tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Good Doctor's Wife

The Good Doctor's Wife


I thought it was great when Doctor Barker asked me to swap some of my massage therapy sessions for my checkup bills. He mentioned that they were for his wife, Anita. He said she had been "tense" lately, and a few nice sessions would be good for her.

I thought so, too! I had seen her just a few times, at parties and the like. She is a very nice looking redhead, right down to the freckles and wire-framed glasses. I also had noticed that she wore clothing just a bit towards the risqué side, nothing blatant but sexy.

Now I also had to admit to a certain curiosity, Doc Barker was well aware that some of my therapy sessions went much farther than one might expect in today's world, and after all, he had just completed a full physical examination of my 58 year old body, complete with a full run of STD tests.

But he didn't mention anything special, and I didn't either. I just gave a packet of 5 gift certificates to him, and we were even.

As I was leaving, he booked her for the following Saturday for the first session.

I got my little massage room ready, and Saturday the doorbell finally rang. I greeted Anita at the door, she looked nice, wearing snug slacks and a white blouse unbuttoned just one more button than might be normal, her red hair with it's dozens of shades all blended into it framing her roundish face.

I showed her to my little room, told her to undress and lie face down on the table and handed her one of my big full-length towels I use sometimes in place of a light drape.

A few minutes later, I knocked softly on the door, heard her voice say "OK", and I went in.

I noticed right off that she still had her bra on, "just damn!" I thought, I hate to work around clothing, it is difficult. Besides, it always puts a cramp in my plans, this is what we in the profession call a warning sign, our client is modest.

I started with her feet, some reflexology, then spreading and working each toe carefully. As I finally slipped my hands up to her calves, it could feel serious tension.

So I used my forearms to press upwards as I bent her leg back at the knee, then stretched it out with each stroke. I was gaining a bit, but not much! It was starting to become a challenge, I had already given up on my fantasy of spreading her buttocks and slipping my nice fat 7 incher up her rear end.

Finally I slipped the side of the towel off one side of her bottom, and noted she was wearing white cottons! I hate white cottons most of all, I can't work on the glutes at all without staining the material.

So I worked on her thighs for awhile, then placed the towel over her fanny, and did her bottom through the towel. I explained to her that I didn't want to stain her undergarments, she didn't answer. But she was starting to relax. I gave special attention to her fanny through the towel, she murmured "That feels nice."

Then I started to work on her back, around the bra as best I could. I asked her if I could undo the clasps, to make it easier. She hesitated, then said "OK". So I unclipped the bra, and lay the straps aside. She went tense again when I did that, so I worked a good 20 minutes on her back and sides, being careful not to touch her breasts at all.

I went to clasp her bra back together, when she surprised me by saying, "Do you mind rubbing my breasts? They hurt sometimes!" In my best professional manner, I told her that I didn't mind at all, it was just another important part of the body. At that, she slipped the bra off and handed it to me. I turned to place it on the chair, and when I turned, she was lying on her back, the towel bunched at her waist, bare breasted to my gaze.

They were nicely formed, fairly even in size and smaller than I would have expected. But I had noted the padding in the bra as I placed it on the chair.

I started at the base of her neck, sweeping my hands down her arms over and over. I lifted her arm, and worked the soft muscle across her upper chest, out and around the breast in circles, avoiding the nipple. I noticed her nipple begin to contract, and stand up. Then I repeated the motions from the other side, with the same result.

I pressed the flesh of her breast with my fingers, letting them slide across, the lowering my palm to complete the stroke. Her breath was beginning to come in little gasps, I was finally starting to get to her. Then I began the little circles, around and around, each circle getting closer to her nipple. Finally I was doing the tiny circles right around the very button tip of her nipple, when she had her first orgasm. It was a small one, but obvious to me.

I repeated the action on the other side, and soon was rewarded as she had another small orgasm. "Oh, my!" She said, "I didn't expect that". "It's perfectly normal," I told her, just the reactions of a healthy body".

She looked at me with soft eyes, and said, "I didn't realize, I have never had a massage like this before."

I just smiled, and slid both hands fully across her breasts, lifting upwards, then across her nipples. She had the 3rd stronger orgasm in just a couple of strokes!

"I need a moment of privacy" she told me. I said "sure" and handed her a soft hand towel, then stepped out. I went and washed my hands, then after a few minutes, went to the room.

She was still lying on her back, the towel pulled up over her breasts, eyes closed.

I worked her abdomen through the towel, she sighed. She was now at almost total acceptance of my touch.

I slipped the side of the towel off her upper leg, noting the white cotton panties were now gone! She looked right at me. "I hope you don't mind, they were damp," she said matter-of-factly.

"I don't mind at all," I told her. ""Some of my clients prefer to be fully nude." She seemed to relax at that. I tucked the towel neatly over her pubic region, and worked her legs out completely.

I noticed as I worked that she was giving little shudders, so I did some full body sweeps, up and over her breasts through the towel. She had her 4th orgasm almost instantly. I ran my hands down the sides of her body, down the legs, then up and over her pubic bone, still covered by the towel. She shuddered, and her legs opened involuntarily. I slipped my hand under the towel, up her leg, then under and across her bare pussy. Her legs opened wide, her feet came back, and she began to lift her hips to meet me as I pressed my fingers, then my palm up and over her.

She began to moan, I was trying to keep count, she was having orgasm after orgasm! Good Lord, I had never seen a woman react quite like this! I began to slow the motions, stopping for just a split second, then beginning again slower and slower. The muscles of her abdomen began to contract, then finally she exploded!

I felt her jerk slightly as the touch became too much, and I stepped over, and began the slow caressing circles around her stomach. Then she was still. I stroked her some more and took the towel and gave her a quick brisk full body rub.

I knew right then that I could climb on top of her and fuck her, she would not resist. But I could not take from her at that moment, my time would come.

There are some sessions that are so special, one can only give. To do more detracts, I knew I would have this woman one day and she knew it too. I looked at this beautiful lady, completely satiated. Then I kissed her on the forehead, and slipped out of the room.

Some days my job is wonderful...

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