see in. She was pretty sure he had gone outside to admire his handy work.

She could feel his presence when he came back into the room, but she had no idea how close he had gotten. The loud rip of the velcro was surprisingly close. She licked her lips through the small hole in her mask and her hips raised in the air as if they were under remote control.

She was not expecting the placement of the cuffs around her knees. Even more unexpected, she was unable to draw her legs closed. It felt as if though there was some sort of bar between her legs.


I have been waiting for this particular surprise since the last time we used the wand. I slid the spreader bar underneath her knees and attached the cuffs. I watched her adjust to the new tool. Her chest and neck flushing with color as she realized she was unable to close her legs.

There would be no getting away from the big orgasm tonight.

I straddle her torso, as if i was the rider of a reverse cowgirl, and pinned her upper body firmly to the mattress. I take my left hand and place it firmly over her pubic bone and pull the skin towards me so that it is taut under my hand. I then took my right hand, turned on the wand and placed it directly on her clit.

She went wild, bucking, thrusting, flailing as much as her limited range of motion would allow. Her cries of pleasure turned into primordial screams. I was afraid she was going to dislocate one of her joints. I pulled the wand away from her.

Immediately she begged for more, "no-no-no, don't stop, please don't stop!"

I placed the wand back on her quivering mound. She resumed her cries of pure pleasure. I continued to apply and remove the wand until her strength is clearly drained from her now shimmering body.

I remove the cuffs from her legs, release her hands from her restraints. She reached for her hood.


She had cum by wand before. She new the orgasm was intense and swift. But she had never been so helpless and so consumed with desire at the same time. She was unable to see, taste, touch her lover. For however long she had been in these restraints, she was at his mercy.

She truly did not want him to stop applying the wand. When it went silent the last time she was wanting to ask for more. But then the release of the leg cuff gave her her own ideas.

She laid still, waiting for him to release her hands. She could feel him loosening the belt. And then the ropes from her hand.

Freedom. Freedom to touch, grab, do as she pleases. She reached up and pulled the mask from her head. Locked eyes on her lover, than lips, than hips. It was her turn to take control and to do unto others.

Respectfully submitted,


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by Anonymous04/10/18


I felt as if I was in the room and I was being tied to the bed thank you so much that was amazing!

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