tagLesbian SexThe Good Deed Ch. 02

The Good Deed Ch. 02


Author's note: Hey everyone! Here's the second chapter for "The Good Deed".

I would like to thank "AdventurousLover" for reading my draft and confirming that is was in good shape. (Sorry for being a pain by the way.)

Unless I'm inspired or asked to write additional chapters by several people, this will be my last chapter for this story. Feel free to review, comment, and favorite.

Thanks and enjoy!


Megan sits on her bed and looks at her cell phone as it lights up on her nightstand.

She stares at it. "Courtney...she actually texted me."

She quickly picks up her phone and reads Courtney text: "Thanks for the sex yesterday, Ms. Poland!"

She smiles, her hand hovering over the keyboard. "Um...," she says to herself.

Suddenly her white and yellow Birman cat jumps unto the foot bed, making Megan jump in place, yell lightly, and then laugh. The reflex action makes her cat quickly jump off the bed.

"Sorry April."

Megan texts back: "You can call me Megan outside of school Courtney. And you're welcome."

"It's naughtier when I call you Ms. Poland. What are you doing right now?"

"I was about to go sleep."

"Why, it's only ten? Saving your energy for me?"

Megan smiles as she immediately texts: "You're bad."

"No, I'm horny. Send some inspiration my way?"


"You didn't ask me what I was doing."

Megan laughs at the winking smiley face Courtney sends. Megan then texts: "What do I get?"

"I'll send something hot."

Megan looks over her wrinkled pajamas and socks with bunny designs. Megan texts: "One minute."

Megan jumps off her bed, runs to her clothes drawer, and quickly looks through it. "Ok...not that...that's too formal...that should have gone into the wash...perfect!"

She takes out and switches into a black bra and matching panties. Then she puts on a white button shirt, buttoning it low enough to show a little cleavage.

She then goes into the bathroom and combs her hair. She smiles as April looks at her. "I have to make my hair look neat and give it some body."

Just before she puts the comb down and prepares to apply red lipstick, April meows and she laughs. "I'm not going to lie to you April, this is for an added trampy effect."

As she runs back to the bedroom, April meows at her. She looks at April and says, "Don't judge me."

Megan quickly straightens the sheets on her bed, scaring April enough to walk closer to the door. Megan then lies on the bed and takes several poses with her phone. April meows at her.

"Don't judge me April!"

She looks over the pictures and picks the one of her lying on her stomach, showing cleavage, a little of her backside, and none of her stomach.

She sends the picture with the text: "Worth the wait?"

After a minute, Courtney texts back: "Damn! There is no dislike button for this picture."


Courtney sends her pictures and Megan's mouth is open. The first picture is Courtney standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

"April, you should see this. She's wearing only tight pink Victoria Secret pants and she's covering her breasts with her free arm...tease. But her lips are puckered...cutie. The second picture is Courtney showing off her ass...wearing a black g-string...oh boy." Megan immediately texts: "Now I am going to do something on this bed now."


"Before I do...want to do something tomorrow?"

"Sure, where do you want to go?"

Megan says to herself, "Um, my bedroom, a hotel, anywhere with a bed...but since I don't want to come off as a creep..." Megan texts: "We could go to Red Riding Hood's bowling? I'll pay off course." Megan wonders if someone Courtney's age even went out bowling.

"You better! Just kidding, that's fine. But you're going down sucker!"

Megan smiles with relief and does a fist pump. "Yes!" Megan looks down at April staring at her. "What April? What?"

April simply walks out of the room.

"Freaking cat."


Megan sitting next to Courtney at a booth table, Megan isn't really paying attention paying attention to the words coming out of Courtney's mouth as Courtney flicks her hair, fiddles with her chain necklace that hangs just above her loose blue racerback tank top, or plays with her stylish cuffed short blue jean shorts.

"Why don't you kiss me already?"


Courtney smiles. "Kiss me or pretend to listen to me some more, your choice."

Megan immediately kisses until their order of nacho covered tortilla chips and cups of water are brought to their table. Courtney immediately grabs a chip with a good amount of cheese.

Courtney says before eating the chip, "Do you want to get lucky tonight?"

"Ok...that's not even a question. Check please!"

"Stop it," Courtney says, elbowing Megan.

They kiss and then feed each other chips. And in her moment of nacho cheese and emotional bliss, Megan looks across the aisle and sees two of her friends coming straight towards her table.

"Be prepared for a meet and greet," Megan says as she waves with fake enthusiasm. "The woman on the right is Dianna. She's Saudi-American. Despite her wearing the pink Ted Baker Jersey top and tight jeans that shape her big hips and backside like a beauty queen, she's couple's therapist. So, don't let her pull you in a personal discussion with her beautiful, dark...sensual...eyes." Megan clears her throat.

"She's vain, pushy, and you have a girl crush on her...I get it."

Megan turns to Courtney and watches her grin. She kisses Courtney's cheek. "The one of the left, Dianna's partner, is Lisa. And yes, she's wearing a gray fedora hat to match her grey buttoned shirt, grey tie, slim black pants, and stylish Prada shoes. She's also my best friend and the lead singer of a small band that plays in bars and clubs. So...I allow her to dress...interestingly."

"Be nice to both, gotcha." Courtney laughs lightly as they wipe their hands with paper napkins.

As her friends approach the table, Megan stands up. "Hey Lisa, look at you! "You're still skinny as a stick." Megan smiles while hugging Lisa; their hug is firm, but brief.

"I know, I'm hot stuff," Lisa jokes.

Megan turns to Dianna. "Hey you...I love those pink flats you are wearing," Megan says before exchanging cheek kisses and a light hug.

Dianna says, "Ten percent off the full price, because I'm me."

"And yet I still paid for them," Lisa added.

"And then I thanked you wearing only them that same night, sweetie."

Megan rolls her eyes as they elbow each other. "Thanks for the mental image you guys." Megan knows the fun is over, watching Dianna zeroing in on Courtney and then looking back at her with a smile. "Dianna, this is Courtney. Courtney, this is Dianna."

"Hey," Courtney says with a prepared smile and an extended hand.

Dianna briefly waves at Courtney. "No offense, I see that you're eating."

Even with her articulate, sultry voice, Megan forgot how impersonal Dianna could be.

"I'm assuming you used a napkin," Lisa says quickly.

"Yeah," Courtney adds.

As Dianna's hand remains at her side, Lisa immediately grabs Courtney hand. "Hey, I'm Lisa."


"Courtney, nice to meet you," Lisa says causally as they briefly shake hands.

Dianna asks, "Um...so, what's going on here?"

Dianna smiles a sweet smile at Megan. Despite her last comment, Megan can't help but think about how her lips look very soft and quite kissable up close. And despite herself, Megan gets lost in Dianna's shimmering, black eyes.

"Um...hello? Megan...anyone home," Dianna asks.


Lisa quickly comments, "They most likely finished bowling Dianna, we are in a bowling alley."

Megan gives Lisa a thankful look. Being best friends, Megan is glad that Lisa is aware of and doesn't care about her crush on Dianna. Their friendship means more.

Courtney answers, "We're hanging out, you know."

"Oh, hanging-out...with a college student?" Dianna asks maintaining her smile, but Megan assumes her widen eyes tell another story.

"You're doing it again Dianna," Lisa whispers. "Let's just..."

"Hey! I have a great idea, let's hang out together!"

Courtney answers, "Um..."

"Yay," Dianna exclaims while clapping and then lightly pushes Lisa into other side of the booth. She then sits down, tapping the table. "Come, come...sit down Megan."

Megan feels a sense of dread as she sits down, looking across the table at Dianna.

Dianna says, "So...how long have you two been hanging out?"

Lisa sighs. "Maybe we should order something Dianna, maybe have a few drinks?"

"What? I'm interested."

Courtney replies, "And you are also pretty...you're like gorgeous."

Dianna smiles pleasantly, brushing her hair with her hand.

Megan says with surprise, "Hey." She looks at Courtney as she squeezes Megan hand before holding it. Courtney squeezes it back.

Courtney turns to Lisa and asks, "So Lisa, Megan says you sing in a band. What type of music?"

"Oh, well..."

Dianna interrupts, "She sings like Jill Sobule, but better. But back to you two...does the University know you two are together?"

Megan feels Courtney's hand tense.

Courtney replies, "How is what we do any of your business?"

Megan exchange looks with Lisa as they both lean back against the booth seat and sigh.

Dianna says in a mockingly, highly clipper voice, "Well, Court-ney, she's my friend. Ok Court-ney."

Lisa adds in, "And there goes the baby voice."

"There are no rules against a teacher-student relationship," Courtney snaps back with attitude.

"But a community remembers and talks...or do you not worry about having a career, house, or an education? And what you are looking for with Megan?"

"It's whatever we want!"

Megan asks, "Could I say something here?"

"Shish," Dianna says with a raised finger to Megan.

"And there goes the motherly finger," Lisa comments.

"Well, Court-ney, is it a relationship? Companionship, sex, an initiate friendship, a long or short term union? Please...explain it to me."

"Listen bitch..."

"Ok, ok...I'm cutting in," Megan yells, while holding Courtney back as Lisa is doing the same for Dianna. Megan continues, calmly, "Dianna, I love you, but you're a beautiful idiot if you think I'm going to let you talk to Courtney like that again."

"Excuse me," Dianna says defensively while beginning to stand up, but Lisa sits her back down.

"Nope, it's Megan's turn. Go ahead sweetie," Lisa says.

"Courtney is smart, a good person, and confident in herself. So, why don't you act your age and ask about situation like a lady."

"Go ahead Megan," Lisa yells proudly.

Megan feels Courtney's hand on her leg and little pinch to confirm her thankfulness.

"Fine...forget I said anything."

Megan is entertained when Dianna uses the last of paper napkins on the table to dot the fake tears in her eyes that Megan can see aren't there. Dianna then sniffles. Despite the con, Megan gets up and hugs Dianna.

"There there, Dianna." Megan looks at Lisa, ensuring she isn't crossing any boundaries; Lisa only eyes roll with annoyance.

"I said what I needed to say"

"Ok Dianna."

"Just be careful."

"Ok Dianna...that's enough," Megan says, tapping Dianna's head as it presses against her stomach. She exchanges another look with Lisa. Lisa smiles at her.

Lisa turns to Courtney and asks, "Isn't this the Lumineers playing in the background?"

"Oh yeah, I love these guys," Courtney answers delightfully.

"Oh yeah, tell me more," Lisa says with an inviting smile.

Megan grins at Lisa.


Megan can barely open the front door as Courtney starts kissing her, but she manages. Megan kicks the door closed as they walk inside. "I'm so hot for you." Megan laughs when Courtney tugs at her polo shirt.

"Oh yeah," Courtney playfully asks, still pulling at Megan's shirt until she screams when April leaps unto a nearby couch.

"What?" Megan turns the lights on and sighs at April's domineering and anger stare, reminding her that she forgot to feed her before she left.

Courtney laughs as she approaches April and rubs her furry face with her fingers. Megan smiles as she watches Courtney enjoying April's purring.

"Aw, she likes me. What's her name?"

"Her name is April and let me have her before she leaves me for you." Megan takes April and kisses Courtney. "Make yourself at home...I have drinks in the living room cabinet if you want. I'll be in the kitchen with this little angel."

Megan walks towards the kitchen as Courtney says sweetly, "Goodbye April."

Megan sighs as April gently meows as Courtney. "No need for the guilt trip, April."

After taking April to the Kitchen, filling her bowl with tuna, and refreshing her water bowl, Megan asks, "Are we friends now?" April's response is allowing her head to be rubbed while she is eating.

Megan looks up at Courtney when she walks in the kitchen and stands against the fridge. "So...I got bored waiting for you and I'm not in the mood for drinks."

Megan walks to Courtney and they kiss. "We should wash our hands before we do anything..."

Megan quickly leads Courtney up the stairs and to the bathroom, both giggling.

The moment after they wash their hands of the night's dinner and cat hair, they make their way to her bedroom. Soon after Megan turns on the lights, they start kissing each other and taking each other's clothes off to their bras and panties.

In between kisses, Courtney says, "You're so beautiful."

"Thanks," Megan answers.

"But your friend Dianna is such a bitch."

"Hey!" Megan playfully pushes Courtney unto her bed and climbs on top of her.

"Oh yeah, punish me."

"Then loose the bra."

Courtney takes her bra off and throws it aside on the bed. "Ready when you are," Courtney says with an amused smile.

Megan takes a moment to look at Courtney lying down in all her glory like a gorgeous work of art. Then she brushes Courtney's hair with her hand and kisses her, Courtney touches her sides. Megan quickly makes her way down to Courtney breasts, sucking them softly.

"That feels good...now a little lower," Courtney says, followed by a light giggle.

Megan looks up at her and smiles as she kisses down her breasts and moves towards her belly button, caressing her softly.

"You're getting a little closer."

"Maybe this will help," Megan says as she takes Courtney's panties off and then slides her fingertips up and down her thighs. "Are you enjoying yourself by the way?"

"Not yet...I'm waiting to be taken care of."

"Oh you are asking for it."

"I know," Courtney replies with a wink.

Megan adjusts herself, bends down, and teases Courtney's clit with the tip of her tongue. Courtney immediately arches her back and moves her pussy closer to Megan's face; Megan would laughs if her lips weren't already occupied.

"There you go...oh yeah."

Adding a little more tongue play, Megan likes how Courtney's body shutters.

"Oh, yeah...please go faster Ms. Poland." Courtney legs separate, to provide no obstruction Megan assumes.

Megan pulls her tongue out, wipes her mouth, and says, "One second."

"Hey...where are you going?"

Megan laughs as she snatches her dildo, magic Jack, from her nightstand drawer. "I think you'll like this. And by the way, don't call me Ms. Poland." Courtney eyes her as she sucks on the dildo and says teasingly, "Or I'll teach you a lesson."

"Ms. Poland, what do you think I'm going to say after that opening..."

Megan slides magic Jack in and out her wet pussy, fast and hard.

"Oh shit, oh yeah...oh fuck..."

Megan enjoys listening to Courtney's moans getting more high pitched. "You've been a bad girl Courtney."

"Sorry Ms. Poland...teach me...fuck me...oh fuck..."

"Don't tell me what to do Courtney." Megan uses her free hand to slap Courtney's clit, while watching magic Jack get covered in her white love cream.

"Yeah...yeah...pound it."

Megan laughs. She doesn't know if Courtney is playing along or just wants to be punished. "That's as deep as it gets." Megan watches at Courtney bites her lips, looking back at her.


Megan rams magic Jack as fast as she can without having it slip out of her hand.

"Oh God don't stop...make me come....make me come."

"Look how creamy you are," Megan says, sliding out her glazed dido to admire her handy work.

"Stick it back in me," Courtney orders.

Megan continues using magic Jack on her, now with more amusement, she says, "Yeah, get it. Get it."

"Yeah right there, yeah, right there...keep looking at me...you make me so fucking hot..."

"You like me watching you cum Courtney?"

"Yeah...it feels so fucking good...oh yes!"

Megan's smiles as she is caught by surprise when Courtney suddenly grips her right arm tightly with her legs, as if for dear life. Then Megan watches with delight Courtney's lively facial expressions as she cums with a loud moan.

Courtney ensures magic Jack's place inside her pressing her legs tighter against her hand, Megan smiles as feels Courtney's tight pulsing contractions against her finger tips.

"Jesus Courtney," Megan says laughing.

Courtney laughs. Slowly, the pressure from Courtney's legs loosens but Megan keeps her hand in place.

"Oh my God...oh my God...oh my God...that was awesome."

"Didn't I tell you that you'll love it?"

"Oh yeah...I've learned my lesson."

Megan jokes, "You can let me go now...I'm going to need my hand and my dildo back."

"Nope...one or the either. You can't have both."

Megan sucks on her Courtney thighs and playfully slaps her butt until her hand and magic Jack is released from Courtney's grip.

"You're so bad Megan."

Megan looks at Courtney with a smile as Courtney pulls her in close and kisses her warmly.

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