tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Golf Challenge

The Golf Challenge

byDr. Bull©

The challenge was on!

I had stopped by my best friend's place to see if he want to go play a round of golf earlier that morning only to find his step daughter and kids were visiting. He declined something about playing with the Grandkids. "Sonja likes to play," he suggested of his daughter, "and that will let us spoil the kids."

"Can I go along?" Sonja asked as she came out to join us, "Mom and Curt can watch the kids," then she whispered in my ear, "and I need a break." I met Sonja when her mother married Curt some 20 years before, watched her grow from a good looking 16 year old into her hot twenties, now half way into her thirties she was full figured woman, she was in town visiting her folks and had brought her kids along.

"You kids go a head!" Grandpa Curt acting much older than he was, "me and the missus can handle the younins." He loved any excuse to play with the grandkids, they might not be his by blood, but you would never know it.

It was a perfect spring day, we had the course to ourselves and both of us had pared the first hole. When it happened, I hit a duff my first shot on two, just even with the women's tee box. Sonja quipped "Looks like you're hitting this hole with your dick out?" a call jokingly thrown out on courses all over the country. We moved up to the women's box and sure enough I was almost dead even with her tee shot, only just off in the rough. She hit a nice one off the tee and right down the center of the fairway. I started to line up my three iron when she interrupted.

"Hey! Where is it?" she was facing me hands on her hips. "If you don't go past the ladies' tee box then you dick better be hanging mister." I knew I was in for it.

Since she had come into my friend's family I had teased and picked on Sonja as a teenager, through her first and into her second marriage, I was thirteen years her senior but we had become good friends who took every opportunity to tease the other good-naturedly. Now for the first time we were alone and the teasing seemed to be stepping to the next level.

"So?" I asked looking a bit sheepish, "what do I get when I win this hole?"

"Hmmm," it was her turn to blush a bit, "you win this hole and I lose my bra for the rest of the game, but if you lose, your dick stays of until you win a hole." I told you Sonja was a full figured girl, not fat, " 50's" full figured, she was wearing a white tight tank top let you see right through to her bra underneath. I heartily agreed even looking at her tits through a tank top would be a treat, they had to be DD's or bigger.

"Alright little girl, you asked for it." I unzipped my pants and pulled my semi hard dick out and let it hang in the open air. I lined up and smacked the ball down the course, passing her ball by a couple yards. Tucking it away, we drove up to her ball and she popped it up and about half way to the hole, then we rolled on up to my ball. I grabbed my three wood and started to line up, Sonja cleared her throat, I looked up she was motioning with her hands towards her zipper. So I whipped it out once more and drove the ball to the green, as my dick started to grow more from all the attention.

Sonja next shot joined me on the green, we were both on in three. As we approached she had about an eight foot putt, mine was closer to five. As we walked onto the green, I pulled my dick out once again, before she shot. "Hey! Your getting ahead of yourself aren't you?" she commented.

"Don't want to get in trouble for forgetting," I bantered back at her, the air felt wild across it and her staring at it was driving me crazy trying to keep from having a raging hard on. I stood leaning on my putter as she lined up the hole, she kept glancing in my direction, and my penis was starting to grow. She rolled her ball up with in six inches of the cup. "Go ahead and finish out," I motioned towards her ball, she was grumbling as she tapped it in for a five.

She pulled her ball out of the cup and walked over to me, grabbing my hardening member in her hand and squeezed gently, "Don't let your club get in the way." As it became hard, she released it and stepped back, "OK big boy time to choke!"

I tried hard to clear my mind, but if your dick hits your golf club during your practice swing, it does not help. The putt rolled up to the lip seemed to stop then dropped in, with a little effort I tucked my erection back into my pants and pulled the ball out of the hole. Sonja's face was red and she was biting her lip as we got in the cart and pulled up to the next tee.

"I believe that your bra now belongs to me?" I grinned from ear to ear.

"You aren't going to hold me..."

"Little lady that last hole cost me all the pride I could muster, now turn about is fair play." Luckily the course was practically empty, so we were very much by ourselves. "You started this, so the question is, are you big enough to finish what you started?" Her face turned red, Sonja had always been a competitor and I had hit on the right words, she turned away from me unfastened the bra and pulled it out from under her shirt.

Handing the bra to me, she had an evil glint in her eye, "Next hole for dick out or tits out?" the game was afoot. As distracting as watching her boobs bounce inside her shirt, it was my goal to win the next hole so those massive mammaries would be out where I could look them over. I knew she did not have much of an advantage on three, so I finished one stroke ahead.

The fourth hole was a long par 5 with a decided advantage to the women, I smashed the ball about 200 yards but just enough to clear the ladies tee box. As Sonja stepped into the tee box and took a practice swing, it was my turn to clear my throat. She looked up, then around grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off and throwing it down beside her. Her hands fell to her sides as she giggled and shook them for me, as I watched, her nipples hardened. Sonja's mother is big breasted and Sonja had defiantly inherited the same gene. Still tight and not drooping much they were wonderful to watch as she swung her club, pale white skin with large pink areolas, her nipples hardening in the fresh air stuck out half an inch. A good solid hit that sounded nice, but my eyes were glued to the girl, "Did you see that?" she asked.

"Every part of them..." I stammered

"Not my tits! Did you see my hit?" she pointed down the course

"No," still staring.

"Look where it landed." Still pointing, center of the fairway nearly as far as I had ever seen a woman hit a ball. My eyes returned to her, she was still looking down the course, "I've never hit a ball that far before." She picked up her shirt and came back to the cart, my eyes glued to her chest; until laying the shirt across her chest, she got my attention back on her eyes. Giggling she said, "It's your hit!" Well as you can guess, I lost that hole, every time I started to swing her shirt would drop and I would hit the big ball (the earth) or a tree, into the bushes anywhere but in the fairway. By the time we got to the green, she had four strokes on me. She slipped her shirt back on and purred, "I know your weakness!"

I was back with my now semi erect dick hanging out, through the five, six, seven & eight we more or less traded off as to whom was flashing whom. A couple of elderly gents went by us looking for their ball and got a quick look at Sonja from a bit away but she was having so much fun she never even tried to cover up.

As we approached the ninth tee, she started to peel her shirt off, "Uh... Darlin' you might want to leave that on."

"Why? I lost, so it is time to release my secret weapons." She shook her tits in my direction.

I pointed down the fairway, "This hole ends at the club house, and the next one takes off from there. I'd like to finish this round and not get thrown off when we get there."

We both shot par on hole nine, fully clothed except for her bra, and it was tucked into my bag. We rode around the clubhouse, and then as we started 10, after she looked over the hole and her obvious advantage, she stepped up to me, whispering so the foursome on 1 did not hear. "Loser goes bottomless for the next hole." In effect upping the stakes only for her, other than showing off my backside I had been swinging my dick around all morning.

"Accepted!" I hit a long drive that landed too far right on the left turning dogleg, bouncing outside the tree line, to finish I have to shoot through the trees and over the pond, hard but not impossible.

We moved up to the ladies' box and Sonja made her big mistake. Even with her advantage, hole 10 always plays long and the water is a killer, she tried to drive the green and splash... her ball was in the water, 2-stroke penalty. My second shot cleared the water and landed 3 yards from the green. Sonja dropped a ball, next to the hazard and promptly knocks it back in the water, a second two-stroke penalty. Dropping a third ball, she lobs it up and onto the green, where it proceeds to roll off and into the sand trap. We drove around the pond, she never uttered a word, unless I blew this big time, her pants were coming off.

I chipped up first, landing close to the edge of the green with a long putt ahead of me. She flubbed her first shot, the ball rolled back down into the sand, her second was beautiful up and out and into the hole, beautiful shot, but it took with penalties seven strokes. Trying to contain myself, I two putted for a five, placed the flag in the hole and we drove to the next tee box.

She was very quite, her hands crossed in her lap, as passed through the trees to the tee box, the back nine was narrow and tree lined, the brush had grown up so that if you hit the rough... it was rough. The advantage was it was hard for anyone to see you from any of the other fairways. I hit the ball well cutting over some trees and laying it out in line with the hole then drove the silent Sonja to her tee box. As she stepped out of the cart I said "Hon' don't do anything you don't want to do."

Her eyes flashed and she had a huge grin when she turned towards me, "If I remember correctly..." she stood beside the cart, "it is my turn to be topless." She removed her shirt and set it on the seat. "And... a bet is a bet." She smiled at me and unbuttoned her white denim shorts, "I was hoping to watch that cute little ass of yours this hole," Her zipper parted as it slid down exposing some low cut light blue panties. She pealed the knee length shorts down and stepped out of them, her panties were soaked through with her juices. "instead you get to watch mine." The light fabric stuck just slightly as she pulled them down exposing her trimmed bush and the top edge of her cunt lips. Placing her panties on top of the pile of clothing on the seat, she stretched her arms up placing them on the roof of the golf cart allowing me to get a long look at the grinning beauty before me. Her blue eyes flashing, her nipples pointing straight out, a semi hourglass figure broad shoulders with those amazing breasts narrowed around the waist then flared out to her large hips surrounding the small mound of blond hair, her thick muscular legs were amazing. I was speechless.

Sonja grabbed a club and a ball from the bag and walked onto the box, wiggling her ass a little extra for my benefit. Reaching the tee box, she bent over parting her legs showing me, her little slice of heaven and took her time placing her ball.

I pulled my raging hard-on out of my pants and lightly touched it as she brought her hand from her ball up her thigh and rubbed it lightly over her clit. She shivered then stood up looking back at the cart, took a couple practice swings and then killed the ball. All of her sexual tension seemed to explode into the ball and it flew down the fairway bouncing up towards the green. She walked back to the cart staring at my hard cock, she pushed her clothing over and sat down, reaching across she drug her nails up the shaft of my penis. "I see someone wants to play..." then that evil glint came back into her eyes "but it is not your turn," she removed her teasing hand, "so put him away." So with great effort I bent and shoved the stiff rod back into my pants. "Alls fair in love and golf," she giggled as she rubbed her hand across the bulge in my shorts.

Hardly able to take my eyes from her I bobbled the next shot ten or fifteen feet, my next shot got off the ground and covered maybe half the distance it should have. At this point I was ready to give her the hole just so I could get some relief. My next shot came close to her first shot and thank God, I was two strokes behind. I hit a lucky chip shot that ran into the hole for a four, she was looking at an easy win, one on and a putt would finally allow my aching cock to come out of my pants. She tapped her first shot up close to the hole, her second rolled just past, and her third went in for four, matching me. "Tie," she glanced back at me, "I guess we stay the same for the next hole." She had me right where she wanted, frustrated!

It was obvious she was enjoying her little exhibition, even if it was just for me. As for me yes I was frustrated, but enjoying ever minute of her "show." She toyed me through the next two holes tying them, no matter how bad I wanted to lose. Then came the fourteenth, the outside fairway backs up to a small wooded area with undeveloped land, mostly trees, beyond. I stepped up and took a practice swing, Sonja sitting in the cart right in front of me, as I started into my backswing she lifted her left breast to her mouth and sucked on the nipple. My ball bounced off a tree and landed about six feet shy of the women's tee box. "THE WOMEN'S TEE BOX, why the fuck didn't I think of that!" my mind screamed at me.

"Time to come out and play," she giggled as I dropped my clothing on top of hers, then I reached for her, "not yet..." she backed away, "but soon." I swung and hit my ball near the trees on the far side, unable to even think about golf, all I wanted was to cum...

Sonja's drive went past my second shot right into the woods beyond, worst shot she had made all day. She slipped past me into the woods to look for it while I hit, then I heard, "Mitch can you help me find my ball?"

"Just drop one I won't even count it," I was frustrated and getting a bit edgy.

"Come on Mitch, I like that ball." I never could say no to a woman, so into the woods I went hard on leading the way. "Over here," she said. I looked to my left at a small clearing where she lay on her back on the grass, knees in the air pussy wet open and inviting. Her freaking ball, six inches in front of her. "Time for your hole in one." I used a toe wedge to clear the ball out of my way and dropped to my knees between her legs, pointing my shaft towards her opening, she was so wet I had no problem sliding in.

It wasn't long before her first climax, even a shorter time lapsed when she hit her second climax at the same time my balls contracted and shot cum up deep inside her. We lay there for a bit while I suckled her breasts, "You know..." she sort of giggled, "laying here naked ten feet from the fairway with our cart out there... might not be a good idea."

As we neared the fairway we heard voices near our cart. Two older couples were about to hit from the tee box twenty yards away and were discussing if they should play through. Bold as brass, Sonja tossed her missing ball over the cart and walked out naked as a jaybird grabbing a club as she walked by the cart. She smacked that ball way down the course, I followed suit, hitting my ball also down the fairway. We waved at the blushing couples who shyly waved back, got in the cart and drove off laughing and pulling our clothing back on.

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