tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Good Doctor: Origins

The Good Doctor: Origins


"Please! Don't!" the girl pleaded.

The men surrounding her just laughed, and continued their advance. They had backed into a corner; there was no escape.

"Hey, the boss isn't here yet." One of the men said; he was tall and boney, with greasy hair and a wicked grin on his face. "Maybe we could have some fun with her."

A general rumbling of approval came from the crowd of ten thugs-for-hire.

"No..." was all the girl could say as they advanced upon her.

Rough hands seemed to grabbing every part of her body. Her struggles were useless, and the hands began tearing her clothes off her body. Soon she was dressed in only a white lace bra and matching panties. The men took a couple of steps backward to admire the quick work they did on the blond.

"No...don't" she gasped, knowing what was going to happen, no matter what she said.

The skinny man who had instigated this humiliation took a step forward, the sick grin still on his face as he unbuckled his jeans and began to unzip them.


The skinny man let out a blood curdling scream. It was obvious to see why. Protruding from his shoulder was a strange metal contraption. It resembled a bear-trap that had closed. Teeth about six inches long lined a chrome hinge, which was currently snapped shut, digging painfully into the would-be-rapist's shoulder. Attached to this device was a long, black chain.

The nine other men and the almost-rape victim followed the chain back to its source. Standing about ten feet away from them was a tall figure dressed in an all white suit with a black tie and shoes. In his gloved hands he held a length of coiled black chain. It was too dark in the ally to see the man's face. He stood very still, surveying the scene before him. Skinny kept screaming, his face now drained of blood. The woman cowered against the wall, too terrified to move or make a sound. After what seemed like hours, the man in the suit suddenly yanked the chain he was holding. It came whizzing back, and he caught it deftly in his now outstretched hand.


Something had fallen to the asphalt. Skinny had also stopped screaming. Sensing his change in composure, the crowd of thugs turned back to see what had happened. There stood Skinny, still staring at his arm...or rather where his arm had been. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he gaped in silent horror at the stump gushing blood. All other eyes were also transfixed on the bloody spectacle until Skinny suddenly slumped to his knees and fell forward with a sickening thud.

He was dead.

The girl who had almost been raped by Skinny had watched the events unfold before her in horror, still unable to make a sound. The group of men before her finally tore their gaze from their dead comrade and fixed it on the man who had killed him. He was still standing as calmly as before this time with a severed arm in his hand, which he tossed lightly so it landed at the foot of the crowd.

"You were hired to find this woman, and wait for me" the man said softly with a slight Russian accent, "Your friend decided to disobey orders. Decided to...rape...her." He spat the word "rape" as if it was a bad taste in his mouth, "and for that he paid dearly."

He took a smooth step forward, and all present gasped at the sight of him. On his head he wore a mask that was a snow-white human skull, grinning teeth and all. It covered his entire head; the only visible feature of his real face was the sticking blue eyes that peered behind too large eye-holes in the mask.

"Thank you men, you are relieved. Your payments have been wired to your preferred accounts."

The men made no move to leave. They were still too shaken up for what they had just witnessed.

The man narrowed his eyes in anger, "LEAVE!" he shouted at the thugs.

This seemed to send the message, and the group of criminals scurried past the man in the suit and out of the dark ally, disappearing into the night.

Still in her bra and panties, the woman was now shivering in fright as well as response to the cold night air. She eyed the man wearily, knowing that he had saved her from rape...but was what he wanted any better? The same?

"Come" He said, and held out his hand to the woman.

"W-who are you?" she said barely above a whisper, but still summoning all her courage to address the man.

"My name is unimportant, but you can address me as Trapjaw" He said flatly.

'Trapjaw?' the woman thought, 'this has to be a sick joke'.

"I said come" the man, Trapjaw, repeated.

"What? So you can rape me? Or kill me?" The woman said, becoming angry now for being ordered around.

"Kill you? Not a chance, you're much too valuable to kill, Rachel."

"What. How. You know my name?" Rachel gasped, wondering what else he knew about her. He certainly knew how to find her, or she wouldn't be in this situation.

"Yes, Rachel, I know who you are. And all will become clear soon if you just come with me. If you won't come voluntarily, I can drag you" he said, menacingly rattling the chain he had since coiled around his shoulder.

After seeing what that chain could do Rachel had no intention of allowing him to use it on her. She nodded curtly and took a step toward Trapjaw.

"Good girl. I promise, you won't regret it"

Rachel highly doubted that, and could swear she saw Trapjaw's mask shift ever so slightly as if he was smiling, no sneering, at her. He turned and led Rachel through the alley. There was nowhere for her to run...she was trapped. When the pair reached the end of the alley, there was a black car waiting for them.

"Get in, and don't think about running" Trapjaw ordered, shifting his shoulder ever so slightly, rattling the chain.

Rachel gulped and squeezed past the tall man, opened the back door, and slipped inside. The interior was warm, and she was silently relieved to be out of the cold.

Trapjaw slipped in beside her and slammed the door. The car started moving. Rachel was trapped in the back seat of a moving car with a man with a gruesome weapon and wearing a skull mask. She was clad in only her underwear, and the man's intentions were unclear. How could this get any worse? ******* He had her pushed against the wall, her leg wrapped around his waist and her hot mound rubbing against his cock through his jeans. She had unbuttoned his shirt and her hands were now roaming over the hard muscles she had uncovered. He was kissing her neck, lifting the hem of her blouse so he could sneak his hands up her back to undo the clasp of her bra.

Clearly this was going too slow, and she pushed him away, grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her bra soon followed, as did her skirt. She was now dressed in only her black bikini panties.

Looking at her toned, tan body and C cup perky breasts caused Rob's cock to strain painfully against his jeans. How did he get so lucky? He just went out to the bar for a few drinks after work, and found a horny slut with a hotel room. What luck.

She pounced, pushing his shirt of his shoulders as she attacked his mouth with fervent kisses. Her hard nipples scraped against his chest, sending electric shockwaves through his torso.

"Fuck me, hard. Make me scream" She whispered into his ear.

'If you insist' he thought, and scooped her up in his large arms and tossed her onto the king sized bed. He shed his jeans and boxer briefs, and pounced onto the bed. She squealed and backed away in mock fright, but he grabbed her legs and yanked her toward him, her panty clad crotch now level with his mouth.

He licked her moist panties from one end of her slit, all the way up to her clit. She moaned her approval, and Rob hooked her panties with his fingers, and pulled them down and off her long legs. She was shaven completely bare. 'Of course she is' Rob thought before he started to suck on her clit. She moaned louder this time, her hands coming down to hold his head in place. Rob brought his hands up to play with her tits, and her moans became more insistent.

"Yes, yes, lick my cunt" She seethed in complete ecstasy.

Rob obliged, and it was a matter of minutes before she screamed her orgasm, grinding her hips to his mouth as she squirted her release, soaking his face.

'A screamer AND a squirter...my kind of woman' Rob thought as she finally released his head from her grip.

"Fuck me" she whispered, still coming down from her previous orgasm.

Rob was happy to oblige as he positioned his cock at her soaking entrance. He pushed forward; a satisfying squelching sound graced his ears as he slid into her hot depths. She was tight, much tighter than a slut like her should be.

"Oh God, yes" She moaned, and raked her nails down his muscled back.

He began to piston his cock into her cunt, grimacing in pleasure each time her nails dug into his back.

"Fuck....fuck....FUCK!" She screamed in time to his thrusts.

She orgasmed again, squirting even more violently than before, coating Rob's lower belly and pubic hair in her juices. The hot splatter against his skin sent him over the edge, and he began to pump his seed deep into her womb.

"YESSSSS!" She hissed as her orgasm tapered off and his cum coated her insides.

He stayed inside her for another minute while they both caught their breath. Finally he rolled off her onto the bed. He looked over at the slut beside him, and was not surprised to see she was asleep, his cum leaking from her cunt.

"Not a bad idea" he said to himself, and was soon asleep himself.

A few hours later, he felt a stirring next to him; slowly Rob opened his eyes, but was too slow to react to the needle coming toward his neck.

"Shhhh" the girl whispered "It'll be alright"

She became fuzzy, and her voice distant. Rob tried to speak, but all that came out sounded like a gurgle. Blackness overcame him, and he was out.

The blond woman walked naked over to her discarded purse, and pulled out her cell phone. After dialing a number she held it to her ear and waited for two rings before she hung up. She immediately dialed the number again, this time a male answered it on the first ring.

"Do you have him?" The Russian voice asked.

"As commanded" the girl said with a smile.

"Good, you're proving to be the perfect assistant. Bring him back here, I'll have the Engineer ready."

She hung up the phone and began dressing. She glanced over at the unconscious man once or twice, and admired his good looks. She had chosen him because he was strong, but he was also handsome, with dirty blond hair and green eyes. Hopefully she could fuck him again if he survived the modification. The passion she had expressed was genuine. But all too often the good fucks died once the Engineer got a hold of them. Pity.

After dressing herself, the woman managed to get a pair of pants on...Ron was it? She couldn't remember. Once he was at least half dressed, she slung his strong arm over her shoulder and lifted him up to his feet. For someone as slim as her, the task seemed effortless.

Grabbing her purse in her free hand, the girl left the hotel room, dragging the unconscious man with her to the stairwell. She had gotten a room on the top floor for a reason and only had to drag the man up one flight of stairs.

Once on the roof, she waited five minutes before a black helicopter could be heard approaching her. She didn't move a muscle as the helicopter hovered above the hotel and started to descend toward her. After it landed, she dragged the man another twenty feet and hoisted him into the back. She then jumped up, and settled in a seat opposite the body.

The helicopter was in the air in less than sixty seconds after it landed.

"You've done well, Rachel" A man's voice said over the headset the woman had placed on her head.

"I always do" Rachel said, turning to smile at the man in the white suit who was seated next to the pilot.

He smiled back at her......or at least his mask did.

To be continued...

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