tagBDSMThe Good Deed

The Good Deed


I'm sitting on the couch silently watching him pace up and down the room.

"What am I supposed to do? I haven't been single in ages and I'm not sure I can cope."

I keep my eyes fixed on his face; I know what will happen next. He's just too easily read.

"I... I..." He looks over at me with his hands in his pockets; when he looks like that I just want to stuff him in my pocket and keep him safe forever.

"Come here," I purr, and signal for him to sit down by my feet. I haven't been his Domme in a while but I guess he's desperate, and he's next to me in the blink of an eye.

I carefully run my hands through his hair. I feel him clawing at my rather unsexy, plain blue dressing gown. I know fairly well that I don't need a latex catsuit to intimidate him, so I carefully let my slippers drop to the floor and place a perfectly pedicured foot on his right shoulder. He lets out a low sigh of relief and begins to kiss it passionately. I sense all the pent up frustration in him and I let him grovel longer than normal before I abruptly kick him away.

I just love the puppy dog look they always serve me when I reject them like that; it makes me so incredibly horny.

He crawls back on all four, careful to avoid my gaze. I turn on the spot just enough for him to catch a glimpse of my pussy; he gulps and that makes me want to laugh so badly. But I can't. Not now. There will be plenty of opportunities for that later.

I let a hand slip beneath my gown to touch myself. I watch him cringe; he wants that. He NEEDS it. But not yet. I can't just GIVE him anything. He has to earn it like everyone else.

I get up and walk across the room to a chest near the window. I hear some alley cats singing a melancholy song somewhere in the distance; everyone's depressed nowadays it seems. I turn my focus back to the task at hand; it has to be my favourite crop. Nothing else will suffice tonight.

I gaze over at him and notice his face light up with fear and anticipation at the sight of the ruby-studded riding crop in my hands; I'm such a sucker for red and black together.

"M... Mistress?" He sounds nervous but ready as I approach him. I tell him to undress and he quickly removes his shirt and trousers. He folds them once before placing them on a chair; bless his little heart! He still remembers how strongly I despise sloppy slaves!

I order him to kneel in front of me, and let my crop slide carefully down across his back and buttocks. I do enjoy the effect this has on his skin and muscles; they ripple and tense up beautifully. I let my gaze linger on this for a second or two before I strike him forcefully across the ribs.

"Thank you, Mistress!" He yelps but his harsh breathing is filled with subtle hints of love, respect and a desire to please.

I strike again, and this time I have the pleasure of seeing a more physical reaction; his arms buckle under him and he nearly falls forward.

"Thank you, Mistress!"

Twenty lashes is needed before I get the reaction I really want; he drops to the ground and subserviently grasps for the hem of my dressing gown, silently pleading for my affection. I let the gown drop to the floor and watch as he musters his hidden strength to get back up once more. He bows his head and crawls close to me; I feel his breath on my thighs.

I run my hands through his hair again; he's all sweaty and I know he's ready for his treat. I press his face against my wet pussy.

It takes him three full seconds to realise that he's really allowed to savour my cunt, but once he does he starts lapping away at it like it's the last time; I like that about him. He never saves anything for tomorrow.

Involuntarily I let out a soft moan; his tongue works my clit like his life depends on it. I bite my lip to shut myself up and silently curse him for showing up at 3.00 in the morning on a work day.

Work! Damn it! I need sleep or my boss will kill me for falling asleep in the office.

I coo at him and gently push him away. I lie down on the couch to let him have better access to my pussy before I allow him to approach me on all four again.

"Make me cum," I order while I pinch my nipples.

"May I please you as well as I can, Goddess?" He looks almost like a schoolboy and I don't bother suppressing a giggle.

"You may do all that you can to please me, pet. You please me well."

It's obvious from his renewed efforts that he's giving it his best, and oh my! I feel my nails dig into the pillows and I just KNOW my toes are curling! His tongue is like a hurricane, and the way he uses it drives me faster towards an orgasm than I thought would be possible.

I hear him moan as he inserts two fingers into my pussy. I gasp and grab hold of his hair and grind my pussy against his face.

"Fuck yes! Keep going, bitch! Don't stop!" I can't conceal my moans anymore and as the perfectly obedient little slut he is he doubles his efforts.

My orgasm hits me like a truck. I feel him lapping away ay me throughout my climax and it just heightens my pleasure. I feel his whole body relax between my legs when he knows he's done his job well.

He plants an affectionate kiss on my right knee before looking up at me;

"Spare pillow is still in the wardrobe, right?"

I merely nod and slide down on the floor. He gets up and totters off in quest of a blanket while I remove the cushions and yesterdays newspaper from the sofa.

I watch as he settles down to sleep; the difference from when he turned up is so great I wouldn't know it was the same man if I hadn't been the one holding his leash. He seems happy, relaxed and rather pleased with himself.

I pick up my riding crop and head off to my bedroom; the day hasn't even begun and I've already done today's good deed.

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